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Fri Mar 21 17:13:21 2014 UTClccn-n500317110.13The man who loved China Joseph Needham and the making of a masterpiece /0.540.97Li Yuese wen xian wu shi nian, 1942-1992 /61550127Joseph_Needhamn 5003171167070Holorenshaw, Henry.Holorenshaw Henry 1900-1995Holorenshaw, Henry 1900-1995 PseudonymHolorenshaw, Henry, pseud. de Joseph NeedhamJoseph NeedhamLi, Yaose, 1900-1995Li Ynese 1900-1995Li, Yo-sê 1900-1995Li, Yueeh-se 1900-1995Li, Yüeh-se.Li, Yüeh-se, 1900-1995Li, Yüeh-she, 1900-1995Li, Yuese, 1900-1995Liyuese, 1900-1995Needham, J.Needham, JosephNeedham, Joseph, 1900-Needham, Noël Joseph Terence MontgomeryNeedham, Noel Joseph Terence Montgomery, 1900-1995Needham, Noël Joseph Terence Montgomery, n. 1900Ni, Yüeh-se, 1900-1995Ni, Yuese, 1900-1995Nidamu, Jozefu.Nīdamu, Jozefu, 1900-1995Sheng, Jung TzuSheng, Jung Tzu, 1900-1995Shengrongzi, 1900-1995Tzu, Sheng Jung.Tzu, Sheng Jung, 1900-1995جوزيف نيدهام، 1900-1995.ニーダム, Jニーダム, ジョゼフ倪約[シツ]李, 約瑟李, 約瑟 1900-1995李約瑟, 1900-1995containsVIAFID/24465493Holorenshaw, Henry, 1900-1995lccn-no2010175360Wang, Ling1917-1994othpbdresclbauilccn-n50015793Winchester, Simonlccn-n82092150Lu, Gwei-Djenothpbdedtclblccn-n50035255Ho, Peng Yoke1926-clblccn-n50025590Sivin, Nathanothclbedtlccn-n80086261Ronan, Colin A.arredtlccn-n85804469Hill, RobertSC.D.lccn-n50017666Balfour, Arthur James1848-1930lccn-n50026575Nakayama, Shigeru1928-edtlccn-n50051865Pagel, Walter1898-1983othedtcreNeedham, Joseph1900-1995HistoryBibliographyBiographyMiscellaneaSourcesScienceChinaNeedham, Joseph,ScientistsGreat BritainScience and civilizationTechnologyScience and civilisation in China (Needham, Joseph)CivilizationEmbryologyReligion and scienceBiochemistryIntellectual lifeMorphologyMedicineBiology--PhilosophyAstronomical clocksAstronomy, Medieval--InstrumentsScience--Social aspectsMorphogenesisEuropeRelationsChemical embryologyAcupunctureMoxaIron--MetallurgySteel industry and tradeIron industry and tradeBiologyScholarsJapanThailandAsiaEnglishMedicine, ChineseHo, Peng Yoke,BritishLu, Gwei-DjenTechnology and civilizationScience--Religious aspectsLearning and scholarshipAgricultureSiege warfareMilitary engineeringProjectilesJoliot-Curie, FrédéricBernal, J. D.--(John Desmond),InventionsPhilosophy, ChineseMalaysia190019951913191619241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013302508202507509.51Q127.C5ocn000076550ocn001076606ocn001882400ocn000059457ocn003221789ocn001810917ocn001174457ocn002315737ocn001882453ocn001906884ocn462861484ocn462174751ocn801300389ocn468349230ocn834946096ocn246982991ocn753603026ocn814131125ocn459783958ocn797770420ocn438858300ocn444348753ocn439684687ocn465463328ocn470179328ocn459387435ocn797073563ocn697756867ocn185780394ocn760591114ocn186643828ocn185310215ocn468618036ocn468570709ocn444689795ocn442968226ocn741044587ocn779924233ocn076366715ocn257430452ocn442553959ocn406013133ocn406767952ocn760369165ocn462037054ocn4698656902102168ocn000779676book19510.47Needham, JosephScience and civilisation in ChinaHistorySourcesFor contents, see Author Catalog+-+K442056705138240ocn000178954book19250.63Needham, JosephScience, religion & realityHistory+-+5164761125107649ocn000050222book19690.59Needham, JosephThe grand titration: science and society in East and WestHistoryFirst published in 1969. The historical civilization of China is, with the Indian and European-Semitic, one of the three greatest in the world, yet only relatively recently has any enquiry been begun into its achievements in science and technology. Between the first and fifteenth centuries the Chinese were generally far in advance of Europe and it was not until the scientific revolution of the Renaissance that Europe drew ahead. Throughout those fifteen centuries, and ever since, the West has been profoundly affected by the discoveries and invention emanating from China and East Asia.>+-+1016180695102320ocn000076550book19700.53Needham, JosephThe Chemistry of life; eight lectures on the history of biochemistryHistoryThis assembly of lectures, each on a major aspect of the development of biochemistry, should appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of science and the nature of living things. Seven of the eight lectures are by eminent biochemists and describe the development of their own subject from the inside; the eighth is a more general one by a professional historian of science. They contain a good deal of information not readily available elsewhere and do not require a special knowledge of biochemistry. The lectures were originally+-+7033356705101933ocn000558382book19340.66Needham, JosephA history of embryologyHistoryBibliographyEmbryology in