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Thu Oct 16 17:57:53 2014 UTClccn-n500548520.00Life of John William Strutt, Third Baron Rayleigh : an augm. /0.661.00Lord Rayleigh on flight32059492John_William_Strutt,_3rd_Baron_Rayleighn 5005485289605Lord Rayleigh.Rayleigh, .. 1842-1919 LordRayleigh, .. 1842-1919 Third BaronRayleigh, J. W. Strutt 1842-1919Rayleigh, John W. 1842-1919Rayleigh, John William Strutt 1842-1919 baronRayleigh, John William Strutt 1842-1919 LordRayleigh, John William Strutt, baron, 1842-1919Rayleigh, John William Strutt, Lord, 1842-1919Rayleigh, lordRayleigh lord 1842-1919Rayleigh of Terling Place, John William Strutt 3rd baronRayleigh, ..., Third Baron, 1842-1919Rėleĭ, Dzhon Vilʹi︠a︡m Strett 1842-1919 BaronRėleï, Dzhon Vilí︠a︡m Strett, Baron, 1842-1919Stratt, Dzh. U. 1842-1919 BaronStratt, Dzh. U. (Dzhon Uilʹi︠a︡m), Baron, 1842-1919Strett, Dž. V.Strett, Dzhon Vilʹi︠a︡m 1842-1919 BaronStrett, Dzhon Vilʹi︠a︡m, Baron, 1842-1919Strutt, J. WStrutt, J.William 1842-1919Strutt, John W. 1842-1919Strutt, John WilliamStrutt, John William 1842-1919Strutt, John William 1842-1919 baron RayleighStrutt, John William 1842-1919 Lord RayleighStrutt, John William 3rd Baron RayleighStrutt, John William BarónStrutt, John William, Baron RayleighStrutt, John William, baron Rayleigh, 1842-1919Strutt, John William, Lord Rayleigh, 1842-1919Strutt, John William Rayleigh 1842-1919Strutt Rayleigh, J. W.Strutt Rayleigh, John William.Strutt Rayleigh, John William 1842-1919レイリーレイリー卿lccn-n50050876Lindsay, Robert Bruce1900-auilccn-n84803539Rayleigh, Robert John StruttBaron1875-1947lccn-n79089636Maxwell, James Clerk1831-1879lccn-n79086311Stokes, George Gabriel1819-1903lccn-n87116502Larmor, Joseph1857-1942edtlccn-n86856773Ramsay, William1852-1916viaf-92649208Gavin, WilliamSir1886-lccn-n79061284British Association for the Advancement of Sciencelccn-no2002018823Neesen, Friedrichtrllccn-no2013126025Ketel, Roelof StevensRayleigh, John William StruttBaron1842-1919BiographyTextbooksSoundVibrationWavesPhysicsRayleigh, John William Strutt,--Baron,HeatPhysicistsGreat BritainMathematicsHydrodynamicsPhysical opticsThomson, J. J.--(Joseph John),AtmosphereArgonMeteorologyAgricultureAir--AnalysisEngland--EssexPhysics--ResearchOpticsLight--ScatteringThermodynamicsElectric measurementsJapanTerada, Torahiko,Authors, JapaneseNatsume, Sōseki,EnglandScienceElastic plates and shellsBritish Association for the Advancement of ScienceSound-wavesAerodynamicsGeitel, Hans Friedrich Karl,Rayleigh wavesBiologyRamsay, William,England--CambridgeAngell, Norman,Wave-motion, Theory ofLamb, Horace,--Sir,Dimensional analysisSpeeches, addresses, etcAirshipsNobel PrizesLongevityRayleigh scatteringNoel-Baker, Philip,Hopkins, Frederick Gowland,--Sir,Schuster, Arthur,--Sir,1842191918651870187118721873187418751876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618911894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081910191119121916191719191920192119241925192619291934193519361937193819401942194319441945194619551956196219641965196619671968196919701973197419751978198319851986199319941996199720032004200620082009201120125830245631534.1QC223ocn000944380ocn001148827ocn003532554ocn005654566ocn006060605ocn005313470ocn609915572ocn808174390ocn798048966ocn3168531122260107ocn000976136book18770.63Rayleigh, John William StruttThe theory of soundIn volume II: index af authors+-+874751139568535ocn000531596book18990.74Rayleigh, John William StruttScientific papers+-+K7905535662467ocn002661846book18800.82Stokes, George GabrielMathematical and physical papers+-+K01755356623318ocn000944380book18770.70Maxwell, James ClerkTheory of heatTextbooks18312ocn014588386book18950.92Rayleigh, John William StruttArgon, a new constituent of the atmosphere14164ocn025480251book18770.37Rayleigh, John William StruttThe theory of soundIn volume II: index af authors+-+87475113957519ocn025480270book18780.47Rayleigh, John William StruttThe theory of soundIn volume II: index of subjects+-+68475113953714ocn805676978book18790.74Rayleigh, John William StruttDie Theorie des Schalles379ocn017719549book18840.79Rayleigh, John William StruttAddress by the Right Hon. Lord Rayleigh, M.A., D.C.L. ... president307ocn263582611book18790.35Rayleigh, John William StruttDie Theorie des Schalles276ocn313593360book18800.35Rayleigh, John William StruttDie Theorie des Schalles275ocn033949708book19940.79Rayleigh, John William StruttThe collected optics papers of Lord Rayleigh218ocn220181040book19420.77Rayleigh, Robert John StruttThe life of Sir J.J. Thomson, O.M., sometime master of Trinity college, CambridgeBiography184ocn635217155book19120.47Rayleigh, John William StruttScientific papers171ocn490225125book19250.90Société française de physiqueLe livre du cinquantenaire de la Société française de physique172ocn058581683book19450.47Rayleigh, John William StruttThe theory of sound : with a historical introduction164ocn314173698book19000.47Rayleigh, John William StruttScientific papers166ocn594203242book18990.47Rayleigh, John William