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Thu Oct 16 17:49:30 2014 UTClccn-n500076910.01Johnny Appleseed /0.281.00First editions of modern authors : including notable collections of Aldous Huxley and Stephen Vincent Benét, with a footnote by William Rose Benét100260717Stephen_Vincent_Benétn 5000769143230Banayh, Stīvin Vinsint 1898-1943Bené, Stifen VinsentBenė, Stifen Vinsent 1898-1943Bene, Stiven Vinsent 1898-1943Benet, Stepan Vinsent 1898-1943Benet, StephenBenét, Stephen V. 1898-1943Benet, Stephen VincentBenét, Stephen Vinzent 1898-1943Binayh, Stīvin Vinsint 1898-1943Steven Vincent BenetБене, Стивен Винсент 1898-1943ベネーlccn-n79045540Brown, John1800-1859lccn-n80034929Webster, Daniel1782-1852lccn-n87865452Benét, Rosemary1900-1962lbtlccn-n79059020Child, Charles1902-illlccn-n80046721Du Bois, W. E. B.(William Edward Burghardt)1868-1963lccn-n50039680Brown, Sterling Allen1901-1989lccn-n81082936Reed, John1887-1920lccn-n50041532Marquis, Don1878-1937lccn-n82222045Barnard, Marylccn-n50034082Burnshaw, Stanley1906-2005Benét, Stephen Vincent1898-1943PoetryHistoryFictionDramaJuvenile worksFilm adaptationsCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceMusical settingsBiographyUnited StatesBenét, Stephen Vincent,American Civil War (1861-1865)Brown, John,American poetryWebster, Daniel,PoetryCollection ProseWest Virginia--Harpers FerryJohn Brown's Raid (Harpers Ferry, West Virginia : 1859)BrothersBridesFrontier and pioneer lifeBenét, William Rose,Authors, AmericanManners and customsYouthMan-woman relationshipsMasters, Edgar Lee,Jeffers, Robinson,Teasdale, Sara,Sandburg, Carl,Pound, Ezra,Moore, Marianne,Warren, Robert Penn,Stevens, Wallace,Crane, Hart,Ransom, John Crowe,Moody, William Vaughn,Rukeyser, Muriel,Williams, William Carlos,Cummings, E. 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S.--(Thomas Stearns),Frost, Robert,Miller, Joaquin,DevilChildren's poetry, AmericanApple growersAppleseed, Johnny,New EnglandFarmers189819431899191019141915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411942194319441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014520458111931811.5PS3503.E5325ocn053120479ocn045809586ocn276369802ocn030572153ocn821057604ocn156744227ocn856581120ocn000615970ocn029071627ocn001979433ocn022368538ocn000765107ocn035669894ocn003883409ocn043132361ocn080015199ocn023973086ocn005749283ocn458414041ocn064040216ocn064041340ocn064041345ocn064048785ocn064049374ocn064040748ocn064041386ocn064040926ocn064040737ocn064040914ocn007781088ocn009987909ocn054251013ocn775813388ocn775813395ocn775813391ocn064040765ocn064041588ocn799532916ocn762817455ocn420458418ocn401752596ocn676545493ocn797367409ocn805049201ocn691567921ocn691663164ocn799714426ocn185713927ocn185713933ocn185713914ocn725017188ocn762817455ocn766961341ocn694025450ocn767326624ocn878639140ocn458841587ocn453062895ocn453368707ocn064041387ocn064040533ocn064040540ocn064041220ocn064041413ocn027659038ocn018153993ocn843725182ocn458414037ocn845536063ocn518369774ocn637047435ocn637032378ocn220161283ocn026038659ocn503018323ocn767276090ocn0640494187613166ocn000976318book19270.26Benét, Stephen VincentJohn Brown's bodyHistoryJuvenile worksArtPoetryIllustrationsDramaFilm adaptationsMotion picture plays"A long narrative poem of great energy and sweep, which swings into view the whole course of the Civil War, throwing into relief against the war torn background individual figures of both North and South, soldiers and civilians." Book rev. digest+-+K172304745309939ocn000292239book19420.26Benét, Stephen VincentSelected works of Stephen Vincent BenétHistoryPoetrySelected works of Stephen Vincent Benét in two volumes. Volume one is poetry and volume two is prose254255ocn002966279book19360.20Benét, Stephen VincentThe devil and Daniel WebsterJuvenile worksFictionDramaHaving promised his soul to the Devil in exchange for good fortune, Jabez Stone asks the talented lawyer Daniel