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Fri Mar 21 17:06:20 2014 UTClccn-n20010406640.00Les voleurs de Tharbad : une nouvelle aventure dans Les Terres du milieu de J.R.R. Tolkien /0.140.23Der dunkle Stern Roman18361896Walter_H._Huntn 20010406645527737Hunt, Walterlccn-n80113860Templarsnc-northern wisconsin colony and training schoolNorthern Wisconsin Colony and Training Schoolnp-evans, lisa jEvans, Lisa, stephanPeregrine, Stephanillnp-meyer, richardMeyer, Richardviaf-44781212Cooper, Charlytrlnp-fenlon, peter cFenlon, Peter C.ctgnp-traynor, robert gTraynor, Robert, evanJamieson, Evannc-wisconsin$legislature$visiting committee to state institutionsWisconsinLegislatureVisiting Committee to State InstitutionsHunt, Walter H.FictionHistoryLocal historyBiographySpace warfareLife on other planetsHuman-alien encountersTelevision personalitiesMiddle AgesTime travelTemplarsScience fictionFreemasonry--LodgesFreemasonryScotlandMassachusettsFreemasonsWar stories1959198519962001200220032004200520062007200820092012201321591236813.6PS3608.U595538ocn047296014book20010.13Hunt, Walter HThe dark wingFictionThe zor is just one of the races that man encounters, and from the first meeting, it's been war. For many years the conflicts have been sporadic, usually ending with an Earth concession and a treaty ... but zor culture does not respect peaceful concessions and never had any intention of honoring them. When the zor decide to mount a surprise attack on Earth colonies outside of their sphere of influence, the normally self-occupied governing body of Earth realizes that something must be done. Controversial scholar, Marais, is brought in. He believes himself to be the mythic Dark Wing that will exterminate the zor, and he will not accept a return to the status quo+-+K8665801254857ocn050859157book20030.14Hunt, Walter HThe dark pathFictionMan and zor, once sworn enemies engaged in a mutual campaign of xenocide, now live side by side. The war is over, and Admiral Marais, is long dead, though some of his companions and participants in that great war still survive and have even chosen to live among the zor. Now a mystery from the past has become a threat to the present when an unholy menace jeopardizes both humans and zor alike. Whole space fleets have disappeared, with survivors stricken mad. And now man and zor alike must join forces to meet this adversary head on+-+41515801254105ocn057286063book20050.15Hunt, Walter HThe dark crusadeFictionIn The Dark Crusade as armadas clash and outposts fall, the overly confident alien menace is forced to confront a zor human alliance that has been warned, their covert and insidious plans of infiltration now exposed ... but all is not as it seems to be+-+32666801254054ocn054007215book20040.15Hunt, Walter HThe dark ascentFictionThe war with the zor is long over, and Admiral Marais, the legendary "Dark Wing" is long dead, though some of his companions on that campaign of xenocide still remain, and in the alien philosophies of the past their might exist man's hope for salvation in the very near future+-+K1666801252875ocn311308615book20080.14Hunt, Walter HA song in stoneFictionFriday, October 13th 1307, is a fateful day for the Order of the Temple. They will be arrested by the King of France, betrayed by the Holy Father, and they will cease to exist. Ian Graham, 21st century TV personality, is thrust into 1307 as an initiate of the Order. He has 10 weeks to escape death or torture, if he can find his way home+-+121504132541ocn180721812book20070.23Hunt, Walter HDer dunkle Stern Roman41ocn162232950book20060.23Hunt, Walter HDer dunkle Pfad : Roman31ocn444004579book1985Les voleurs de Tharbad : une nouvelle aventure dans Les Terres du milieu de J.R.R. Tolkien31ocn198773662book20070.23Hunt, Walter HDer dunkle Kreuzzug Roman31ocn014089334book19250.10WisconsinSpecial investigation : Northern Wisconsin home and training school. Joint resolution no. 22, S--11ocn476583935book1996Hunt, Walter HA history of Norumbega & Brookline Lodge AF & AM, 1921-1996HistoryLocal historyBiography11ocn863796795file2009Hunt, Walter HDer dunkle Kreuzzug Roman+-+K866580125+-+K866580125Fri Mar 21 16:04:38 EDT 2014batch8249