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Fri Mar 21 17:04:53 2014 UTClccn-n500109950.07Camille Pissarro /0.360.92Correspondance avec Camille Pissarro /14775224Camille_Pissarron 5001099546498Camille Jacob PissarroCamille PissarroPisaro, ḲamiPisaro, Ḳami, 1830-1903Pisaro, KamijPisaro, Kamil, 1830-1903Pisarro, CamillePisarro, Camille, 1830-1903Pissaro, CamillePissaro, Camille JacobPissarro.Pissarro, ... 1830-1903Pissarro, C. 1830-1903Pissarro, C. (Camille)Pissarro, CamillePissarro, Camille JacobPissarro, Camille Jacob 1830-1903 Vollstaendiger NamePissarro, Jacob AbrahamPissarro, Jacob-Abraham-CamillePissarro, Jacob-Abraham-Camille, 1830-1903Pissarro, Jacob-Abraham-Camille 1830-1903 Vollstaendiger Nameפיסארו, קמיפיסארו, קמי, 1830-1903カミーユ・ピサロ, 1830-1903ピサロlccn-n79055527Monet, Claude1840-1926illhnrartlccn-n50045231Rewald, John1912-1994othedtcrelccn-n90616142Pissarro, Joachimothnp-renoir, auguste$1841 1919Renoir, Auguste1841-1919artlccn-n79022903Degas, Edgar1834-1917prtartlccn-n91038796Lloyd, Christopher1945-lccn-n82220027Brettell, Richard R.lccn-n79055446Cézanne, Paul1839-1906illartlccn-n81145877Morisot, Berthe1841-1895artlccn-n50010563Stone, Irving1903-1989Pissarro, Camille1830-1903Exhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyFictionRecords and correspondenceHistoryCatalogsArtJuvenile worksPissarro, Camille,FrancePaintersImpressionism (Art)Impressionist artistsPainting, FrenchRenoir, Auguste,Monet, Claude,Degas, Edgar,Cities and towns in artPissarro, Lucien,France--PontoiseCézanne, Paul,Morisot, Berthe,EuropeWest IndiansPaintingQuests (Expeditions)ArtistsLandscapes in artNeo-impressionism (Art)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Avant-garde (Aesthetics)Painters--Social conditionsArt, EuropeanRembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn,Carracci, Annibale,Rodin, Auguste,Botticelli, Sandro,Poussin, Nicolas,Riemenschneider, Tilman,Art, RenaissanceLeonardo,--da Vinci,Seurat, Georges,Lorrain, Claude,Art, RomanesqueEyck, Jan van,Daumier, Honoré,Manet, Édouard,Picasso, Pablo,Bernini, Gian Lorenzo,CubismBrancusi, Constantin,Caravaggio, Michelangelo Merisi da,Art, BaroqueGrünewald, Matthias,Kandinsky, Wassily,Mantegna, Andrea,Art, CarolingianGiotto,1830190318631867187018721873187418751877187818791880188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419061907190919101911191219131914192019211922192319241925192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133364914052264759.4ND553.P55ocn075365418ocn313400911ocn076036952ocn312054691ocn311783561ocn799985116ocn315416377ocn314119309ocn313749515ocn314735238ocn762328333ocn693398488ocn693396370ocn693412646ocn693394530ocn693413914ocn762330154ocn762329775ocn693411836ocn693411882ocn439640271ocn443538489ocn443190057ocn755100566ocn441703793ocn755129380ocn441825943ocn440867874ocn443425622ocn439867468ocn258132760ocn246080507ocn833138199ocn762799845ocn470191310ocn461701973ocn762636669ocn461715482ocn578987641ocn579028673ocn185690830ocn185476626ocn185320864ocn185476920ocn311919026ocn311944653ocn722060571ocn076642539ocn740277589Painters118361ocn000491761book19300.29Rewald, JohnCamille PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogsA brief introduction to Pissarro's work precede 40 color plates with a description of each+-+444964563595617ocn008110784book19810.31Pissarro, JoachimCamille PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+67306329353247845ocn026632357book19920.39Brettell, Richard RThe impressionist and the city : Pissarro's series paintingsExhibition catalogs"Examines the problematic serial nature of ... [Pissarro's] urban works"--Foreword+-+55080555853246652ocn021708168book19900.24Thomson, RichardCamille Pissarro : impressionism, landscape and rural labourExhibition catalogs+-+05488069455374ocn165475429book20060.32Rothkopf, KatherinePissarro : creating the impressionist landscapeCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsOm den franske maler Camille Pissarros kunstneriske udvikling i årene frem mod impressionismen. Med analyser af 49 malerier fra perioden 1864-1874+-+15812110355315ocn043346382book19990.53Becker, ChristophCamille PissarroCatalogsExhibition catalogs"This illustrated volume with paintings, drawings, prints and pastels by Pissarro presents the full range of his thematic and artistic diversity - from the colourist masterpieces of his early landscapes to his renowned life views of Rouen, London and Paris, as well as portraits still lifes, market scenes and images of everyday rural life. Pissarro had a unique ability to capture atmospheric nuances and the changes wrought by the times of day and the seasons: sunrise, misty mornings, hoar frost, trees in blossom and the infinitely varied play of light on water."