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Fri Mar 21 17:14:42 2014 UTClccn-n500005530.06Harald the Ruthless : the saga of the last Viking Warrior /0.530.92The meaning of Snorri's categories89085541Snorri_Sturlusonn 5000055336267Snnorre Sturlason, 1179-1241Snorra 1178-1241Snorra Sturlusini 1178-1241Snorra Sturlusonar, ca1178-1241Snorra Sturlusyni 1178-1241SnorreSnorre 1178-1241Snorre 1179?-1241Snorre, ca 1179-1241Snorre Sturlas dēls, 1178-1241Snorre SturlasonSnorre Sturlasøn 1178-1241Snorre Sturlason, 1179?-1241Snorre Sturlason, ca1178-1241Snorre SturlassonSnorre Sturlassøn 1178-1241Snorre SturlesonSnorre Sturlesøn 1178-1241Snorre Sturleson, 1179?-1241Snorre Sturleson, ca 1179-1241Snorre Sturloson 1178-1241Snorre Sturluson.Snorre Sturluson 1178-1241SnorriSnorri 1179?-1241Snorri, ca1178-1241Snorri fils de Sturla 1178-1241Snorri Sturlason, 1179?-1241Snorri Sturlasson 1178-1241Snorri Sturleson 1178-1241Snorri Sturloson, 1179?-1241Snorri SturlusonSnorri Sturluson 1178-1241Snorri Sturluson, 1179?-1241Snorri Sturluson, ca 1179-1241Snorri Sturlusson, 1179?-1241SnorriusSnorrius 1179?-1241Snorro 1178-1241Snorro Sturlae 1178-1241Snorro Sturlae filio 1178-1241Snorro SturlaeusSnorro Sturlaeus 1178-1241Snorro Sturlaeus 1179?-1241Snorro SturlesonSnorro Sturlesøn 1178-1241Snorro Sturleson, 1179?-1241Snorro SturlonidesSnorro Sturlonides 1178-1241Snorro Sturlonides 1179?-1241Snorro Sturluson 1178-1241Snurri Sturla 1178-1241Sturla, Snorri 1178-1241Sturlaeus, SnorroSturlaeus, Snorro 1178-1241Sturlaeus Snorro 1179?-1241Sturlaeus Thordius 1178-1241Sturlason, SnorreSturlasøn, Snorre 1178-1241Sturlason, Snorre, ca1178-1241Sturlason, Snorri, 1179?-1241Sturlasson, SnorreSturlasson, Snorre 1178-1241Sturlasson Snorre 1179?-1241Sturlasson, Snorre, ca 1179-1241Sturlasson, Snorre, ca1178-1241Sturlasson, Snorri 1178-1241Sturlasson, Snorro 1178-1241Sturlasyni, Snorra 1178-1241Sturleson, Snoiro 1178-1241Sturleson, SnorreSturlesøn, Snorre 1178-1241Sturleson Snorre 1179?-1241Sturleson, Snorre, ca 1179-1241Sturleson, SnorriSturleson, Snorri 1178-1241Sturleson Snorri 1179?-1241Sturleson, Snorri, ca 1179-1241Sturlesøn, Snorro 1178-1241Sturlonides, Snorro 1178-1241Sturlosen, Snorri 1178-1241Sturlson, Snorro 1178-1241Sturluson, Snorre.Sturluson, Snorre 1178-1241Sturluson, Snorre, ca1178-1241Sturluson, Snorri.Sturluson, Snorri, 1178-1241Sturluson, Snorri, 1179?-1241Sturluson, Snorri, ca 1179-1241Sturluson, Snorri, ca1178-1241Sturluson, Snorro 1178-1241Sturlusson, SnorriSturlusyni, Snorra 1178-1241Снорри Стурлусон, 1178-1241Стурлусон, Снорри, 1178-1241スノッリ, ストゥルルソンlccn-n50046907Egill Skallagrímssonapproximately 910-approximately 990lccn-n88175851Laing, Samuel1780-1868trledtlccn-n81092298Hermann Pálsson1921-2002trlnp-young, jean isobelYoung, Jean Isobeltrllccn-n79021929Magnússon, Magnústrledtlccn-n92032656HaraldIII HarđráđiKing of Norway1015-1066lccn-n79060410Anderson, Rasmus Björn1846-1936trledtlccn-n79045295Hollander, Lee M.(Lee Milton)1880-1972auitrllccn-n50041426Brodeur, Arthur Gilchrist1888-trllccn-no2008166382Wanner, Kevin J.Snorri Sturluson1179?-1241HistoryRomancesJuvenile worksCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionConference proceedingsBiographySourcesScandinaviaIcelandNorwayScalds and scaldic poetrySnorri Sturluson,Mythology, NorseEgill Skallagrímsson,SagasLiterature and societyEdda Snorra SturlusonarHarald--III Harđráđi,--King of Norway,LiteratureIcelandic literatureMythology, Norse, in literatureMythologyInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Chaucer, Geoffrey,Old Norse literature--AppreciationEnglandArtIrelandMythology, Celtic, in literatureEnglish poetry--Celtic influencesIrish literature--AppreciationGiraldus,--Cambrensis,EddasNibelungenliedSiegfried (Legendary character)Kriemhild (Legendary character)Old Norse language--GrammarRomancesOld Norse literatureAmericaDiscovery and exploration, NorseTechniqueLanguage and languages--PhilosophyRhetoric, MedievalScandinavian literatureSturlunga sagaGylfaginningLearning and scholarshipEdda Snorra Sturlusonar.