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Fri Mar 21 17:10:37 2014 UTClccn-n20050649730.00Reactive Flow Control of Delta Wing Vortex (Postprint)0.750.76Techniques of variational analysis290956n 20050649736721977Qiji, Zhu.Zhu, JimZhu, Qi-jiZhu, Qiji.lccn-n85161437Borwein, Jonathan M.lccn-no2005046756SpringerLink (Online service)nc-springerlink service en ligneSpringerLink (Service en ligne)nc-canadian mathematical societyCanadian Mathematical Societynp-liu, yongLiu, Yonglccn-n2006037809Lawrence, Douglas, james hMyatt, James, mingMu, Minglccn-n85111902Ohio UniversityDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineeringnp-may, cameron aMay, Cameron A.Zhu, Qiji J.(Qiji Jim)Calculus of variationsFunctional analysisMathematical optimizationMathematicsControl theory1900199220052006596422515.64QA31558719ocn209830310file20050.76Borwein, Jonathan MTechniques of variational analysis"Variational arguments are classical techniques whose use can be traced back to the early development of the calculus of variations and further. Rooted in the physical principle of least action they have wide applications in diverse fields. This book provides a concise account of the essential tools of infinite-dimensional first-order variational analysis illustrated by applications in many areas of analysis, optimization and approximation, dynamical systems, mathematical economics and elsewhere. The book is aimed at both graduate students in the field of variational analysis and researchers who use variational techniques, or think they might like to. Large numbers of (guided) exercises are provided that either give useful generalizations of the main text or illustrate significant relationships with other results."--Résumé de l'éditeur+-+334797238571ocn612583956com20050.47Borwein, Jonathan MTechniques in variational analysis+-+334797238511ocn031090804book19920.47Zhu, Qiji JProblems with delayed and unbounded controls : a dissertation11ocn227928382file2006Reactive Flow Control of Delta Wing Vortex (Postprint)In this paper, the reactive flow control of delta wing leading edge vortices using along-core pulse width modulation (PWM) flow injection is presented. Leading edge vortices on the upper surface of a delta wing can augment lift. Manipulating breakdown points of leading edge vortices can effectively change the delta wing's lift and drag and generate attitude control torque. In this paper, a dynamic model of active flow control of vortex break down points is identified from wind tunnel data using a model scheduling method. Based on the identified model, a closed-loop active flow controller is developed. Simulation and real-time wind tunnel test show that the closed-loop controller can effectively manipulate the upper surface pressure of the delta wing, which indicates the closed-loop controller can effectively control vortex breakdown points+-+3347972385+-+3347972385Fri Mar 21 15:15:51 EDT 2014batch4587