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Fri Mar 21 17:11:09 2014 UTClccn-n500110950.00[Pietro Testa : International Art & Artists File]0.761.00Pietro Testa nei rami della Calcografia /36927858Pietro_Testan 5001109546598Il |LucchesinoIl Lucchesino 1611-1650Il Lucchesino 1612-1650˜Il œLucchesinoLucchesino 1612-1650Lucchesino, IlLucchesino, Il 1611-1650Lucentinus, Petrus T. 1611-1650Pedro TestePedro TesttaPietro TestaTesta Lucentinus, Petrus 1611-1650Testa, P. (Pietro), 1611-1650Testa, Pietrolccn-n83159563Cropper, Elizabeth1944-lccn-n78039512Dempsey, Charleslccn-n79005616Philadelphia Museum of Artlccn-n85234554Arthur M. Sackler Museumlccn-n50066564Kunstmuseum Düsseldorflccn-n81085607Bellini, Paoloedtviaf-88987206Speciale, Onofriolccn-n80081729Calcografia nazionale (Italy)lccn-n80139392Murray, Charles Fairfax1849-1919lccn-n85073820Morgan, J. Pierpont(John Pierpont)1837-1913Testa, Pietro1611-1650Exhibition catalogsParablesHistoryTesta, Pietro,Art, BaroqueItaly--RomePaintingEtchingCantarini, Simone,Ribera, Jusepe de,Carpioni, Giulio,ItalyItaly--LuccaBibleProdigal son (Parable)Mary,--Blessed Virgin, SaintPrints, ItalianJesus ChristDrawingTablesDonkeysBrühl, Heinrich,--Graf von,Boats and boatingBoatmenMonkeysArt, ItalianFlight of Jesus Christ into EgyptEtching, ItalianAchilles (Greek mythology)RiversVoyages and travelsRosa, Salvatore,BuildingsAngelsIliad (Homer)Egypt in the BibleBargesRochus,--Saint,Art--Collectors and collectingTreesJoseph,--SaintPlagueSwineTurbansMotherhood of the Blessed Virgin MaryCastiglione, Giovanni Benedetto,Germany--DresdenDrawing--Private collectionsTrojan WarAnimals in the BibleDrawing, ItalianInfants in the BibleEscapes161116501630163816401648165017291752188019541962196719681971197219741976197719781980198419889426278760.0924ND1130ocn691309738ocn6933133283414ocn010099432book19840.79Cropper, ElizabethThe ideal of painting : Pietro Testa's Düsseldorf notebook72ocn797199527book19760.86Testa, PietroL'opera incisa di Pietro Testa22ocn803305707book19770.92Testa, PietroPietro Testa nei rami della Calcografia : mostra di rami e stampe, Calcografia nazionale, Roma, 5 febbraio-6 marzo 1977 : catalogo22ocn625537750book19880.73Cropper, ElizabethPietro Testa, 1612-1650 : prints and drawingsExhibition catalogsWorks of Pietro Testa, an Italian High Baroque artist in Rome11ocn270689495visu0.10Testa, PietroThe Dream of Joseph11ocn077880553visu1752Oesterreich, MatthiasRecueil de quelques desseins de plusieurs habiles maitres tirès du cabinet de S.E. le prem. ministre comte de BrühlHistory11ocn222523171com0.47Testa, PietroThe Prodigal Son At the Courtesan's HouseParables11ocn808215357visu1648Testa, PietroSuicide of Cato: Cato is shown lying on his bed surrounded by his mourning friends committing suicide by tearing out his own entrailsCato Marcus Porcius (95-46 BC) leader of the Optimates, tried to preserve the Roman Republic against power seekers, in particular Julius Caesar. Cato's sole chance to preserve the republic lay in supporting Pompey, whom he had formerly opposed. After Pompey's defeat, Cato led a small remnant of troops to Africa, where he committed suicide after evacuating his adherents by sea11ocn779603778visu1650Testa, PietroSaint Francis of Assisi (?) dying, surrounded by angels. Etching after P. Testa, ca. 165011ocn808158371visuSaint Nicholas and Saint Roch invoking the help of the Virgin to stay the plague11ocn080148391visu1638Testa, PietroIl liceo della pittvraThe print, also known as the Lyceum of Painting, is dedicated to Girolamo Buonvisi, who was a collector of painting in Lucca and a cleric of the Apostolic Camera. A monogram of the artist is inscribed on a rock to the right of his signature11ocn740352313visu1630Testa, Pietro[Martirio de San Erasmo]El Santo desnudo tendido sobre un banco. Un verdugo le saca por el vientre los intestinos que otros dos