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Thu Oct 16 17:54:23 2014 UTClccn-n500245070.23E. Vuillard /0.480.93K.X. Roussel, Edouard Vuillard : vingt-cinq tableaux importants, 20 mars-26 avril 1974, [Galerie] Durand Ruel ... Paris17397031Édouard_Vuillardn 5002450759913Edouard VuillardJean Edouard VuillardVuillard 1868-1940Vuillard, E. 1868-1940Vuillard, ÉdouardVuillard Édouard Jean 1868-1940Vuillard, Eduard 1868-1940Vuillard, Jean Edouard.Vuillard, Jean Édouard 1868-1940ヴュイヤールlccn-n86041575Cogeval, Guyauiedtlccn-n50022414Russell, John1919-2008comlccn-n79040127Bonnard, Pierre1867-1947illhnrartlccn-nr88006450Preston, Stuartlccn-n79054426National Gallery of Art (U.S.)pbllccn-n50049094Roger-Marx, Claude1888-1977edtlccn-n50049976Roussel, Ker-Xavier1867-1944illhnrartcrelccn-n83236040Thomson, Belindanc-cleveland museum of artCleveland Museum of Artlccn-n79139640Ritchie, Andrew CarnduffVuillard, Edouard1868-1940Exhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsBiographyRecords and correspondenceHistoryVuillard, Edouard,Bonnard, Pierre,FrancePainting, FrenchNabis (Group of artists)Artists and patronsInterior architectureThemes, motivesPersonal space in artFriendshipRoussel, Ker-Xavier,PaintersAyrton, AlfredInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Painting, ModernDecoration and ornamentDenis, Maurice,Interior architecture in artArtPhotography, ArtisticHahnloser-Bühler, Arthur,Interior decoration in artHahnloser-Bühler, Hedy,Vallotton, Félix,Symbolism in artArt, FrenchBonnard, Pierre1868194018901891189218931894189518961897189919001903190919111912191319141917191819191923192419251927192919301932193419351936193719381939194119431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719591960196119631964196519661967196819691970197119721974197519761977197819791980198119831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920112012149609001373759.4ND553.V9ocn316208591ocn297560001ocn075746508ocn075279606ocn313401137ocn313857536ocn180542438ocn074628709ocn174909657ocn310899231ocn693198775ocn693198732ocn693198834ocn693198830ocn693198694ocn693198815ocn693198813ocn693198762ocn693198811ocn693198757ocn186673902ocn441801027ocn441328400ocn690825087ocn765623434ocn690825080ocn690825093ocn690825089ocn765623373ocn765623396ocn463104023ocn762698171ocn463115317ocn470207512ocn462647373ocn470205664ocn886633729ocn258105933ocn693198657ocn693247281ocn798349102ocn691891594ocn693198860ocn443055593ocn444694637ocn690757306ocn765036085ocn765036129ocn073760901ocn072283046ocn073708197ocn762731173ocn762731164ocn691933866ocn691933874ocn691707480ocn864389060111621ocn050745163book20030.28Cogeval, GuyEdouard VuillardCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsExhibition catalogs"The long and illustrious career of Edouard Vuillard spans the fin-de-siecle and the first four decades of the twentieth century, during which time the French painter, printmaker, and photographer created an extraordinary body of work. This is the first volume to explore Vuillard's rich and varied career in its totality, presenting nearly 350 works that demonstrate the full range of his subject matter and reveal both the public and private sides of this quintessentially Parisian artist." "In a series of illustrated essays and catalogue entries, the authors explore Vuillard's complex and diverse artistic development, beginning with his academic training in Paris in the late 1880s and the innovative Nabi paintings of the 1890s for which he is best known, including his provocative, disquieting middle-class interiors and his work associated with the avant-garde theatre. The authors also examine Vuillard's splendid but lesser known large-scale decorations, his luminous landscapes, and the elegant portraits from the last decades of his career. In addition to paintings, the volume includes a substantial selection of drawings and graphics, together with a large group of striking photographs by the artist, many of which are published here for the first time." "This illustrated catalogue accompanies the most comprehensive exhibition ever devoted to the work of Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940). The exhibition opens at the National Gallery of Art in Washington and travels to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Galeries nationales du Grand Palais in Paris, and the Royal Academy of Arts, London."