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Thu Oct 16 18:01:21 2014 UTClccn-n500478460.00Del lavoro delle sue pretese e dei suoi diritti del suo presente e del suo futuro possibile per Guglielmo Tommaso Thornton /0.840.95Modern Manicheism, Labour's Utopia, and other poems67247785William_Thomas_Thorntonn 5004784682925Thornton, Guglielmo TommasoThornton, W. T. 1813-1880Thornton, William 1813-1880Thornton, William T. 1813-1880Thornton, William ThomasTornton, Vilʹi︠a︡m Tomas 1813-1880Tornton, Vilʹjam Tomas 1813-1880viaf-27207426Schramm, Hugolccn-n85034512Mirowski, Philip1951-edtlccn-n99026188Tradewell, Stevenedtlccn-n79081354Horacenp-hunter, w a 1844 1898$william alexanderHunter, W. A., 1844-1898(William Alexander)np-levy, j h 1838 1913$joseph hiamLevy, J. H., 1838-1913(Joseph Hiam)np-bourne, h r fox 1837 1909$henry richard foxBourne, H. R. Fox, 1837-1909(Henry Richard Fox)lccn-n81088173Trimen, Henry, 1843-1896lccn-n50032618Minto, William, 1845-1893lccn-n82253187Fawcett, Henry, 1833-1884Thornton, William Thomas1813-1880HistorySourcesBiographyPoetryGreat BritainWorking classLand tenureEconomic historyIrelandPopulationLaborMill, John Stuart,Labor movementCorn laws (Great Britain)Working class--Economic conditionsPeasantsUtilitarianismMetaphysicsIndiaPublic worksEducationThornton, William Thomas,Population--Economic aspectsEconomicsSupply and demandLand tenure--Economic aspectsLatin poetryGood and evilProvidence and government of GodEnglish poetryNarrow gauge railroadsIndia--PunjabPhilosophy, EnglishLabor unionsEnglandRailroadsRailroad gaugesCollective bargainingPhilosophersLabor economicsGermanyIndustrial relationsBulgaria--SilistraMississippi--OkolonaPolitical scienceAfrican American MethodistsAfrican AmericansFamiliesGovernorsThornton familyNew MexicoColorado--DenverBibleEmployees1813188018411844184618481854185718601866186918701873187418751876187718781882189418971966196919701971197219731997199819992004200520092010201120122013178454182330HB871ocn016736798ocn64408816346841ocn003779908book18690.84Thornton, William ThomasOn labour, its wrongful claims and rightful dues, its actual present and possible futureHistory38322ocn000046334book18480.86Thornton, William ThomasA plea for peasant proprietors; with the outlines of a plan for their establishment in Ireland37523ocn065280091book18460.86Thornton, William ThomasOver-population, and its remedy, or, An inquiry into the extent and causes of the distress prevailing among the labouring classes of the British Islands, and into the means of remedying it1515ocn065268800file18410.88Thornton, William ThomasThe true consequences of the repeal of the corn-laws10710ocn003736955book18730.77Thornton, William ThomasOld-fashioned ethics and common-sense metaphysics, with some of their applications+-+6217738066324596ocn004370019book18750.88Thornton, William ThomasIndian public works and cognate Indian topics285ocn245767692book18700.33Thornton, William ThomasDie Arbeit : ihre unberechtigten Ansprüche und ihre berechtigten Forderungen, ihre wirkliche Gegenwart und ihre mögliche Zukunft276ocn015625173book18730.93Thornton, William Thomas'Life's mystery'255ocn016736798book18780.94HoraceWord for word from Horace182ocn746955604file20050.79John Stuart Mill: his life and works. Twelve sketchesBiography173ocn032264984book18540.92Thornton, William ThomasZohrab, or, A midsummer day's dream : and other poems134ocn602411729book18730.74Thornton, William ThomasThe relative advantages of the 5 feet 6 inches gauge and of the metre gauge for the state railways of India and particularly for those of the Punjab112ocn001236550book18570.95Thornton, William ThomasModern Manicheism, Labour's Utopia, and other poems92ocn038830827book19970.86Donoghue, MarkWilliam T. Thornton on the economics of trade unions : an early contribution to efficient bargaining theory72ocn225046442book18700.95Thornton, William ThomasDie Arbeit : ihre unberechtigten Anspr?uche und ihre berechtigten Forderungen, ihre wirkliche Gegenwart und ihre m?ogliche Zukunst.63ocn868667491book1875Thornton, William ThomasDel lavoro delle sue pretese e dei suoi diritti del suo presente e del suo futuro possibile per Guglielmo Tommaso Thornton41ocn310115997book18540.47Thornton, William ThomasThe siege of Silistria : a poemPoetry41ocn036575906book18770.92Thornton, William ThomasThe Indian side of the silver question: four letters to Sir L. Mallet31ocn258017867book18440.47The Thornton Romances : the early English metrical romances of Perceval, Isumbras, Eglamour, and Degrevanit ; selected from manuscripts at Lincoln and Cambridge22ocn797551400book19990.79Thornton, William ThomasThe economic writings of William ThorntonHistorySources272ocn041156546book19990.79Thornton, William ThomasThe economic writings of William ThorntonHistorySources21ocn061357837book18820.47The Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised : with concordance and psalms of David in metre : the text conformable to the Oxford and the American Bible Society's standard editionsHistoryConcordancesGenealogyPortraitsSources11ocn037396745mixLincoln County, New Mexico collectionHistoryCollection consists of a broad range of materials concerning government, people, and businesses in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Includes letters, business documents, ledgers, scrapbooks, and financial documents. Lincoln County businessmen with materials in the collection include Melvin G. Paden, George A. Titsworth, and Edward R. Bonnell. Some of the businesses and organizations with materials in the collection include the Old Abe Mining Company, the White Oaks Mines Consolidated, the White Oaks Academy Association, the Exchange Bank of White Oaks, the Titsworth Company, and the law firms of Hewitt and Hudspeth, and Cockrell and Thornton. Collection also includes personal and business papers of George Curry, who served as New Mexico's last territorial Governor, and William C. McDonald, who served as New Mexico's first state Governor. Photostats of several letters and documents concerning Billy the Kid are also present11ocn222519861book19980.47Donoghue, MarkA history of the classical wage fund doctrine in English economic thought from John Stuart Mill to Alfred Marshall11ocn697202035art19660.10Houts, Alice KinyounThornton, William T. DeKalb CountyHistoryBiographyRegisters11ocn037842233mixNew MexicoGovernor William T. Thornton papersCollection consists of official papers of Governor Thornton. Includes letters received, appointments, resignations, proclamations, reports, and penal papers. Some of the materials relate specifically to mining accidents and water rights in New Mexico+-+6217738066324+-+6217738066324Thu Oct 16 15:51:00 EDT 2014batch16482