van arrollando en un torno. A los lados otros personajes; en el fondo la estatua de una diosa en una hornacina; en el aire dos ángeles niños que traen la palma y la corona11ocn779558647visuTesta, PietroMartyrdom of Saint Erasmus. Etching by P. Testa11ocn808176103visuTesta, PietroAccompanied by angels, the fugitive holy family board a barge to cross a river. Aquatint with etching by A. Scacciati after P. Testa11ocn222522471com0.47Testa, PietroThe Prodigal Son Caring for the PigsParables11ocn740351095visu1640Anónimo italiano. Roma[Estudio de árboles]Cuatro troncos de árboles retorcidos y escaso follaje. En primer término el tronco serrado de otro y paños de entre los que brota un chorro de agua11ocn270689466visu0.10Testa, PietroAdoration of the Shepherds11ocn085175371visu1648Testa, Pietro[Achilles dragging the body of Hector]The last print of a suite dedicated to the life of Achilles, the scene shows Achilles in his chariot, dragging the corpse of Hector, with Priam, Hecuba, and Andromache mourning on the walls of Troy in the background11ocn270689493visu0.10Testa, PietroStudy, Several Figures Struggling11ocn779603765visu1640Testa, PietroSaint Francis of Assisi kneeling and holding a cross; three angels around him. Etching after P. Testa, ca. 16404023ocn018497698book19880.73Cropper, ElizabethPietro Testa, 1612-1650 : prints and drawingsExhibition catalogsWorks of Pietro Testa, an Italian High Baroque artist in Rome822ocn003033284book19760.86Testa, PietroL'opera incisa di Pietro Testa412ocn003705682book19770.92Testa, PietroPietro Testa nei rami della Calcografia : mostra di rami e stampe, Calcografia nazionale, Roma, 5 febbraio-6 marzo 1977 : catalogo42ocn198218752book19680.84Finch CollegeFive graphic artists of the seventeenth centuryExhibition catalogs21ocn081631521book19740.23Cropper, ElizabethVirtue's wintry reward: Pietro Testa's etchings of the Seasons21ocn007590218book19770.47Cropper, ElizabethPietro Testa and Lucca : mythology of a republic22ocn320429756bookTesta, Pietro[Pietro Testa : International Art & Artists File]Exhibition catalogs22ocn081674138book19771.00Calcografia nazionale (Italy)Pietro Testa nei rami della Calcografia11ocn053951288visu1.00Testa, Pietro[Self-portrait]11ocn077982627visu0.47Testa, PietroPietro Testa : artist file :Assembled artist file includes b&w photographs, reproductions from books and auction catalogs, and in some cases, negatives. Items may include full views, details, before and after restoration views, etc. Documentation may include artist name, title of work, medium, dimensions, provenance, exhibition history, related works, previous attributions, and bibliography11ocn081368648book19800.47Cropper, ElizabethA scholion by Hermias to Plato's Phaedrus and its adaptations in Pietro Testa's Blinding of Homer and in Politian's Ambra11ocn079614875book19740.47Cropper, Elizabeth"Disegno" as the foundation of art:11ocn272568642book19720.47National Galleries of ScotlandPietro Testa (1611-50)Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn808158372visuTesta, PietroPietro Testa11ocn272532867book19620.47Frey, DagobertEine Zeichnung von Pietro TestaCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn081209333bookPia Gallo Fine Prints (Firm)Pietro Testa, 1612-1650Exhibition catalogs11ocn083309401book19710.47Cropper, ElizabethBound theory and blind practice: Pietro Testa's notes on painting and the Liceo della pittura11ocn272575896book19780.47Brigstocke, HughSome further thoughts on Pietro TestaCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn272575779book19670.47Sutherland Harris, AnnNotes on the chronology and death of Pietro TestaBiography11ocn199043987bookTesta, Pietro, 1615-1650 : [miscellaneous ephemeral material]The folder may include clippings, announcements, small exhibition catalogs, and other ephemeral itemsFri Mar 21 15:30:54 EDT 2014batch17154