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Thu Feb 12 22:08:37 2015 UTClccn-n500104220.07Sukarno /0.590.98Tahun "vivere pericoloso"30329774Sukarnon 50010422459321392557445142Abdur Rahim Soekarno 1901-1970Abdur Rahim Sukarno 1901-1970Achmed Soekarno 1901-1970Achmed Sukarno 1901-1970Bima.Bima 1901-1970BK 1901-1970Boeng Karno.Boeng Karno 1901-1970Bung Karno.Bung Karno 1901-1970Karno 1901-1970 BoengKarno 1901-1970 BungKarno, Boeng, 1901-1970Karno, Bung, 1901-1970Soecarno.Soekarno 1901-1970Soekarno 1901-1970 IrSoekarno, Abdur Rahim.Soekarno, Abdur Rahim 1901-1970Soekarno, Achmed.Soekarno, Achmed 1901-1970Soekarno, Ahmad 1901-1970Soekarno, Ahmed.Soekarno, Ir., 1901-1970Soekarno, Koesno 1901-1970Su-chia-no.Su-chia-no 1901-1970Sukarno.Sukarno 1901-1970Sukarno 1901-1970 Pres. IndonesiaSukarno, Achmed.Sukarno, Achmed 1901-1970Sukarno, Ahmad 1901-1970Sukarno, Ahmed 1901-1970Sukarno, Akmed 1901-1970Sukarno, Kusno Sosro.Sukarno, Kusno Sosro 1901-1970Sukarno, Pres. Indonesia, 1901-1970Sūkārnū 1901-1970Сукарно, 1901-1970lccn-n80115535Partai Komunis Indonesialccn-n98048914Hunter, Helen-Louise1934-autlccn-n79125188Adams, Cindy Hellerautlccn-no99030689Dake, A. C. A.(Antonie C. A.)autlccn-n50037967Legge, J. D.(John David)1921-autlccn-n50036492Dahm, Bernhardautlccn-n78006891Penders, C. L. M.(Christian Lambert Maria)1928-autlccn-n82017794Hering, B. B.autlccn-n87824470Mortimer, Rex1926-1979autlccn-n80067008IndonesiaDepartemen PeneranganedtSoekarno1901-1970HistoryBiographyRecords and correspondenceCatalogsQuotationsIndonesiaPolitical scienceCoup d'état (Indonesia : 1965)PresidentsNationalismCommunismImperialismIslamRevolution (Indonesia : 1945-1949)DiplomatsSoutheast AsiaSoekarno,Painting--Private collectionsArt--Private collectionsWomenStatesmenPancasilaEconomic historyEconomic policyPacific AreaVietnamTravelEconomic developmentEast AsiaAsiaStatuesPorcelainArt, IndonesianPainting, IndonesianPaintingWomen in developmentWomen's rightsCommunism and IslamCivics, IndonesianAuthors, IndonesianPolitical partiesSpeeches, addresses, etc., IndonesianPolitical and social viewsSocial historyCivilizationSocialism and IslamHistoryNationalism and socialismWorld politics190119701926193019311932193319451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142319021594083BDS644.1.S8ocn001461501ocn000067764ocn001128287ocn010276174ocn002801213ocn003328869ocn013118311ocn000082476ocn023179095ocn000473659ocn255348255ocn248365839ocn753989006ocn861654592ocn865489399ocn803727651ocn703318833ocn866361795ocn879589812Presidents2446ocn001461501book19610.77SoekarnoToward freedom and the dignity of man : a collection of five speeches23216ocn000067764book19700.82SoekarnoNationalism, Islam, and Marxism1136ocn001128287book19600.94SoekarnoMarhaen and proletarian; speech before the Indonesian Nationalist Party at the party's thirtieth anniversary at Bandung, July 3rd 195710723ocn010276174book19630.94SoekarnoUnder the banner of revolutionHistoryRecords and correspondence5816ocn000288801book19470.93SoekarnoSarinah : kwadjiban wanita dalam perdjoangan Republik IndonesiaHistory5416ocn015565173book19300.96SoekarnoIndonesia menggugat : pidato pembelaan Bung Karno dimuka hakim kolonial5215ocn009075070book19330.93SoekarnoMencapai Indonesia merdekaHistory527ocn006329137book19780.82SoekarnoSoekarno's Mentjapai Indonesia MerdekaHistoryBiography5118ocn000808734book19640.98SoekarnoTahun "vivere pericoloso"496ocn002801213book19590.89SoekarnoPolitical manifesto, Republic of Indonesia of 17th August 19594920ocn032578511book19470.97SoekarnoLahirnja Pantjasila = The birth of Pantjasila : an outline of the five principles of the Indonesian state4710ocn003328869book19650.96SoekarnoBung Karno, penjambung lidah rakjat IndonesiaBiography468ocn048222727book19840.93SoekarnoSarinah : kewajiban wanita dalam perjuangan Republik Indonesia385ocn008953696book19810.8580 tahun Bung KarnoHistoryBiography377ocn047143118book19510.94SoekarnoIndonesia menggugat : pidato pembelaan Bung Karno di muka hakim kolonial3712ocn014145199book19540.94SoekarnoIndonesia in briefHistory356ocn011997780book19600.96Soekarno"Like an angel that strikes from the skies" : the march of our revolution346ocn000473659book19620.95SoekarnoA year of triumph3310ocn009537084book19630.97SoekarnoDeklarasi ekonomi329ocn012039421book19600.97SoekarnoLaksana malaekat jang menjerbu dari langit djalannja revolusi kita = The march of our revolution : pidato pada hari Ulang - Tahun Republik Indonesia jang ke-xv, 17 Agustus 196012254ocn191749986file20070.47Hunter, Helen-LouiseSukarno and the Indonesian coup the untold storyHistoryThis book is a detailed account of the planning for the coup over a period of several weeks before the actual coup on 30 September 1965 and the role President Sukarno played in the affair. It establishes the central role of the PKI in the planning beyond any doubt and the utter