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Thu Oct 16 18:00:26 2014 UTClccn-n500110880.63Subversion and social change in Colombia0.790.97Ciencia y compromiso : en torno a la obra de Orlando Fals Borda /49250840Orlando_Fals_Bordan 5001108846591Borda, Orlando F. 1925-2008Borda, Orlando FalsBorda Orlando Fals 1925-2008Fals B, OrlandoFals B., Orlando (Fals Borda)Fals-Borda, OrlandoFals-Borda, Orlando 1925-2008Fals-Borda, Orlnado 1925-2008Fals, O.Fals, O. (Orlando)Fals, Orlandoボルダ, O. Flccn-no2003049836Columbia UniversityInstitute of Latin American Studiesedtlccn-n82162143Rahman, Md. 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This demands a commitment from social scientists and policy makers to deprofessionalize and share their expertise, and to listen to the feelings and needs of the common people, particularly those forgotten and left voiceless by the dominant institutions of society. "Action and Knowledge" draws on 20 years of experience with the techniques and philosophy of PAR using case studies from Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America to show how widespread this approach to development has become since it emerged as a new way to empower the oppressed two decades ago. As shown in this book, PAR can successfully bring about change because it actively involves people in generating knowledge about their own condition and how it can best be transformed. The book gives a constructive message to social action groups, grass-roots organizers and government officials in both industrialized countries and the Third World on ways to stimulate social and economic change, and will also lead to further dialogue with scholars, teachers and students (especially those who consider themselves "post-modern" about the crisis of "development"+-+734548803632417533ocn001464150book19680.82Fals-Borda, OrlandoLas revoluciones inconclusas en América Latina (1809-1968)15224ocn001750212book19700.93Fals-Borda, OrlandoCiencia propia y colonialismo intelectual13816ocn001547576book19610.93Fals-Borda, OrlandoCampesinos de los Andes : estudio sociológico de SaucíoCase studies11918ocn021430687book19720.88Fals-Borda, OrlandoEl reformismo por dentro en América Latina11411ocn001471118book19670.93Fals-Borda, OrlandoLa subversión en Colombia: visión del cambio social en la historiaHistory10329ocn026610267book19620.93Guzmán Campos, GermánLa violencia en Colombia : estudio de un proceso socialHistory10216ocn006667007book19790.96Fals-Borda, OrlandoHistoria doble de la costaHistoryLocal history9813ocn002073678book19750.93Fals-Borda, OrlandoHistoria de la cuestión agraria en ColombiaHistoryEstudia la cuestion agraria desde antes de la conquista, hasta la expansion moderna del capitalismo, mostrando el desarrollo de la lucha de clases en el marco de los modos de produccion8511ocn019351057book19880.77Fals-Borda, OrlandoKnowledge and people's power : lessons with peasants in Nicaragua, Mexico and ColombiaCase studies7614ocn017104858book19850.94Fals-Borda, OrlandoConocimiento y poder popular : lecciones con campesinos de Nicaragua, México y Colombia : estudio preparado para los grupos de base y para la Oficina Internacional del Trabajo759ocn001509503book19630.96Fals-Borda, OrlandoEl Brasil: campesinos y vivienda758ocn000690759book19590.96Fals-Borda, OrlandoLa teoría y la realidad del cambio sociocultural en ColombiaCase studies726ocn040501248book19980.77World Congress of Participatory Convergence in Knowledge, Space, and TimePeople's participation : challenges aheadConference proceedings+-+90994880363247113ocn000849274book19730.95Fals-Borda, OrlandoEl hombre y la tierra en Boyacá; desarrollo histórico de una sociedad minifundistaEstudia la erosion del minifundio, el aburguesamiento del campesino y la manipulacion y represion estatales6914ocn001471410book19620.96Fals-Borda, OrlandoLa educación en Colombia, bases para su interpretación sociológica. [Versión castellana de la conferencia leída en la Universidad de Florida, Gainesville, en diciembre de 1961]687ocn001494417book19600.96Fals-Borda, OrlandoAcción comunal en una vereda colombiana: su aplicación, sus resultados y su interpretacíon302ocn016985879book19870.97Ciencia y compromiso : en torno a la obra de Orlando Fals BordaBibliographyConference proceedings122ocn593573113book20090.97Fals Borda y la persistencia de las utopíasCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviews41ocn860386252book20120.97Borja, MiguelUna vida de compromiso social : Orlando Fals BordaBiography11ocn713042079mix19780.92Looß, AnnelieseCiencia popular in KolumbienCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7345488036324+-+7345488036324Thu Oct 16 15:07:56 EDT 2014batch24177