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Fri Mar 21 17:07:55 2014 UTClccn-n500159510.66Epea pteroenta Or, the diversions of Purley. Part I. By John Horne Tooke0.820.92A letter to the editor of the Times2542227John_Horne_Tooken 5001595151412Horne, John, 1736-1812Horne Tooke, JohnHorne Tooke, John, 1736-1812Tooke, Horne, 1736-1812Tooke, John H.Tooke, John Hornelccn-n50032759Fox, Charles James1749-1806lccn-n79006410Price, Richard1723-1791lccn-n88096138Hardy, Thomas1752-1832lccn-n50047916GeorgeIVKing of Great Britain1762-1830lccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-n93105926Great BritainCourt of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery (London and Middlesex)lccn-n50020355Gurney, Joseph1744-1815lccn-no90024783Gardner, Alan GardnerBaron1742-1809lccn-n88256623Stephens, Alexander1757-1821lccn-n50007618Thelwall, John1764-1834Tooke, John Horne1736-1812Trials, litigation, etcHistorySermonsPamphletsBiographyDiariesGreat BritainTooke, John Horne,Political scienceUnited StatesLanguage and languagesIndo-European languages--EtymologyEnglish language--EtymologyFinanceTrials (Treason)Finance, PublicGeorge--IV,--King of Great Britain,England--LondonElectionsGreat Britain.--ParliamentHardy, Thomas,Legislative bodies--ReformPoliticiansRepresentative government and representationTrials (Libel)Burdett, Francis,--Sir,Paull, James,Fox, Charles James,Debtor and creditorElections--Corrupt practicesTrials (Bribery)JacobinsFitzherbert, Maria Anne,Thelwall, John,Wordsworth, William,Politics and literatureIntellectual lifeEdgeworth, Maria,Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Locke, John,Wilkes, John,EnglandJunius,Kings and rulersEnglish philologyMarine insurancePitt, William,Pitt, William,--Earl of Chatham,Holland, Henry Fox,--Baron,England--GuildfordConstitutional historyJuryAnglo-French War (1793-1802)Protest movementsPolitical prisonersLiberty173618121750176417651767176817691770177117721773177417751777177817791780178217831784178617871788178917901791179217931794179517961797179817991800180118021804180518061807180818091810181218131814181518161818181918231824182618271828182918401845185418571860186918701872187318861892189719001919192019261927193419361953196619681969197219741977197819801992199319951996199819992002200520072008200920102013143374101177330AC4ocn005542103ocn464779413ocn257947970150895ocn065333376file17500.79Tooke, John HorneFacts addressed to the landholders, stockholders, merchants, farmers, manufacturers, tradesmen, proprietors of every description, and generally to all the subjects of Great Britain and IrelandHistoryPamphletsConcerns the increase of the public debt due to the cost of the war with the American colonies74766ocn002036181book17860.84Tooke, John HorneEpea pteroenta = or, The diversions of Purley64936ocn065335177com17870.79Tooke, John HorneA letter to a friend, on the reported marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales45126ocn083264833com17920.86Fox, Charles JamesProceedings in an action for debt, between the Right Honourable Charles James Fox, plaintiff, and John Horne Tooke, Esq. defendant. Published by the defendantTrials, litigation, etcTooke lost the 1790 election for Westminster to Fox; his petition to H of C regarding the election was found to be "frivolous & vexatious," making him, according to a new law, responsible for the costs incurred, for which Fox brought this action against him; heard before Lord Kenyon, Westminster-Hall, April 30, 1792; determined for the plaintiff25715ocn065332603file17830.84Tooke, John HorneA letter on parliamentary reform containing the sketch of a plan25315ocn065335346file17820.81Tooke, John HorneA letter to Lord Ashburton, from Mr. Horne occasioned by last Tuesday's debate in the House of Commons, on Mr. Pitt's motionHistory23413ocn083371153com17690.70Tooke, John HorneA sermon. By the Rev. John Horne, Minister of New-BrentfordSermons21324ocn083462092file17680.66Tooke, John HorneEpea pteroenta Or, the diversions of