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Fri Mar 21 17:15:49 2014 UTClccn-n20020456970.22An impenetrable screen of purest sky : a novel /0.561.00Overtakelessness /73213961Dan_Beachy-Quickn 20020456975887565Beachy-Quick, Daniel Justin, 1973-Quick, Dan Beachy-, 1973-lccn-n80035884Keats, John1795-1821lccn-n00021048Goulish, Matthew1960-lccn-n2003048501Reddy, Srikanth1973-lccn-n91057963Ahsahta Pressviaf-289832469Bacon, Stephanieilllccn-n83054851University of IowaDepartment of Englishnc-poor claudiaPoor Claudialccn-no2011057740Mostowy, Mary-Jolccn-n86143875Robinson, Nathaniellccn-n88187780Clarke, K. C.Beachy-Quick, Dan1973-Criticism, interpretation, etcFictionKeats, John,PoeticsAuthorshipCollege teachersAmerican poetryMoby Dick (Melville, Herman)PhilosophyLiteratureEssaysMeditationsPhilosophy in literature1973200320042005200620082009201020112012201317662749811.6PS3602.E24ocn663469555ocn663882656ocn665169918ocn663112564ocn660809739ocn664353933ocn6597566783725ocn830837450book20130.39Beachy-Quick, DanA brighter word than bright : Keats at workCriticism, interpretation, etcThe Romantic poet John Keats, considered by many as one of the greatest poets in the English language, has long been the subject of attention from scholars who seek to understand him and poets who seek to emulate him. Bridging these impulses, this book is neither historical biography nor scholarly study, but instead a biography of Keats's poetic imagination. Here the noted poet Dan Beachy-Quick enters into Keats's writing--both his letters and his poems--not to critique or judge, not to claim or argue, but to embrace the passion and quickness of his poetry and engage the aesthetic difficulties with which Keats grappled. Combining a set of biographical portraits that place symbolic pressure on key moments in Keats's life with a chronological examination of the development of Keats-as-poet through his poems and letters, Beachy-Quick explores the growth of the young man's poetic imagination during the years of his writing life, from 1816 to 1820.--From publisher description2834ocn827974582book20130.22Beachy-Quick, DanAn impenetrable screen of purest sky : a novelFictionThe narrative opens at an academic cocktail party, with all the pretension that such a party traditionally entails. In his wandering away from the action, Daniel, the narrator, comes across a copy of Wonders and Tales, a book that had meant much to him as a child, at least in part because his father had forbidden him to read it. The book becomes both a catalyst for Daniel's memory and an inspiration for his own struggles as a novelist trying to complete a manuscript. Beachy-Quick periodically returns us to Daniel's life as an academic, with his various literary loves (especially Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ralph Waldo Emerson). In one splendid episode, Daniel substitutes for an indisposed friend and teaches a class on its final day of discussing Moby-Dick. Daniel shows himself to be, like Ahab, obsessed, though Daniel's obsession is with the beauty and power of the novel2144ocn656451049com20120.59Beachy-Quick, DanWonderful investigations : essays, meditations, talesOver the course of six critically acclaimed books--including a compelling meditation on Moby-Dick --Dan Beachy-Quick has established himself as "one of America's most significant young poets" (Lyn Hejinian). In Wonderful Investigations, Beachy-Quick broaches "a hazy line, a faulty boundary" between our daily world and one rich with wonder; a magical world in which, through his work as a writer, Beachy-Quick participates with a singular combination of critical intelligence and lyricism. Touching on the works of Emerson, Thoreau, Proust, and Plato, among others, Beachy-Quick outlines the problem+-+82786862062132ocn213452360book20080.56Beachy-Quick, DanA whaler's dictionary"Taking its inspiration - and, for that matter, its form - from Ishmael's abandoned "Cetological Dictionary" in Moby-Dick, this extraordinary, highly original work brings meditations on myth, representation, language, nature, consciousness, and notions of spiritual quest into constantly new relations. From "Accuracy" to "Wound," from "Adam" to "Void," and from "Babel" to "Silence," the cross-referential, highly associative entries make up an utterly singular work of art."--BOOK JACKET+-+04586862061532ocn069926650book20060.53Beachy-Quick, DanMulberry+-+19704678461053ocn261176366book20090.88Beachy-Quick, DanThis nest, swift passerine : a poem+-+75104678461053ocn050809184book20030.90Beachy-Quick, DanNorth true South bright+-+7380477336842ocn671703615book20110.81Beachy-Quick, DanCircle's apprentice : poems+-+6240467846822ocn053369235book20040.73Beachy-Quick, DanSpell+-+3327271645612ocn795575311book20120.94Beachy-Quick, DanWork from memory : in response to in search of lost time by Marcel Proust : poetry562ocn778416762book20120.94Reddy, SrikanthConversities132ocn320464485book20080.90Beachy-Quick, DanApology for the Book of creatures51ocn747040519book20110.97Beachy-Quick, DanHeroisms31ocn649474069book20101.00Beachy-Quick, DanOvertakelessness32ocn144766150book20041.00Beachy-Quick, DanSleep/echo/song21ocn630272243book20101.00Beachy-Quick, DanCanto / Dan Beachy Quick & Srikanth Reddy21ocn710984527book20041.00Beachy-Quick, DanSonnet11ocn660809739book20101.00Felsenthal, Alan StuartSome other medium11ocn664353933book20101.00Schwilling, Taryn KAnatomical Venus11ocn665169918book20101.00Talone, Bridget CareyIn the valley made personal+-+0458686206+-+0458686206Fri Mar 21 16:08:02 EDT 2014batch10603