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Fri Mar 21 17:13:31 2014 UTClccn-n20070171860.00Biographical sketch of Charles F. Brush, M.E., Ph. D., Cleveland, Ohio0.461.00Some diffraction phenomena; superposed fringes6839123Charles_F._Brushn 20070171867352284lccn-n90625148Brush Electric Companylccn-n85243619Eisenman, Harry electric light companyBrush Electric Light Companync-brush foundation cleveland ohioBrush Foundation (Cleveland, Ohio)nc-telegraph supply companyTelegraph Supply Companylccn-n79100951International Planned Parenthood Federationnp-owen, johnOwen, Johnlccn-n79076649United StatesPatent Officeviaf-36908516Mitchell, Charles Elliott1837-1911lccn-n85014163Planned Parenthood of Greater ClevelandBrush, Charles Francis1849-1929PatentsHistoryTrials, litigation, etcBrush, Charles Francis,Mexico--Guerrero (State)AntiquitiesUnited StatesGravitationOhio--ClevelandBrush Electric CompanyBrush arc-light systemInventorsElectric lighting, ArcElectric lamps, ArcPro-choice movementCharitiesElectric lightingInternational Planned Parenthood FederationPopulation researchElectric generatorsPatent infringementDiffractionTeenage pregnancyFertility, HumanElectric machineryBirth controlEdison, Thomas A.--(Thomas Alva),Electric apparatus and appliancesPatentsMaternal health servicesEugenicsSex instructionPlanned Parenthood of Greater ClevelandCharitable uses, trusts, and foundationsLincoln, Abraham,Diesel motorElectriciansMather, Samuel Livingston,Böttger, Wilhelm,TravelMining machineryGuye, Phillippe-Auguste,Electrical engineersStorage batteriesDana, James Dwight,Hiram House Social Settlement (Cleveland, Ohio)Aeronautical instrumentsEarhart, Amelia,Einstein, Albert,World's Columbian ExpositionMichelson, Albert A.--(Albert Abraham),Baker, Herbert Brereton,Electric industries1849192918791880188518911895189819061908190919131914192419251928192919301966196719691970198519921999463945KF228.B77845ocn835987446book19690.94Brush, Charles FrancisA contribution to the archeology of coastal Guerrero, Mexico22ocn049460080book19131.00Brush, Charles FrancisSome diffraction phenomena; superposed fringes11ocn083351585bookBrush, Charles FrancisA Kinetic theory of gravitation11ocn080417259book1879Telegraph Supply CompanyThe Brush Electric Light apparatus,11ocn049460223book19141.00Brush, Charles FrancisDiscussion of "A kinetic theory of gravitation."11ocn009796280book19280.10Brush, Charles FrancisDiscussion of the kinetic theory of gravitation :11ocn501945374book19241.00Brush, Charles FrancisSome new experiments in gravitation : fourth paper11ocn080797501book1880Telegraph Supply CompanyBrush Electric Light. : The machines and lamps furnishing the electric light at the grand depot of John Wanamaker, Philadelphia, are the invention of Charles F. Brush, M.E., of Cleveland, O., and are manufactured by the Telegraph Supply Co., of that city.11ocn040675301book1885Brush, Charles FrancisCharles F. Brush and the Brush Electric Company vs. John Owen, Philip Owen, and John T. Brush; brief for complainants. M.D. & L.L. Leggett, solicitors and counsel for comp's., H.A. Seymour, C.E. Mitchell [and] McDonald, Butler & Mason, of counselPatents11ocn009952090book18981.00Forbes, GeorgeLetterA.L.S. (1898 March 17, Cleveland) to Carhart concerning Carhart's article in The Electrical World11ocn081276768mixBrush, Charles FrancisFamily, personal, business, and scientific correspondence, diaries, laboratory notebooks, mss. of patent specifications, fiscal and other business records of the Brush Electric Company, newspaper clippings, and photos. Includes C. B. Sawyer's collection relating to Brush's work and life and assembled after his death. Correspondents include E. D. Campbell, W. S. Culver, Francis X. Dercum, H. C. Dickinson, R. D. Fay, Henry Ford, A. W. Goodspeed, C. A. Graselli, Sir Robert Hadfield, E. A. Harrington, C. S. Howe, E. P. Hyde, Zay Jeffries, W. W. Keen, J. W. Langley, T. C. Mendenhall, Dayton C. Miller, Robert A. Millikan, John Millis, Charles L. Norton, F. W. Rice, Elmer A. Sperry, Elihu Thomson, W. R. Warner, W. R. Whitney, and P. W. Wold11ocn065140015book18851.00Mitchell, Charles ElliottCharles F. Brush et al vs. John Owen et al. : Argument for complainantsTrials, litigation, etc11ocn501822622book19081.00Brush, Charles FrancisChanges in density of the ether and some optical effects of changes in ether