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Fri Mar 21 17:06:07 2014 UTClccn-n500164730.00Rowland Evans Jr. and Robert D. Novak papers,0.241.00My word is my bond : on Safire's ethics of political language /17273671William_Safiren 5001647351929Safire, WilliamSafire, William L.Safire, William L., 1929-Safire, William L. 1929-2009Safire, William L. (William Lewis), 1929-2009Safire, William Lewis 1929-2009Sefairs, Viljams, 1929-サファイア, ウィリアムlccn-n82078311Safir, Leonardlccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n79018757Nixon, Richard M.(Richard Milhous)1913-1994lccn-n91101437Alfred Whital Stern Collection of Lincolniana (Library of Congress)lccn-n79021633Hamilton, Alexander1757-1804lccn-n50032185Callender, James Thomson1758-1803lccn-n81086521Galassi, Peteredtlccn-n79021281Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)lccn-n81067681Kismaric, Susanedtnp-hecht, paulHecht, PaulnrtSafire, William1929-2009FictionDictionariesHistoryPolitical fictionQuotationsCriticism, interpretation, etcHumorPersonal narrativesUnited StatesPolitical scienceEnglish language--UsageSpeeches, addresses, etcAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Lincoln, Abraham,PresidentsJournalistsHamilton, Alexander,ScandalsCallender, James Thomson,English language--StyleSoviet UnionIntelligence serviceEnglish language--IdiomsPolitical participationDissentersBible.--JobPresidents--HealthEnglish language--Errors of usageEnglish language--EtymologyLeadershipConduct of lifeQuotations, EnglishEnglish language--GrammarEnglish languageNixon, Richard M.--(Richard Milhous),BlindSafire, William,Harmon, William,Warrilow, JosephKissinger, Henry,Shultz, George Pratt,International relationsChinaEisenhower, Dwight D.--(Dwight David),SlangEnglish language--SlangMiddle EastBuchanan, Patrick J.--(Patrick Joseph),Rockefeller, David,Buckley, William F.,--Jr.,Bush, George,EuropeEnglishRomney, George W.,Trilateral CommissionLibyaBerger, Samuel RSoviet Occupation of Afghanistan (1979-1989)19292009196019631964196719681972197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092011201338677125421428.00973PS3569.A283ocn313972843ocn845119788456417ocn025282698book19920.23Safire, WilliamLend me your ears : great speeches in history"No one faced with the need to go before an audience of any size to argue, persuade, uplift, introduce, memorialize, or amuse should be without Lend Me Your Ears. It serves equally as a work of permanent reference use and as a treasure-house for the browser in search of inspiration, instruction, and entertainment. In this anthology, editor and subject matter have met to result in a book that draws from the ages - and that will last for decades as the definitive word on human eloquence."--BOOK JACKET+-+131885848525599ocn014932797book19870.21Safire, WilliamFreedomHistoryFictionOn cover: A novel of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. A historical novel exploring the first two years of the Civil War240325ocn003933612book19720.27Safire, WilliamSafire's political dictionaryDictionariesThis entertaining and informative dictionary lists words and phrases peculiar to government officials and politicians, analyzing their meanings and tracing their origins+-+9988980465197918ocn001191758book19750.27Safire, WilliamBefore the fall : an inside view of the pre-Watergate White HousePersonal narrativesThe former Nixon speechwriter provides anecdotal accounts of the people, policies, events, and atmosphere in the Nixon White House before the Watergate evacuation+-+8119537696179718ocn003017585book19770.22Safire, WilliamFull disclosure : a novelFictionIn the mid-1980's, the forty-first President of the United States is blinded in an assassination attempt and must cope with an international crisis and with domestic pressure demanding his resignation179014ocn006486596book19800.27Safire, WilliamOn languageWritten by a New York Times columnist renowned for his crotchety wit, this tome enlightens readers concerning proper usage, correct pronunciation, the roots of daily discourse, and the vacuous lingo in which "subsume" is co-opting "co-opt", word-burning stoves become "energy systems", and stores that sell eyeglasses squint out at the public as "vision centers". The author is aided in his campaign for precision and clarity in language by a legion of word buffs, language lovers, and learned eccentrics170110ocn042923594book20000.20Safire, WilliamScandalmongerHistoryFictionPolitical fictionThis volume unveils the story behind the nation's first great political scandals. James Thomson Callender, the "scandalmonger" of the title, is an ambitious gossip-peddling editor secretly hired by Thomas Jefferson as a political weapon. After carefully damaging Alexander Hamilton's reputation, thereby paving the way for Jefferson's success, Callender is shunned by the very politicians on whose behalf he was jailed for sedition. Broke and betrayed, Callender seeks revenge by exposing an illicit affair between Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemmings, an accusation that ultimately cost Callender his career and would not be authenticated for two centuries. By using actual letters, records, and notes to re-create dialog and events, this work embodies historical fiction at its best, politics at its most intriguing, and our Founding Fathers at their most notorious. For those who think that Washington sex scandals and lurid journalism are recent developments, this novel will be a revelation, for it shows how media intrusiveness into private lives-and politicians' cool manipulation of the press-are practices as old as the Constitution+-+746213931513338ocn032276350book19950.17Safire, WilliamSleeper spyFictionA hunt by CIA and Russian agents for the old KGB's financial