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Profiles from the international Black community /0.340.97Radicals and librarians : finding inspiration in Black history /7434019Eldridge_Cleavern 5004097276162Cleaver, Leroy Eldridge.Cleaver, Leroy Eldridge, 1935-1998クリーヴァークリーヴァー, エルドリッジlccn-n80095585Black Panther Partylccn-n80162409Scheer, Robertauiedtlccn-nb98010244Cleaver, Kathleenedtlccn-n50006006Newton, Huey P.ivespklccn-n50052713WGBH Educational Foundationlccn-n50004907Seale, Bobby1936-ivespklccn-n50050511Lockwood, Leelccn-n91010119Rout, Kathleenlccn-no2012007194Rogell, Annikaprolccn-no2012040002Keith, Om'MascmpCleaver, Eldridge1935-1998BiographyHistoryInterviewsPolitical platformsMusicCleaver, Eldridge,United StatesAfrican Americans--PsychologyAfrican AmericansBlack Panther PartyRace relationsAfrican Americans--Social conditionsChristian convertsPolitical activistsBlack powerAfrican American political activistsAfrican Americans--Politics and governmentAfrican American leadershipAfrican Americans--Economic conditionsAfrican Americans--Race identityMillion Man MarchEthnicity--Social aspectsMarch on Washington for Jobs and FreedomUrban poorPovertySocial classesRadicalismNewton, Huey PCivil rights movementsBlack militant organizationsSeale, Bobby,StudentsCalifornia--San FranciscoStudent movementsSan Francisco State CollegeAfrican Americans--Study and teaching (Higher)X, Malcolm,Wright, Richard,Autobiography--African American authorsAfrican Americans--BiographyAfrican American men--Intellectual lifePoliceAfrican Americans--Civil rightsConvertsCongo (Brazzaville)Political scienceKing, Martin Luther,--Jr.,Public opinionAssassinationYouth International PartyBlacksLiteraturePopular musicSoul musicRhythm and blues music19351998196019671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821984198619881989199019911992199319941995199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201315081322655BE185.97ocn756920124ocn776155721ocn864811922ocn658471765ocn762335717ocn762604747ocn767398116ocn853099883ocn853099894ocn853099896ocn853099892ocn853099885ocn853099888ocn853099899ocn853099913ocn853099901ocn853099904ocn462803427ocn420442419ocn010357791ocn037287434ocn186056607ocn826735065ocn767393137346798ocn000423766book19670.27Cleaver, EldridgeSoul on iceBiographyA collection of essays and open letters written while a prisoner at California's Folsom State prison+-+K4288803856431ocn756920124visu20110.24The Black power mixtape 1967-1975 a documentary in 9 chaptersHistoryInterviews"THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE 1967-1975 mobilizes a treasure trove of 16mm material shot by Swedish journalists who came to the US drawn by stories of urban unrest and revolution. Gaining access to many of the leaders of the Black Power Movement, Stokely Carmichael, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis and Eldridge Cleaver among them, the filmmakers captured them in intimate moments and remarkably unguarded interviews. Thirty years later, this lush collection was found languishing in the basement of Swedish Television"--From mrqe.com6353ocn226369961visu19980.28The two nations of black AmericaHistoryThere is a growing economic divide in black America. Today, America's black middle class is the largest in its history, yet roughly one-third of black America continues to live in poverty. This film measures the economic and social success of the civil rights movement and the gap between middle class and poor African-Americans through interviews with noted Afro-Americans and historical film footage+-+95794184253243213ocn228908598visu20080.25Leaving Cleaver Henry Louis Gates Jr. remembers Eldridge CleaverHistoryA look at the last interview given by Eldridge Cleaver, social activist, former Black Panther, and author, before his death. Features commentary from Cleaver's former wife, audio tapes of a 1975 interview Cleaver gave, and more3062ocn002035184book19760.59The Black Panther leaders speak : Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver and company speak out through the Black Panther Party's official newspaper2864ocn057427100visu19980.56Black Panther San Francisco State: on strikeHistoryInterviewsBlack Panther: Interviews with founding members, Huey P. Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, and Bobby Seale, and documentary footage of the organization's meetings and marches reveal a pragmatic and still relevant outline for African American communities' self-determination and development. San Francisco State: onstrike: Recounts how students of color led a six month long strike in the fall of 1968 at San Francisco State to make their university's curriculum and admission policies more relevant and succeeded in creating the establishment of the first Ethnic Studies department in America27922ocn000796222book19670.47Cleaver, EldridgePost-prison writings and speechesOm raceproblemer i U.S.A1143ocn677927740visu19680.66Off the pigHistoryInterviewsDocumentary footage of members of the Black Panther Party talking about police brutality and strategies for Blacks to liberate themselves. Film concludes with art works by Afro-American protest artist, Emory Douglas892ocn000540365book19710.93Cleaver, EldridgeRevolution in the Congo642ocn689537253com19720.84Huey! Black