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Fri Mar 21 17:07:12 2014 UTClccn-n20010434820.00Creepy monsters, sleepy monsters : a lullaby /0.050.06Masterpiece /1815748Kelly_Murphyn 200104348255711354775828マーフィー, ケリーlccn-n2003039692LaFevers, R. L.lccn-n2003006835Broach, Eliselccn-n79118011Dürer, Albrecht1471-1528fast-1061224Phoenix (Mythical bird)lccn-n79018131Yolen, Janelccn-n79071339Peck, Richard1934-fast-828184Basilisks (Mythical animals)lccn-n2007027175Ashburn, Bonifast-922002Fauns (Roman mythology)lccn-n96014675Bateman, TeresaMurphy, Kelly1977-FictionJuvenile worksHistoryPictorial worksHumorous storiesPoetryAdventure storiesFantasy fictionFolkloreShort storiesAnimals, MythicalHuman-animal relationshipsOrphansBeetlesAdventure storiesNew York (State)--New YorkArt theftsArtistsFamiliesDürer, Albrecht,AuntsCousinsMiddle EastPhoenix (Mythical bird)BedouinsBrothers and sistersDragonsMonstersAtlantic OceanMiceOcean travelInfantsStories in rhymeBedtimeAfrica, WestBasilisks (Mythical animals)UnicornsFauns (Roman mythology)FortuneIrelandLeprechaunsWalesDanceInsectsHorror tales, AmericanChildren's stories, AmericanCastlesCountingMiddle AgesHaunted housesBrothersMother and childChildren's poetry, AmericanHorror talesTrollsNorwayCatsSeafaring lifeGlobal warmingArctic Regions197719861993199419971998199920022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142355576162[FIC]PZ7.L1414ocn191005590ocn308199450ocn705716875ocn671703758ocn441151937ocn214282071ocn067360974ocn505420725ocn651911443ocn500820132ocn039910797491111ocn191005590book20080.06Broach, EliseMasterpieceJuvenile worksFictionAfter Marvin, a beetle, makes a miniature drawing as an eleventh birthday gift for James, a human with whom he shares a house, the two new friends work together to help recover a Durer drawing stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art+-+552735053531128ocn308199450book20090.06LaFevers, R. LFlight of the phoenix / by R.L. LaFevers ; illustrated by Kelly MurphyJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesFantasy fictionIn 1928, when timid ten-year-old Nate learns that his parents have been lost at sea, he joins his father's cousin on a flight to Arabia where they must oversee the death and rebirth of the phoenix, thus beginning his training as a "beastologist."+-+201387290515705ocn705716875book20110.06Peck, RichardSecrets at sea : a novelHistoryJuvenile worksFictionIn 1887, the social-climbing Cranstons voyage from New York to London, where they hope to find a husband for their awkward older daughter, secretly accompanied by Helena and her mouse siblings, for whom the journey is both terrifying and wondrous as they meet an array of titled humans despite their best efforts at remaining hidden+-+200982853512907ocn671703758book2011Yolen, JaneCreepy monsters, sleepy monsters : a lullabyJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksTwo rambunctious monsters creep, gurgle, crawl, and tumble before falling asleep+-+565791812512589ocn441151937book20100.06LaFevers, R. LThe basilisk's lairJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesThe continuing adventures of beastologist-in-training, Nathaniel Fludd, as he accompanies his intrepid Aunt Phil on a dangerous mission across West Africa to find a deadly basilisk that is missing and begins to find clues relating to the mysterious disappearance of his parents+-+821387290511366ocn651911443book20110.06LaFevers, R. LThe unicorn's taleJuvenile worksFictionBeastologist-in-training Nathaniel Fludd and his Aunt Phil nurse a mysteriously ill unicorn, try to stop Obediah from taking the unicorn's horn, and finally get a solid lead on the whereabouts of Nathaniel's parents+-+422739290510925ocn505420725book20100.06LaFevers, R. LThe wyverns' treasureJuvenile worksFictionWhen Nathaniel and Aunt Phil are summoned to the Welsh countryside to calm the giant dragons known as wyverns, they suspect the problem was caused by the same sinister man who has been trying to steal the Book of Beasts+-+136168290510896ocn067360974book20070.01Bateman, TeresaFiona's luckJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionPictorial worksA clever woman named Fiona must pass the leprechaun king's tests when she tries to get back all the luck he has locked away from humans+-+460164520610024ocn214282071book20090.01Appelt, KathiBrand-new baby bluesJuvenile worksFictionThe arrival of a new little brother has his big sister singing the blues+-+08878051558553ocn500820132book20100.06San Souci, Robert DHaunted housesJuvenile worksFictionShort stories"Scare-master Robert San Souci serves up ten chilling tales about untraditional haunted houses: a mansion full of pirate treasure, a ghost trapped in a mysterious dollhouse, a boy whose vacation house comes complete with people-eating spiders, and many more. But beware because not all of the protagonists in these stories get out alive.", JaneRomping monsters, stomping monstersJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksA fun-filled day at the monster playground features exuberant little monsters swinging, sliding, running three-legged races, and sharing monster-sicles7403ocn430838781book20100.06Ashburn, BoniOver at the castleJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksIn this variation on the folk song "Over the Meadow," the occupants of a medieval castle spend their day spinning, cleaning, cooking, and dancing, until they receive a special surprise from their dragon neighbors+-+39693456355571ocn054677518book20050.01Hager, SarahDancing MatildaJuvenile worksFictionMatilda dances through every part of her day+-+87096051554903ocn828042153book20130.06Martin, LisaAnton and Cecil : cats at seaJuvenile worksFictionCecil and Anton are brothers, but they're as different as port and starboard. Cecil thirsts for seafaring adventure as he roams the docks of his harborside home, taking day trips on fishing boats. Anton prefers listening to the sailors' shanties at the town saloon. But one day when Anton goes to port, he's taken to be a ratter on a ship bound for the high seas. Cecil boards another ship in hopes of finding Anton, but what begins as a rescue mission turns into a pair of high-seas adventures4723ocn144228844book20080.06Ashburn, BoniHush, little dragonJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksHumorous storiesIn this variation on an old lullaby, a mother dragon promises her fussy baby a variety of tasty treats, from a princess and some knights to a magician and three musketeers+-+26494456354582ocn805655061book20130.06Lewis, J. PatrickFace bugJuvenile worksPoetryCollects poems about insects visiting a museum featuring close-up photographs of other bugs' faces4183ocn056730780book20050.01Myers, TimGood babies : a tale of trolls, humans, a witch and a switchJuvenile worksFictionA wicked witch's plan to wreak havoc by switching a human baby and a troll baby backfires in a surprising way+-+82777181254061ocn047916262book20020.01Murphy, KellyThe boll weevil ballJuvenile worksFictionWhen a very, very small beetle decides to attend a ball, he won't let anything stop him -- not even the danger of being squished on the dance floor+-+97621505353924ocn053147712book20030.01Aston, Dianna HuttsLoony LittleJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksIn a plot similar to the traditional tale of Chicken Little, Loony Little fears that the polar ice cap is melting and, along with other animals, travels to alert the Polar Bear Queen. Includes notes on global warming and Arctic animals+-+17316181253583ocn773667578book20120.06Steensland, MarkBehind the bookcaseJuvenile worksFictionSarah, her brother Billy, and her parents are moving into her deceased grandmother's house for the summer in order to fix it up and sell it, but this is a house of locked rooms and many dark and dangerous secrets+-+5527350535+-+5527350535Fri Mar 21 15:17:54 EDT 2014batch18286