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Fri Mar 21 17:13:39 2014 UTClccn-n20021135230.00A war on science0.371.00[Oral History Program interview with Barbara Forrest, 2004]58445060Barbara_Forrestn 20021135235895113lccn-n93080181Gross, Paul R.lccn-n2002091034Center for Science & Culturelccn-n2005028605Lynn, Barry C.lccn-n90653312Dembski, William A.1960-np-simmons, sSimmons, span3 television networkC-SPAN3 (Television network)lccn-no95009711Calvert, John H.1940-lccn-n88008287Lambo, Thomas A.(Thomas Adeoye)np-nelson, paul aNelson, Paul A.lccn-n98050076Pennock, Robert T.Forrest, Barbara1952-Conference proceedingsUnited StatesEvolution (Biology)--Religious aspects--ChristianityEvolution (Biology)--Study and teachingCreationismCreationism--Study and teachingIntelligent design (Teleology)--Study and teachingIntelligent design (Teleology)Center for Science & CultureDrug abuse surveysVictoria--BendigoAboriginal Australians--Services forDrug abuseManagementEvolution--Religious aspects--ChristianityUniversity of Wisconsin--MadisonDembski, William A.,Evolution (Biology)--Religious aspectsEvolution (Biology)19521994200320042005200620072009201020111969840231.7652BS659196033ocn050913078book20030.37Forrest, BarbaraCreationism's Trojan horse : the wedge of intelligent design"In Creationism's Trojan Horse, Forrest and Gross document the agenda and advances of "Intelligent Design," the most recent manifestation of American science education's perennial affliction: creationism. Explaining and analyzing what "design theorists" call their "Wedge Strategy"--An attempt to substitute "theistic science" for natural science in the public mind - this book documents the Wedge's aggressive, decade-long public relations campaign to implement the strategy. The most notable feature of its purportedly new scientific paradigm is the failure of its creators to produce either a scientific research program or any original scientific data to support their claims. Instead, the design movement maintains a crowded schedule of popular publications for its mostly conservative Christian constituency, lectures, and media appearances - sustained by lucrative funding from religious benefactors. The Wedge has intruded itself successfully into educational politics at the local, state, and now national levels."--Jacket+-+279206046521ocn221477911book19940.47Simmons, SSubstance use & misuse : the prevalence and impact of substance usage and abuse on Aboriginal community members21ocn063212157visu20050.92Teaching intelligent designConference proceedings"At a day-long conference on science, religion and intelligent design, panelists talked about teaching the theory of intelligent design in classrooms. Among the topics they addressed were the adequacy of existing science curricula, social agendas of both the science and religious communities, and the scientific value of the theories of evolution and creationism"--Publisher's catalog11ocn808245897visu2006A war on scienceThe theory of evolution is under attack by the increasing number of believers in Intelligent Design. Can science be replaced by God? This documentary gives both sides of the argument and includes accounts from key players in both fields. Although we take the authoritative presence of science as a given in the 21st century, even recently it has been debated in some US schools as to whether or not the theory of evolution should be taught. But if we welcome a supernatural element to the theory of evolution what impact will this have on the progression of a purely scientific understanding of evolution? In the US, The Discovery Institute, current home base for the Intelligent Design movement, is gaining power and has a master plan (backed by George W. Bush) to alter thinking about our origins across the entire country11ocn076836514visu20060.47President's forum on intelligent design science, religion, and the question of cosmic purposeVideo of a public lecture, "Science, religion, and the question of cosmic purpose," by John F. Haught, with responses by Barbara Forrest and Paul A. Nelson, held as part of a two day forum on intelligent design11ocn674368982book0.47Forrest, BarbaraBarbara Forrest interviewed by President Kraiss11ocn508896947book20090.47Belcher, Franklin ToddThe scientific viability of W.A. Dembski's design inference : response to B. Forrest and R. Pennock of the Kitzmiller trial11ocn228146073rcrd20041.00Forrest, Barbara[Oral History Program interview with Barbara Forrest, 2004]InterviewsIndustrial Relations Research Institute (IRRI); Job placement; Admissions and recruiting; Faculty recruitment; Methods course; Financial aid; Closure of the IRRI+-+2792060465+-+2792060465Fri Mar 21 15:57:47 EDT 2014batch7776