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Fri Mar 21 17:03:55 2014 UTClccn-n500499270.32Natürliche Konstruktionen : Formen und Strukturen in Natur und Technik und Prozesse ihrer Entstehung /0.710.98Eladio Dieste, Frei Otto : esperienze di architettura, generazioni a cobfrnto : Ciclo di conferenze dell'Accademia di architettura, Mendrisio, Centro manifestazioni mercato coperto, Mendrisio, 6 luglio 1996 /108223336Frei_Otton 5004992784953Frei OttoFrei, Otto, 1925-Ott, Frei Paul 1925-Otto, FreiOtto, Frei Paul 1925-Otto, Frej.Отто, Фрей, 1925-オットー, フライlccn-n92026990Trostel, Rudolfviaf-306136539Schleyer, Friedrich Karllccn-n50029870Glaeser, Ludwiglccn-n79021281Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)lccn-no2012085376Roland, Conradlccn-n80013484Drew, Philip1943-lccn-n81132345Burkhardt, Berthold1941-edtlccn-n2010010450Songel, Juan Maríacndlccn-n82018298Nerdinger, Winfriedauiedtlccn-n93093985Technische Universität MünchenArchitekturmuseumOtto, Frei1925-HistoryInterviewsExhibition catalogsDesigns and plansCriticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcBiographyCase studiesOtto, Frei,Lightweight constructionRoofs, SuspensionAir-supported structuresMembranes (Technology)ArchitectureGermanyArchitectsTensile architectureArchitecture, ModernArchitecture--Environmental aspectsRasch, Bodo,Human ecologyCity planningCities and towns--GrowthMinimal architectureArchitecture--Human factorsBuildingStructural analysis (Engineering)Germany (West)Nature (Aesthetics)TentsForm (Aesthetics)Architectural designSports facilitiesInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Canary IslandsArtengo-Menis-Pastrana (Firm)BonesAestheticsSports facilities--Design and constructionVernacular architectureMorphologyStructural designBubbles--DynamicsMinimal surfacesBubblesDieste, Eladio,Roofs, Suspension--Design and constructionEnvironmental responsibilitySustainable developmentSustainable buildingsRoofsArtengo Rufino, Felipe,Martín Menis, Fernando,Strains and stressesTrussesBuilding, Iron and steelGrillages (Structural engineering)Germany--Mannheim192519541956195819591960196119621963196419651966196719691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200520062007200820092010201120135362358670720.924NA1088.O78ocn000407444ocn000625638ocn001372553ocn613139206ocn612819053ocn180646190ocn612851670ocn614205868ocn026389641ocn300068554ocn076572431ocn311496794ocn311502547ocn314856881ocn263097958ocn075858317ocn174612311ocn076311365ocn313582419ocn699022994ocn185748336ocn714257662ocn310627962ocn720512321ocn722573467ocn723039392ocn470447596ocn454834380ocn455878877ocn705737986ocn633278552ocn45577477361318ocn000730504book19670.66Otto, FreiTensile structures; design, structure, and calculation of buildings of cables, nets, and membranes17122ocn002899093book19540.76Otto, FreiDas Hängende Dach: Gestalt und Struktur13713ocn289095698book20030.90Otto, FreiOccupying and connecting : thoughts on territories and spheres of influence with particular reference to human settlementThis text is a study of urban development in the context of the wider ecological environment written by one of the 20th century's most important architectural visionaries+-+36601078481066ocn310593828book19820.73Otto, FreiNatuerliche Konstruktionen : Formen und Konstruktionen in Natur und Technik und Prozesse ihrer Entstehung854ocn012032781book19840.84Otto, FreiSchriften und Reden 1951-1983806ocn000407444book19670.70Otto, FreiTensile structures723ocn048457753book20010.70Stürzebecher, PeterArchitektur für Sport : neue Konzepte, internationale Projekte für Sport und FreizeitDesigns and plans675ocn011035203book19840.76Schattenzelte = Sun and shade : Toldos : Vela664ocn000625638book19620.96Otto, FreiZugbeanspruchte Konstruktionen651ocn076572431book20050.33Frei Otto - das Gesamtwerk : leicht bauen, natürlich gestalten ; [anlässlich der Ausstellung "Frei Otto - Leicht Bauen, Natürlich Gestalten" im Architekturmuseum der TU München in der Pinakothek der Moderne vom 26. Mai bis 28. August 2005]+-+5887289128324617ocn030795852book19940.63Otto, FreiAlte Baumeister : was könnten die alten Baumeister erfunden haben? = Ancient architects : what could the ancient master builders have invented?604ocn021108649book19880.73Otto, FreiGestaltwerdung : zur Formentstehung in Natur, Technik und Baukunst5711ocn034821874book19840.66Otto, FreiPneu und Knochen = Pneu and bone569ocn059989567book19840.53Otto, FreiForm : a proposal for developing a method of classifying and describing forms543ocn022628854book19900.76Schneider, MartinaDer Umgekehrte Weg : Frei Otto zum 65. GeburtstagCriticism, interpretation, etc524ocn004612339book19760.84Multihalle MannheimCase studies"The documentation on the design and execution work of the Mannheim Hall was prepared at the IL, directed by Frei Otto, in close cooperation with the architects, Mutschler & Partners, Mannheim, and the engineers, Ove Arup & Partners, London. This publication is, at the same time, a report on the sub-project "Experience gained by buildings" of the Sonderforschungsbereich 64 "Wide-Span Lightweight Structures" of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft."489ocn165870969book19880.63Otto, FreiPrinzip