lack of warning of the army of the forthcoming raids on the homes of Indonesia's top eight generals that left seven of them dead within a matter of hours+-+838924027510515ocn290584620file20060.47Dake, A. C. AThe Sukarno file, 1965-1967 chronology of a defeatHistoryThe book gives a detailed and final account of what happened on 1 October 1965 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Six anti-communist Army generals were kidnapped and then murdered. Mid-level officers were involved, as well as the leadership of the Indonesian Communist Party, PKI. Apparent aim was to move the country to the left. The plot failed due to swift action of major-general Suharto, the later President, until then completely unknown even to the CIA. The coup turned out to be a blunder of major proportions resulting in the annihilation of the PKI as organization. When the military found out that Sukarno himself had been behind the conspiracy, he was shunted aside without bringing him to court. Instead of left, the country turned right+-+4738069554100918ocn000410481book19720.54Legge, J. DSukarno; a political biographyHistoryBiographySukarno was one of the great charismatic leaders of the post-war world. To some he was the architect of his nation, to others a flamboyant and extravagant dictator+-+59131596348158ocn000256887book19650.35SoekarnoSukarno : an autobiographyBiography7542ocn000046423book19690.56Dahm, BernhardSukarno and the struggle for Indonesian independence5895ocn001135693book19740.56Penders, C. L. MThe life and times of SukarnoHistoryBiography5843ocn000969459book19740.63Mortimer, RexIndonesian communism under Sukarno; ideology and politics, 1959-1965History+-+54753284243652ocn051245342book20020.63Hering, B. BSoekarno : founding father of Indonesia, 1901-1945Biography"Soekarno was born a hundred years ago, on 6 June 1901. More than anyone else, he came to embody the Indonesian struggle for independence. He proclaimed Indonesian independence on 17 August 1945 and led his country as its first president until after a coup that misfired in 1965, when he was gradually stripped of his power by his successor, the army general Soeharto. Soekarno aroused intense emotions and provoked strong controversy all through his life, but indisputably put an indelible stamp on political developments in the great island nation from the late nineteen-twenties till the seventies. This biography describes his life from his formative years, crowned with a degree in architecture, through the ups and downs of his political career, to his cooperation with the Japanese conqueror of Indonesia. His opposition to Dutch colonial rule earned him the support of the urban masses, but also reprisal from the Dutch, who sent him to jail and into exile for more than ten years. The Japanese occupation in 1942 gave him opportunities to further his cause - eventually resulting in the Proclamation of Independence."--Jacket+-+46463621542893ocn001015988book19660.80Weatherbee, Donald EIdeology in Indonesia: Sukarno's Indonesian revolution2263ocn001971609book19750.80SoekarnoIndonesia accuses! : Soekarno's defence oration in the political trial of 1930Quotations1682ocn003411733book19770.80Harsono, GanisRecollections of an Indonesian diplomat in the Sukarno eraBiography1602ocn001129848book19670.35Adams, Cindy HellerMy friend the dictator1582ocn000678104book19720.67Hanifah, AbuTales of a revolutionHistory1582ocn020391617book19900.07Beilenson, JohnSukarnoJuvenile worksBiographyA biography of Indonesia's president from 1945 to 1967+-+380319000632414610ocn026782450visu19920.56From the barrel of a gunHistoryDescribes the revolution begun by Asia's political leaders following WW II. Shows how the Pacific war, the cultural revolution in China and the Vietnam War stem from the roots of nationalism. The end of colonial dominance and the subsequent rise of nationalism and communism are told through the lives of Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese revolutionary, and Sukarno, the founding father of Indonesia1311ocn005526830book19660.89Dahm, BernhardSukarnos Kampf um indonesiens Unabhängigkeit; Werdegang und Ideen eines asiatischen NationalistenHistory944ocn004096048book19670.39Vittachi, Varindra TarzieThe fall of SukarnoHistory821ocn002482042book19640.74Lee, Man-FongLukisan² dan patung² kolleksi Presiden Sukarno dari Republik Indonesia = Paintings and statues from the collection of President Sukarno of the Republic of IndonesiaCatalogs8110ocn006602647book19790.94Yayasan IdayuBung Karno : sebuah bibliografiBibliography703ocn047826815book20010.77Hering, B. BSoekarno : architect van een natie = architect of a nation, 1901-1970BiographyPictorial worksBiografie van de eerste president van het onafhankelijke Indonesië (1901-1970) in honderd foto's met begeleidende tekst+-+3560783154+-+4646362154Fri Feb 13 10:35:57 EST 2015batch75948