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Fri Mar 21 17:04:07 2014 UTClccn-n500829310.10Sculpture and drawings /0.520.97Four poets of the ghetto /12578600Jacob_Epsteinn 50082931116378Epshṭayn, Yaʻaḳov, 1880-1959Epstein.Epstein, Jacob, Sir, 1880-1959אפסטין, יעקב, 1880־1959אפשטיין, ג׳ייקוב.אפשטיין, יעקב, 1880-1959אפשטין, ג'יקובעפשטיין, יעקב, 1880-1959עפשטין, יעקב, 1880-1959lccn-nr00017078Garman, Kathleen1901-1979lccn-n81138104Silber, Evelynlccn-n96093416Wayne, Kennethlccn-n79021847Kimbell Art Museumlccn-n79045173Léger, Fernand1881-1955lccn-n79059541Modigliani, Amedeo1884-1920nc-albright knox art galleryAlbright-Knox Art Gallerylccn-n78097041Los Angeles County Museum of Artlccn-n50041017Buckle, Richardothlccn-n50016398Cork, RichardedtEpstein, Jacob1880-1959BiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsCatalogsRecords and correspondenceEpstein, Jacob,New York (State)--New YorkGreat BritainSculptorsFrench poetrySculptureIntellectual lifeJews--Intellectual lifeNew York (State)--New York--Lower East SideFrance--ParisModigliani, Amedeo,Modernism (Art)EuropeExpatriate artistsLéger, Fernand,Garman, Kathleen,JewsBaudelaire, Charles,England--LondonGaudier-Brzeska, Henri,Coburn, Alvin Langdon,Roberts, William,VorticismEtchells, Frederick,Nevinson, C. R. W.--(Christopher Richard Wynne),Bomberg, David,Lewis, Wyndham,Wishart, Lorna,Campbell, Mary,Garman familyManners and customsMarriageCampbell, Roy,Garman, Douglas,ArtistsGill, Eric,Sculpture, BritishRobbins, Norman BEisenberg, EmilPortrait sculpture--Private collectionsFrench literaturePoetryArtSculpture, PrimitiveFleurs du mal (Baudelaire, Charles)United StatesImmigrants--Intellectual lifePoets, YiddishSculpture, AmericanSculpture, Modern188019591902190919121914191719191920192119241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451947194819501952195319541955195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731975197619771979198019831984198519861987198819891991199219931998199920012002200320042005200620082009201020112012201310597326589841.8NB497.E6ocn010780783ocn004942366ocn001323153ocn613257653ocn311399227ocn314636906ocn699151197ocn314317699ocn833489050ocn699250419ocn799618903ocn811529002ocn459471363ocn18575729352610ocn013581636book19860.53Silber, EvelynThe sculpture of Epstein : with a complete catalogueCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogs3775ocn000239690book19620.50Epstein, JacobEpstein drawingsCriticism, interpretation, etc3353ocn000070246book19700.63Epstein, JacobJacob Epstein: a catalogue of the Collection of Edward P. Schinman3094ocn042242686book19990.50Cork, RichardJacob EpsteinCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+309475641526618ocn000785108book19520.50Epstein, JacobEpstein, an autobiographyBiographyCatalogsRecords and correspondenceExhibition catalogs2115ocn432408941book20090.76Cork, RichardWild thing : Epstein, Gaudier-Brzeska, GillExhibition catalogsEpstein, Gill and Gaudier-Brzeska were pioneers of modern Bristish sculpture. In a burst of daring creativity before World War I, they revolutionized their field. The three artists produced sculpture whose sexual explicitness and boldness of form shocked contemporary viewers. Examples of their works illustrate this text, including Epstein's robotic masterpiece, 'Rock Drill', Gill's 'Ecstasy' and Gudier-Brzaeska's 'Birds Erect'.--Publisher+-+319662054614618ocn001423299book19400.53Epstein, JacobLet there be sculptureBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+06667215961332ocn050491182book20020.32Rose, JuneDemons and angels : a life of Jacob EpsteinBiography+-+18074669363241269ocn000226687book19310.63Epstein, JacobThe sculptor speaks; Jacob Epstein to Arnold L. Haskell, a series of conversations on artBiographyCatalogs1182ocn010780783book19400.47Baudelaire, CharlesThe flowers of evilBaudelaire's classic work is presented through a compilation of distinguished English translations, with the original text in the book's second half712ocn004942366book19330.86Oved, MoshehThe book of affinity554ocn002693356book19600.73Arts Council of Great BritainThe Epstein collection of tribal and exotic sculptureExhibition catalogs492ocn003004476book19600.90Edinburgh Festival SocietyEpstein : Edinburgh Festival Society memorial exhibition, Waverly Market, August 19-September 18341ocn011163550book19630.97Hapgood, HutchinsFour poets of the ghetto181ocn005975294book19730.92Anthony d'Offay (Firm)Jacob Epstein, the rock drill period : [exhibition] 16 October to 9 November 1973172ocn008062864book0.84Dalzell Hatfield GalleriesTwentieth century Aubusson tapestriesCatalogs158ocn233996410book19020.53Hapgood, HutchinsThe spirit of the ghetto111ocn851734489book19870.10Epstein, JacobSculpture and drawings112ocn144605256book20020.66Epstein, JacobJacob EpsteinCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs105ocn852039433book19400.50Epstein, JacobEpstein: an autobiographyBiography8501ocn048835112book20020.29Wayne, KennethModigliani & the artists of MontparnasseExhibition catalogs"Famous for his elongated forms, graceful portraits, and lush nudes, Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) is among the most loved of the extraordinary group of artists who lived in Montparnasse in the early twentieth century. Accompanying the first major Modigliani exhibition - culled from important collections in North America and abroad - in the United States in more than forty years, this book places Modigliani and his work in the context of his friends and contemporaries, all living and working in what Marcel Duchamp described as "the first truly international group of artists we ever had." The art is striking for its diversity: Cubist, Expressionist, and Primitivist, with Modigliani's art embodying all of these elements, in all mediums: painting, sculpture, and works on paper. The other Montparnasse artists featured include Alexander Archipenko, Constantin Brancusi, Giorgio de Chirico, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Fernand Leger, Pablo Picasso, and Diego Rivera." "Moving beyond the artist's tragically brief life to provide a fuller and richer understanding of his art, this book is arranged thematically: the first essay explores Modigliani's relation with Montparnasse; the second addresses his relationship with the avant-garde movements and figures; and the third examines his lifetime exhibitions and their critical reception. These essays are illustrated not only with the works of Modigliani and his peers, but also with black-and-white photographs of Montparnasse and of the artists." "Also, presented here for the first time are excerpts from "Minnie Pinnikin," the Surrealist novella written by Modigliani's lover and model Beatrice Hastings about their experiences together. Hastings read excerpts from the novella at a literary event in Paris in 1916 and since then it has been considered lost. This striking volume, which includes extensive new documentation, provides a serious examination of Modigliani's work."--BOOK JACKET+-+92978456356512ocn000513673book19630.47Buckle, RichardJacob Epstein, sculptor5156ocn028365030book19920.35Gardiner, StephenEpstein : artist against the establishmentBiographyGardiner presents one of the finest and most influential sculptors of this century--the man and his art4308ocn000713409book19400.53Epstein, JacobLet there be sculptureBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+06667215964156ocn000833131book19550.50Epstein, JacobEpstein: an autobiographyBiography3552ocn001101927book19420.56Black, RobertThe art of Jacob Epstein3442ocn698376165book20100.63The Vorticists : manifesto for a modern worldExhibition catalogsVorticism was a brief-lived but explosive art movement that emerged in London on the eve of the First World War. This book provides a thorough account of vorticism, its origins and its impact on both sides of the Atlantic. Essays explore its history through its exhibitions and its critical reception+-+10332890363247ocn001817875book19310.63Epstein, JacobThe sculptor speaks; Jacob Epstein to Arnold L. Haskell, a series of conversations on artBiographyCatalogs3162ocn049551141book20020.32Rose, JuneDemons and angels : a life of Jacob EpsteinBiography+-+95556213253012ocn054500937book20040.21Connolly, CressidaThe rare and the beautiful : the art, loves, and lives of the Garman sistersBiographyPresents the lives and lifestyle of Kathleen, Lorna, and Mary Garman who were famous for their unique behavior and passion for the arts in Europe in the years between World Wars One and Two+-+72976711552595ocn020991999book19870.73Epstein, JacobJacob Epstein : sculpture and drawingsCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs2048ocn001177119book19610.50Epstein, JacobEpstein, an autobiographyBiographyCatalogsRecords and correspondenceExhibition catalogs1977ocn003078262book19250.63POWELL, L. BJacob EpsteinExhibition catalogs1604ocn268796964book20090.81Gilboa, R--and there was sculpture : Jacob Epstein's formative years (1882-1930)Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+27452985461567ocn003599831book19550.56Ireland, GeoffreyEpstein, a camera study of the sculptor at work1562ocn040839349book19990.50Cork, RichardJacob EpsteinCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+17372890363241423ocn003527379book19200.76Van Dieren, BernardEpstein1283ocn002802991book19710.76Epstein, JacobJacob Epstein : sculpture, watercolors, and drawings from the collection of Edward P. Schinman1282ocn001292596book19730.79Epstein, JacobSculpture of Jacob Epstein : the Eisenberg-Robbins collectionExhibition catalogs1232ocn006440215book19620.50Epstein, JacobEpstein drawingsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+3094756415+-+3094756415Fri Mar 21 15:18:56 EDT 2014batch30417