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Thu Oct 16 18:03:33 2014 UTClccn-n500294260.00Monica Hughes a Canadian author /0.071.00Ecological and moral concerns in Monica Hughes's science fiction the journeys of maturity /87473180Monica_Hughesn 50029426778709664798Hughes, MonicaHughes, Monica 1925-Hughes, Monica Ince 1925-2003Hughes, Monica Maryヒューズ, モニカlccn-n94066831Garay, Luisilllccn-n88629676Root, Bettylccn-n90643507Freire, Carlos1943-illnp-smith, lisaSmith, Lisailllccn-n2011004005Graves, Suelccn-n88253598Ganeri, Anita1961-lccn-n96026637Williamson, Gwyneth1965-illlccn-n81047306Dixon, Dougalnp-salgado, adrienneSalgado, Adrienneilllccn-n84017889Lamont, PriscillaillHughes, MonicaFictionJuvenile worksYoung adult worksFantasy fictionScience fictionChildren's storiesFantasyScience fiction, CanadianLeukemiaSelf-relianceHunting storiesLife on other planetsGrandmothersSeedsCanadaCity and town lifeGardeningDroughtsComputersSocial structureSlaveryFathers and daughtersChildren's stories, CanadianFantasy fiction, CanadianSocial predictionHuntingSpace coloniesHalloweenBrothers and sistersUnemploymentRemembrance SundaySea storiesVoyages, ImaginaryCanadian fictionKidnappingTechnology--Social aspectsExtreme environmentsSurvivalHughes, MonicaRobotsSelf-acceptanceEnvironmental protectionDepressionsBledsoe, Lucy JaneConford, EllenHawkins, ColinHawkins, JacquiNöstlinger, ChristineMcKissack, Pat,Lobel, AnitaIllustratorsBase, GraemeRockwell, Anne FRobinson, Sharon,1925200319681974197519771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014192585241241[FIC]PZ7.H87364ocn800509817ocn800509851ocn800511867172626ocn022860538book19900.07Hughes, MonicaInvitation to the gameJuvenile worksFictionUnemployed after high school in the highly robotic society of 2154, Lisse and seven friends resign themselves to a boring existence in their "Designated Area" until the government invites them to play The Game+-+8741136215105933ocn007283818book19800.07Hughes, MonicaThe keeper of the Isis lightJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionYoung adult worksSixteen-year-old Olwen, who lives alone on the planet Isis with her faithful robot, falls tragically in love with an arrival from earth who is unaware that her natural form has been hidden in a humanlike space suit+-+8548834315100423ocn008667818book19820.06Hughes, MonicaHunter in the darkJuvenile worksFictionA teenage boy goes on a secret hunting trip alone in an effort to come to terms with his leukemia and to test his strength and resourcefulness in battling the elements and stalking the white-tailed deer that is his quarry+-+005921822568523ocn007574080book19800.07Hughes, MonicaThe guardian of IsisJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksIn 2136 A.D. the settlers on the planet Isis, under the dominance of an absolute ruler, have lost all the technical knowledge of their forefathers and reverted to a primitive society dominated by myths and taboos+-+745012233561520ocn011259977book19840.07Hughes, MonicaDevil on my backJuvenile worksFictionWhen the slaves rebel against the rigid social order imposed on the colony by the all-controlling computer, Tomi, the son of the colony Overlord manages to escape beyond the computer's reach and discovers what it is like to be free58519ocn026404061book19920.07Hughes, MonicaThe crystal dropJuvenile worksFictionIn the summer of 2011, the death of their mother sends Megan and her younger brother Ian on a dangerous journey across a Canada ravaged by drought and the collapse of civilization. Suggested level: intermediate+-+21797608953245283ocn032704934book19930.06Hughes, MonicaA handful of seedsJuvenile worksFictionForced into the barrio by her grandmother's death, Concepcion takes with her a legacy of chili, corn, and bean seeds and finds that they hold the key to her survival+-+234945680546213ocn014069645book19860.06Hughes, MonicaThe dream catcherJuvenile worksFictionIn a future world whose people are clustered in domed cities, fifteen-year-old Ruth, who possesses great extrasensory powers and who has received troubling messages in her dreams from another centre of civilization, accompanies a group to search for the source of the messages46013ocn009219314book19820.06Hughes, MonicaThe Isis pedlarJuvenile worksFictionThe community of the planet of Isis, misled by power-hungry space captain Michael Joseph Flynn, moves down the path of destruction until Moira, the captain's daughter, exposes his self-serving designs+-+15601223353979ocn030818034book19940.06Hughes, MonicaThe Golden AquariansJuvenile worksFictionWalt Elliot goes with the father he hasn't seen for years to the planet Aqua, where he discovers that his father's project threatens the existence of a highly intelligent native species+-+789050621536515ocn016405757book19850.07Hughes, MonicaSandwriterJuvenile worksFictionTraveling to the desert island of Roshan to meet the young man that her aunt wants her to marry, Princess Antia becomes involved in a deadly power struggle when she uncovers secrets surrounding the ancient mystery of Roshan and the identity of the Sandwriter+-+90050550063243083ocn041265716book19980.06What if-- ? : amazing storiesA collection of stories with endless possibilities by asking What If?