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Fri Mar 21 17:03:46 2014 UTClccn-n20041539340.00The Annenberg retreat at Sunnylands0.210.63Adolescent psychopathology and the developing brain integrating brain and prevention science /122023308n 20041539346523243Annenberg Foundation Trustlccn-nr95031207Annenberg Public Policy Centerlccn-n79126462Breyer, Stephen G.1938-lccn-n81123693O'Connor, Sandra Day1930-lccn-no2006104544Imbriano, Robeproauslccn-n79022932Roosevelt, Franklin D.(Franklin Delano)1882-1945lccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n88636521Stahl, Lesleylccn-no00054270Kunhardt Productionslccn-n80014556WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)np-kunhardt, peter wKunhardt, Peter W.Annenberg Foundation Trust at SunnylandsHistoryTrials, litigation, etcPopular worksBiographyConference proceedingsJuvenile worksUnited StatesConstitutional lawConstitution (United States)Political scienceFederal governmentPresidentsExecutive powerLincoln, Abraham,Roosevelt, Franklin D.--(Franklin Delano),Youngstown Sheet and Tube CompanyConstitutional conventionsRight to counselSteel industry and trade--Law and legislationWar and emergency powersGideon, Clarence EarlWainwright, Louie LTruman, Harry S.,Sawyer, Charles,Adolescent psychopathologyJudicial independenceBehavioral assessment of teenagersTeenagers--Mental healthMental illness--TreatmentChild mental healthSchizophrenia in childrenSchizophrenia in adolescenceJournalism--ObjectivityJournalistic ethicsJournalism--Economic aspectsJournalism--Political aspectsLegislative bodies--ReformSocial phobia in adolescenceEating disorders--TreatmentMental healthArnold, Carrie,United States.--Supreme CourtJudicial powerDemocracyUnited States.--CongressFreedom of speechJury dutyRace discrimination--Law and legislationJury selectionDiscrimination in justice administrationDevelopmental neurobiologyBrain--GrowthKnowledge, Theory ofCivilizationCommon goodPublic interest20052006200720082009201020122847551115342.7302KF4550ocn123478450ocn123478450ocn79973492736997ocn071779483visu20050.22Annenberg Foundation Trust at SunnylandsMandate the president and the peopleHistoryThis video, narrated by veteran CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl, examines the long and complex relationship between the presidency and public opinion. Leading historians, political scientists, and public figures offer insight into presidents and the presidency from George Washington through FDR36633ocn067839363visu20050.22Annenberg Foundation Trust at SunnylandsOur Constitution a conversationUnited States Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Stephen Breyer talk about the Constitution with high school students and discuss why we have and need a constitution, what federalism is, how implicit and explicit rights are defined and how separation of powers ensures that no one branch of government obtains too much power32722ocn071260387visu20060.06Imbriano, RobeKey constitutional conceptsHistoryJuvenile worksTrials, litigation, etc"These three 20-minute videos examine key constitutional concepts. The first explains why the nation's framers created the Constitution. The second describes the protection of individual rights by highlighting the Supreme Court case of Gideon v. Wainwright, affirming the right to an attorney. The last explores the separation of powers by examining the Supreme Court case of Youngstown v. Sawyer, a challenge to President Truman's decision to take over steel mills during the Korean War"--Container24229ocn056324679book20050.19Evans, DwightTreating and preventing adolescent mental health disorders : what we know and what we don't know : a research agenda for improving the mental health of our youthDepression and Bipolar Disorder; Schizophrenia; Anxiety Disorders; Eating Disorders; Substance Use Disorders; Youth Suicide; positive Youth Development; Stigma; Policy+-+8918260465198712ocn063195916book20060.28Mann, Thomas EThe broken branch : how Congress is failing America and how to get it back on track"Congress is the first branch of government in the American system, write Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein, but now it is a broken branch, damaged by partisan bickering and internal rancor. The Broken Branch offers both a diagnosis of the cause of Congressional decline and a much-needed blueprint for change, from two experts who understand politics and revere our institutions, but believe that Congress has become deeply dysfunctional."