Webster to get him out of the bargain+-+5858577735243831ocn000280021book19350.26Benét, Stephen VincentWestern starHistoryPoetryThis poems deals with America, and was left uncompleted at the time of the poet's death23871ocn042290811book20000.07Stewart, RandallAmerican poetry : the twentieth centuryContains over 1500 poems by more than 200 well-known American poets, including Langston Hughes, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Robert Frost, and Wallace Stevens+-+2326658336228121ocn000223927book19330.07Benét, RosemaryA book of AmericansHistoryJuvenile worksPoetryFifty-six poems sketch the lives of famous men and women from Christopher Columbus to Woodrow Wilson+-+4247550535153925ocn044955565file19180.28Benét, Stephen VincentYoung adventure a book of poemsPoetry+-+8181842696147248ocn001155401book19440.30Benét, Stephen VincentAmericaHistory95520ocn000802246book19460.35Benét, Stephen VincentThe last circle : stories and poemsFiction89221ocn000366599book19340.47Benét, Stephen VincentJames Shore's daughterFiction8422ocn043317513book20010.01Benét, RosemaryJohnny AppleseedJuvenile worksPoetryA poem describing Johnny Appleseed's appearance and actions+-+702473431579413ocn002105333book19380.37Nathan, RobertThe Barly fields : a collection of five novelsFiction68016ocn000400571book19370.35Benét, Stephen VincentTwenty-five short stories by Stephen Vincent BenétContains all of the stories published in the author's Thirteen o'clock and Tales before midnight, published separately in 1939 and 1937, respectively64711ocn053120479visu19900.21Dieterle, WilliamThe Devil and Daniel WebsterFictionDramaFilm adaptationsHaving promised his soul to the Devil in exchange for good fortune, Jabez Stone asks the talented lawyer Daniel Webster to get him out of the bargain59114ocn000510897book19360.39Benét, Stephen VincentBurning city, new poems55811ocn001887434book19320.37Benét, Stephen VincentThirteen o'clock : stories of several worldsFiction5534ocn000802249book19450.47Benét, Stephen VincentWe stand united, and other radio scriptsFor contents, see Author Catalog5148ocn000996617book19310.50Benét, Stephen VincentBallads and poems, 1915-19304727ocn000678562book19640.50Benét, Stephen VincentStephen Vincent Benét on writing; a great writer's letters of advice to a young beginner4707ocn000615970score19390.56Moore, DouglasThe devil and Daniel Webster : folk opera in one actDrama20138ocn000279577book19620.26Stroud, Parry EdmundStephen Vincent BenétCriticism, interpretation, etcCritical appraisal of the writer's important works, including representative poems and short stories and most of his work in other genres17485ocn044543606visu20000.19De Paul, GeneSeven brides for seven brothersHistoryDramaFilm and video adaptationsMusical filmsWestern filmsFilm adaptationsHoward Keel and Jane Powell are rapturous newlyweds who tame his six rowdy bachelor brothers in the wild Oregon backwoods in this Best Score Academy Award-winning song-and-dance-filled comedy. Contains many extra features13605ocn000279580book19580.35Fenton, Charles AStephen Vincent Benét; the life and times of an American man of letters, 1898-1943Biography9851ocn000968375book19460.37Gregory, HoraceA history of American poetry, 1900-1940Criticism, interpretation, etc7443ocn000280071book19600.53Benét, Stephen VincentSelected lettersRecords and correspondence2831ocn001975103book19760.06Benét, LauraWhen William Rose, Stephen Vincent, and I were youngJuvenile worksBiographyAn author reminisces about her childhood and that of her two famous brothers16411ocn002847336book19430.82Benét, William RoseStephen Vincent Benét: My brother SteveBiographyBibliography1274ocn697808312book20110.90Hively, Evelyn HelmickDarling Ro and the Benét womenBiographyRecords and correspondenceThis is the first book-length study of a gifted American writer and her life during the 1920s. The Benet name immediately evokes