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Fri Mar 21 17:16:04 2014 UTClccn-n500110450.00Leaf protein : its agronomy, preparation, quality and use; [third meeting ... held in December 1970 at Coimbatore] /0.731.00Report on the papers of Sir Frederick Charles Bawden, FRS (1908-1972), including papers of Alfred Alexander Peter Kleczkowski, FRS (1908-1970) and of Norman Wingate Pirie, FRS (B. 1907) /92385371Norman_Pirien 5001104546548Pirie, N. WPirie, Norman W.Pirie, Norman W., 1907-viaf-215068853Swaninathan, Monkombu Sambasivanlccn-n80005243Clark, F. Le Gros(Frederick Le Gros)1892-1977edtlccn-n83166340Miles, A. Ashley(Arnold Ashley)Sir1904-edtlccn-n79122695Semenza, G.1928-lccn-n50060561Cooke, G. W.(George William)1916-lccn-n80083714Kaplan, Nathan O.(Nathan Oram)1917-1986np-klingenberg, martinKlingenberg, Martinnp-hemmerich, peterHemmerich, Peternp-kurahashi, kiyoshiKurahashi, Kiyoshilccn-n82149707Lardy, Henry A.Pirie, N. W.(Norman Wingate)1907-Conference proceedingsFoodLeaf proteinsFood supplyForage plants--CompositionProteinsPopulationLeaves--CompositionSpace flight--Physiological effectBacterial cell wallsPirie, N. W.--(Norman Wingate),Klingenberg, MartinEdsall, John T.--(John Tileston),Kaplan, Nathan O.--(Nathan Oram),Slater, E. C.--(Edward Charles),Lederer, EdgarHemmerich, PeterLardy, Henry AGreat BritainAgricultural productivityAgricultureFarm management--Decision makingAgricultural conservationMicroorganismsBacteriaFarm managementLife on other planetsFood--BiotechnologyFood--Protein contentKleczkowski, Alfred Alexander Peter,Plant proteinsEngland--LondonFood industry and tradeArchivesRoyal Society (Great Britain).--LibraryNutritionManuscripts, EnglishManuscriptsSpace biologyFarm produce190719971948194919511952195519571958196119661967196819691970197119721975197619771978198019821986198719972005200820112012217061152338.19HD9000.5ocn034248765ocn310641859ocn691867024ocn459514756ocn804308113ocn71910675345718ocn000097467book19690.66Pirie, N. WFood resources: conventional and novel42012ocn001682368book19750.70Pirie, N. WFood protein sources30610ocn000251676book19710.76Pirie, N. WLeaf protein: its agronomy, preparation, quality and use2246ocn003631396book19780.79Pirie, N. WLeaf protein and other aspects of fodder fractionationHistorical and anatomical background; Prelude to production; Choice of crops and yields of extractable protein from them; Separation, purificaion, composition and fractionation; Preservation, storage and modification; Digestibility In vitro and nutritive value in animals; Human trials and experiments; The value of the extraced fibre and the 'whey'; The role of fodder fractionationin practice2038ocn014242706book19870.84Pirie, N. WLeaf protein and its by-products in human and animal nutrition+-+55858867051815ocn000097527book19510.70Clark, F. Le GrosFour thousand million mouths; scientific humanism and the shadow of world hunger15810ocn034248765book19490.90Society for General MicrobiologyThe Nature of the bacterial surface : a symposium of the Society for General Microbiology, April, 1949Conference proceedings422ocn003991237book19770.84Royal Society (Great Britain)Agricultural efficiency : a Royal Society discussion on the management of inputs for yet greater agricultural yield and efficiencyConference proceedings166ocn782024031book19550.79Institute of BiologyThe numbers of man and animals148ocn562100630book19610.70Institute of BiologyThe biology of space travel94ocn221862777book19490.63Society for General MicrobiologyThe nature of the bacterial surface71ocn005139775book19770.92The Management of inputs for yet greater agricultural yield and efficiency : a discussionConference proceedings71ocn026062861book19720.47Marquand, JoséphineQu'est-ce que la vie ? : ses origines, ses formes, sa répartition54ocn315001333book19550.47Institute of BiologyThe numbers of man and animals. (A record of the symposium held on 24 and 25 September 1954 by the Institute of Biology)41ocn310641859book1971Leaf protein : its agronomy, preparation, quality and use; [third meeting ... held in December 1970 at Coimbatore]41ocn006658064book19750.81Discussion on the recognition of alien life33ocn462249980book1970Pirie, N. WLivsmedelsförsörjningen - ett varldsproblem32ocn796039273book19690.47Pirie, N. WFood resources33ocn663689021book19670.81Pirie, N. WOrthodox and unorthodox methods of meeting world food needs32ocn753177796book1951Clark, F. Le GrosFour Thousand Million Mouths. Scientific humanism and the shadow of world hunger. Edited by F. Le G. Clark and N. W. Pirie521ocn014171195book19860.59Comprehensive biochemistrySelected topics in the history of biochemistry : personal recollections. II21ocn007796336book19761.00Alton, JeannineReport on the papers of Sir Frederick Charles Bawden, FRS (1908-1972), including papers of Alfred Alexander Peter Kleczkowski, FRS (1908-1970) and of Norman Wingate Pirie, FRS (B. 1907)HistoryCatalogs11ocn779786474book1997Norman PirieDied Mar. 29 1997+-+5585886705+-+5585886705Fri Mar 21 15:11:52 EDT 2014batch13147