assets in the U.S., in possession of a spy whose name is unknown even to the Russians because files were destroyed. Leading the U.S. effort to lure the man into the open is an American journalist+-+K29989421512498ocn025706489book19920.27Safire, WilliamThe first dissident : the book of Job in today's politicsCriticism, interpretation, etcWilliam Safire, one of America's most influential political columnists, applies the Book of Job to the politics of today. In The First Dissident he shows how modern heroes have reshaped authority and history - and how individual citizens can, too - by following the courageous example of Job. The Bible's Book of Job is the story of a good man who dares to challenge God's judgment. Job's search for the answer to apparent injustice in God's design has stirred religious controversy and inspired readers for 2,500 years. Tennyson called the Book of Job "the greatest poem of ancient and modern times." D.H. Lawrence described it as "the story of your own soul." Safire's provocative exploration interprets Job - the innocent, angry sufferer - as the original dissenter. He shows how the biblical story can serve as inspiration and instruction manual for modern leaders and citizens, a primer on effective protest - when to dissent, how to force authority to listen, what kinds of persuasion work, why it is important for leaders to avoid isolation. He illuminates the timeless role of dissent in shaping power and influencing even the highest authority. And he draws modern-day parallels in the struggles of such human rights leaders as Mustapha Barzani, Martin Luther King, Jr., Natan Sharansky, Vaclav Havel, and others. The First Dissident is written in William Safire's insightful style of informal scholarship and is studded with anecdotes and examples drawn from Safire's wide-ranging political experience in the White House as speechwriter and in covering global politics for The New York Times. The First Dissident reaches across the millennia to show how any person, armed with a sense of righteousness, can engage with higher authority to protest unfair treatment - and thereby change the world11706ocn008033964book19820.25Safire, WilliamWhat's the good word?114231ocn000500661book19680.32Safire, WilliamThe new language of politics : an anecdotal dictionary of catchwords, slogans, and political usageDictionaries11399ocn028293725book19930.27Safire, WilliamSafire's new political dictionary : the definitive guide to the new language of politicsDictionaries10606ocn013095430book19860.24Safire, WilliamTake my word for it : more On languageIncludes material on slang, jargon, neologisms, and readers' letters9766ocn017301113book19880.23Safire, WilliamYou could look it up : more On language from William SafireA collection of 150 short essays from the author's weekly syndicated column, "On Language."9257ocn010374721book19840.25Safire, WilliamI stand corrected : more On language8457ocn020671805book19900.22LeadershipQuotations+-+39561132068397ocn054691636book20040.20Safire, WilliamThe right word in the right place at the right time : wit and wisdom from the popular "On language" column in The New York times magazinePresents selections from William Safire's "On Language" column which appears in "The New York Times Magazine," in which he discusses issues of vocabulary, speech, language, usage, and writing, and includes letters from readers+-+59979789258228ocn022734276book19910.24Safire, WilliamComing to termsSelections from the author's column, "On language," including letters to the author, which originally appeared in the New York times, 1986-19887705ocn008589842book19820.21Good adviceQuotations"More than 2,000 apt quotations to help you live your life," arranged alphabetically by subject+-+78293526057576ocn020723586book19900.19Safire, WilliamFumblerules : a lighthearted guide to grammar and good usageHumorA humorous guide to good grammar and style21ocn033397460book19951.00Brown, WinsomeMy word is my bond : on Safire's ethics of political languageCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn070925269mix1.00Farago, LadislasLadislas Farago collectionRecords and correspondenceManuscripts, reviews, newspaper clippings, correspondence (1943-1980), and financial documents11ocn145776616fileEvans, RowlandRowland Evans Jr. and Robert D. Novak papersInterviewsPapers, 1948-2008, of Rowland Evans Jr. (1921-2001) and Robert D. Novak (1931-2009), one of the nation's longest journalistic partnerships. Evans and Novak were best known for their newspaper column "Inside Report" and the "Evans & Novak" cable television program. Novak alone was known for work on the "Crossfire" and "Capital Gang" television programs. Documentation of their joint and individual writing and reporting includes a complete run of "Inside Report" with an index; transcripts, video, and audio documentation of "Evans & Novak;" articles, newsletters, drafts, and research material for freelance writings and books such as "The Agony of the GOP," "Lyndon B. Johnson: the Exercise of Power," "Nixon in the White House," and Novak's lengthy autobiography, "The Prince of Darkness." Supplementing the writings and reporting are extensive subject files containing additional interviews and primary and secondary research material on many topics. Research on the presidencies of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and William Clinton is particularly strong. Also included are reader and viewer mail, general correspondence, political polls, scheduling files, and some separate files of Rowland Evans11ocn849527620mix1.00Harris, MargueriteMarguerite Harris PapersArchivesOther correspondents include Conrad Aiken, Daisy Aldan, Margaret Atwood, Robert Bly, Louise Bogan, William Bronk, Andrei