--Jacket+-+42824555853023ocn795324212file20050.47Kostenevich, A. GBonnard and the NabisCriticism, interpretation, etcPierre Bonnard was the leader of a group of post-impressionist painters who called themselves the Nabis, from the Hebrew word meaning 'prophet'. Bonnard, Vuillard, Roussel and Denis, the most distinguished of the Nabis, revolutionized the spirit of decorative techniques during one of the richest periods in the history of French painting. Influenced by Odilon Redon and Puvis de Chavanne, by popular imagery and Japanese etchings, this post-impressionist group was above all a close circle of friends who shared the same cultural background and interests. An increasing individualism in their art of+-+40650440362296ocn017261708book19880.35Thomson, BelindaVuillardCriticism, interpretation, etc"Vuillard's portraits ... as well as his commissioned murals and decorative screens, and his book and magazine illustrations ... [as well as] Vuillard's work as a set designer and ... as a landscape painter and interior decorator ... With 141 illustrations, including 76 in full color"--Cover19610ocn012767590book19850.26Vuillard, EdouardEdouard VuillardCriticism, interpretation, etcReproductions and text present critical commentary on the artist and his work+-+38753555053241304ocn005067670book19780.74Vuillard, EdouardE Vuillard : drawings, 1885-1930Exhibition catalogs1022ocn000530471book19610.66Salomon, JacquesVuillard881ocn795156602book20120.74Bocquillon, MarinaBonnard among friends : Matisse, Monet, Vuillard ...Exhibition catalogs"Offers a journey through fifty or so key works lent by prestigious collections and institutions in France and abroad ... the aim of this exhibition ... is to restore the dialogue with a certain number of artists, including Matisse, Monet, Vuillard, Rippl-Rónai, Camoin and Manguin, that inspires Bonnard"--Back cover872ocn001491917book19460.82Chastel, André... Vuillard, 1868-1940743ocn001274165book19740.93Galerie Durand-RuelK.X. Roussel, Edouard Vuillard : vingt-cinq tableaux importants, 20 mars-26 avril 1974, [Galerie] Durand Ruel ... ParisExhibition catalogs719ocn059150470book19890.39Easton, Elizabeth WynneThe intimate interiors of Edouard VuillardExhibition catalogs631ocn288915924visu20030.63Après l'impressionnisme Vuillard, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec1er film: "Les 'Jardins publics', sont une série de neuf panneaux peints en 1874. Cinq panneaux sont au Musée d'Orsay, trois sont dans d'autres musées, le neuvième a disparu. Sous l'apparente simplicité des thèmes se cache une multitude d'énigmes historiques et techniques. Les outils vidéo permettent d'en élucider quelques-unes et même de recomposer le panneau disparu. Le déchiffrage d'une toile de Vuillard plonge le spectateur dans une curieuse aventure pleine de rebondissements."--Verso du conteneur632ocn011664769book19810.56Oakley, LucyEdouard Vuillard561ocn050664398book20010.47Groom, Gloria LynnBeyond the easel : decorative painting by Bonnard, Vuillard, Denis, and Roussel, 1890-1930HistoryExhibition catalogsDe fire kunstnere var toneangivende i den franske kunstnersammenslutning Les Nobis (profeterne). Derudover udførte de mange vægmalerier, dekorationsfyldninger m.m. hos private kunstelskere+-+7074355585543ocn046927131book20010.92Bonnard, PierreBonnard, Vuillard : correspondanceRecords and correspondence478ocn316208591book20080.79Vuillard, EdouardÉdouard VuillardExhibition catalogs351ocn000903140book19720.92Lefevre GalleryVuillard et son KodakExhibition catalogs341ocn044609007book19990.70Perucchi-Petri, UrsulaIntime Welten : das Interieur bei den Nabis : Bonnard, Vuillard, Vallotton : aus der Sammlung Arthur und Hedy Hahnloser-BühlerExhibition catalogs297ocn310661307book19680.47Vuillard, EdouardEdouard Vuillard, Xavier RousselExhibition catalogs281ocn052324648book20030.63Salomon, AntoineVuillard : critical catalogue of paintings and pastelsCatalogs+-+7466649333275ocn797292189book19660.70Vuillard, EdouardEdouard Vuillard8483ocn000204827book19710.47Russell, JohnVuillard8065ocn028632475book19930.35Groom, Gloria LynnEdouard Vuillard : painter-decorator : patrons and projects, 1892-1912Edouard Vuillard, one of the great post-impressionists, is especially loved for his small easel paintings that capture the charm and mystery of everyday life. Yet at the same time that he was making his name as an "intimist" artist, he was also creating a number of large-scale canvases, panels, and screens commissioned to decorate the homes of his patrons and friends. Infrequently exhibited, these works were separated from their original settings during Vuillard's lifetime, and they have remained a relatively unknown aspect of his oeuvre. In this lavishly illustrated study of Vuillard as decorator, Gloria Groom examines the two earliest decades of his career, a period when he produced fifty daring and important large-scale paintings as decoration. Groom discusses these early works and recreates and re-evaluates their original context, providing valuable new