--Jacket+-+619926046518943ocn061478797book20060.14Gur, Raquel EIf your adolescent has schizophrenia : an essential resource for parentsSchizophrenia is a disease that afflicts some 2.2 million persons of all ages. It has a wide-ranging impact on the lives of not just the people who have it, but also the people who love them. In an era of de-institutionalization and managed care, parents and other adults, such as teachersand coaches, will become the first line of defense against this serious disease that typically attacks people the late teens or early twenties.If Your Adolescent Has Schizophrenia is an informative guide, written specifically to help adults spot the warning signs and seek appropriate treatment for the young people in their lives. Parents will find a clear definition of the disease, including early indicators of the disease as well asinformation on how to arrange for the proper diagnosis and treatment. Using the experiences of parents with children who have the illness themselves, this book will provide an insiders survival guide for those now facing this illness in their own children.While enormous strides have been made toward identifying likely causes and effective remedies of schizophrenia in recent decades, no one therapeutic regimen works perfectly in all cases. If Your Adolescent Has Schizophrenia will offer readers trusted information and support that will enable them toconfront this disorder head on and get their children meaningful medical and psychosocial help in order to mitigate its effects+-+K76736046516764ocn081945164book20070.20Arnold, CarrieNext to nothing : a firsthand account of one teenager's experience with an eating disorderBiographyCarrie Arnold chronicles her battle with anorexia, describing how she overcame the disease after nearly losing her life and how she has tried to help others suffering from eating disorders overcome their own eating and body image issues+-+501458046516023ocn071019822visu20050.16Breyer, Stephen GA conversation on the Constitution judicial independenceHistoryJuvenile worksU.S. Supreme Court Justices Stephen G. Breyer, Anthony Kennedy, and Sandra Day O'Connor fielded questions in Washington Tuesday, May 16, 2006 from 50 high school students from the Philadelphia and Los Angeles areas. The students and justices discussed the significance of the judiciary and the ways that independence is protected by the Constitution14932ocn156816880book20090.29Jones, Alex SLosing the news : the future of the news that feeds democracyPulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex S. Jones explores how the epochal changes sweeping the media have eroded the core news that has been the essential food supply of our democracy. At a time of dazzling technological innovation, Jones says that what stands to be lost is the fact-based reporting that serves as a watchdog over government, holds the powerful accountable, and gives citizens what they need. In a tumultuous new media era, with cutthroat competition and panic over profits, the commitment of the traditional news media to serious news is fading. Should we lose a critical mass of this news, our democracy will weaken--and possibly even begin to fail. This book is also a call to arms. Despite the current crisis, there are many hopeful signs, and Jones closes by looking over the horizon and exploring ways the iron core can be preserved.--From publisher description+-+487636046510913ocn077271002book20070.20Ford, EmilyWhat you must think of me : a firsthand account of one teenager's experience with social anxiety disorderPopular worksThe author presents her personal struggles with Social Anxiety Disorder and how she was able to overcome it; and offers information on its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment+-+38586804657652ocn247056745visu20080.15ImbrianoVideo resources on the Constitutiondisc 1.; Conversations on the Constitution : A conversation on the Constitution with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy : The importance of the Yick Wo Case --; A conversation on the Constitution with Justices Stephen G. Breyer, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Anthony M. Kennedy : The importance of the Japanese Internment Cases --; A conversation on the Constitution with Justices Stephen G. Breyer and Antonin Scalia : Judicial interpretations --; disc 2.; The Constitution project documentaries : The Constitution project : One person, one vote --; The Constitution project : an independent judiciary --; disc 3.; Conversations on the Constitution : A conversation with Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. on the origin, nature and importance of the Supreme Court --; A conversation on the Constitution with Justices Stephen G. Breyer, Sandra Day O'Connor, and Anthony M. Kennedy : Judicial independence --; A conversation on the Constitution with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Fourteenth Amendment6824ocn061162185book20050.33Quirk, Paul JThe legislative branchContains eighteen essays in which political scientists and scholars of public policy examine the performance of the U.S. Congress as a democratic institution, covering ideals and development, elections and representation, structures and processes, policy and performance, and assessments and prospects+-+K0372604655592ocn432335869visu20090.14ImbrianoVideo resources on the Constitution 2009Trials, litigation, etc"Disc 1. Freedom of speech: Amid the turmoil of the 1960s, students decided to wear black armbands to protest the Vietnam War, igniting a legal battle that led to a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District (1969), which defined students' right to free speech in school. This conversation focuses on free speech in light of Tinker and the Morse v. Frederick (2007) case. Jury Service: This conversation explores the history and responsibilities of juries and the role they play in the United States judicial system. Juries: In 11 short video segments, constitutional experts, lawyers and judges discuss the importance of jury service, including the history of English and American juries, types of juries, qualifications for jury service and what to expect as a juror. Disc 2. Yick Wo and the Equal Protection clause: In Yick Wo v. Hopkins (1886), the U.S. Supreme Court held that non-citizens had due process rights under the 14th Amendment. the plaintiff, an immigrant from China who had run a laundry service for 22 years, filed suit after he was denied a permit to operate his business. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that although the laundry permit law was race-neutral, it was applied in a discriminatory fashion. Korematsu and civil liberties: After America was attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 consigning 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry (two-thirds of them American citizens) to internment camps. Fred Korematsu challenged the internment all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. In Korematsu v. United States (1944), the court sided with the government. Decades later, Congress and the U.S. president formally apologized for the internment" -- Container5211ocn658037154visu20100.18Jury selection Edmonson v. Leesville Concrete CompanyTrials, litigation, etcInterviews with Thaddeus Edmonson, his attorney Jim Doyle, and legal scholars about the U.S. Supreme Court case Edmonson v. Leesville Concrete Company on racial discrimination in jury selection in civil cases4831ocn064510833book20060.14Patrick, John JUnderstanding democracy : a hip pocket guideExplains the core concepts of democracy+-+82466804654754ocn232956818book20080.59The public good : knowledge as the foundation for a democratic societyConference proceedingsZawiera referaty wygłoszone na spotkaniu zorganizowanym przez American Academy of Arts and Sciences i American Philosophical Society w Waszyngtonie w dniach 27-29. 04. 2007 r4738ocn170235454file20070.63Romer, DanielAdolescent psychopathology and the developing brain integrating brain and prevention scienceConference proceedingsThis work addresses two questions: what neurodevelopmental processes in children and adolescents could be altered so that mental disorders might be prevented? And what interventions or life experiences might be able to introduce such changes? The 20 chapters include contributions from key researchers in the area+-+70715804654433ocn071337567visu20050.18Annenberg Foundation Trust at SunnylandsKey constitutional conceptsHistoryTrials, litigation, etcThese three 20- minute videos examine key constitutional concepts. The first explains why the nation's framers created the Constitution. The second describes the protection of individual rights by highlighting the Supreme Court case of Gideon v. Wainwright, affirming the right to an attorney. The last explores the separation of powers by examining the Supreme Court case of Youngstown v. Sawyer, a challenge to President Truman's decision to take over steel mills during the Korean War3213ocn137331364book20080.50Communicating with the world of IslamHistory"Communicating with the World of Islam draws from the lessons learned in the cold war broadcasting experience to suggest the best ways of organizing U.S. efforts to communicate with Islamic people around the globe." "Drawn from discussions at the seminar "Communicating with the Islamic World," this report examines the impact that Voice of America, Radio Liberty, the BBC, Radio Free Europe, and other broadcasting tools had and suggests how the United States can use these instruments today to counter extremism effectively, promote democracy, and improve understanding of the United States in the Islamic world. It details current broadcasting efforts into Islamic countries and the Muslim communities of Europe and explains each of the critical factors necessary to influence the world of Islam in a positive direction, such as stressing women's content programming, maintaining pressure on the rulers of Qatar over the content and programming of Al Jazeera, and keeping news content candid, tailored to local audiences, and unsparingly accurate."--BOOK JACKET+-+37739426353064ocn071322304book20060.56Bodenhamer, David JOur rights"Our Rights explores twenty-three major rights of American citizens guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Freedom of speech, the right to trial by jury, the right to bear arms, the right to privacy: noted legal historian David J. Bodenhamer details these and other fundamental rights of all Americans in separate chapters that tell the history of a right from its foundations up to the most recent interpretations of the courts. Each chapter traces how a particular right has evolved as a result of legislation, social changes, and landmark Supreme Court cases."--Jacket+-+759868046511ocn824565046book2012The Annenberg retreat at Sunnylands+-+8918260465+-+8918260465Fri Mar 21 15:17:24 EDT 2014batch23446