Leichtbau = lightweight principle4010ocn022113616book19870.76Bach, KlausSeifenblasen : eine Forschungsarbeit des Instituts für leichte Flächentragwerke über Minimalflächen386ocn010382604book19820.73Lufthallenhandbuch / bearbeitet von Heide Drüsedau, Michael Dickson, Jürgen Hennicke ; Autoren, Frei Otto ... [et al.] = Air hall handbookHandbooks, manuals, etc344ocn231130400book19820.32Otto, FreiNatürliche Konstruktionen : Formen und Strukturen in Natur und Technik und Prozesse ihrer Entstehung4502ocn000466406book19720.63Otto, FreiThe work of Frei Otto3854ocn000121943book19700.63Roland, ConradFrei Otto: tension structures3164ocn001994115book19760.70Drew, PhilipFrei Otto : form and structure2884ocn743493119com20100.73Otto, FreiA conversation with Frei OttoHistoryInterviewsOne of the twentieth century's most important design visionaries, German architect and structural engineer Frei Otto (b. 1925) made his mark with a series of super-light tensile structures--such as the West German Pavilion for Montreal's Expo 67 and the Olympic Stadium in Munich (1972)--that are celebrated for their technical ingenuity and material efficiency. Yet despite Otto's achievements, relatively little has been published on his work. A Conversation with Frei Otto features a comprehensive interview with Otto as well as his critical text Fundamentals of a Future Architecture in its entirety. In his conversation with Juan María Songel, Otto talks freely about everything from his early connections to the Bauhaus to his thoughts on the current state of engineering and architecture. The latest in our Conversations series, this book also includes images of Otto's most important and well-known works+-+79333431061971ocn060744199book20050.79Otto, FreiFrei Otto : complete works : lightweight construction, natural designHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+66872891281151ocn036589919book19950.84Frei Otto, Bodo Rasch : finding form : towards an architecture of the minimal : the Werkbund shows Frei Otto, Frei Otto shows Bodo Rasch : exhibition in the Villa Stuck, Munich, on the occasion of the award of the 1992 Deutscher Werkbund Bayern prize to Frei Otto and Bodo RaschHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+3113415848495ocn004317947book19770.73Glaeser, LudwigThe work of Frei Otto and his teams, 1955-1976 : IL special issue devoted to the exhibition organized in 1971 by the Museum of Modern Art, New YorkBiographyExhibition catalogs481ocn005769046book19790.95Doumato, LamiaFrei Otto's tensile structures : a selected bibliographyBibliography451ocn002731465book19760.47Drew, PhilipFrei Otto : Form und Konstruktion453ocn013157203book19850.96Teague, Edward HFrei Otto : a bibliography and building listHistoryBibliography306ocn031415959book19870.94Architekten, Frei OttoBibliography302ocn037282025book19960.94Accademia delle arti del disegno (Florence, Italy)Frei Otto, Artengo Menis Pastrana : Firenze 1996HistoryExhibition catalogs281ocn036102408book19950.70Frei Otto, Bodo Rasch : Gestalt finden : auf dem Weg zu einer Baukunst des Minimalen : der Werkbund zeigt Frei Otto, Frei Otto zeigt Bodo Rasch : Ausstellung in der Villa Stuck, München, anlässlich der Preisverleihung des Deutschen Werkbundes Bayern 1992 an Frei Otto und Bodo RaschExhibition catalogs251ocn026397645book19910.97Otto, FreiFrei Otto251ocn013454461book19850.66Wilhelm, KarinPortrait Frei OttoBiographyDesigns and plans173ocn051661460visu19820.50Otto, FreiSelf designing structuresBiographyPresents a discussion of how structures are made by nature, how much energy and materials, etc. are required, and the processes by which these come together. He also talks about his ideas developed for his own all-weather, indoor-outdoor, minimum-energy house. Then he explains how these ideas have led to the ecological multi-storey housing he has designed for the 1984 Berlin International Building Exhibition141ocn041651488book19980.98Dieste, EladioEladio Dieste, Frei Otto : esperienze di architettura, generazioni a cobfrnto : Ciclo di conferenze dell'Accademia di architettura, Mendrisio, Centro manifestazioni mercato coperto, Mendrisio, 6 luglio 1996Conference proceedings142ocn400039201book20080.53Otto, FreiFrei Otto : conversación con Juan María SongelInterviews+-+9057770793324111ocn005507864book19780.66Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)The work of Frei Otto and his teams, 1955-1976 : IL special issue devoted to the exhibition in 1971Exhibition catalogs101ocn824363395visu20110.88Dreaming of a treehouse : Frei Otto's ecological housing project in Berlin = Der traum vom baumhaus : das Ökohausprojekt von Frei Otto in BerlinA film about the pioneering community-building project of the architect Frei Otto in Berlin, called the Ökohaus--an experimental, ecological, customized housing project in the city center. Includes interviews with Frei Otto, Christine Kanstinger-Otto, Hermann Kendel, Yona Friedman, Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philipe Vassal, and other architects, planners, and inhabitants+-+3660107848+-+3660107848Fri Mar 21 15:54:05 EDT 2014batch30509