--BOOK JACKET+-+36135202285184ocn058454839book20050.39Pissarro, JoachimPioneering modern painting : Cézanne & Pissarro, 1865-1885Exhibition catalogsCatalog of an exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art, June 26-Sept. 12, 2005, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Oct. 20, 2005-Jan. 16, 2006, and the Musée d'Orsay, Paris, Feb. 27-May 28, 2006+-+60365252353355ocn123767256book20070.50Levitov, KarenCamille Pissarro : impressions of city & countryCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsFeaturing a wide selection of paintings from private collections, many rarely seen, this title reveals the genius of Camille Pissarro, an artist keenly focused on his natural surroundings and the lives of common folk+-+64297655853346ocn005447349book19800.73Ashmolean MuseumA catalogue of the drawings by Camille Pissarro in the Ashmolean Museum, OxfordCatalogs3294ocn682145519book20110.63Brettell, Richard RPissarro's peopleExhibition catalogsStudie over de menselijke figuren op de schilderijen en tekeningen van de Franse impressionist (1830-1903)+-+93660864282721ocn064202293visu20060.19The impressionistsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThis is the story of the life and work of Camille Pissarro, the West-Indian born leader of the original Impressionists and the only artist from that school to exhibit at all eight of the exhibitions from 1874 to 1886. A considerable influence on Cezanne and Gauguin at the beginning of their careers, Pissarro's great works include the famous Boulevard Montmartre which hangs today in the National Gallery, London26828ocn020783095book19350.23Seligman, PatriciaPissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiography2523ocn062225478book20050.27Pissarro, CamilleCamille PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+94281298252097ocn024550270book19930.84Pissarro, LucienThe letters of Lucien to Camille Pissarro, 1883-1903Records and correspondence+-+22167567051792ocn031932314book19940.14Doeser, LindaThe life and works of PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyA brief biography of Camille Pissarro plus 50 paintings with extended captions which explain the background, significance, and the work's position in the total collection of the artist's work1473ocn711045527book20110.88Adler, KathleenA time and a place : Near Sydenham Hill by Camille PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcArt+-+42202655851393ocn029304997book19930.28Reid, MartinPissarro1353ocn032307360book19940.84Pissarro, JoachimCamille Pissarro : impressionist innovatorExhibition catalogs9919ocn011035660book19740.27Pissarro, CamillePissarroBiographyUn album illustré d'une cinquantaine de reproductions en quadrichromie des tableaux de l'artiste et d'une vingtaine de ses dessins. Rédigée par un spécialiste, une mise au point accessible cerne la personnalité de l'artiste et les traits caractéristiques de son oeuvre+-+5472739625714ocn022665130book19900.92Mirbeau, OctaveCorrespondance avec Camille PissarroRecords and correspondence212311ocn011917480book19850.20Stone, IrvingDepths of glory : a biographical novel of Camille PissarroBiographyFictionCamille Pissarro was a brilliant, prolific painter and a father of the Impressionist movement. His struggle to be seen and survive the rejection of the art establishment is set against nineteenth-century Europe+-+1650277095165925ocn002082821book19650.27Pissarro, CamillePissarroBiographyContains photographic reproductions of the artist's work and presents critical commentary on the artist and his work+-+547273962513343ocn006602906book19800.31Shikes, Ralph EPissarro, his life and workBiography11511ocn070107133book20060.21Roe, SueThe private lives of the impressionistsHistoryBiographyA group portrait of the Impressionist artists traces how the movement's early leaders met in the studios of Paris and lived and worked together closely for several years, supporting one another through a series of emotional and financial difficulties+-+03009051559809ocn027429581book19810.31Pissarro, JoachimCamille PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography+-+29728456358956ocn021116768book19770.39Brettell, Richard RPissarro and Pontoise : the painter in a landscapeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcArt+-+01889555853248646ocn047887735visu20010.21Alfred, BruceThe Impressionists the other French revolutionBiography"Tells the story of the first truly modern artistic movement, focusing on five of its most important practitioners, Renoir, Monet, Degas, Pissarro, and Morisot. Their determination to remain true to their convictions--and the price they paid as a result--is vididly captured in their own words, taken from letters and diaries, while the world's foremost authorities offer fascinating insights into their lives and work"--Container84726ocn018739559book19300.29Rewald, JohnCamille PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyExhibition catalogsA brief introduction to Pissarro's work precede 40 color plates with a description of each+-+44496456358349ocn042652642book20000.31Walcott, DerekTiepolo's houndPoetry"Published with twenty-six full-color reproductions of Derek Walcott's own paintings, the poem is at once the spiritual biography of a great artist in self-imposed exile, a history in verse of Impressionist painting, and a memoir of the poet's desire to catch the visual world in more than words."--BOOK JACKET+-+62305692857134ocn003169151book19780.50Impressionism in perspective63412ocn001238677book19430.66Pissarro, CamilleCamille Pissarro: letters to his son LucienBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+23911932356234ocn004195923book19770.32Adler, KathleenCamille Pissarro : a biographyBiography4822ocn068187386book20050.27Pissarro, CamilleCamille PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs+-+57006655854673ocn032199292book19950.70Ward, MarthaPissarro, Neo-impressionism, and the spaces of the avant-gardeHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcThroughout, there are sensitive discussions of such artists as Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, as well as Pissarro. Yet the touchstone of the book is Pissarro's intricate relationship to the various factions of the Paris art world. Pissarro's adoption of neo-impressionism, often considered an aberrant move, was in fact consistent with a larger pattern of rupture and discontinuity in his career, and a sign of his responsiveness to the changing social connotations of artistic language. In close readings of selected paintings, Ward shows how Pissarro's neo-impressionist works express his anxieties over the institutional and commercial developments of art, simultaneously addressing and seeking to alter their own historical position+-+79782317754291ocn013329711book19860.66Studies on Camille PissarroCriticism, interpretation, etc4014ocn007164635book19800.59Pissarro, CamillePissarro : Camille Pissarro, 1830-1903 : Hayward Gallery, London, 30 October 1980-11 January 1981, Grand Palais, Paris, 30 January-27 April 1981, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 19 May-9 August 1981Exhibition catalogs3545ocn000579839book19430.59Pissarro, CamilleCamille Pissarro: letters to his son LucienBiographyRecords and correspondence3494ocn064678815visu20050.21Kloss, WilliamA History of European artHistoryThe development of the arts in Europe from the Middle Ages to the modern era is an astonishing record of cultural achievement, from the breathtaking architecture of Gothic cathedrals to the daring visual experiments of the Cubist painters. We all have our favorite artists, periods, or styles from this immensely rich tradition, but how many of us truly know the full sweep of European art? How many of us can connect the dots of influences and inspiration that link the Renaissance with Mannerism, or that tie the paintings of the creator of modern art, Edouard Manet, to masterpieces from centuries earlier? These lectures feature more than 850 images of drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, and architecture, beginning with the age of Charlemagne through the onset of World War II3223ocn050722186book20030.07Venezia, MikeCamille PissarroJuvenile worksBiographyDescribes the life and work of the twentieth-century French painter, Camille Pissarro+-+62241716053037ocn001514731book19240.73Tabarant, APissarro+-+5508055585324+-+5508055585324Fri Mar 21 15:19:27 EDT 2014batch60754