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Fri Mar 21 17:07:12 2014 UTClccn-n20031523870.06Vet emergencies 24/7 /0.131.00Professional work : viral marketing at Animal Planet ; Research : using the uses and gratifications theory to study Facebook fan pages /159646473n 20031523876235632Discovery Communications, Inc. Animal Planetlccn-no2006135653Genius Entertainmentlccn-no95028086Discovery Communications, Inclccn-n99034398Corwin, Jefflccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)nc-discovery communications incDiscovery Communications, Inclccn-no2009133197Gaiam Americas, Incnc-british broadcasting corporationBritish Broadcasting Corporationlccn-no20070666152 Entertain (Firm)lccn-no2007081747Discovery Education (Firm)lccn-n79142715Attenborough, David1926-aushstnrtAnimal Planet (Television network)DramaJuvenile worksBiographyPopular worksReality television programsDocumentary television programsTelevision programsHistorical dramaMeerkatFamilial behavior in animalsAfrica--Kalahari DesertInvertebratesAnimalsInsectsFamiliesDogsGolden retrieverAmphibiansReptilesCold-blooded animalsAnimal communicationSouth AfricaSocial behavior in animalsAnimals--HabitationsGreat Rift ValleyEnglandGoodall, Jane,ChimpanzeesTanzania--Gombe National ParkChimpanzees--ResearchWomen conservationistsWomen primatologistsPlate tectonicsCrust of the earthDinosaursMadagascarPlantsGuinea pigs as petsLemursHuman-animal communicationHuman-animal relationshipsNatural historyNature television programsSeals (Animals)WalrusArctic RegionsPenguinsPolar bearRabbitsAnimal behaviorVeterinary emergenciesVeterinarians--Vocational guidanceFirst aid for animalsUnited States--Yellowstone National ParkNational parks and reservesUnited StatesWyomingMontana19961998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201428108513693599.742QL737.C2359257ocn068045728visu20050.20Attenborough, DavidLife in the undergrowthDavid Attenborough guides the viewer through a miniature universe teeming with life, never normally seen, yet all around us. New technology reveals surreal vistas and their extraordinary inhabitants+-+K4647346966285ocn226866514visu20070.20Attenborough, DavidLife in cold blood"Amphibians and reptiles ruled the world for nearly 200 million years, and today there are well over 14,000 species. Ranging from some of the largest, most deadly creatures on Earth to the smallest and strangest, these are some of the most fascinating and dramatic animals on the planet ... With breathtaking footage and amazing action photography that proves the cold-blooded world is as passionate, dramatic and bizarre as any on Earth, this definitive series reveals the secrets of the most successful creatures ever to walk - or crawl - on land"--Container5545ocn164908555visu20070.12Meerkat manorDramaMeet the Whiskers, a remarkable family of South African meerkats living on the edge of Africa's Kalahari Desert. Chronicles the every facet of the group's astonishing and complex social lives. From snake attacks to gang warfare, from babysitting the "kids" to repelling ferocious predators, includes never-before-seen behaviors and non-stop adventures of this animal family+-+11439994063245372ocn757754773visu20110.18Goodall, JaneJane's journeyBiographyIn Jane's Journey, we travel with her across several continents, from her childhood home in England, to the Gombe National Park in Tanzania where she began her groundbreaking research and where she still returns every year to enjoy the company of the chimpanzees that made her famous. An inspiring portrait of the private person behind the world-famous icon, featuring a wide range of interviews and spectacular footage from her own private collection (including her years in Gombe)4855ocn722473209visu20110.17Madagascar the land where evolution ran wildFor 65 million years, Madagascar was lost to the world, isolated, undiscovered, and untouched by humans. Left to its own devices it became a hotbed of evolution, resulting in the greatest concentration of unique creatures anywhere on the planet. More than 80% of Madagascar's animals and plants are found nowhere else on Earth. Recognized as one of the world's most important biodiversity hotspots. The primates seen include: the indri (Indri indri), the largest lemur, jumping across the land on its hind legs when it moves between trees; the critically endangered reed lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis), is shown practicing parenting and feeding behavior, as well as it specially-evolved jumping mechanisms needed to navigate the floating reed beds on which it lives; crowned lemurs (Eulemur coronatus) who demonstrate their superior rock-climbing skills; a select group of ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) subsisting on succulent plants on the highest mountaintops on the eastern end of the island; silky sifaka lemurs (Propithecus candidus), one of the most rare nonhuman primates, whose once-a-year mating is caught on camera; all three species of bamboo lemur who coexist in the same area of the rainforest, because of specialized evolved dietary subtleties -- the golden bamboo lemur (Hapalemur aureus) feeds on bamboo leaves that contain cyanide that few other species of animals can tolerate, while the greater bamboo lemur (Prolemur simus) feeds mostly on young bamboo shoots replenished by heavy rains -- the red-ruffed lemurs (Varecia rubra) and white-fronted brown lemurs (Eulemur albifrons) of the Masaola Peninsula; Verreaux's sifakas (Propithecus verreauxi) who survive without in the harsh climate of the southwest with little to no water; and ring-tailed lemurs and tiny mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus) who exert little energy during the dry season, and mate only during the rainy season. "Madagascar Diaries," included at the end of each episode, provides looks into the filming process behind the documentary. Bonus features include "Lemurs of Madagascar" and "Attenborough and the Giant Egg." In the first program, Charlotte Uhlenbroek follows two new ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) mothers through the first few weeks of their parenting. In the second program, David Attenborough examines the environmental changes that have taken place on Madagascar