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Thu Oct 16 18:03:20 2014 UTClccn-n500506510.26Metropolis0.420.93Ausgewählte Schriften in Einzelbänden /74019507Enno_Patalasn 5005065185669Patalas, E. 1929-Patalas, Eno.Patalas, Eno 1929-lccn-n85138076Kino International Corporationlccn-no2004041733Huppertz, Gottfried1887-1937lccn-n50020574Harbou, Thea von1888-1954lccn-n84208492Fröhlich, Gustavlccn-n87896241Rittau, Güntherlccn-no94036119Klein-Rogge, Rudolflccn-n85183854Helm, Brigitte1908-1996nc-saarlandischer rundfunk$sinfonie orchesterSaarländischer RundfunkSinfonie-Orchesterlccn-n87934417Rasp, Fritz1891-1976lccn-nr98009056Loos, Theodor1883-1954Patalas, EnnoDramaHistoryFilm adaptationsSilent filmsExhibition catalogsFictionFilm and video adaptationsHistorical filmsScience fiction filmsCriticism, interpretation, etcRussiaRevolution (Russia : 1905-1907)Bronenoset︠s︡ "Potemkin"Twenty-first centuryRobotsHarbou, Thea von,Social conflictLabor disputesTotalitarianismIncome distributionUkraine--OdesaMutinySailorsSocial classesNavies--OfficersHistoric shipsDystopiasIndustrializationMotion picturesGermanyGermany (West)Rote Armee FraktionTerroristsTerrorismMotion pictures, SovietMotion pictures, GermanPolitical violenceMurderMotion pictures, RussianWorking classSoviet UnionWorking class in motion picturesAuthoritarianismMurnau, F. W.--(Friedrich Wilhelm),Military operations, NavalLubitsch, Ernst,Russia.--Voennyĭ flotArmed Forces--OfficersRussia (Federation)ActorsSea controlRevolutions in motion picturesFilm adaptationsTeachersMotion picture actors and actressesUtopiasMotion picture playsPatriotismKidnappingBattleships19291931195319551958196119621963196419651966196719681969197119731974197519761977197819791980198219831984198519861987198819891991199219931994199519971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120143665148336791.4372PN1997ocn181433634ocn799409315ocn612525722ocn612797484ocn315433995ocn696340879ocn456548078ocn456547526ocn271374003ocn782063109ocn072839261ocn072839293ocn072839285ocn072839291ocn073703077ocn072839294ocn072839271ocn072839263ocn073703080ocn072839289ocn051415870ocn777752884ocn311173951ocn310789668ocn316270951ocn839303967ocn839309659ocn839382360ocn839313577ocn753646419ocn442826008ocn456046511ocn816507152ocn459318726133612ocn051679740visu19260.26Lang, FritzMetropolisHistoryMapsDramaFilm and video adaptationsFantasy filmsSilent filmsScience fiction filmsFilm adaptationsPerhaps the most famous German film of all time, and certainly one of the most influential of all silent films, this restoration of "Metropolis" is the most complete and authentic since its day or release in 1927. The setting is the future, where people are divided into two groups: poor workers living beneath the ground, and the rich who enjoy a decadent city of luxury. The tense balance of these two societies is realized through images that are among the most famous of the 20th century, influencing later science-fiction films such as "Blade Runner" and "Star Wars"7111ocn176163424visu20070.27Battleship Potemkin From the series "The year 1905"HistoryDramaSergei Eisenstein was commissioned by the Soviet government to make a movie commemorating the failed uprising of 1905, a mere 20 years after the actual incident. Eisenstein duly hails as heroes the people whose actions were regarded as traitorous in 1905. It began when sailors on the Potemkin protested that the meat they were being fed was maggot infested. In response, the commander ordered that ten random sailors to be executed by firing squad, at which the crew turned on the officers and killed them all. The oppressed people of Odessa joined the revolt to show their rejection of the czarist regime--which sent Cossack troops--who then mowed down both rioters and innocent citizens without mercy. The film was banned at various times in the US and France, and for a longer time than any other film in British history; even Stalin banned it, at a time when mutiny was against the party line. It remains remarkable for the way it builds tension over a brisk 69 minutes, and in the right setting with the right audience, can still reveal its inflammatory power34940ocn001674079book19620.63Gregor, UlrichGeschichte des FilmsHistory16530ocn003287923book19730.59Gregor, UlrichGeschichte des FilmsHistory957ocn046382489book19890.88Patalas, EnnoMetropolis in/aus Trümmern : eine Filmgeschichte733ocn772391868visu20070.35The Battleship Potemkin Bronenoset︠s︡ PotemkinHistoryDramaHistorical filmsSilent filmsRe-creates the 1905 mutiny on the battleship "Prince Potemkin." It focuses on a mutiny by the battleship's crew and the subsequent massacre of civilians, reflecting the spirit of the times664ocn004658503book19660.79Kluge, AlexanderAbschied von gestern. Protokoll. (Protokolliert nach dem Original des Films von Enno Patalas.)645ocn061487617book20050.86Murnau, F. WSüdseebilder : Texte, Fotos und der Film Tabu629ocn004390509book19630.82Patalas, EnnoSozialgeschichte der Stars626ocn011970400book19840.70Prinzler, Hans HelmutLubitsch527ocn002198630book19740.88Grafe, FriedaIm Off Filmartikel505ocn237348566book19990.30Patalas, EnnoAlfred Hitchcock456ocn065588933book19670.63Patalas, EnnoStars : Geschichte der Filmidole347ocn004861731book19610.77Spectaculum : Texte moderner Filme317ocn163540862book19710.47Patalas, EnnoAndy Warhol und seine Filme : eine DokumentationCriticism, interpretation, etc302ocn051728377book0.93Grafe, FriedaAusgewählte Schriften in Einzelbänden262ocn670865950visu20070.30Eisenstein, SergeiThe Battleship PotemkinHistoryFictionDramaHistorical filmsSilent filmsHome use only224ocn245782035book19760.47Gregor, UlrichGeschichte des Films212ocn271374003visu20070.63Brustellin, AlfDeutschland im Herbst Germany in autumnHistoryInterviewsDramaDeutschland im Herbst: A collective film combining documentary film and dramatized vignettes that chronicles seven weeks of political terrorism by the Red Army Faction and political repression in Germany during the fall of 1977. It begins with the kidnap and murder of industrialist Hans-Martin Schleyer and ends with the deaths of three imprisoned Baader-Meinhof terrorists. Includes the work of many of Germany's top directors161ocn417035985book19850.70Harbou, Hans vonMetropolis : un film de Fritz Lang : images d'un tournageExhibition catalogsCette sélection des photographies dévoilera les à-côtés cocasses ou inquiétants d'un des films les plus mystérieux de l'histoire du cinéma151ocn827295649visu20070.92Tracing Battleship PotemkinA documentary about the 1925 film Battleship PotemkinThu Oct 16 15:07:24 EDT 2014batch19096