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Fri Mar 21 17:03:55 2014 UTClccn-n000088490.00Correcting myths from Bjørn Lomborg0.390.93Global problems, smart solutions : costs and benefits /118129448Bjørn_Lomborgn 000088495380044Lomborg, B. 1965-Lomborg, BjørnLomborg, Björn 1965-ロンボルグ, ビョルンlccn-n88294533Friel, Howard1955-lccn-no2005073622Timoner, Ondiausdrtprolccn-no2011049382Botwick, Terryproausnc-1019 entertainment1019 Entertainmentnp-light, debraLight, Debraflmlccn-n92058146Winter, Ralph1952-pronp-gibson, sarahGibson, Sarahproauslccn-no2011018024Lions Gate Filmslccn-no2011140062Schachner, Sarahcmpnc-cool it film llcCool It Film, LLCLomborg, Bjørn1965-HistoryFilm adaptationsConference proceedingsEconomic development--Environmental aspectsGlobalizationClimatic changesGlobal environmental changePollutionEconomic policyHuman ecologyInternational cooperationGlobal warming--Government policyEnvironmental responsibilityEconomic developmentPollution--Economic aspectsGlobal warmingFraud in scienceCost effectivenessGlobal warming--Economic aspectsClimatic changes--Economic aspectsClimate change mitigationSocial problems--Economic aspectsEconomic historyLatin AmericaInternational economic relationsSecurity, InternationalAfrica, Sub-SaharanAIDS (Disease)--PreventionHIV infections--PreventionAIDS (Disease)--Prevention--Cost effectivenessEnvironmental economicsPollution--Environmental aspectsEconomics--Sociological aspectsAIDS (Disease)AfricaWorld Summit on Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable developmentAIDS (Disease)--Social aspectsEconomicsEnvironmental sciencesPolitical ecologyGreen movementPolitical scienceBusinessClimatic changes--Environmental aspectsHuman beings--Effect of environment onHuman beings--Effect of climate onEnvironmental protection19651991199319941995199619971998199920012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220131109082310363.73874GE149ocn696427930ocn470337263ocn316226057ocn761512636ocn474194594ocn470722805ocn696781078ocn803636357ocn443616293ocn799390895ocn781200432ocn780879795ocn819319236282339ocn045618321book20010.29Lomborg, BjørnThe skeptical environmentalist : measuring the real state of the worldBjorn Lomborg, a former member of Greenpeace, challenges widely held beliefs that the global environment is progressively getting worse. Using statistical information from internationally recognized research institutes, Lomborg systematically examines a range of major environmental issues and documents that the global environment has actually improved. Throughout the book, his sources are fully referenced, allowing discerning readers to investigate the facts used to support his argument. Lomborg criticizes the way many environmental organizations make selective and misleading use of scientific data to influence decisions about the allocation of limited resources. Written by a nonpartisan, independent thinker, The Skeptical Environmentalist is a useful corrective to the more alarmist accounts favored by green activists and the media+-+8315656705186129ocn124074897book20070.24Lomborg, BjørnCool it : the skeptical environmentalist's guide to global warmingArgues that many of the elaborate actions being considered to stop global warming are too costly and will have little impact, and suggests that society's focus should be on such immediate concerns as fighting HIV/AIDS and maintaining a fresh water supply+-+K701382585155534ocn056639829book20040.50Lomborg, BjørnGlobal crises, global solutionsExamines the ten most serious challenges facing the world, including climate change, malnutrition and hunger, and communicable diseases, and discusses policy options to address each situation+-+519993670564414ocn636911299book20100.50Lomborg, BjørnSmart solutions to climate change : comparing costs and benefits"The failure of the Copenhagen climate conference in December 2009 revealed major flaws in the way the world's policy makers have attempted to prevent dangerous levels of increases in global temperatures. The expert authors in this specially commissioned collection focus on the likely costs and benefits of a very wide range of policy options, including geoengineering; mitigation of CO₂, CH₄, and "black carbon"; expanding forest Carbon Sequestration; R&D of low-carbon energy; and encouraging green technology transfer. For each policy, the authors outline all of the costs, benefits and likely outcomes, in fully referenced, clearly presented chapters accompanied by shorter, critical alternative perspective papers."--+-+110386670563312ocn165408072book20070.59Lomborg, BjørnSolutions for the world's biggest problems : costs and benefitsThis title offers a rigorous overview of 23 of the world's biggest problems relating to the environment, governance, economics, and health and population+-+52406267054265ocn696427930visu20100.19Cool itFilm adaptationsFrom the author of The Skeptical Environmentalist comes this practical guide to solving our environmental problems and cooling the 'green' hysteria that's gripping the planet. Based on the controversial book by political scientist Bjorn Lomborg40514ocn065187341book20060.31Lomborg, BjørnHow to spend $50 billion to make the world a better placeExamines the ten most serious challenges facing the world, including climate change, malnutrition and hunger, and communicable diseases, and discusses policy options to address each situation+-+562031670524012ocn422765052book20090.81Lomborg, BjørnLatin American development priorities"Many countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have achieved considerable economic growth, yet the region still faces many seemingly intractable problems. The conventional wisdom in development agencies - that prioritization is impossible and that everything must be done - is simply not effective. Latin American Development Priorities shows how limited resources could be used for the greatest benefit of the Latin American and Caribbean region. A panel of economists met over three days in San Jose; to review proposals to tackle the ten most important challenges, which emerged from a survey by the Inter-American Development Bank. The expert panel was asked a question which appears simple but is actually very difficult