+-+930912233529511ocn002346702book19750.07Hughes, MonicaCrisis on Conshelf TenWhile visiting Conshelf Ten, an underwater colony on Earth, a young Moon boy becomes involved with dissident Gillmen whose plans threaten the whole world2866ocn006447372book19790.07Hughes, MonicaBeyond the dark riverJuvenile worksFictionIn a Canada now devoid of technological knowledge and equipment because of nuclear war, a boy from the secluded Hutterite community and an Indian girl seek a cure for a mysterious illness28511ocn023970722book19890.06Hughes, MonicaThe promiseJuvenile worksFictionA promise made by her parents before she was born sends ten-year-old Princess Rania to the desert continent of Roshan to learn mastery of the wind and rain from the old woman known as the Sandwriter. Sequel to "Sandwriter."+-+495605500632425811ocn010672236book19830.06Hughes, MonicaSpace trapJuvenile worksFictionWhen twelve-year-old Valerie and her brother and sister fall through a space trap and are transmitted to an alien planet, they seek ways to return to the thirty-second century22812ocn019774187book19860.08Hughes, MonicaBlaine's wayJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksYoung adult novel in which Blaine Williams recalls his childhood growing up in rural Ont. during the Great Depression. He recounts his adolescent years at the onset of WW II through his illegal participation in the War at Dieppe at age seventeen+-+K98469500621718ocn008941991book19820.07Hughes, MonicaRing-rise, ring-setJuvenile worksFictionWith another Ice Age imminent, fifteen-year-old Liza, bored with the restrictions of life in the protected City, stows away on a scientific expedition and finds herself inadvertently abandoned on the snow fields whose only inhabitants are the mysterious Ekoes+-+00587608953242114ocn049298973book20020.06Hughes, MonicaHalloweenJuvenile works+-+25690668953242034ocn049298982book20020.06Hughes, MonicaRemembrance DayJuvenile works+-+6459066895324651ocn507357740com20060.35Something about the author. facts and pictures about authors and illustrators of books for young peopleBiographyBibliographyCovers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+8132312325161ocn018948830book19870.06Hughes, MonicaHunter in the darkJuvenile worksFictionA teenage boy goes on a secret hunting trip alone in an effort to come to terms with his leukemia and to test his strength and resourcefulness in battling the elements and stalking the white-tailed deer that is his quarry73ocn016025754book19830.98Freedman, Devra BTeacher's idea package and student worksheets to the science fiction novels of Monica HughesCriticism, interpretation, etc31ocn611351772file0.19Monica (Ince) Hughes : (1925-)Criticism, interpretation, etc22ocn070419843book19951.00Dyck Fehderau, Ruth AEcological and moral concerns in Monica Hughes's science fiction the journeys of maturityCriticism, interpretation, etc22ocn745948248visu19840.10Monica HughesBiography11ocn022108421book19850.06Meet the author, Claire Mackay, Monica Hughes, Barbara SmuckerJuvenile works11ocn017866155mix19871.00Fondse, Christtine HeatherThe writings of Monica Hughes implications for the middle school11ocn850176335book19970.47The keeper of the Isis light : teaching unitFiction11ocn795645561visu1968Monica Hughes, [Australia's representative in the Miss International Quest, Tokyo]Almost whole-length, to left, wearing dress of horizontal stripes11ocn607385217book19860.10Confluence : an Alberta cultural magazine : special issue, Spring 1986Interviews11ocn605676150visu19841.00Monica HughesPresents the life and work of children's author, Monica Hughes11ocn603397797com0.10Monica Ince Hughes : (1925-2003)Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn016185952visu19850.06Meet the author, Monica HughesJuvenile works11ocn795642867file1968This girl will represent Australia in the Miss International Quest to be held in Japan. Her name is Monica Hughes, 19, of Stathmore [i.e. Strathmore], and in the picture her boy-friend Pierre Martine gives her a victory kiss after last night's judgingBoth half-length, Miss Hughes, to left, almost full face being kissed on the cheek by Mr Martine11ocn795642868file1968Monica Hughes with her three-week-old border collie pup Pierre, at home todayHalf-length, to right, holding up the puppy11ocn243462704book19900.47Kelly, KarenExploring the adolescent interface in the novels of Canadian author Monica HughesCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn270444280visuMonica Hughes a Canadian authorPostersPoster promoting Canadian author Monica Hughes+-+2349456805+-+2349456805Thu Oct 16 15:47:23 EDT 2014batch37169