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Fri Mar 21 17:14:51 2014 UTClccn-n20010525090.00Union Atlantic /0.180.86L'intrusion : roman /7638481Adam_Haslettn 20010525095612668ヘイズリット, アダムlccn-no2002076631Baker, David Aaron1963-nrtlccn-no2009093208Recorded Books, LLCviaf-165914146Dabekaussen, Eugènelccn-n86140996Washington, George1732-1799lccn-no2006106285Findaway World, LLClccn-no2010033968Playaway Digital Audiolccn-no2009091188Ross, Jonathan Toddnrtlccn-n82231445Wideman, John Edgarnp-yates, richardYates, Richardlccn-n91078318Divakaruni, Chitra BanerjeeHaslett, AdamFictionQuotationsCriticism, interpretation, etcMassachusettsHigh school studentsHouse constructionBankersOlder womenSocial classesShort storiesUnited StatesMental illnessShort stories, AmericanHomosexualityReclusesInvestment bankersNeighborsSocial historyShort story--Study and teaching (Secondary)Short story--Study and teaching (Higher)BetrayalShort storyPhilosophyEtiquetteWashington, George,Manic-depressive personsLiteratureRetired teachersDepression, MentalLife change eventsScotlandSuicidal behaviorAmerican fictionPsychiatristsMentally illNebraskaFathers and sonsFamiliesAuthors19701999200220032004200520072008200920102011201220132014467844115813.6PS3608.A85ocn724142158173821ocn048256545book20020.20Haslett, AdamYou are not a stranger hereFictionA collection of short stories features characters confronting the concerns of both classic literature and contemporary life, from an aging inventor who visits his gay son to an orphaned boy who finds solace in a classmate's violence+-+4704500385147420ocn317361763book20090.18Haslett, AdamUnion Atlantic : a novelFictionAt the heart of this novel lies a test of wills between a young banker, Doug Fanning, and a retired schoolteacher, Charlotte Graves, whose two dogs have begun to speak to her. When Doug builds an ostentatious mansion on land that Charlotte's grandfather donated to the town of Finden, Massachusetts, she determines to oust him in court. As a senior manager of Union Atlantic bank, a major financial conglomerate, Doug is embroiled in the company's struggle to remain afloat. It is Charlotte's brother, Henry Graves, the president of the New York Federal Reserve, who must keep a watchful eye on Union Atlantic and the entire financial system. Drawn into Doug and Charlotte's intensifying conflict is Nate Fuller, a troubled high-school senior who unwittingly stirs powerful emotions in each of them+-+32492339363248579ocn498445088file20100.10Haslett, AdamUnion AtlanticFictionBanker Doug Fanning begins building a massive mansion on land formerly owned by retired teacher Charlotte Graves' grandfather. The land was once donated to the local town, and now Charlotte is trying to stop Doug's construction efforts by any means necessary731ocn502360251book20090.16Haslett, AdamUnion Atlantic : romanAls de jonge manager van de Union Atlantic-bank een monsterlijke villa neerzet op de voorouderlijke grond van een gepensioneerde geschiedenislerares, daagt ze hem voor de rechter591ocn056329055book20040.79Washington, GeorgeAdam Haslett on George Washington Rules of civilityQuotations"In the mid-1700s, long before he led the American Revolution, a teenage George Washington copied out his famous 110 Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation at his home near Fredericksburg, Virginia. In this debut selection of the Akashic U.S. Presidents Series, Adam Haslett introduces this surprisingly contemporary guide to manners and mores, and considers whether or not our current President lives up to the virtues extolled by his predecessor." --Book Jacket+-+7516093336482ocn610418765rcrd20100.10Haslett, AdamMy father's businessFictionAlthough he's an unemployed psychiatric patient, 25-year-old Daniel Markham remains convinced he's as normal as apple pie. And to prove it, he interviews his small circle of friends--and anyone else willing to participate in his groundbreaking research. But Daniel's doctors