Stephen Vincent and his older brother William Rose, Pulitzer Prizewinning poets and novelists during the first half of the twentieth century. Less well remembered are the remarkable women related to the Benet brothers, including Rosemary Carr, Stephen's wife; Laura, his sister; Elinor Wylie, William's second wife; and Kathleen Norris, the popular novelist who raised the children of her brother-in-law William. Darling Ro and the Benet Women presents a revealing glimpse of social and literary life in New York and Paris during the 1920s. Using a recently released collection of letters from the Benet Collection at Yale University, author Evelyn Helmick Hively extracts captivating anecdotes and impressions about a talented group of writers and impressive feminist figures. Written by Rosemary Carr Benet to her mother, Dr. Rachel Hickey Carr (one of Chicago's first women physicians), the compilation of letters and short dispatches from Paris provides the focus of the book. A gifted poet and journalist, Rosemary Carr was a prolific writer of articles for the New York Herald-Tribune, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue; of stories and poems for The New Yorker and other magazines; and hundreds of letters. She belonged to a remarkably skillful, social, and artistic group of men and women who bonded early in life, and her letters paint fascinating portraits of their lives, careers, and relationships. Darling Ro and the Benet Women offers an insiders perspective of a well-known cosmopolitan American family. - Publisher1082ocn000351123score19530.70Dello Joio, NormanSong of affirmation; a symphonic cantata for chorus of mixed voices, narrator, soprano solo, and full orchestraMusical settings951ocn015388297score19740.92Moore, DouglasThe ballad of William Sycamore : for bass voice, flute, trombone, and pianoMusical settings811ocn003622633book19380.70Benét, Stephen VincentJohnny Pye & the Fool-killerJuvenile worksFictionSigned by both author and artist and ... limited to 750 numbered copies of which 700 copies are for sale. This is copy number Editorial copy632ocn001207682score19550.90Stevens, HalseyThe ballad of William Sycamore; for 4-part mixed chorus and orchestraMusical settings401ocn004173687score19300.86Thompson, RandallRosemary : four choruses for three- and four-part unaccompanied women's voicesMusical settings391ocn001199617score19430.82Cowell, HenryAmerican muse : three two-part songs for women's voices : "American muse," "Swift runner, " "Immensity of wheel"Musical settings132ocn061915911book20050.47Poetry Criticism: Excerpts from Criticism for the Works of the Most Significant and Widely Studied Poets of World LiteratureCriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyAnnotation+-+5341312325111ocn042507907visu19920.19Just for youFictionDramaFilm adaptationsWidower Jordan Blake (Bing Crosby) has had lots of success as a Broadway producer, but not much success as a dad. So he takes his teenage offspring (Bob Arthur, Natalie Wood) vacationing in the mountains before they're not kids anymore. But Jordan's son may be grown up already: he's fallen for his father's girlfriend, a musical-comedy star (Jane Wyman)+-+527176742532482ocn016391266book19461.00House of books, LtdFirst editions of modern authors : including notable collections of Aldous Huxley and Stephen Vincent Benét, with a footnote by William Rose BenétBibliography82ocn004761301score19380.84Moore, DouglasAdam was my grandfatherMusical settingsMusic71ocn028244792score19580.96Thompson, RandallRosemary : four choruses for women's voices, three- and four-part, unaccompaniedMusical settings63ocn021456092book19520.96Lewis, Mary DearingStephen Vincent Benét his major work, his preparation for it, and a bibliography of his writingsCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliography+-+2326658336+-+2326658336Thu Oct 16 16:05:08 EDT 2014batch52609