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Fri Mar 21 17:12:48 2014 UTClccn-n20080206570.08Your Executive Branch and you0.200.92Chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing46230568Diana_DeGetten 2008020657lccn-n86129168Paisner, Daniellccn-no99053161Committee for Citizen Awarenessnc-blue cross & blue shield of coloradoBlue Cross & Blue Shield of Coloradolccn-n79006865United StatesCongressnc-w n n doculinkW.N.N/Doculinknc-community college of denverCommunity College of Denverlccn-n79071234United StatesExecutive Office of the Presidentlccn-nr99014108City Club of Denverlccn-nr93005959Conyers, Jamesnp-markey, edward jMarkey, Edward J.DeGette, DianaFictionConference proceedingsJuvenile worksUnited StatesHuman reproduction--Political aspectsBirth control--Political aspectsStem cells--Research--Moral and ethical aspectsAbortion--Political aspectsEmbryonic stem cells--Research--Religious aspectsPolitical participationUnited States.--CongressUnited States.--Executive Office of the PresidentNational serviceExecutive powerExecutive departmentsEconomic assistance, DomesticVoting registersLegislative bodiesPolitical scienceGeorgiaLobbyingFederal governmentLegislationLegislatorsUnited States.--Congress.--HouseUnited States.--Congress.--SenateConstitution (United States)Cabinet officersCivicsPresidentsKucinich, Dennis J.,CitizenshipFarmersFrancePolitical science--Citizen participationHazardous substancesGas fields--Production methodsCity Club of DenverColorado--DenverClubsAdministrative agenciesRos-Lehtinen, IleanaLegislative powerMinnesota195719931996199820082009201144778616.027740973HQ766.5.U54352ocn214934784book20080.20DeGette, DianaSex, science, and stem cells : inside the right wing assault on reasonFrom the Publisher: Congresswoman Diana DeGette, a top congresswoman's stinging rebuke of those who politicize science and sex. "Over time, I realized that the politicization of science by the Republicans and the religious right was at its most insidious over any issue relating to human reproduction. This brought me to the inevitable conclusion that too many of our elected officials are simply incapable of thinking rationally about sex. I could think of no other explanation. The disconnect was so transparent that some of our older male politicians couldn't even talk about any aspect of human sexuality without biting their lips to avoid snickering like schoolboys."+-+368967440641ocn041481523visu19980.08Your Executive Branch and youFictionAn explanation of the Executive Branch: how it impacts an individual's life; how it is structured and related to other parts of the Federal governement, and how a typical citizen can access it, including the importance of voting41ocn041484560visu19930.08The U.S. Congress and youJuvenile worksFeaturing Colorado Representative Diana DeGette, this program explains how the U.S. Congress works and how citizens can take part in the political process11ocn870298292book20110.92United StatesChemicals used in hydraulic fracturingHydraulic fracturing (also known as "fracking" or "hydrofracking") has helped to expand natural gas production in the United States, unlocking large natural gas supplies in shale and other unconventional formations across the country. As a result of hydraulic fracturing and advances in horizontal drilling technology, natural gas production in 2010 reached the highest level in decades. According to new estimates by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States possesses natural gas resources sufficient to supply the United States for approximately 110 years. As the use of hydraulic fracturing has grown, so have concerns about its environmental and public health impacts. One concern is that hydraulic fracturing fluids used to fracture rock formations contain numerous chemicals that could harm human health and the environment, especially if they enter drinking water supplies. The opposition of many oil and gas companies to public disclosure of the chemicals they use has compounded this concern. Last Congress, the Committee on Energy and Commerce launched an investigation to examine the practice of hydraulic fracturing in the United States. As part of that inquiry, the Committee asked the 14 leading oil and gas service companies to disclose the types and volumes of the hydraulic fracturing products they used in their fluids between 2005 and 2009 and the chemical contents of those products. This report summarizes the information provided to the Committee11ocn070217142visu19960.10City Club of DenverMeeting Diana DeGette and Joe RogersConference proceedingsDiana DeGette and Joe Rogers speak on the "First Congressional District Candidate Debates" to the City Club of Denver on October 8th, 199611ocn070236869visu19980.10City Club of DenverMeeting Nancy McClanahan and Diana DeGetteConference proceedingsNancy McClanahan and Diana DeGette speak on "Congressional Candidates Speak Out" to the City Club of Denver on October 27th, 199811ocn276936145visu20080.47Sex, science, and stem cellsRepresentative Diane Degette talks about her book "Sex, Science, and Stem Cells." She argues in her book that the Bush administration has politicized science and sex and has placed ideology over potential scientific advancement. Representative Degette explores the restrictions on embryonic stem cell research and what she contends is the inability to have a public discussion on reproduction and sexuality. Following her remarks, she responds to questions from the audience+-+3689674406+-+3689674406Fri Mar 21 15:39:32 EDT 2014batch8914