density11ocn730528134mix1.00Brush, Charles FrancisThe Charles F. Brush, Sr., PapersHistoryThe papers of Charles F. Brush, Sr., prominent Cleveland, Ohio inventor, scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist most noted for his invention of the arc light system11ocn501947564book19251.00Brush, Charles FrancisSome new experiments in gravitation : fifth paper : change in weight of metals under strain11ocn030044810book1.00United StatesPatents granted to Charles F. Brush relating to electric machinery and apparatusPatentsBound collection of 41 patents with their accompanying specifications and drawings for improvements on electric lamps, motors, magnetic machines, and other electrical appliances and apparatus11ocn154324631mix1.00United StatesPatents granted to Charles F. Brush relating to electric machinery and apparatusPatentsBound collection of 41 patents with their accompanying specifications and drawings for improvements on electric lamps, motors, magnetic machines, and other electrical appliances and apparatus01ocn083317647art1914Brush, Charles FrancisDiscussion of "A kinetic theory of graviution." 4 illus. 1 pl32ocn029301450book19670.47Eisenman, Harry JCharles F. Brush: Pioneer innovator in electrical technologyHistoryBiography21ocn008937789book19300.10Charles Francis Brush21ocn040966070bookBiographical sketch of Charles F. Brush, M.E., Ph. D., Cleveland, Ohio11ocn008937812book19290.10Charles Francis Brush, Jr11ocn051634039art1999Brush, Charles Francis11ocn027025207book19920.10Toms, GeorgeCharles Francis BrushHistoryBiography11ocn049331449visuBrush, Charles FrancisCharles F. Brush photographsPhotographsConsists of individual and group portraits of Charles F. Brush, his friends and associates, and views of his inventions, including the arc lamp and wind powered dynamo. Also included is a view of an arc lamp on Cleveland, Ohio's Public Square, ca. 189611ocn039036294book1929Charles F. Brush, arc lamp inventor, dies11ocn023761678mixRose, William GansonPapersHistoryBiographyArchivesReviewsPictorial worksSourcesNewspaper clippings, promotional material, correspondence, biographical material, photographs, reports, and historical material pertaining to the history of Cleveland, Ohio and many of its prominent citizens, but also including material on national and international events and personages. Individuals, organizations and events that figure most prominently include: the American Press Humorists, Newton D. Baker, George Bellamy and Hiram House, Charles F. Brush, the Cleveland Sesquicentennial of 1946, the visit to Cleveland of Emile Coué, Thomas A. Edison, the Gordon Bennett International Balloon Race and Aerial Carnival of 1930, Abraham Lincoln, the Cleveland Public Auditorium, John D. Rockefeller, the Cleveland War Service Center, the Cleveland Grays, and the writings of Whiting Williams. Also included is a significant amount of biographical material on numerous women in Cleveland's history, material pertaining to sports, particularly baseball, and material relating to the theater in Cleveland, with newspaper reviews of performances11ocn154320336art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamBrush, Charles Francis11ocn043362598bookBrush Foundation (Cleveland, Ohio)Brush Foundation recordsConsists of board minutes, correspondence, financial statements and income tax returns, newspaper clippings, reprints and photocopied journal articles, and various publications. The bulk of the collection dates from after 196511ocn038975241art1966Eisenman, Harry JThe Brush double-arc lamp11ocn413827594book18951.00Webster, C. CStudy of a ten arc light Brush dynamo11ocn039866549visu0.10Edmondson, George Mountain[The Edmondson Collection] [prominent Clevelanders]BiographyPhotographsPortraitsIncludes formal portraits of wealthy Clevelanders and their families. Palatial homes are depicted as well, with such notable residences as the Van Sweringen estate11ocn071131048mix1.00Morley, Edward WilliamsEdward Williams Morley papersHistoryPersonal narrativesRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, certificates, and printed matter. Consists primarily of correspondence from family members, friends, and fellow scientists. Includes a group of personal letters from Myron A. Munson, Morley's college roommate and lifelong friend, some written while Munson was serving in the