antiquity; Embryology from galen to the renaissance; Embryology in the seventeenth century; Embryology in the eighteenth century91419ocn003345021book19700.47Needham, JosephThe shorter Science and civilisation in China : an abridgement of Joseph Needham's original textHistoryJoseph Needham's Science and Civilisation in China is a monumental piece of scholarship which breaks new ground in presenting to the Western reader a detailed and coherent account of the development of science, technology and medicine in China from the earliest times until the advent of the Jesuits and the beginnings of modern science in the late seventeenth century. It is a vast work, necessarily more suited to the scholar and research worker than the general reader. This paperback version, abridged and re-written by Colin Ronan, makes this extremely important study accessible to a wider public. The present book covers the material treated in volumes I and II of Dr Needham's original work. The reader is introduced to the country of China, its history, geography and language, and an account is given of how scientific knowledge travelled between China and Europe. The major part of the book is then devoted to the history of scientific thought in China itself. Beginning with ancient times, it describes the milieu in which arose the schools of the Confucians, Taoists, Mohists, Logicians and Legalists. We are thus brought on to the fundamental ideas which dominated scientific thinking in the Chinese Middle Ages, to the doctrines of the Two Forces (Yin and Yang) and the Five Elements (wu hsing), to the impact of the sceptical tradition and Buddhist and Neo-Confucian thought.--Publisher description+-+773087670532489221ocn007737781book19790.47Needham, JosephScience in traditional China : a comparative perspectiveHistory+-+24894292157454ocn000354284book19730.56Nakayama, ShigeruChinese science; explorations of an ancient traditionHistory73815ocn000074510book19700.59Needham, JosephClerks and craftsmen in China and the west: lectures and addresses on the history of science and technologyHistory70023ocn000547652book19420.66Needham, JosephBiochemistry and morphogenesis68326ocn000422484book19360.70Needham, JosephOrder and life66621ocn000535867book19600.66Needham, JosephHeavenly clockwork; the great astronomical clocks of medieval ChinaHistory"A reissue with a new foreword and supplement, of a modern classic published in 1960. The invention of the mechanical clock was one of the most important turning points in the history of science and technology. This study revealed six centuries of mechanical clockwork preceding the first mechanical escapement clocks of the West of about AD 1300. Detailed and fully illustrated accounts of elaborate Chinese clocks are accompanied by a discussion of the social context of the Chinese inventions and an assessment of their possible transmission to medieval Europe. For this revised edition, Dr Joseph Needham has contributed a new foreword on recent research and perceptions. In a supplement John H. Combridge details a modern reconstruction of Su Sung's timekeeping device, which together with textual studies modifies our understanding of this important early technology."--Publisher's information+-+816235670553815ocn000705354book19730.70Teich, MikulášChanging perspectives in the history of science: essays in honour of Joseph NeedhamHistory52722ocn001076606book19380.66Needham, JosephBackground to modern science; ten lectures at Cambridge arranged by the History of science committee, 1936History51316ocn002422953book19760.66Needham, JosephMoulds of understanding : a pattern of natural philosophyHistory49729ocn001539405book19130.79Needham, JosephChemical embryologyBibliography44520ocn000054908book19690.70Needham, JosephWithin the four seas: the dialogue of East and WestHistoryContrasts and similarities between China and Europe and the ideas they have of each other35422ocn001148711book19430.76Needham, JosephTime: the refreshing river (essays and addresses, 1932-1942)33818ocn006900543book19800.70Lu, Gwei-DjenCelestial lancets : a history and rationale of acupuncture and moxaHistoryUsing modern knowledge to shed light on ancient techniques, this text examines two of the earliest therapeutic techniques of Chinese medicine: acupuncture and moxibustion. Acupuncture is the implantation of very thin needles into subcutaneous connective tissue and muscle at a great number of different points on the body's surface; moxibustion is the burning of Artemisia tinder (moxa) either directly on the skin or just above it. For 2500 years the Chinese have used both techniques to relieve pain and to heal a wide variety