--PrologueCivilizationKings and rulersEgils saga (Snorri Sturluson)AuthorshipDenmarkTransmission of textsHeimskringla (Snorri Sturluson)Military leadership11781241159416331665167016971700171217461757177717781780178217831786178718011804180818091811181218131815181618171818181918201822182318261829183118321834183518361837183818391840184118421844184618481849185118521853185418561859186118621864186518661867186818691870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031905190619071910191119121913191419151916191719191920192119221923192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142143611382857839.6PT7313.E5ocn185883837ocn185244545ocn185244559ocn185304220ocn186147098ocn185244566ocn866375138ocn865986592ocn866067987ocn865986572ocn865836259ocn866770485ocn797878418ocn797894439ocn722510776ocn720077406ocn442102150ocn186759040162833ocn002823886book19300.56Snorri SturlusonEgil's sagaRomances+-+0678995965135738ocn000311169book19540.39Snorri SturlusonThe prose Edda of Snorri Sturluson; tales from Norse mythology+-+678765570511824ocn049294709file20100.25Snorri SturlusonHeimskringla, or, The chronicle of the kings of NorwayHistory+-+199171806632494339ocn013258114book19660.37Snorri SturlusonKing Harald's saga; Harald Hardradi of Norway. From Snorri Sturluson's HeimskringlaHistoryBiography+-+783699596572021ocn000638953book19640.39Snorri SturlusonHeimskringla; history of the kings of NorwayHistoryBiographySources+-+361582747532461118ocn000974934book19160.63Snorri SturlusonThe Prose Edda+-+614586400544924ocn001275646book19060.63Snorri SturlusonThe Heimskringla, a history of the Norse kingsHistory36924ocn001052996book19310.50Snorri SturlusonHeimskringla; or, The lives of the Norse kingsHistoryA history of the Norwegian kings+-+011817139536231ocn000322572book18890.63Snorri SturlusonHeimskringla : sagas of the Norse kingsHistory32313ocn001456460book19300.63Snorri SturlusonHeimskringla : the Norse king sagasHistory+-+297382899631214ocn000607985book19050.66Snorri SturlusonHeimskringla: the Olaf sagasHistory2935ocn059352542book20050.33Snorri SturlusonThe prose Edda : Norse mythology"The Prose Edda is the most renowned of all works of Scandinavian literature and our most extensive source for Norse mythology. Written in Iceland a century after the close of the Viking Age, it tells ancient stories of the Norse creation epic and recounts the battles that follow as gods, giants, dwarves and elves struggle for survival. It also preserves the oral memory of heroes, warrior kings and queens. In clear prose interspersed with powerful verse, the Edda provides unparalleled insight into the gods' tragic realization that the future holds one final cataclysmic battle, Ragnarok, when the world will be destroyed. These tales from the pagan era have proved to be among the most influential of all myths and legends, inspiring modern works as diverse as Wagner's Ring Cycle and Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings." "This new translation by Jesse Byock captures the strength and subtlety of the original, while his introduction sets the tales fully in the context of Norse mythology. This edition also includes detailed notes and appendices."--BOOK JACKET+-+000299596529016ocn018402186book19610.56Snorri SturlusonHeimskringlaHistory2542ocn033132578book19950.06Hopkins, AndreaHarald the Ruthless : the saga of the last Viking WarriorJuvenile worksFictionRetells the saga, as written by Snorri Sturluson of Iceland, of the bloody conquests of a ruthless Norwegian leader whose death was brought about by King Harold of England24021ocn003600882book18880.81Snorri SturlusonEgils saga Skallagrímssonar : nebst den grösseren Gedichten EgilsRomances21431ocn017401297book19750.50Snorri SturlusonEddaCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+816123519519218ocn003115275book19250.84Snorri SturlusonDie jüngere Edda mit dem sogenannten Ersten grammatischen TraktatCriticism, interpretation, etc1707ocn003109980book19110.76Snorri SturlusonDie geschichte vom skalden Egil15746ocn001996426book18930.79Snorri SturlusonHeimskringla : Nóregs konunga sọgurHistory15311ocn023355905book19910.88Snorri SturlusonEdda+-+86967085453247173ocn635459219com20080.50Wanner, Kevin JSnorri Sturluson and the Edda the conversion of cultural capital in medieval ScandinaviaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcWhy would Snorri Sturluson, dedicate so much time and effort to producing the "Edda", a text that is widely recognized as the most significant medieval source for pre-Christian Norse myth and poetics? This book offers an account of the interests that motivated the production of this text+-+56534575354762ocn003844245book19780.59Ciklamini, MarleneSnorri SturlusonCriticism, interpretation, etc3295ocn755698694book20120.27Brown, Nancy MarieSong of the Vikings : Snorri and the making of the Norse mythsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"Much like Greek and Roman mythology, Norse myths are read, reread, and treasured. Famous storytellers such as JRR Tolkien and Neil Gaiman have drawn their inspiration from the long-haired, mead-drinking, marauding and pillaging Vikings. The author who