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Fri Mar 21 17:14:17 2014 UTClccn-n500296260.00Dreikers theory as applied to child care /0.381.00An inservice training program for teachers on Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs's approach to discipline: a case study74664239Rudolf_Dreikursn 5002962664998Draikurs, Rudolf.Draiḳurs, Rudolf, 1897-1972Dreikurs-Cassel, ... 1897-1972Dreikurs-Gould-Corsini, ... 1897-1972Dreikurs-Grunwald-Pepper, ... 1897-1972Dreikurs, R. 1897-1972Dreikurs-Soltz, ... 1897-1972דרייקורס, רודולףドレイカース, ルドルフlccn-n87115179Soltz, Vickilccn-n79131887Dinkmeyer, Don C.lccn-n81062601Grunwald, Bernice Bronialccn-n81059913Pepper, Floy C.lccn-n79084973Adler, Alfred1870-1937auilccn-n89673731Cassel, Pearllccn-n50031043Grey, Lorenviaf-105087590Kehoe, Davidlccn-n78026085Pew, W. L.lccn-n78092858Wolman, Benjamin B.(Benjamin Binem)1908-Dreikurs, Rudolf1897-1972Criticism, interpretation, etcChild rearingDiscipline of childrenClassroom managementEducational psychologyMotivation in educationSchool children--DisciplineChild psychologyMotivation (Psychology)Adlerian psychologyLearning disabled children--EducationHome and schoolProblem children--EducationChild analysisMarriagePsychotherapyCounselingGroup work in educationAdler, Alfred,Dreikurs, Rudolf,EqualitySocial historyPsychiatristsGroup psychotherapyUnited StatesParent and childSchool disciplineChild developmentChild psychologistsPsychoanalysisPsychologyParentingPsychology, PathologicalPersonalityFreud, Sigmund,Piaget, Jean,Skinner, B. F.--(Burrhus Frederic),Kohlberg, Lawrence,Spock, Benjamin,Maslow, Abraham H.--(Abraham Harold)Baumrind, Diana,Erikson, Erik H.--(Erik Homburger),Vygotskiĭ, L. S.--(Lev Semenovich),Brazelton, T. Berry,Montessori, Maria,Gardner, Howard,Gesell, Arnold,Bowlby, JohnMarriage counselingLoveSex in marriage189719721930193119321933193419351936193719391945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201317678252864371.102HQ769ocn000662479ocn798597945ocn799843125ocn798597556227428ocn002360217book19640.25Dreikurs, RudolfChildren: the challenge"This book represents a lifetime of experience with children as observed by one of America's most important child psychologists."+-+1001177095132518ocn000394909book19570.39Dreikurs, RudolfPsychology in the classroom; a manual for teachers114918ocn000181720book19630.39Dinkmeyer, Don CEncouraging children to learn: the encouragement processEncouragement is the basis for development of human potential in children and adults. It is the source of motivation for effective actions, goals and interpersonal relationships. Encouragement permits individuals to overcome setbacks and adversities, to have respect for self and for others, to be optimistic and to meet life's challenges. In an era that has witnessed high rates of depression, anxiety, suicide and violence, Encouraging Children to Learn provides crucial and well tested encouragement methods for improving attitudes, goals and actions+-+973564830695223ocn000706450book19720.28Dreikurs, RudolfDiscipline without tears+-+73431770957878ocn007575477book19820.39Dreikurs, RudolfMaintaining sanity in the classroom : classroom management techniquesA step-by-step guide to handling behaviour difficulties. This second edition includes new chapters on the family atmosphere, learning disabilities, the adolescent as opposed to the teenager, and the delinquent child. It features charts on the sociogram and a chart on student seating arrangements+-+327278510673624ocn000259983book19480.35Dreikurs, RudolfThe challenge of parenthood+-+725217709569931ocn000368206book19460.35Dreikurs, RudolfThe challenge of marriageFirst published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company+-+K7117851066734ocn062423234book19720.56Wolman, Benjamin BHandbook of child psychoanalysis; research, theory, and practice, edited by Benjamin B. Wolman, in collaboration with Rudolf Dreikurs [et al.] Susan Knapp, editorial assistant6487ocn000235629book19710.47Dreikurs, RudolfMaintaining sanity in the classroom: illustrated teaching techniques48315ocn000224168book19500.50Dreikurs, RudolfFundamentals of Adlerian psychologyCriticism, interpretation, etc42464ocn604297021book19640.35Dreikurs, RudolfKinder fordern uns heraus : wie erziehen wir sie zeitgemäss ?41910ocn000135340book19710.50Dreikurs, RudolfSocial equality; the challenge of today4124ocn000329755book19680.29Dreikurs, RudolfA parents' guide to child discipline4065ocn001534527book19680.37Dreikurs, RudolfA new approach to discipline : logical consequences+-+85262770953834ocn000259982book19680.39Dreikurs, RudolfLogical consequences; a handbook of discipline3623ocn055146329book20040.37Dreikurs, RudolfDiscipline without tears : how to reduce conflict and establish cooperation in the classroomDiscipline without tears: How to reduce conflict and establish cooperation in the classroom is a modern classic within the teaching profession. The original edition was written by Pearl Cassel and Rudolf Dreikurs. First published in 1971 