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Fri Mar 21 17:02:40 2014 UTClccn-n500283220.06Earl Warren justice for all /0.390.97The law and the future10642343Earl_Warrenn 50028322538812963699ウォーレン, アールlccn-n79006848United StatesSupreme Courtlccn-n50004125Schwartz, Bernard1923-1997lccn-n81047815White, G. Edwardlccn-n80043328Cray, Edlccn-n50045794Urofsky, Melvin I.lccn-n50023762Weaver, John D.(John Downing)1912-2002lccn-n2006034997Newton, Jim1963-lccn-no00053746Pollack, Jack Harrisonlccn-n84016399Powe, L. A. Scotviaf-290266897Christman, Henry M.edtWarren, Earl1891-1974BiographyHistorySourcesUnited StatesWarren, Earl,JudgesUnited States.--Supreme CourtAssassinationCaliforniaConstitutional historyLaw--Political aspectsPresidents--AssassinationReport of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (United States. Warren Commission)GovernorsCivil rightsPolitical sciencePolitical questions and judicial powerJudicial opinionsKennedy, John F.--(John Fitzgerald),Oswald, Lee HarveyRuby, JackConstitutional lawRepublican Party (U.S. : 1854- )Unemployment insurance--Law and legislationHomicideTreatiesCourt administrationLawKennedy, John FJustice, Administration ofUniversity of Iowa.--College of LawWarren, EarlInternational obligationsRule of lawLawyers1891197419141915193619371939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132940111761424BKF8745.W3ocn677927527ocn853102884ocn853102905ocn853102887ocn853102880ocn853102881ocn853102862ocn853102867ocn853102869ocn853102900ocn765060935ocn765518497ocn764786021ocn765454085ocn658263955ocn765200762ocn762758185ocn765870439ocn661660887ocn764800031ocn023361112ocn038933822ocn036031922ocn028939565ocn028168045ocn028939611ocn029245749ocn057709560ocn031863053ocn056079173ocn661521595ocn767066852ocn765427346ocn767067522ocn767067507ocn767066882ocn661992810ocn767066788ocn661521581ocn661660887ocn026551997ocn026863530ocn122388521ocn025638280ocn080259450ocn026119119ocn025785653ocn698387532ocn742950086ocn475002143ocn742992684ocn256298223ocn460497918ocn767466038ocn026598506ocn843454410122513ocn000184375book19590.53Warren, EarlThe public papers of Chief Justice Earl Warren11035ocn000352065book19720.33Warren, EarlA republic, if you can keep it5502ocn056329312book20050.66Belknap, Michal RThe Supreme Court under Earl Warren, 1953-1969History"In The Supreme Court under Earl Warren, 1953-1969, Michal Belknap recounts the eventful history of the Warren Court. Chief Justice Earl Warren's sixteen years on the bench were among the most dramatic, productive, and controversial in the history of the Supreme Court. Warren's tenure saw the Court render decisions that are still hotly debated today. Its rulings addressed such issues as school desegregation, separation of church and state, and freedom of expression." "In 1954 Warren and his colleagues struck down school segregation as unconstitutional. They then participated in a broad campaign to win equal rights for African Americans. While it cautiously dismantled McCarthy-era infringements on civil liberties, the Warren Court boldly expanded freedom of expression in other areas. Frankly using constitutional law as a tool to promote political and social reform, the Warren Court revolutionized criminal procedure and mandated an end to the malapportionment of state legislatures and other representative institutions. It both invented and constitutionally guaranteed individuals' rights to privacy with respect to sexual matters. Its rulings did much to advance the agenda of the liberal reformers who dominated American politics during the 1960s. But these rulings also angered many Americans, who accused the Warren Court of running God out of the public schools, handcuffing the police, and flooding the country with smut." "Drawing on internal memoranda as well as published opinions of the justices, Belknap reveals the philosophical debates and personality conflicts behind the Court's decisions. He also assesses the overall accomplishments and failures of the Warren Court and places them in both their political and social contexts."--BOOK JACKET+-+18108552061611ocn000159872book19710.66Current constitutional issues : a symposium1141ocn677927527visu19520.59Earl Warren1113ocn000121358book19700.94Warren, Earl"All men are created equal."801ocn769260588file19510.95CaliforniaCalifornia unemployment insurance act as amended, 1951 including Article 10, relating to unemployment compensation disability benefits677ocn011150010book19640.28United StatesReport of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. KennedySourcesVerslag van de presidentiële commissie belast met het onderzoek naar de moord op de Amerikaanse president John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917-1963)504ocn008998184book19620.96Warren, EarlDedicatory address, Iowa Law Center478ocn032643184book19640.31United StatesReport392ocn000138680book19670.95World Peace Through Law CenterMultilateral treaties, conventions, protocols and agreements of the United Nations and the specialized agencies344ocn000288894book19550.97Warren, EarlThe law and the future321ocn853102857com0.63Universal Newsreels, Release 157, June 30, 1948321ocn853102887com0.63Universal Newsreels, Release 16, February 21, 1966321ocn853102859com0.63Universal Newsreels, Release 158, July 5, 1948321ocn853102869com0.63Universal Newsreels, Release 159, July 3, 1933321ocn853102881com0.63Universal Newsreels, Release 16, February 19, 1962321ocn853102855com0.63Universal Newsreels, Release 156, June 28, 1948321ocn853102880com0.63Universal Newsreels, Release 16, February 19, 1931321ocn853102875com0.63Universal Newsreels, Release 16, February 18, 195724734ocn008170382book19820.35White, G. EdwardEarl Warren, a public lifeBiographyAlthough many books and articles have appeared about Earl Warren, no one has ever adequately explained how the man who presided over so many highly controversial Supreme Court decisions and led such a notable political career could seem to be, and regarded as, a person of quite modest presence and abilities. Based on the wealth of newly available material from the recently-opened Warren Papers in California, this book is the first to relate Warren's accomplishments as a judge to the themes of his early life. The result is an original, challenging