gave us Nordic mythology is a twelfth-century Icelandic chieftain by the name of Snorri Sturluson. Like Homer, Snorri was a bard, writing down and embellishing the folklore and pagan legends of medieval Scandinavia. While his stories make great reading for children, the amazing world of medieval Scandinavia has been omitted from narrative history. In Song of the Vikings, award-winning author Nancy Marie Brown brings to life the intrigue and power struggles at the court of medieval Reykjav'k that Snorri inhabited. Drawing on new and original research, her deep knowledge of Icelandic history, and first-hand reading of the original medieval sources, Brown produces a richly textured narrative of a world that continues to fascinate."--2164ocn000616232book0.73Morris, WilliamThe Saga libraryHistoryVol. 1. The story of Howard the Halt. The story of the Banded men. The story of Hen Thorir -- vol. 2. The story of the Ere-Dwellers (Eyrbyggja saga) with the story of the Heath-slayings (Heiðar víga saga) as appendix -- vol. 3-4. The stories of the kings of Norway called "The Round World" (Heimskringla) by Snorri Sturlusson. Vol. 4 contains a long preface, the life of Snorri Sturlusson, and indices of persons, places, and subjects1953ocn055657225book20040.84McTurk, RoryChaucer and the Norse and Celtic worlds"Through an examination of Old Norse and Celtic parallels to certain works of Chaucer, McTurk here identifies hitherto unrecognized sources for these works in early Irish tradition. He revives the idea that Chaucer visited Ireland between 1361 and 1366, placing new emphasis on the date of the enactment of the Statute of Kilkenny." "Examining Chaucer's House of Fame, McTurk uncovers parallels involving eagles, perilous entrances, and scatological jokes about poetry in the Topographia Hibernie by Gerald of Wales, Snorri Sturluson's Edda, and the Old Irish sagas Fled Bricrend and Togail Bruidne Da Derga. He compares The Canterbury Tales, with its use of the motif of a journey as a framework for a tale-collection, with both Snorri's Edda and the Middle Irish saga Acallam na Senorach. McTurk presents a compelling argument that these works represent Irish traditions which influenced Chaucer's writing."+-+66485190251622ocn031818426book19940.88Cixous, HélèneL'histoire, qu'on ne connaîtra jamaisDrama1453ocn039757928book19980.81Fix, HansSnorri Sturluson : Beiträge zu Werk und RezeptionCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings1311ocn005056239book19520.92Brodeur, Arthur GilchristThe meaning of Snorri's categoriesCriticism, interpretation, etc951ocn016532905book19870.88Clunies Ross, MargaretSkáldskaparmál : Snorri Sturluson's ars poetica and medieval theories of language892ocn020118875book19880.92See, Klaus vonMythos und Theologie im skandinavischen HochmittelalterCriticism, interpretation, etc646ocn003837574book19220.88Paasche, FredrikSnorre Sturlason og Sturlungerne632ocn028617146book19930.86Snorri Sturluson : Kolloquium anlässlich der 750. Wiederkehr seines TodestagesCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings582ocn002723791book19640.86Holtsmark, AnneStudier i Snorres mytologi562ocn033431540book19940.47Beck, HeinrichSnorri Sturlusons Sicht der paganen Vorzeit (Gylfaginning)Criticism, interpretation, etc562ocn842337261book20130.90Nahl, Jan Alexander vanSnorri Sturlusons Mythologie und die mittelalterliche TheologieCriticism, interpretation, etcThe study of North Germanic mythology has been greatly influenced by the writings of the Icelandic scholar and politician Snorri Sturluson (1178/9-1241). Yet the past 200 years has seen much disagreement among Sturluson scholars. In this book, Jan Alexander van Nahl provides a constructive new way to think about the debates. He casts a critical eye on medieval interpretations and uses a lexematic analysis in examining the versions of Snorri's work passed down through history462ocn024545392book19910.90Strerath-Bolz, UlrikeKontinuität statt Konfrontation : der prolog der Snorra Edda und die europäische Gelehrsamkeit des Mittelalters412ocn016270056book19620.88Hallberg, PeterSnorri Sturluson och Egils saga Skallagrímssonar : ett försök till språklig författarbestämningCriticism, interpretation, etcSummary in English392ocn030078755book19920.86SnorrastefnaSnorrastefna, 25.-27. júlí 1990HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings341ocn237146885book20070.66Simek, RudolfDie EddaCriticism, interpretation, etc321ocn212739166book20070.86Jørgensen, Jon GunnarThe lost vellum KringlaManuscripts+-+3615827475324+-+3615827475324Fri Mar 21 15:13:08 EDT 2014batch69762