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Fri Mar 21 17:13:21 2014 UTClccn-n500367150.00Janovian theory as a paradox : a critique of Janov's work along object relational lines /0.330.97Der primärtherapeutische Begriff der Erfahrung : Versuch einer erkenntnistheoretisch-forschungslogischen Begründung der Primärtherapie Arthur Janovs /71923784Arthur_Janovn 5003671571963viaf-189965136Holden, Edward Michael1941-lccn-n85037113Videgård, Tomas1945-lccn-n85201135Primal Institute (Los Angeles, Calif.)lccn-n81041846Starr, Ringoivelccn-n50001903Ono, Yōkoivelccn-n80017868Lennon, John1940-1980sngitrlccn-no2008118125Longfellow, Matthewdrtlccn-n88652103Voormann, Klauslccn-no2003031279Eagle Vision (Firm)lccn-no99000555Eagle Rock EntertainmentJanov, ArthurCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPrimal therapyPrenatal influencesMental illness--EtiologyChildbirth--Psychological aspectsParent and childEmotions in childrenNeurosesEmotions in infantsNewborn infants--PsychologyLoveLove--Physiological aspectsNewborn infants--Wounds and injuriesAffect (Psychology)Neuroses in childrenPsychotherapyMental illness--Physiological aspectsEndorphins--Psychological aspectsPsychic traumaEmotions--Health aspectsPrenatal influences--Psychological aspectsObject relations (Psychoanalysis)Primal therapy--EvaluationPsychotherapy--FailureRock musicEnglandSound recordings--Production and directionRock musiciansLennon, John,Mental healingPainJanov, ArthurChild developmentChild psychologyChild psychiatryPrimal therapy--PhilosophyExperienceReich, Wilhelm,EmotionsNeuroses--TreatmentFreud, Sigmund,Primal Institute (Los Angeles, Calif.)Focused expressive psychotherapyCasriel, DanielPastoral psychologyJackins, HarveyPsychoanalysis19241951196019671970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931995199619971999200020012002200320052006200720082009201120122013900699386616.8914RC480.5ocn074529202ocn074443035ocn722023667ocn676280495177051ocn000063907book19700.33Janov, ArthurThe primal scream : primal therapy: the cure for neurosis+-+28936649853248266ocn008628985book19820.29Janov, ArthurImprints : the lifelong effects of the birth experience8259ocn000514798book19720.37Janov, ArthurThe primal revolution; toward a real world74215ocn000783562book18760.33Janov, ArthurThe feeling child+-+678366498532473610ocn001529416book19750.33Janov, ArthurPrimal man : the new consciousness+-+38836649853246187ocn042823668book19990.28Janov, ArthurThe biology of love"Janov maintains that prenatal experiences and birth trauma are imprinted on our nervous systems, and if this crucial period of life is beset by trouble and stress, whether mental or physical, the deep-seated effects can result in psychological problems or psychosomatic diseases later in life. By the same token, lack of love after birth, when the infant needs the touch of loving caresses, can be as injurious to the healthy development of intelligence and personality as lack of food. Janov cites scientific evidence to demonstrate how the formation of the nervous system, especially the complex neural connections of the brain and the hormones that enhance them, can be influenced by the presence or absence of a loving, nurturing environment, both before and after birth."--BOOK JACKET+-+647374820659818ocn000267524book19710.39Janov, ArthurThe anatomy of mental illness: the scientific basis of primal therapy4826ocn006602675book19800.25Janov, ArthurPrisoners of pain : unlocking the power of the mind to end suffering4374ocn026634480book19910.25Janov, ArthurThe new primal scream : primal therapy 20 years onat St. Bartholemew's Hospital in England all confirm that lower heart rates and other improved vital signs and other (key factors in prolonging life expectancy) are clearly evident in Primal Therapy patients. Dr. Janov's approach is completely natural. Without drugs or any artificial means, patients actually relive core, or Primal traumas sometimes dating all the way back to birth. THE NEW PRIMAL SCREAM is the culmination of Janov's life's work, featuring completely new15420ocn300361915book19750.50Janov, ArthurLe cri primal : therapie primale : traitement pour la guerison de la nevroseParue en 1970, cet ouvrage est considéré comme majeur dans l'histoire de la psychologie. Sa théorie considère que ce qui entrave et fait souffrir la personne peut être expulsé dans un cri suscité par le thérapeute. Les études de cas et témoignages montrent les premiers résultats d'un thérapie jugée révolutionnaire et les perspectives de guérison pour les victimes d'addictions, de phobies, etc1504ocn035798799book19960.22Janov, ArthurWhy you get sick and how you get well : the healing power of feelings+-+70315623251322ocn067383602book20070.18Janov, ArthurPrimal healing : access to the incredible power of feelings to improve your health+-+616496910612934ocn074113388book19730.37Janov, ArthurDer Urschrei : ein neuer Weg d. Psychotherapie1043ocn760973951book20110.53Janov, ArthurLife before birth : the hidden script that rules our livesA remarkable follow-up to the international bestselling The Primal Scream, groundbreaking psychologist Arthur Janov cites in this examination hundreds of studies showing how experience in the womb and at birth have enduring life consequences, laying the foundation in later life for anxiety and depressive disorders, heart attacks, and even cancer. Janov explains how during pregnancy and the first years of life, events are imprinted in the brain that affect how aggressive or passive people will become, how despairing or optimistic they will be, and even how long they will live. Destined to have1039ocn045496431book19910.23Janov, ArthurThe new primal scream ; Primal therapy twenty years later+-+68575649859611ocn003419550book19720.28Janov, ArthurThe primal revolution+-+70836649853248515ocn074197667book19730.47Janov, ArthurDas befreite Kind : Grundsätze e. primärtherapeut. Erziehung818ocn299691400book19770.50Janov, ArthurL'amour et l'enfant712ocn230964144visu20080.23Lennon, JohnJohn Lennon/Plastic Ono BandCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyInterviews, music, still photos, and archival footage relate the creation of John Lennon's first solo album6010ocn074135216book19710.35Janov, ArthurAnatomie der Neurose : die wiss. Grundlegung d. Urschrei-TherapieInhaltsübersicht: Einführung, Die Primärtheorie, I. Die Neurophysiologie von Neurose und Psychose, II. Schlaf, Träume und psychische Störungen, III. Das Urerlebnis der Geburt, IV. Unterschiede zwischen physischen und psychphysischen Behandlungsmethoden, V. 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