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DeWayneEarth paleoenvironments records preserved in mid- and low-latitude glaciersGlaciers provide an unparalleled tool for studying global environmental change. This book is the first of its kind concentrating on the paleoenvironmental record archived in mid- and low-latitude glaciers. By concentrating mainly on the last 500 years of these records, we can now see that laws enacted to protect our environment in Europe and North America are providing positive results. Documenting global mid- and low-latitude paleoenvironmental records in glaciers, this volume forms a timely and essential complement to the wealth of literature on polar and Greenland ice sheet records. This text is directed towards undergraduate and graduate university audiences and forms an ideal supplement in courses dealing with climate and global environmental change, glaciology, and natural resources management. It is also suitable in helping teach application of innovative analytical and interpretive methods and would be an excellent example of the rapidly emerging discipline of "Forensic Earth Science"+-+8096757596418ocn003697681book19760.93Thompson, Lonnie GMicroparticles, ice sheets and climate161ocn496286755com20070.35Earth's changing climate"Earth's climate is a sensitive system that is subject to dramatic shifts over varying time scales. Today human activities are altering the climate system by increasing concentrations of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which raises global temperatures. In this unit, examine the science behind global climate change and explore its potential impacts on natural ecosystems and human societies."--Annenberg website61ocn867721517visu20130.92Glacial balanceGlacial balance is a journey along the spine of the Andes mountain range, from Colombia to Argentina, getting to know the individuals and lives of those who are affected by the dwindling tropical glacier reserve, the canaries in the mine regarding climate change. Along the way, we are accompanied by scientists who give us a perspective on what is happening in the natural world and what we can expect. 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He notes that the dust found in periods of glaciation seems to be of volcanic origin, thereby suggesting a connection between volcanic activity and major climatic changes31ocn149137973book19580.81CanadaAn improved bronze pendulum apparatus for relative gravity determinations33ocn770401594art19811.00Thompson, Lonnie GMicroparticle concentration variations linked with climatic change: evidence from polar ice cores31ocn770401530art1979Thompson, Lonnie GOrigin of glacier caves in the Quelccaya Ice Cap, Peru32ocn770400948art19821.00Jezek, Kenneth CInterpretation of mono-pulse ice radar soundings on two Peruvian glaciers21ocn770400998art1984Thompson, Lonnie GEl Nino-Southern Oscillation events recorded in the stratigraphy of the tropical Quelccaya ice cap, Peru1324ocn138213119book20050.24Bowen, MarkThin ice : unlocking the secrets of climate in the world's highest mountainsObservations"Thin Ice explains what Thompson's hard-won data tell us about climate systems that have long perplexed the scientific community. Even more important, we learn what the equatorial ice reveals about global warming and the earth's probable future."--Jacket+-+1086350535541ocn460684800visu20090.19Nova scienceNOWInvestigate some of today's most exciting advances in scientific research+-+266402840632411ocn057531185art2004Thompson, LonnieBiography+-+8096757596+-+8096757596Fri Mar 21 15:47:58 EDT 2014batch14006