information about Vuillard's career, a fresh perspective on his thinking about art, and an entertaining social history of fin-de-siecle Paris. She describes not only Vuillard's large decorative projects but also the industrialists, bankers, doctors, financiers, journalists, playwrights, and foreign aristocrats who commissioned them, wealthy individuals who came from a social and economic milieu decidedly different from Vuillard's own. Drawing on his patrons' archives and memoirs, and on interviews with their surviving family members, as well as on Vuillard's own private journals, Groom evokes the circumstances and setting of each of these ambitious projects. She situates Vuillard's decorative works within the evolution of his other easel paintings, discusses the notion of "decoration" as a new painting style as well as a complement to the aesthetics of the art nouveau movement, and compares Vuillard's works as a painter-decorator to similar projects undertaken by his contemporaries+-+70000555855814ocn019553430book19890.39Easton, Elizabeth WynneThe intimate interiors of Edouard VuillardExhibition catalogs5766ocn000506699book19710.39Vuillard, EdouardEdouard Vuillard5443ocn017619631book19880.35Thomson, BelindaVuillardCriticism, interpretation, etc"Vuillard's portraits ... as well as his commissioned murals and decorative screens, and his book and magazine illustrations ... [as well as] Vuillard's work as a set designer and ... as a landscape painter and interior decorator ... With 141 illustrations, including 76 in full color"--Cover+-+70047396254754ocn028808320book19540.59Ritchie, Andrew CarnduffÉdouard VuillardExhibition catalogs4534ocn012599807book19850.26Vuillard, EdouardEdouard VuillardCriticism, interpretation, etcReproductions and text present critical commentary on the artist and his work+-+31526456354145ocn000553915book19710.56Russell, JohnEdouard Vuillard, 1868-1940Exhibition catalogs3986ocn001237747book19460.66Roger-Marx, ClaudeVuillard, his life and workBiography3882ocn759174387book20120.53Brown, StephenEdouard Vuillard : a painter and his muses, 1890-1940Exhibition catalogs"In many of Edouard Vuillard's (1868-1940) most famous paintings, figures are nestled in intimate settings among bold patterns and colors. As the viewer's eye adjusts to the complexity of the scene, the artist's world opens up. At a young age, Vuillard was one of a group of avant-garde painters in Paris who favored rich palettes and dreamlike imagery. He was equally a member of the literary and theatrical circles that included writers like Marcel Proust and Ste;phane Mallarme;. As his career progressed into the new century, he entered the rarefied society of upper-class French families--many of them Jewish--who collected the new art, published the new poetry, and wrote the new criticism. This beautifully illustrated book examines the master artist's work in the context of a unique circle of friends and patrons between the turn of the 20th century and World War II. Essays by leading scholars explore the artist's relationship with key members of this glamorous social circle, as well as the connections between Vuillard and Proust, two of the world's great observers of a world now lost. A fascinating exploration of artistic culture in Paris before the war, Edouard Vuillard establishes the artist as one of the masters of the modern portrait"--3864ocn000087377book19540.53Musée d'art moderne (New York, N.Y.)Edouard Vuillard3203ocn001744409book19680.63Vuillard, EdouardVuillard2314ocn000680912book19480.70Vuillard, EdouardL'œuvre gravé de Vuillard2161ocn003090587book19640.66Vuillard, EdouardVuillard : loan exhibition, October 16th to November 21st, 1964Exhibition catalogs1672ocn050039518book20020.53Cogeval, GuyVuillard : post-impressionist masterCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+22937456351593ocn019126088book19890.23Warnod, JeanineE. VuillardCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography1542ocn020467318book19890.39Vuillard, EdouardThe intimate eye of Edouard Vuillard : the Katonah Gallery, May 14-August 6, 1989Exhibition catalogs1464ocn024847827book19910.90Vuillard, EdouardVuillard : a national touring exhibition from the South Bank CentreExhibition catalogs1424ocn001228036book19680.84Musée de l'Orangerie (PARIS)Édouard Vuillard, K.-X. Roussel. Haus der Kunst, Munich, 16 mars-12 mai 1968. Orangerie des Tuileries, 28 mai-16 septembre 19681403ocn053117023book20030.84Vuillard, EdouardVuillard, the inexhaustible glance : critical catalogue of paintings and pastelsCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogscatalogue raisonné+-+7466649333+-+4282455585+-+4282455585Thu Oct 16 16:01:57 EDT 2014batch45412