portrait of one of the most influential figures in recent American history. We learn not only about Warren the California politician and Warren the Chief Justice, but also about Warren the man. -- Book Jacket+-+018495046516933ocn002985699book19770.29Warren, EarlThe memoirs of Earl WarrenBiography+-+898788310616252ocn036430597book19970.25Cray, EdChief justice : a biography of Earl WarrenBiographyEd Cray recounts this truly American story in the finest and most comprehensive biography of Earl Warren. He has interviewed nearly all of the Chief's law clerks, four of his children, and more than one hundred others, many of whom recall for the first time their years with Warren. He has read thousands of personal letters and official documents deposited in ten libraries across the country, weaving them into a tale of political intrigue, judicial politics, family reminiscences, and a loving marriage+-+370353931516031ocn008866493book19830.35Schwartz, BernardSuper chief, Earl Warren and his Supreme Court : a judicial biographyBiography15596ocn050174673com20010.35Urofsky, Melvin IThe Warren court justices, rulings, and legacyHistoryExplores the era, justices, key events, and decisions in landmark Supreme Court cases under Chief Justice Earl Warren+-+284025120632415359ocn001023655book19670.32Weaver, John DWarren, the man, the court, the eraBiography"Written with many quotations from Chief Justice Earl Warren and about the Chief Justice, this . . . book thus leans on the evidence to show how Warren has grown in mental stature and liberal convictions in his Court job, but also to show that the seeds of Warren's concern for justice and for the individual were planted in Warren's mind in his early childhood."13774ocn068417023book20060.24Newton, JimJustice for all : Earl Warren and the nation he madeBiographyEarl Warren played a key role in nearly every defining political moment in American history in the latter half of the twentieth century. He began as an aggressive county prosecutor offended by graft and vice, then rose through California politics. As attorney general and governor, he led the country's fastest-growing state during a time of enormous change, his support for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II one of the few blemishes on an otherwise progressive record. From his historic governorship to his pivotal years as Chief Justice to his role as chairman of the commission that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Warren traversed the Depression and the Cold War, the struggles to defend America against foreign enemies, and the emergence of a muscular commitment to individual liberty.--From publisher description+-+437439940613733ocn033668362book19960.53The Warren Court : a retrospectiveHistoryA judge-made revolution? The very term seems an oxymoron, yet this is exactly what the Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren achieved. In Bernard Schwartzs latest work, based on a conference at the University of Tulsa College of Law, we get the first retrospective on the Warren Court--a detailed analysis of the Courts accomplishments, including original pieces by well-known judges, professors, lawyers, popular writers such as Anthony Lewis, David Halberstam, David J. Garrow, and a rare personal remembrance by Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. The Warren Court: A Retrospective begins with+-+548956046513412ocn004503890book19790.31Pollack, Jack HarrisonEarl Warren, the judge who changed AmericaBiographyWhen President Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, he thought he had nominated a "safe," moderate conservative who wouldn't make waves. Yet, in less than a year's time, beginning with the explosive school desegregation decision, the Warren Court unexpectedly embarked on a 15-year judicial odyssey that would shake the nation to its foundations and make Warren one of the most revered and reviled Americans in history12947ocn042389635book20000.50Powe, L. A. ScotThe Warren court and American politicsHistory"Challenging the reigning consensus that the Warren Court, fundamentally, was protecting minorities, Lucas Powe ... [contends that] the Court helped to impose national liberal-elite values on groups that were outliers to that tradition--the white South, rural America, and areas of Roman Catholic dominance."--Jacket+-+604555921510143ocn002034553book19670.39Katcher, LeoEarl Warren; a political biography9553ocn039500335book19980.39Horwitz, Morton JThe Warren Court and the pursuit of justice : a critical issueHistoryA study of the Supreme Court under the leadership of Chief Justice Earl Warren, from 1953 to 1969, discussing the impact of the liberal court's civil rights and civil liberties decisions on American constitutional law+-+69114545358063ocn252615917com20010.06Compston, Christine LEarl Warren justice for allJuvenile worksBiographyExamines the life of the influential Supreme Court justice who made decisions that were politically unpopular during such notable twentieth-century events as World War II and the civil rights movement+-+96558604657412ocn027726414book19930.66The Warren court in historical and political perspectiveHistoryBiography+-+54096486354033ocn000384628book19480.53Stone, IrvingEarl Warren, a great American storyBiography3692ocn001527173book19660.37Huston, Luther APathway to judgment : a study of Earl WarrenBiography3426ocn071189853book20050.73Earl Warren and the Warren Court : the legacy in American and foreign lawHistoryBiography+-+29816648253422ocn000471018book19680.06Severn, BillMr. Chief Justice; Earl WarrenA biography of the lawyer who became a Governor of California, a vice-presidential candidate, and finally, as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a defender of individual and civil liberties3292ocn038828103book19990.84Lewis, Frederick PThe context of judicial activism : the endurance of the Warren Court legacy in a conservative age+-+86443129352974ocn013455423book19870.50Rice, Arnold SThe Warren Court, 1953-1969HistoryAnalyzes a particular period in the history of the Court, and explores the interaction and the relationship between the Justices and the society that called them to serve+-+1810855206+-+1810855206Fri Mar 21 15:31:26 EDT 2014batch42955