of illnesses and malfunctions. Providing a full historical account of a+-+330962552530819ocn000869296book19580.79Needham, JosephThe development of iron and steel technology in China225410ocn173748716book20080.20Winchester, SimonThe man who loved China : the fantastic story of the eccentric scientist who unlocked the mysteries of the Middle KingdomHistoryBiographyThe extraordinary story of Joseph Needham, the brilliant Cambridge scientist who unlocked the most closely held secrets of China--long the world's most technologically advanced country. This married Englishman, a freethinking intellectual, while working at Cambridge University in 1937, fell in love with a visiting Chinese student, with whom he began a lifelong affair. He became fascinated with China, and embarked on a series of extraordinary expeditions to the farthest frontiers of this ancient empire. He searched everywhere for evidence to bolster his conviction that the Chinese were responsible for hundreds of mankind's most familiar innovations--including printing, the compass, explosives, suspension bridges, even toilet paper--often centuries before the rest of the world. His dangerous journeys took him across war-torn China to far-flung outposts, consolidating his deep admiration for the Chinese people. After the war, Needham began writing what became a seventeen-volume encyclopedia, Science and Civilisation in China.--From publisher description+-+740933515582815ocn226386449rcrd20080.13Winchester, SimonThe man who loved China Joseph Needham and the making of a masterpieceHistoryBiographySimon Winchester profiles the life and work of Joseph Needham, a man who, in the mid-20th century, dedicated his life to studying the history of Chinese science. He would go on to write the definitive history of China's scientific progress+-+52710061554745ocn665046245com20050.50Ho, Peng YokeReminiscence of a roving scholar science, humanities, and Joseph NeedhamHistoryBiography"This book presents the unusual career of a scientist of Chinese Malaysian origin, Ho Peng Yoke, who became a humanist and rendered his services to both Eastern and Western intellectual worlds. It describes how Ho adapted to working under changing social and academic environments in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and England. His activities also covered East Asia, Europe and North America."--BOOK JACKET+-+044552763432429010ocn234180746book20080.19Winchester, SimonBomb, book and compass : Joseph Needham and the great secrets of ChinaHistoryBiography+-+94286452153241352ocn043900430book19990.73Beyond Joseph Needham : science, technology, and medicine in East and South East AsiaHistory1342ocn034010343book19950.86Goldsmith, MauriceJoseph Needham : 20th-century Renaissance manHistoryBiography+-+4746856874501ocn022868791book19900.79Essays on science : felicitation volume in honour of Dr. Joseph NeedhamHistoryJoseph Needham, 1900-1995, British biochemist; contributed articles432ocn015399498book19850.81Ho, Peng YokeWo yu Li YueseHistoryBiography415ocn024341496book19780.81Hu, JurenLi Yuese yu Zhongguo ke xueHistoryBiography401ocn060658723book20050.95Li Yuese yu Zhongguo gu dai wen ming tu dianBiographyPictorial works272ocn086087114book20060.84Ho, Peng YokeXue si li cheng de hui yi : ke xue, ren wen, Li YueseHistoryBiography262ocn043898006book19990.97Li Yuese wen xian wu shi nian, 1942-1992253ocn046460052book20000.84Qian, WenLan bei : ta yin chu le Li Yuese = Lanbei : ta yinchu le Li YueseBiography243ocn029494960book19920.94Wang Qian, GuozhongLi Yuese yu ZhongguoHistoryBiographyBen shu rong zhi shi he qing jie yu yi ti, ji you yi ban chuan ji de te se, you gao yu chuan ji, pou xi zhong guo ke ji shi de jing shen nei han231ocn690914426book20100.32Winchester, SimonAi shang Zhongguo de ren : li yue se chuanHistoryBiography222ocn054779412book20030.93Dong xi fang ke xue wen hua zhi qiao : Li Yuese yan jiuHistory222ocn042905511book19990.90Needham, JosephLi Yuese you jiHistoryMiscellanea223ocn043298030book19990.95Wang, GuozhongLu Guizhen yu Li YueseBiography211ocn005892040book19760.96Goldsmith, MauriceThree scientists face social responsibility : Joseph Needham, J.D. Bernal, F. Joliot-CurieBiography211ocn762172198book20080.14Winchester, SimonThe man who loved China : Joseph Needham and the making of a masterpieceHistoryBiographyA portrait of the mid-twentieth-century scientist and adventurer traces his British government mission to China, his love affair with visiting student Lu Gwei-Djen, and his pivotal influence on the Western world's understanding of China's culture and history+-+7409335155+-+K442056705+-+K442056705Fri Mar 21 15:29:09 EDT 2014batch61449