Codrescu, Robert Creeley, Diane di Prima, John Duffy, Theodore Enslin, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Barbara Guest, Langston Hughes, David Ignatow, Colette Inez, Jackson Mac Low, William Meredith, Marianne Moore, Walter Quirt, Margaret Randall, William Safire, Stevie Smith, William Stafford, Gerd Stern, May Swenson, Eve Triem, Diane Wakoski, Jonathan Williams, Celeste Turner Wright, and Jean Wrolson11ocn024397752book19901.00DuBose, Thomas CeebA canonical approach to usage metacriticism : identifying standards of propriety in language criticism12ocn702157859mix1.00Reid, Ogden ROgden Rogers Reid papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, student papers, writings, speeches, subject files, congressional papers, clippings, photographs and miscellanea documenting the personal life and professional career of Ogden Rogers Reid. Among the subjects documented in the papers are Reid's student years at Yale University, his central role with the New York Herald Tribune, and his activities as ambassador to Israel and as a United States congressman. Files relating to his newspaper career include correspondence, writings, and speeches pertaining to many national and international individuals, topics, and events of interest11ocn795278923file0.47Tom McCall ForumTom McCall Forum CollectionThe Tom McCall Forum was an annual political debate series that Pacific University hosted from 1982-2007. The collection includes video recordings, promotional material and photographs documenting the debates11ocn849568589mix1.00Safire, WilliamWilliam Safire PapersHumorDictionariesSpanning 1949 to 2009, the William Safire Papers comprises research files, notes, incoming correspondence and book manuscripts of the American author and journalist (1929-2009). Reflecting his interest in both politics and lexicography, the collection documents Safire's dual career as political and language columnist for the New York Times and chairman of the Dana Foundation11ocn849591068mix1.00Ivey, JimJames Ivey CollectionCaricatures and cartoonsOriginal editorial cartoons by Jim Ivey, a collection of cartoons by other cartoonists and two catalogs11ocn615352397mix1.00Brzezinski, ZbigniewZbigniew Brzezinski papers : Part IIHistoryRecords and correspondencePart II subjects include U.S. relations with Azerbaijan, Chechni︠a︡, China, Europe, Iran, Kosovo, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, Soviet Union, and Ukraine; and Brzezinski's support for the enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Topics include the Iranian hostage crisis; normalization of relations with China; Middle East peace negotiations; the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; Strategic Arms Limitation Talks II; the Iraq War; the War on Terrorism; the National Security Council; and Billy Carter's relationship with the Libyan government11ocn032246307mix1.00Harmon, WilliamWilliam Harmon papersCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents represented in the collection arranged alphabetically by last name11ocn703670516book1.00Klein, Herbert GHerbert G. Klein papersArchivesRecords and correspondenceThe Herbert G. Klein papers contain detailed records of the day to day activities of Herbert G. Klein, University of Southern California alumnus and trustee, journalist, editor and first White House Director of Communications. Included are records from all phases of Klein's long career: his early career as a journalist with Copley Newspapers in Alhambra and San Diego; his work with Richard Nixon, beginning with the Vice Presidential campaign of 1956; and his subsequent career as a media professional and author11ocn070984736mix1.00Brzezinski, ZbigniewZbigniew Brzezinski papers (primary record)HistoryRecords and correspondencePart I relates to Brzezinski's service as foreign policy advisor to Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign, assistant to the president for national security affairs, and official with the National Security Council. Documents his career at Columbia University, Harvard University, Trilateral Commission, and U.S. Department of State; work with the American-Ukrainian Advisory Committee; service as a foreign policy advisor to presidential candidates including Hubert H. Humphrey in 1968, several Democratic candidates in 1972, and George Bush in 1988; and his travels to China and former Soviet states as unofficial envoy of the Bill Clinton administration. Subjects include U.S.-Soviet relations; Sino-Soviet relations; East European communist states; Cold War and post-Cold War era; trilateral relationship between Japan, North America, and Western Europe; and role of the U.S. in world affairs. Drafts of Brzezinski's writings include his book, The Soviet Bloc: Unity and Conflict (1960). Correspondents include George Bush, Bill Clinton, Jerzy Giedroyc, William E. Griffith, Hubert H. Humphrey, Pope John Paul II, Henry Kissinger, Richard M. Nixon, Jan Nowak, and Henry Owen01ocn122588210mixHarris, MargueriteArchivesCorrespondence (1955-1977); writings, including manuscript and published poems, speeches; and memorabilia, including photographs and clippingsabout both Harris and the poetry readings she organized for Dr. Generosity's Poetry Pub and the Woodstock Poetry Festival01ocn122390264mixBurkat, LeonardThe Leonard Burkat papersRecords and correspondenceThe Leonard Burkat Papers consist primarily of correspondence written to Burkat by composers, conductors, musical performers, and writers. The Papers also contain manuscript corrections from Lukas Foss regarding his Oboe concerto and from William Walton regarding his Cello concerto. Photographs are also included in the Papers+-+1318858485+-+1318858485Fri Mar 21 15:17:55 EDT 2014batch32582