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Thu Oct 16 17:58:56 2014 UTClccn-n20071830800.63Explorations in Daoism medicine and alchemy in literature /0.630.63Explorations in Daoism medicine and alchemy in literature /68391614n 2007183080lccn-n2007183078Moffett, John P. C.lccn-n50035255Ho, Peng Yoke1926-Sungwu, ChoCriticism, interpretation, etcAlchemy--Religious aspects--TaoismAlchemy in literatureTaoismAlchemyLiteratureManuscript datingTaoist literature, ChineseChina200720011540.112BL19232001ocn127264736file20070.63Ho, Peng YokeExplorations in Daoism medicine and alchemy in literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcThe Daoist canon is the definitive fifteenth century compilation of texts, however many of these texts are undated and anonymous. This book brings together an extraordinary compendium of data on alchemical knowledge in China, describing the methods use+-+3531148575324+-+3531148575324+-+3531148575324Thu Oct 16 15:16:23 EDT 2014batch1811