Panther platform with Seale, Cleaver, Rap Brown. Listen, whitey! : Black communities' reaction to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther KingPolitical platforms635ocn083675878file19690.93Cleaver, EldridgeCredo for rioters and looters by Eldridge Cleaver, Minister of Information, Black Panther Party565ocn028186067book19710.59Rubin, JerryDo it. Scénarios de la révolution536ocn005123948book19700.37Lockwood, LeeConversation with Eldridge Cleaver; Algiers515ocn593592760com19700.94Newton, Huey PThe genius of Huey P. Newton, Minister of Defense, Black Panther Party518ocn490108290book19700.50Cleaver, EldridgeSur la révolution américaine conversation d'exil avec Lee Lockwood516ocn299616947book19690.56Cleaver, EldridgeUn noir a l'ombre471ocn772190642rcrd20120.23Listen, whitey! the sounds of black power 1967-1974Music433ocn299616951book19700.59Cleaver, EldridgePanthere noire4316ocn231746957book19690.59Cleaver, EldridgeSeele auf EisBiography413ocn002560988book19700.56Rubin, JerryDo it; scenarios of the revolution171822ocn040983676book19680.27Cleaver, EldridgeSoul on iceBiographyBy turns shocking and lyrical, unblinking and raw, the searingly honest memoirs of Eldridge Cleaver are a testament to his unique place in American history+-+K42888038514286ocn000008757book19670.35Cleaver, EldridgeEldridge Cleaver : post-prison writings and speeches11933ocn004227196book19780.24Cleaver, EldridgeSoul on fireBiography+-+31955449358473ocn023140390book19910.37Rout, KathleenEldridge CleaverBiography8114ocn060826689book20050.28Cleaver, EldridgeTarget zero : a life in writingBiographyFormer Black Panther information minister Eldridge Cleaver was a complex man who inspired profound adulation, love, rage, and, among many, fear. Target Zero brings Cleaver's controversial story into focus through his own words. This book charts Cleaver's life through his writings: his quiet childhood, his youth spent in prison, his startling emergence as a Black Panther leader who became a "fugitive from justice" by the end of 1968, his seven-year exile, and his religious and political conversion following his return to the U.S. Target Zero, which brings together previously unpublished essays, short stories, letters, interviews, and poems, is the most significant collection of Eldridge Cleaver's writing since his bestselling book Soul on Ice (1968)+-+02871485967766ocn000066165book19680.37Lockwood, LeeConversation with Eldridge Cleaver; Algiers1613ocn003000231book19770.39Otis, GeorgeEldridge Cleaver : ice and fireBiography1331ocn003494308book19770.39Oliver, John AEldridge Cleaver rebornBiography1103ocn025987546book19910.92Rajiv, SudhiForms of Black consciousnessCriticism, interpretation, etc492ocn011628265book19840.95Hall, WalterEldridge Cleaver visits Creede, Colorado, & other poems391ocn006179073rcrd19750.59Burns, GeorgeA comedian reminiscesBiographyVeteran comedian George Burns discusses his years in show business, his relationship with his wife and partner, Gracie Allen, and his new movie, The Sunshine Boys351ocn061997183book20050.97Allen, W. BRadicals and librarians : finding inspiration in Black history231ocn004981068rcrd19750.70Cleaver, EldridgeThe return of a revolutionaryFormer Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver, joined by his wife Kathleen, is interviewed about his reasons for fleeing the United States seven years ago and his recent decision to return, in spite of the fact that he faces a prison sentence231ocn070920081book20060.27Cleaver, Ahmad Maceo EldridgeSoul on IslamBiographyApologetic works221ocn823894470visu19690.76Black PantherHistoryInterviewsThis two-part program begins with the actual film the Black Panther Party used to promote its cause. Shot in 1969 in San Francisco, it's an exemplar of 1960s activist filmmaking, featuring an interview from jail with Black Panthers cofounder Huey Newton, as well as footage of cofounder Bobby Seale explaining its Ten Point Program and Eldridge Cleaver discussing the Panthers' appeal to the black community. The program's second part, shot by students and their supporters during the San Francisco State University strike of 1968-1969, documents the groundbreaking protest that led to the establishment of the first ethnic studies department at an American university. (34 minutes) A streaming videorecording222ocn021978958book19710.97Tsurumi, ShunsukeHokubei taiken saikō221ocn003182269book19710.47Cleaver, EldridgePost-prison writings and speechesOm raceproblemer i U.S.A192ocn745565952com19680.97Cleaver, KathleenRelease Eldridge Cleaver! an appeal for letters demanding justice from the California Adult Authority161ocn527366180book19940.21Contemporary Black biography. Profiles from the international Black communityBiographyBiographical profiles of important and influential persons of African heritage who form the international black community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields providing coverage of names found in today's headlines as well as selected individuals from earlier in this century whose influence continues to have an impact on contemporary life163ocn034602966book19690.59Cleaver, EldridgeSeele auf EisBiography+-+9579418425324+-+9579418425324Fri Mar 21 15:49:37 EDT 2014batch29785