to answer: What should Latin American governments do with an additional nominal $10 billion? Hard choices are needed if Latin America's problems are to be tackled effectively. This book provides the means to make those choices as objectively as possible"--Résumé de l'éditeur+-+254112670520811ocn794037198book20120.66Lomborg, BjørnRethinkHIV : smarter ways to invest in ending HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa"Thirty years after the identification of the disease that became known as AIDS, humanitarian organizations warn that the fight against HIV/AIDS has slowed, amid a funding shortfall and donor fatigue. In this book, Bjørn Lomborg brings together research by world-class specialist authors, a foreword by UNAIDS founding director Peter Piot and perspectives from Nobel Laureates and African civil society leaders to identify the most effective ways to tackle the pandemic across sub-Saharan Africa. There remains an alarming lack of high-quality data evaluating responses to HIV. We still know too little about what works, where and how to replicate our successes. This book offers the first comprehensive attempt by teams of authors to analyze HIV/AIDS policy choices using cost-benefit analysis, across six major topics. This approach provides a provocative fresh look at the best ways to scale up the fight against this killer epidemic"--Provided by publisher1893ocn648192042file20040.56Alderman, HaroldCopenhagen consensus globale kriser - globale svarConference proceedingsHvis vi havde 50 milliarder dollar ekstra til at bruge på en bedre verden, hvor skulle vi så sætte ind først? Det var det store spørgsmål til otte topøkonomer - hvoraf flere nobelpristagere - på konferencen Copenhagen Consensus i København den 24.-28. maj 2004. Bogen præsenterer konferencens resultater - i et fængende og forståeligt sprog. I ti koncentrerede artikler tages verdens store problemer under behandling:1676ocn824119982book20130.81How much have global problems cost the world? : a scorecard from 1900 to 2050History1083ocn057536667visu20040.50Global warming hype or hazard?A skeptical ecologist questions the focus on global warming, arguing that time and money would be better spent tackling more concrete and rapidly spreading environmental issues892ocn051712013book20020.32Lomborg, BjørnApocalypse no! : Wie sich die menschlichen Lebensgrundlagen wirklich entwickelnGestützt auf eine menge an Daten versucht der dänische Statistiker nachzuweisen, dass es der Menschheit noch nie so gut gegangen ist und dass keine ökologische Katastrophe bevorsteht795ocn237224946book20070.35Lomborg, BjørnCool it! : warum wir trotz Klimawandels einen kühlen Kopf bewahren solltenAuch bei ökonomischem Wachstum und finanziellem Einsatz an den richtigen Stellen - Hunger, Wasserverteilung, Hochwasserschutz, HIV, Malaria etc. - kann das Wohlergehen der Menschenheit vorangebracht werden694ocn828884459book20130.93Global problems, smart solutions : costs and benefits573ocn055800295book20040.63Lomborg, BjørnL'écologie sceptique : le véritable état de la planèteSe fondant sur une étude statistique, l'auteur tend à prouver que l'état environnemental de la planète est meilleur aujourd'hui qu'hier. Insiste sur la nécessité de hiérarchiser les problèmes et de donner la priorité à ceux touchant les ressources naturelles312ocn814089850book20080.07Lomborg, BjørnNuan hua?bie nao le!218ocn463668722book19980.70Lomborg, BjørnVerdens sande tilstandMed udgangspunkt i en lang række statistikker og dokumenter gør forfatteren op med dommedagsforestillingerne om miljøets tilstand her på kloden og påviser i stedet, at verden grundlæggende bevæger sig i den rigtige retning202ocn792967925visu20110.21Cool it are we saving the world or just burning money?From the author of The Skeptical Environmentalist comes this practical guide to solving our environmental problems and cooling the 'green' hysteria that's gripping the planet181ocn050684599visu20020.56The Earth debateA panel discussion about the World Summit on Sustainable Development (aka: The Earth Summit), including both economic & environmental pundits11955ocn445479282book20100.39Friel, HowardThe Lomborg deception : setting the record straight about global warmingFriel's book is the first to respond directly to Lomborg's controversial research as published in The Skeptical Environmentalist (2001) and Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming (2007). His close reading of Lomborg's textual claims and supporting documentation reveals a lengthy list of findings that will rock climate skeptics and their allies in the government and news media, demonstrating that the published peer-reviewed climate science, as assessed mainly by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has had it mostly right--even if somewhat conservatively right--all along. Friel's able defense of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth against Lomborg's repeated attacks is by itself worth an attentive reading. --Publisher's description+-+0376265585351ocn556883791book20100.25Friel, HowardLomborg's deception : the fraudulent case against the scientific consensus on global warming+-+9856165585141ocn748502304visu20100.19Cool itFilm adaptationsIn this film, author Bjorn Lomborg (The Skeptical Environmentalist) asks us to question the facts and the solutions. Why are we spending so much money on "green" initiatives...for such little gain? Are there better ways to solve the problems? How else could that money be spent? No matter what our opinions are on the environmental movement, the film asks the viewer to rethink their opinion21ocn467178516book20090.10Lomborg, BjørnSkeptical environmentalist01ocn224208976book2003Danish Committees on Scientific DishonestyDecision regarding complaints against Bjørn LomborgDuring the first quarter of 2002 the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (UVVU, or DCSD in English) received three complaints about Bjørn Lomborg. Summary of examination of case and ruling by committees01ocn224208323fileCorrecting myths from Bjørn LomborgCriticism, interpretation, etcWeb page providing links to various articles about Bjørn Lomborg and his work+-+8315656705+-+8315656705Fri Mar 21 16:09:59 EDT 2014batch23733