Purley. Part I. By John Horne Tooke21113ocn065337697com17960.84Fox, Charles JamesJordan's complete collection of all the addresses and speeches of the Hon. C.J. Fox, Sir A. Gardner, and J.H. Tooke, Esq. at the late interesting contest for Westminster together with the addresses and resolutions of the committee for promoting Mr. Tooke's election in the Parish of St. James's : to which are added, the proceedings at the Crown and Anchor, with the speeches of J.H. Tooke, Esq. on the 28th of June 179619410ocn506067929com17950.81Hardy, ThomasTrials for high treason containing the whole of the proceedings at the Old-Bailey, from October 28, to December 5, 1794. Comprising the trials complete of Thomas Hardy, John Horne Tooke, and John Thelwall. Including the Examinations of Lord Camden, Duke of Richmond, Lord Fred. Campbell, Earl Stanhope, Mr. Pitt, Mr. Fox, Bishop of Gloucester, Major Cartwright, Mr. Sheridan, &c. &c. with the Speeches at Length of Mr. Erskine, Mr. Gibbs, the Attorney General, Mr. Serjeant Adair, &c. And also, the previous proceedings at the Sessions-House, Clerkenwell, and the Old-Bailey. Accurately taken in Short-HandTrials, litigation, etc19010ocn065236396com18070.92Tooke, John HorneA letter to the editor of the Times18319ocn642178619file17960.79Tooke, John HorneThe speeches of John Horne Tooke, during the Westminster election, 1796 with his two addresses to the electors of Westminster. Also, the speech of the Right Hon. C.J. Fox, on the last day but one of the election. The only correct edition published17017ocn744911515book17880.79Tooke, John HorneTwo pair of portraits, presented to all the unbiassed electors of Great-Britain and especially to the electors of Westminster. By John Horne Tooke, an elector of WestminsterHistory1688ocn506043185file17700.84Tooke, John HorneThe genuine trial between the Rt. Hon. Geo. Onslow, Esq., and the Rev. Mr. John Horne tried at Guildford, the 1st of August, 1770, before the Right Honourable Lord Mansfield : for printing two libels against, and speaking defamatory words of George Onslow, Esq., one of the representatives for the county of Surry : together with the libels and all the letters that passed relative to this affairTrials, litigation, etc1454ocn000024972book19680.88Tooke, John HorneEpea pteroenta; or, The diversions of Purley, 17981398ocn065250484file18180.90Tooke, John HorneThe causes and effects of the national debt and paper money on real and natural property, in the present state of civil society pointing out the only way the national debt can or ought to be paid, with a word of advice to the people at a general election ... to which is added, an appendix, containing a just and impartial review of the funds of England; shewing the consequences of a public bank being at the disposal of any minister, by the late Dr. Price1375ocn065236371com18070.92Tooke, John HorneA warning to the electors of Westminster from Mr. Horne Tooke13411ocn744856530com17650.76Tooke, John HorneThe petition of an Englishman13110ocn744913891file17960.76Fox, Charles JamesThe westminster election, in the year 1796. Being an accurate state of the poll each day: also a complete collection of the addresses and speeches (from the hustings in Covent Garden) of the Right Hon. Charles James Fox, Vice Admiral Sir Alan Gardner, Bart. and John Horn Tooke, Esq. The whole carefully corrected1296ocn083335402file17780.76Great BritainIn the House of Lords. Between John Horne, clerk, - - - - - - - plaintiff in error, and our sovereign Lord the King, - - - defendant in errorTrials, litigation, etc36814ocn000451953book18130.88Stephens, AlexanderMemoirs of John Horne Tooke, interspersed with original documentsBiography2747ocn001299453book19260.84Yarborough, Minnie ClareJohn Horne Tooke2382ocn060719177com18120.86Reid, William HamiltonMemoirs of the public life of John Horne Tooke, Esq. containing a particular account of his connections with the most eminent characters of the reign of George III : his trials for