remain unconvinced. When he finally insists on checking himself out of a Boston mental hospital, he takes with him a bundle of transcripts and letters that evoke his past and foreshadow his future471ocn076821788book20070.22Short stories for students. presenting analysis, context, and criticism on commonly studied short storiesCriticism, interpretation, etcProfiles fourteen commonly studied short stories by authors including Richard Yates, Julian Barnes, Deborah Eisenberg, and others, providing plot summaries, author biographies, analysis, historical context, and criticism for each+-+9785212325461ocn503057506rcrd20100.10Haslett, AdamWar's endFictionA former history teacher feels his debilitating depression unfairly burdens his loving wife. Although his doctor thinks a change of scenery will do him well, Paul isn't sure as he and Ellen arrive in a quaint Scottish town. While Ellen does research in a nearby library, Paul contemplates suicide. And then he encounters an old woman and her dying grandson361ocn466868979rcrd20090.10Haslett, AdamThe good doctor from the collection You are not a stranger hereFictionWorking for the National Health Service Corps, psychiatrist Frank Briggs heads deep into rural Nebraska to interview a new patient. He suspects Mrs. Buckholdt may have been misdiagnosed in the past, so he's shocked when he arrives and finds her in perfect mental health. Before long, Briggs realizes that Mrs. Buckholdt's problems extend far beyond the reach of medicine352ocn741407598rcrd20090.12Haslett, AdamNotes to my biographerFictionWhen Frank shows up unexpectedly at his son Graham's apartment, he encounters Graham's gay partner. Undeterred by this surprise, Frank finds his creative muse inspired by the father-son reunion and flits from one manic high to the next. But he is saddened to learn that his son uses drugs to suppress the "genius" he has inherited251ocn066769299book20030.15Haslett, AdamJe bent geen vreemde hierBundel met negen verhalen over mensen met psychische problemen254ocn496271814book20090.33Haslett, AdamUnion Atlantic Roman253ocn055509789book20040.19Haslett, AdamAquí no eres un extraño+-+6003333293241ocn535721737file20080.10Readers & writersFiction"Mr. Pope had rigged up a reading light ... and the horse read far into the night." From Ed Has His Mind Improved by Walter R. Brooks. A boon for booklovers, this set features funny, fantastical and poignant stories about people with unique and passionate connections to the written word243ocn664329191book20100.86Haslett, AdamL'intrusion : romanEn 2005, à Boston, Doug Fanning, issu d'une famille pauvre, exerce le métier de trader, ce qui lui permet de prendre une revanche sur la vie. Il pratique des opérations boursières illégales qui l'enrichissent à tel point qu'il fait construire une villa à Finden sur un terrain protégé. Mais un jour, ses fraudes éclatent au grand jour et sa petite-fille Charlotte le mène en justice. Premier roman.--[Résumé de l'éditeur]221ocn535722231file20070.13Tales of betrayal a celebration of the short storyFiction"He had ruined her life ... For years, he'd allowed himself to imagine she had forgotten Ben, or at least stopped remembering ... What consolation could he give her now?"--Devotion by Adam Haslett. In this compilation characters make choices that define their lives and suffer consequences often dire or disquieting194ocn420076886book20040.47Haslett, AdamVous n'êtes pas seul iciRecueil de neuf nouvelles dont les personnages sont travaillés par l'angoisse et la folie et se rapprochent en quête de réconfort. Leurs blessures sont alors apaisées, mais jamais refermées. L'humanité se révèle alors peu à peu dans toute sa vulnérabilité162ocn799744489book2010Haslett, AdamUnion Atlantic151ocn658236986book20100.47Are we feeling better now? : Autobiografie und Fiktion111ocn520909853book20090.18Haslett, AdamFirst Atlantic : a novelFiction+-+6299700385+-+4704500385+-+4704500385Fri Mar 21 16:05:57 EDT 2014batch15176