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Fri Mar 21 17:05:27 2014 UTClccn-n20010803510.06The last dinosaur /0.130.23The greatest puzzles of all time /118758474Matthew_Costellon 20010803515596718Christopher, Shane 1948- PseudonymCostello, Matt 1948-Costello, MatthewCostello, Matthew 1948-Costello, Matthew JCostello, Matthew J., 1948-Costello, Matthew John 1948-コステロ, マシュー・JcontainsVIAFID/90592632Christopher, Shane, 1948-lccn-n80046003Wilson, F. Paul(Francis Paul)lccn-n00015933Mlodinow, Leonard1954-np-nash, joshNash, Joshlccn-no94035095Hautala, Rick1949-2013fast-987654King Kong (Fictitious character)lccn-n93048474Gardner, Craig Shawlccn-no2011164146Macon, Peternrtlccn-n79089624Catalonia (Spain)viaf-134586532Institut Català de Financeslccn-nr00039512Castelao ProductionsCostello, Matthew J.(Matthew John)1948-FictionDomestic fictionHistoryPsychological fictionScience fictionDramaFilm adaptationsVirtual reality in medicineMemoryWomen scientistsBrain damage--PatientsBrain--ResearchCloningGenetic engineeringFamily vacationsCannibalismPoliceNew York (State)DinosaursTwinsCerebral dominanceLife change eventsSurvivalFamiliesPsychological fictionRevolutionsBrothersInterstellar travelSpace flightGamesBoard gamesKing Kong (Fictitious character)Science fiction--AuthorshipApesConspiraciesMagic tricksScience fictionHorror talesHorror tales, AmericanPuzzlesSpace warfareSeaquest DSV (Television program)Submerged landsDisastersVillagesGood and evilSupernaturalCostello, Matthew J.--(Matthew John),ReservoirsScience fiction, AmericanVirtual realityDetective and mystery storiesSpainFilm adaptations19481985198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220042005200620072008200920102011201220132014542179151813.54PS3573.I45695ocn693325003ocn794781240ocn492453743ocn041986557118811ocn034839699book19960.12Wilson, F. PaulMirageFictionPsychological fictionWhen her twin sister falls into a mysterious coma, Dr. Julie Gordon uses a virtual reality scanner to probe her sister's memory. She discovers their father was not their real father and that both of them were used in illegal brain experiments. The information places their lives in danger+-+11246019956324ocn037493113book19980.14Wilson, F. PaulMasqueFictionA spy novel featuring an agent who can transform himself into any body, male or female, by simply inserting a different chip. Sent to steal secret data, he runs into the widow of the man whose body he is using. By the authors of Mirage+-+92246019955366ocn707969396book20110.12Costello, Matthew JVacationFictionDomestic fiction"After a global crisis causes crops to fail and species to disappear, something even more deadly happens. Masses around the world suddenly became predators, feeding off their own kind. These 'Can Heads' grow to such a threat that fences, gated compounds, and SWAT-style police protection become absolutely necessary to live. And after one attack leaves NYPD cop Jack Murphy wounded and his partner dead, Jack takes his wife and kids on a vacation. Far up north, to the Paterville Family Camp, a fortress-like compound in the mountains, where families can still swim and take boats out on a lake. At first, it's idyllic. There's plenty of food, fun stuff for their children, and another nice young couple with kids of their own. And when the camp suffers a Can Head attack, Jack even helps defend it. He's immediately offers Jack a job in security. Jack's family wants to stay. But Jack slowly comes to realize that there's something else going on at Paterville Family Camp ... and when he makes a gruesome discovery, he will be forced to get his family out, no matter who ... or what ... stands in his way"--Provided by publisher+-+92553176853501ocn055769499book20040.06Mlodinow, LeonardThe last dinosaurFictionThree kids travel to the time of the dinosaurs. They are trying to help a baby dinosaur find his mother. But an asteroid is about to hit the Earth. And a scary meat-eater is chasing them! Only math can save them! And you can help the kids figure out what to do!