Union Army in 1864, and an extensive correspondence with a number of prominent European and American scientists. Subjects include Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, the atomic weight of hydrogen, automobiles, densities of oxygen and hydrogen and the ratio in which they combine to form water, the electric streetcar, the Michelson-Morley experiment, and the typewriter. Correspondents include Henry Edward Armstrong, Herbert Brereton Baker, R. Börnstein, Wilhelm Böttger, Charles Francis Brush, Frank Wigglesworth Clarke, Edward Salisbury Dana, James Dwight Dana, Harold Baily Dixon, Hugo Erdmann, Phillippe-Auguste Guye, Edward Hart, Walther Hempel, Francis Hobart Herrick, W.M. Hicks, Sir William Higgins, F.F. Jewett, Baron William Thomson Kelvin, S.P. Langley, Joseph Larmor, Thomas C. Mendenhall, Albert A. Michelson, Dayton Clarence Miller, Charles E. Munroe, William A. Noyes, Wilhelm Ostwald, Henry S. Pritchett, F.W. Putnam, William Ramsay, Baron John William Strutt Rayleigh, Ira Remsen, William A. Rogers, Frederick Soddy, and W.F.G. Swan11ocn746568513mixBrush Foundation (Cleveland, Ohio)Brush Foundation records, series IIConsists of brochures, budgets, business cards, correspondence, grant proposals, journal articles, manuals, newspaper articles, notes, pamphlets, reference guides, and speeches. This collection is of value to researchers studying philanthropy in the Cleveland, Ohio, area and nationally, specifically in the realm of family planning and birth control. It is a source of information on late twentieth century birth control issues, particularly relating to various organizations involved in researching and implementing methods of birth control and women's health issues. The Brush Foundation funded academic research, particularly the support of researchers at Case Western Reserve University and Johns Hopkins University where studies were done regarding the health of adolescents and birth control issues in Africa and Haiti. The foundation also supported organizations taking action to utilize those academic studies, such as the International Women's Health Coalition and Planned Parenthood. Funding from the Brush Foundation was focused on numerous areas of interest dealing with health and population, promoting AIDS research and awareness, seeking methods to prevent teen pregnancy, teaching others how best to control when and if they wish to produce children, and generally promoting healthy lifestyles for people by funding research on the effects of hunger, domestic abuse, rape, and hygiene through both community efforts and developing new technologies11ocn081956503visuElmer Sperry photograph collectionPhotographs AerialThe Elmer Sperry photographic collection comes from two different sources. There are images collected by historian, Thomas Hughes, for his biography of the inventor (these were later presented to Hagley) and photographs which were transferred from the Elmer Sperry papers in Hagley's Manuscripts and Archives department. The former includes original materials (an undated pamphlet from the Scientific Aeroplane Company) as well as copy work from other sources. There is one small sheet of original sketches by Sperry of design, mounting and control of a ship's gyrostabilizer. Unfortunately, almost all of this is marked with printer's cropping and has mechanical notes (from the printer) taped to it. Most of the images show Sperry's inventions; there is some ephemera, family photos, employees, and views of the Sperry Company's Brooklyn drafting rooms11ocn083708563visu1.00Brush, Charles Francis, 1849-1929 Electrician, InventorPortraits11ocn065140014book18911.00Mitchell, Charles ElliottThe Brush Electric Co. et al vs. the Accumulator Co. et al. : in equity, argument of C.E. Mitchell, esq., for complainants, on the motion for a temporary injunctionTrials, litigation, etcPatents11ocn870150088mixSchallenberg, Richard HThe R. H. Schallenberg Bottled Energy research filesThis is an extensive research collection covering all aspects of electrical engineering from the early 1800s to the end of World War II. It consists of photocopies of individual newspaper and journal articles as well as sections of published monographs. There is a small amount of original Schallenberg material in the form of comments on his readingsFri Mar 21 15:08:15 EDT 2014batch21534