StruttScientific papers151ocn005313470book19080.88Maxwell, James ClerkTheory of heat, with corrections and additions (1891)143ocn821750429book18810.92Rayleigh, John William StruttElectrical measurementsA collection of papers published in Rayleigh's own name and in conjunction with Prof. Schuster and Mrs. Sidgwick. This example is thought to be Rayleigh's own copy. It has annotations in his own hand on pages 413-415 of article 17 and a ms. leaf in his hand laid in5153ocn000080169book19700.56Lindsay, Robert BruceLord Rayleigh--the man and his workBiography3897ocn000331020book19240.74Rayleigh, Robert John StruttLife of John William Strutt, Third Baron Rayleigh, O.M., F.R.SBiography1584ocn005788620book19700.59Lindsay, Robert BruceMen of physics : Lord Rayleigh - the man and his work1407ocn003044277book19240.82Rayleigh, Robert John StruttJohn William Strutt, third baron Rayleigh, O.M., F.R.S., sometime president of the Royal society and chancellor of the University of CambridgeBiography713ocn000455959book19670.79Gavin, WilliamNinety years of family farming: the story of Lord Rayleigh's and Strutt & Parker farmsHistory233ocn001931517book19460.86Ketel, Roelof StevensTheorie van het Rayleigh-verstrooiïngstriplet van vloeistoffen (afleiding van de formule van Landau en Placzek)81ocn774272088book20120.97Koyama, KeitaTerada Torahiko : Sōseki, Reirī-kyō to wakon yōsai no butsurigakuBiography52ocn778916018book20110.47The acoustical experiments of Lord Rayleigh : exhibition guideExhibition catalogs11ocn049253054book19200.47Schuster, ArthurObituary notice of John William Strutt, Baron Rayleigh : 1842-191912ocn045478838mix1.00Ernest, MauricePapersConsists of one box of correspondence (supplemented by clippings) written to biologist and author Maurice Ernest (1872-1955) by various individuals. The contents of these letters, which span the period between 1900 and 1954, reflect Ernest's interests in homeopathy and longevity studies, as well as his involvement in international relations as a press correspondent from 1897-1909. His correspondents included Nobel Prize winners such as Ralph Angell, Frederick Hopkins, Philip Noel-Baker, William Ramsay and John Rayleigh, as well as numerous physicians, scientists, and newspaper editors11ocn881395325mixBuckingham, EdgarHandwritten transcripts of correspondence with Lord John William Rayleigh concerning Buckingham's work on physically similar systems and hydro and aerodynamic methodsCorrespondence concerned with the method of dimensions11ocn779562065visuJohn William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh. Watercolour by F. T. Dalton, 189911ocn844352975bookRayleigh, Robert John StruttLife of John William Strutt, Third Baron Rayleigh : an augm.11ocn779562066visu1899Dalton, F. TJohn William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh. Colour lithograph by F. T. Dalton, 189911ocn881395549mix1924Rayleigh, Robert John StruttTypescript notes and abstractsTypescript notes found interleaved in Robert John Strutt's personal copy of the 1924 edition of his biography of his father John William Strutt, "Life of Lord Rayleigh," and abstracts of some of RJS's scientific writings. The abstracts pertain primarily to Lord Rayleigh's writings on atmospheric optics11ocn779562064visuJohn William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh. Wood engraving by [R. T.] after [J. L. N.], 188411ocn068266432book1.00Lord Rayleigh on flight11ocn779587791visu1904Boyd, A. SBritish Association for the Advancement of Science: speakers at its meeting in Cambridge in 1904. Coloured drawing by A.S. Boyd, 190411ocn881395547mix1880Schuster, ArthurLetter to John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh concerning the preparation of students for research in the physics department of Cambridge University11ocn476882074mix0.47Rayleigh, John William StruttJohn William Strutt Rayleigh collection, 1865-1976BiographyThis collection contains materials pertaining to the professional career of John William Strutt, Third Baron Rayleigh, and his son, Robert John Strutt, Fourth Baron Rayleigh. There is a complete set of John William Strutt's experimental notebooks that pertain to his scientific papers and other topics he researched. Published scientific papers written by Lord Rayleigh regarding light, waves, currents, and acoustics are also included. Additionally, the collection contains rough notes and calculations pertaining to Strutt's scientific papers; copies of scientific correspondence written to and from Lord Rayleigh; and correspondence between Lord Rayleigh and Lord Ramsay regarding their research and discovery of Argon. There is also a series of unpublished notes, calculations, and lectures written by Lord Rayleigh within the collection. Finally, there are numerous letters and papers, most of which were written by or to John Howard, Chief Scientist at AFCRL, regarding the Rayleigh Collection and dedication of the collection at AFCRL+-+8747511395+-+8747511395Thu Oct 16 15:11:39 EDT 2014batch29335