since his first trip in 1960. Since discovering the fossilized egg of an elephant bird in 1960, Attenborough has sought out the root causes for animal extinction on the island, including deforestation, hunting, and climate change. Looking back on his footage taken in 1960, Attenborough investigates the status of endangered animals including lemurs, birds, insects, and chameleons4741ocn646069757visu20100.16The Great rift Africa's greatest storyA diverse landscape home to the greatest concentration of animals on Earth. Each episode is accompanied by a 10-minute featurette. With traditional African music by Emmy Award winner Barnaby Taylor+-+03351153253244634ocn231636532visu20080.16Jane Goodall's when animals talkLook at stories of amazing animals that have touched the lives of countless people, learn how the language of animals can be learned through science, and more+-+37149994063244617ocn212879742visu20070.07Meerkat manorJuvenile worksDocumentary television programsReality television programsTelevision programsIn the second season, the meerkat clan know as the Whiskers will face dramatic new challenges in their struggle for dominance and survival amid the dangers of the Kalahari Desert. With cutting-edge technology capturing every meerkat moment above and below ground, witness the Whiskers tangling with old enemies-- and confronting a dangerous new rival meerkat gang. Then, when a fresh generation of mischief-making pups arrives on the scene, it adds a whole new dimension to the family's intricate social mix+-+11439994063244524ocn237316537visu20080.07Growing upJuvenile worksPopular works"For the first time on DVD, you can enter the world of baby zebras, giraffes, hyenas, and rhinos as these youngsters find their way through their young lives with the help of some professional human caregivers."--Container+-+45960994063244172ocn181656299visu20080.10Growing up ArcticFollow four of the Arctic's greatest animals as they grow in their first year of life: a surviving polar bear cub, an endangered penguin chick, an orphaned baby walrus, and a stranded baby seal+-+38849994063243961ocn170840811book20070.06Evento, SusanVet emergencies 24/7Juvenile works"Animal behavior tips--make your home pet safe--how to become a vet."--Cover+-+04248714153851ocn064592099book20060.07Mancini, Julie RGuinea pigsComprehensive guide that provides informative tips and photos illustrating all aspects of pet care for Guinea pigs+-+84128384253576ocn226246099visu20080.12Meerkat manorDramaDocumentary television programsReality television programsTelevision programsIn this season, attacked, defeated and evicted from their burrow by a powerful rival mob, the suddenly homeless Whiskers struggle to start again in a new territory. Now, under the resourceful leadership of their matriarch Flower, the tribe will experience heartbreaking losses and unexpected romances, will wage an on-going battle with the ferocious Zappa tribe, and will face an equally fierce onslaught from the Kalahari's deadly elements3252ocn439918414visu20090.17Yellowstone"Yellowstone is no ordinary wilderness, it is the world's first national park, a lost world of vast plains and endless forests defended on all sides by towering mountains, home to America's last great bison herds, the grizzly bear and realm of the wolf ... Join the charismatic cast of Yellowstone's wildlife as they turn to face the extreme challenges of the seasons ... The daily struggles of the wildlife are intimately linked to Yellowstone's greatest secret: that sleeping right beneath the snow is probably the world's largest volcano. The fate of everything in this extraordinary wilderness is in the hands of forces more powerful than we can possibly imagine."--Container+-+53673346963243142ocn064592101book20060.12Fox, SueRabbitsProvides information on the care, feeding, and training of rabbits+-+50128384253072ocn228074292visu20080.12Meerkat manor the story beginsAs a prequel to the "Meerkat manor" television series, this documentary film traces the rise of Flower from a young meerkat pup to the leader of the pack. Watch as Flower blooms into a remarkable matriarch and forges a legacy amidst the unforgiving landscape of the Kalahari Desert2992ocn173218516visu20070.08Hays, RobertThe retrieversDramaThe Lowry family is in transition. They have recently moved from the city to a small town and are having a hard time adjusting. Just when their spirits need lifting, they find themselves "adopted" by a stray golden retriever named Pilot. Pilot is not only very clever and very lovable, she's also very pregnant. Although the Lowry's give the puppies up for adoption, Pilot is determined to get them back2903ocn058835426visu20040.12Dragon's world a fantasy made realDramaWhat if dragons were real? Mock documentary follows researchers as they track dragon remains, using the latest scientific methods. Explores the evolution of dragons and their anatomical features. Uses CGI special effects to take an in-depth look at the beasts of myth and fable+-+95112495962737ocn657134642visu20060.12Prehistoric parkDramaHistorical dramaJoin zoologist and wildlife expert Nigel Marven as he travels back in time to capture the most amazing creatures ever to exist. Step into the hostile climates of the Cretaceous, Pleistocene and Paleozoic time periods, learn what killed these incredible creatures as Marven brings them back to the most incredible zoo never to exist, Prehistoric Park+-+41014346963242611ocn064289279book20060.12Gewirtz, Elaine WaldorfAmerican pit bull terriersContains original, lively text, complete with informative tips and colorful photos illustrating all aspects of pet care+-+330283842511ocn589506808book20091.00Zhu, ShengProfessional work : viral marketing at Animal Planet ; Research : using the uses and gratifications theory to study Facebook fan pagesResearch component: "By reviewing the literature of social media research, applying the theory of uses and gratifications and conducting in-depth interviews with 16 Facebook users about their interaction with brands and business on social media, this exploratory study aims to provide insights and suggestions to businesses embracing the change social media entails." --p. 4-5+-+K464734696+-+K464734696Fri Mar 21 15:17:24 EDT 2014batch28439