+-+38228048952504ocn778421766book20120.12Costello, Matthew JHomeFictionJack's wife, Christie, and their two children struggle for survival after Jack's shocking sacrifice, and the three endeavor to escape a post-apocalyptic nightmare world of cannibals and betrayal to reach a safe haven2452ocn050059807book20020.13Costello, Matthew JUnidentifiedFictionAs inexplicable terrors erupt across the globe, humanity's only hope of survival lies with those who are willing to enter the source: a house where time, space and reality have given way to something else+-+12603607951902ocn861119939book20140.12Costello, Matthew JStar road : a novelFictionScience fiction"Ivan Delgato, a former leader of a rebel group called the Runners, is released from jail on the condition that he carry out a secret mission for the World Council. His assignment is simple: stay under cover, but do absolutely anything necessary to reach the planet Omega IX and offer the renegade Runners clemency if they surrender-- which may be complicated since Ivan's brutally violent brother has taken lead of the Runners in Ivan's absence. In search of the Runners, Ivan catches a ride out to the wildest reaches of the galaxy via a mysterious transportation system, the Star Road. His fellow passengers on Star Road Vehicle-66 are a suspicious group, all with their own hidden reasons for traversing the star road. As the travelers contend with increasingly deadly encounters, it isn't long before suspicions build against Ivan. And as the Runners must choose one brother over the other, on a planet filled with ancient secrets, those who survive will confront a mystery that changes the Star Road, and humanity, forever" --1843ocn023049635book19910.21Costello, Matthew JThe greatest games of all timeHistory+-+80247062951762ocn062145491book20050.10Costello, Matthew JThe island of the skull : an original novelFictionThis official prequel to Peter Jackson's remake of the classic tale from Universal Pictures opens with the harrowing tale of how entrepreneur, adventurer, and filmmaker Carl Denham takes possession of the map of Skull Island. Original+-+24116016961492ocn025008944book19920.21Costello, Matthew JHow to write science fiction+-+89939741061307ocn809372352book20110.16Costello, Matthew JRageFictionScience fictionThe asteroid Apophis has annihilated Earth, and only a small percentage of humanity's best and brightest have been saved. After hundreds of years below ground in life-sustaining Arks, Lieutenant Nick Raine emerges into the world. His mission as with the other chosen, is to restore civilization to the devastated world. With only his combat training and survival instincts, can Raine overcome the primitive new society and the would-be-tyrant trying to impose his will on the planet?+-+21847009851081ocn055529374book20040.12Costello, Matthew JMissing MondayFiction+-+30094607951071ocn039811831book19990.12Costello, Matthew JMagic everywhere : how to do absolutely incredible magic with totally ordinary things+-+8208534515904ocn085835559book19890.14Costello, Matthew JBeneath still watersFiction+-+7356570795866ocn742059599rcrd20110.12Costello, Matthew JVacationFictionDomestic fictionAfter a global disaster causes crops to fail and species to disappear, many people become "Can heads" cannibal predators who eat human flesh. Jack Murphy, a NYPD officer, is wounded in one such attack and decides that he and his family need a vacation. Retreating to a fortress-like vacation area, they finally get to relax. After the camp is attacked and Jack helps to defend it he is offered a security position. What gruesome discoveries will he make?+-+7728760096822ocn033060619book19950.16Costello, Matthew JThe 7th guest+-+8135506125793ocn017201298book19880.23Costello, Matthew JThe greatest puzzles of all timeHistory+-+3077471395732ocn302075750book20090.14Costello, Matthew JMaelstromFiction+-+6038001696683ocn029535287book19940.08Costello, Matthew JFire below : a seaQuest DSV novelFictionThe year is 2018. The last frontier on earth is vast, dark, mysterious . . the world's oceans. And the last hope for peace is the largest, most powerful submarine every built+-+3485556995551ocn035802293rcrd19960.12Wilson, F. PaulMirageFictionPsychological fiction412ocn123422932visu20060.12Beneath still watersDramaFilm adaptationsA supernatural force that was devouring Marinbad and its inhabitants was sealed underwater by a dam that was built around the village. But something remained down in the depths when the waters covered Marinbad. Now, forty years later, an array of disappearances and deaths in mysterious circumstances are threatening the village built next to the reservoir that now covers Marinbad. Something evil is still down there. And on this anniversary, it's going to surface+-+1124601995+-+1124601995Fri Mar 21 15:46:53 EDT 2014batch18629