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Fri Mar 21 17:09:13 2014 UTClccn-n500158870.07How to be yourself in a world that's different an Asperger's syndrome study guide for adolescents /0.420.86Physiological measures, sedative drugs, and morbid anxiety, by M. H. Lader and Lorna Wing268898335Lorna_Wingno 99002734489739251350Wing, L.ウィング, ローナウイング, ローナlccn-n82071501Rapin, Isabellelccn-n96803250Autism and Language Disorders Nosology Projectlccn-n80009875Wing, J. 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KEarly childhood autism : clinical, educational, and social aspects6412ocn047246167book20010.18Wing, LornaThe autistic spectrum : a parents' guide to understanding and helping your childParents of autistic children are offered practical advice from a leading medical authority on autism--also the parent of an autistic child--who explains proper diagnostic techniques and ways to teach basic skills, improve communication, expand social interaction skills, and more+-+020702410644811ocn011621303book19800.35Wing, LornaAutistic children : a guide for parents and professionalsOrna Wing discusses the stresses on the autistic child's family, services that are available and the outlook for the future. This revised updated edition explains how an autistic child views his world and how to cope with the difficult behaviour and emotional problems that are expected from him+-+26485812353243342ocn034731706book19960.76Preschool children with inadequate communication : developmental language disorder, autism, low IQ+-+525831343632433210ocn034675418book19960.24Wing, LornaThe autistic spectrum : a guide for parents and professionalsPopular works+-+15160294553242312ocn007924279book19820.84Psychoses of uncertain aetiology+-+93893767051963ocn122936254file20070.07Yoshida, YukoHow to be yourself in a world that's different an Asperger's syndrome study guide for adolescentsJuvenile worksA guide for teens on coping with Asperger's syndrome provides information on research, describes how the condition manifests, and suggests strategies for how to deal with specific problems+-+295056893619511ocn014474270book19080.86Lader, Malcolm HaroldPhysiological measures, sedative drugs, and morbid anxiety, by M. H. Lader and Lorna Wing1413ocn040528682book19980.17Wing, LornaParty! food+-+85954042061289ocn019561451book19880.63Wing, LornaAspects of autism : biological researchConference proceedings9111ocn000873965book19690.59Wing, LornaChildren apart: autistic children and their families784ocn020417050book19890.79Wing, LornaHospital closure and the resettlement of residents : the case of Darenth Park Mental Handicap HospitalHistoryCase studies685ocn000153908book19690.59Elgar, SybilTeaching autistic children634ocn040249185book19980.21Wing, LornaEl autismo en niños y adultos : una guía para la familia+-+8620584993585ocn074139473book19730.39Wing, LornaDas autistische Kind : wie Erziehungsschwierigkeiten u. Verhaltensstörungen überwunden werden können583ocn068257615book20060.76Dhossche, Dirk MCatatonia in autism spectrum disordersThe study of catatonia in Autism Spectrum Disorders is a novel and controversial topic. Catatonia is a motor disorder characterized by stereotypy, rigidity, mutism, and posturing. These motor signs are also characteristic of autism. The interest in the relation between autism and catatonia stems from clinical observations that autistic and catatonic symptoms overlap, that some people with autism develop full-blown catatonia, and that anti-catatonic treatments bring relief in some of those patients. This book explores the question of if the two syndromes have a common pathophysiology. It also examines whether the successful treatment of catatonia be applied to patients with both autism and catatonia. The book concludes with blueprints for the assessment, treatment, and future study of catatonia in Autism Spectrum Disorders. These blueprints aim to increase early recognition and treatment of catatonia in patients with autism, show the urgency of controlled treatment trials and increased collaborative and interdisciplinary research into the co-occurrence of these two enigmatic disorders. * Provides a historical perspective of the concepts of catatonia and autism, as described by old European masters like Bleuler and Kalhbaum * Presents clinical-epidemiological studies that apply systematic criteria of catatonia in populations with Autism Spectrum Disorders * Includes a review of the importance of psychomotor function for normal and abnormal development+-+0823118765531ocn067723000book20000.21Wing, LornaLeven met uw autistische kind : een gids voor ouders en begeleiders466ocn006525809book19640.47Wing, LornaAutistic children3312ocn022572976book19740.32Wing, LornaLa educación del niño autista : guía para los pardres y maestros+-+0207024106+-+0207024106Fri Mar 21 15:22:03 EDT 2014batch16610