by arrangement with the Alfred Adler Institute, it has been a teacher's best friend and became an international bestseller with translations into French, Italian, Greek, German, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. The focus of the book is to show the elementary school teacher how to manage a classroom of children effectively by understanding the nature of their behavior. The book is prescriptive, and challenges teachers to analyze their teaching style and become more effective at discipline in the classroom. With the co-authorship of Dr. Eva Dreikurs Ferguson, the book has been updated and revised to reflect current trends in education. Schools have put more emphasis on teachers knowing how to resolve issues of discipline within their classroom, and teachers will appreciate the clear and concise presentation of material that will lead to more effective learning time and a more pleasant teaching environment. Parents will also find this book most helpful for the family dynamic+-+23508352953604ocn000737156book19740.33Dreikurs, RudolfFamily council: the Dreikurs technique for putting an end to war between parents and children (and between children and children)28717ocn070763324file19350.63Dreikurs, RudolfAn introduction to individual psychology+-+50056706952812ocn000604896book19720.28Dreikurs, RudolfCoping with children's misbehavior, a parent's guide25226ocn076491603book19570.35Dreikurs, RudolfPsychologie im Klassenzimmer5974ocn003966234book19790.63Dinkmeyer, Don CAdlerian counseling and psychotherapy4031ocn003862189book19780.35Terner, Janet RThe courage to be imperfect : the life and work of Rudolf DreikursBiographyBibliography671ocn630715072visu20100.32Child development theorists Freud to Erikson to Spock and beyondUsing historical footage and photos in comination with video shot at daycare centers, this program offers an entertaining and enlightening introduction to the major child development theorists, how their theories differ, and how the application of multiple theories can be beneficial to parents, caregivers, and educators. Theorists presented include Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Abraham Maslow, Arnold Gesell, John Bowlby, Rudolf Dreikurs, Lawrence Kohlberg, B.F. Skinner, Benjamin Spock, Diana Baumrind, T. Berry Brazelton, Howard Gardner31ocn221051212visu19800.47Verble, MargaretIf A then BDiscusses Dreikurs' model of discipline. The emphasis is to stress the logical consequences of misbehaviour33ocn006512977book19740.96Hartwell, Marie RAn evaluation of an in-service program concerning the disciplinary approach of Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs22ocn026899528book19751.00Archer, Diane ElaineAn inservice training program for teachers on Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs's approach to discipline: a case study22ocn018267609book19710.92Warmdahl, Carl RobertAn exploratory investigation to determine the relationship between a child's self-concept and child-rearing techniques as formulated by Rudolf Dreikurs11ocn009335104book19730.47In memory of Rudolf Dreikurs, 1897-197211ocn018895611book19871.00Martino, Marisa AnnThe effects of a Dreikursian parent education program on parental attitudes towards the freedom of children11ocn240453052book19800.47Hobkirk, William Edward CodringtonAdler, Dreikurs and school discipline : a literature review11ocn018395597book19741.00Dreikurs, RudolfNew frontiers in the clinical practice of Dreikursian theory11ocn043044480visu19880.47Maintaining classroom disciplineLooks at the educational theories of Rudolf Dreikurs and William Glasser and applies those theories to real educational discipline problems by relating them to three teachers' experiences. Includes questions from telephone audience11ocn253709817book19700.47Wilson, Joy DianeA proposed eight-week in-service program in Dreikurian principles of child psychology for parents of junior high students11ocn033275761book19950.47Chase, Claudia ARudolf Dreikurs in education-an indepth study of his contributions : Children with ADHD-how elementary school counselors can help : Children helping children-a review of peer helping models and roles11ocn070326925book19761.00Robertson, Sharon, ElaineParent education : the Dreikurs model11ocn058535422book19790.47Neuman, Thomas LloydA project for the establishment of a parent education center in an elementary school using Adlerian and Dreikurian theory11ocn070605638book1984Kennedy Management ServicesDreikers theory as applied to child careHandbooks, manuals, etc11ocn818659374book20010.47Ferguson, Eva DreikursAdler and Dreikurs : cognitive-social dynamic innovators11ocn276869192book19760.81Gleave, Douglas HaroldThe effect of selected Dreikursian democratic teacher practices on student self-concept01ocn276856204book1972Brief Psychotherapy ConferenceAdlerian techniques of psychotherapy : proceedings of the fourth Brief Psychotherapy ConferenceConference proceedings+-+1001177095+-+1001177095Fri Mar 21 15:51:16 EDT 2014batch32393