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Fri Mar 21 17:02:38 2014 UTClccn-n20050298850.06GTO0.100.22GTO. great teacher Onizuka /102179432Tooru_Fujisawan 20050298856617837Fujisawa, TooruFujisawa Tooru 1967-....Fujisawa, TōruFujisawa, Tōru, 1967-Tohru, FujisawaTooru, FujisawaTooru Fujisawa 1967-....Tōru, FujisawaTōru Fujisawa 1967-....フジサワ, トオル藤沢 とおる 1967-....藤沢とおるlccn-no96008884Papia, Danviaf-103978204Law, Timillns-onizuka eikichi fictitious characterOnizuka, Eikichi (Fictitious character)np-hernandez, santiagoHernandez, Santiagoilllccn-n2005047253Brewer, Takaelccn-n2007010419Stambach, Karanp-siri, christinaSiri, Christinalccn-n2007032773Yamashita, Satsukinp-li, qixin李其馨lccn-n50060535KōdanshaFujisawa, TohruGraphic novelsFictionComic books, strips, etcJuvenile worksJapanHigh school teachersHigh schoolsGraphic novelsTeenagersComic books, strips, etcMan-woman relationshipsProblem youthTeachersFujisawa, Tohru196719891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220134134541901741.5952PN6790.J34ocn676557447ocn676558501ocn676557524ocn676557136ocn673719520ocn676397267ocn674148214ocn676557486ocn676557507ocn676557463ocn742821773ocn742822386ocn742821143ocn742822268ocn742821426ocn742821641ocn742822603ocn742821920ocn742822099ocn742998460ocn742998545ocn742998636ocn742999264ocn742999273ocn74299925832831ocn059712272book20020.10Fujisawa, TohruGTO (Great teacher Onizuka)Comic books, strips, etcFictionGraphic novelsEikichi Onizuka, a 22-year old virgin and ex-biker, is crude, foul-mouthed, and has a split-second temper. His goal is to be the greatest high school teacher in the world. He may think he's the toughest guy on campus, but when he meets his class full of bullies, blackmailers and scheming sadists, he'll have to prove it+-+88496068461533ocn050081245book20020.08Fujisawa, TohruGreat teacher OnizukaFictionGraphic novelsEikichi Onizuka has pummeled through his teacher training only to be faced with the mammoth task of actually landing a teaching position. But with the help of a sledgehammer, an eighteen-wheel big rig... and his friends, he just might be able to pull it off+-+31496068461174ocn050423884book20020.08Fujisawa, TohruGTOFictionGraphic novelsEikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-biker, decides that he is going to become the best teacher in the world but his class is full of bullies, blackmailers, and sadists+-+88496068461043ocn051489814book20020.08Fujisawa, TohruGTOJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionGraphic novelsOnizuka gets together with his old girlfriend Urumi+-+9785736406972ocn050423741book20020.08Fujisawa, TohruGTOFictionGraphic novelsEikichi Onizuka engages in so many activities that he cannot get the sleep he needs+-+1375736406964ocn050915882book20020.10Fujisawa, TohruGTOJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etcFictionGraphic novelsOnizuka must pass a test to keep his job as a high school teacher. Azusa is willing to tutor him, but he is too interested in her romantically+-+3585736406903ocn050697036book20020.08Fujisawa, TohruGTOComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsEikichi Onizuka encounters a rival for Azusa's love+-+9475736406891ocn050423918book20020.10Fujisawa, TohruGTOFictionGraphic novelsEikichi Onizuka becomes a teacher and has three students who try to make his job difficult+-+1499606846811ocn052508452book20030.12Fujisawa, TohruGTO : great teacher OnizukaFictionGraphic novelsAs the class gears up for the trip to Okinawa, they find themselves thrown together with their fellow classmates, forced to get along, whether they want to or not+-+8186736406711ocn051489815book20020.12Fujisawa, TohruGTOFictionGraphic novelsOnizuka stuns the academic world b getting first place in the national exams+-+1685736406662ocn052834762book20030.08Fujisawa, TohruGTOComic books, strips, etcFictionGraphic novelsOnizuka forces his class to dig around an island under the pretense that they are searching for turtle eggs, when in reality he is looking for treasure+-+6286736406661ocn054353141book20040.12Fujisawa, TohruGTOComic books, strips, etcOnizuka endures Mayu's trickery to break him of his drug habit. Then, Urumi runs away with Onizuka and things start heating up until they run into Miyabi. The girls go for each other's throats until one goes too far+-+6596736406661ocn051490707book20030.12Fujisawa, TohruGTOComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsOnizuka and the students of Holy Forest are involved in love, jealousy, and plotting+-+2525736406642ocn056910603book20040.08Fujisawa, TohruGTO, great teacher OnizukaFictionGraphic novelsTokiwa, who uses Tae Kwon Do on helpless men, dispatches a bunch of delinquents and then takes the rumble to Kikuchi, opening the stage for Onizuka to step in with a lesson about real men+-+4009736406621ocn052626699book20030.10Fujisawa, TohruGTOComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsOnizuka is concerned about being accused of taking money from his high school's fund for the sophomore class to go to Forest Camp+-+6156736406601ocn053032756book20030.06Fujisawa, TohruGTOFictionGraphic novelsAfter being abandoned by the rest of Class Four, Miyabi continues the mission to oust Onizuka from the Holy Forest+-+K386736406601ocn052274218book20030.12Fujisawa, TohruGTOComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsFormer biker Eikichi Onizuka, now an embattled teacher at Holy Forest, is enjoying a period of unexpected calm when he discovers Miyabi has not given up her quest to have him ousted+-+0086736406602ocn060335825book20050.10Fujisawa, TohruGTO, great teacher OnizukaFictionGraphic novelsOnizuka is diagnosed with a brain aneurysm that could leave him in a coma if he experiences head trauma. In spite of that, he jumps into the middle of a fight to help Yoshikawa against Shibuya's gang. Will his bravado turn him into a vegetable?+-+2769780406591ocn054539015book20040.12Fujisawa, TohruGTOFictionGraphic novelsIn order to inflict revenge on Miyabi, Urumi sets up a secret webcam in Miyabi's house, broadcast for the entire world to see. When it becomes apparent that this little internet stunt may be Urumi's swan song, Onizuka tears all over town trying to save her before it's too late!+-+K696736406581ocn055206401book20040.10Fujisawa, TohruGTOComic books, strips, etcGraphic novelsIn a surprise visit, Onizuka shows Uchiyamada life is indeed wonderful. Meanwhile, Teshigawara rocks the schoolhouse when he hatches a deadly plot to kidnap Fuyutsuki. Can Onizuka get her back before Teshigawara lays a finger on her? Put away the homework and take notes--an explosive conclusion awaits readers in this action-packed volume of GTO!+-+3796736406192ocn179009342visu20070.22GTO. great teacher OnizukaDramaFilm adaptationsAnimated television programsFormer biker gang leader Onizuka switches paths to become a teacher, joining the faculty at a prestigious private school and taking on their most difficult students61ocn263962134visu20060.17GTO. great teacher OnizukaDramaAnimated television programsFormer biker gang leader Onizuka switches paths to become a teacher, joining the faculty at a prestigious private school and taking on their most difficult students+-+8849606846+-+8849606846Fri Mar 21 15:48:32 EDT 2014batch26661