sedition, high treason, &c. with his most celebrated speeches in the House of Commonse, on the Hustings, letters, &c.2062ocn025788217book19920.88Wharam, AlanThe Treason Trials, 1794HistoryTrials, litigation, etc2045ocn083321161com17910.79Friend to the PeopleA review of the constitution of Great Britain being the substance of a speech delivered in a numerous assembly on the following question: "Is the petition of Mr. Horne Tooke a libel on the House of Commons, or a just statement of public grievances arising from an unfair representation of the people?" By a friend to the people1813ocn083977465book20070.86Manly, SusanLanguage, custom, and nation in the 1790s : Locke, Tooke, Wordsworth, EdgeworthHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"Language, Custom and Nation in the 1790s shows for the first time how the radical 'Jacobin' poets, and their ideas of a 'revolutionary' poetry, were impelled - even 'invented' - by the seventeenth-century English philosopher John Locke. For too long the revolutionary Romanticism and poetic experiments of the 1790s have been understood as responses to the American and French revolutions or attributed to the intellectual influence of Rousseau." "Susan Manly counters these assumptions, by tracing threads of influence from Locke's ideas of 'arbitrary' language and tyranny, through Tooke's attacks on terms such as 'majesty' and 'law', to the supposedly 'real language' of Wordsworthian Romanticism. She breaks new ground in establishing Maria Edgeworth's place in Locke's anti-authoritarian tradition, contending that Edgeworth's work, produced in the shadow of the United Irishmen uprising, revives the politicisation of the idea of common language displaced in Wordsworth's neutralizing of Locke's radical impulse in the preface to Lyrical Ballads. Manly's original and engaging book will appeal to scholars of 1790s radicalism, eighteenth-century linguistic theory, women's writing and the relations between Britain and Ireland."--BOOK JACKET+-+07830190251737ocn083264827com17950.76Tooke, John HorneThe proceedings, at large, on the trial of John Horne Tooke for high treason, at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey, from Monday the 17th, to Saturday the 22d of November, 1794. ... Taken in short-hand by J.H. Blanchard.Trials, litigation, etc1713ocn261127106com18280.86Graham, John AMemoirs of John Horne Tooke together with his valuable speeches and writings: also, containing proofs identifying him as the author of the celebrated letters of Junius1612ocn039636161book19980.86Bewley, ChristinaGentleman radical : a life of John Horne Tooke, 1736-1812Biography+-+799891513614410ocn001855355book18290.86Boyd, HughThe posthumous works of Junius. To which is prefixed, an inquiry respecting the author: also, a Sketch of the life of John Horne Tooke1414ocn083367901com17770.79Tooke, John HorneThe trial (at large) of John Horne Esq. upon an information filed ex officio, by his Majesty's Attorney General, for a libel. Before the Right Hon. William Earl of Mansfield, in the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall, on Friday the fourth of July 1777. Published by the defendant, from Mr. Gurney's short-hand notes1404ocn173652306com17770.84Tooke, John HorneFurther proceedings on the trial of John Horne, Esq; upon an information filed ex officio, by his Majesty's Attorney General, for a libel, in the Court of King's Bench, on Wednesday the 19th and Monday the 24th of November. Published by the defendant from Mr. Gurney's short-hand notesTrials, litigation, etc1264ocn506027625com18150.86Fox, Charles JamesProceedings in an action for debt, between the Right Honourable Charles James Fox, plaintiff, and John Horne Tooke, Esq. defendant. Published by the defendantTrials, litigation, etcTooke lost the 1790 election for Westminster to Fox; his petition to H of C regarding the election was found to be "frivolous & vexatious," making him, according to a new law, responsible for the costs incurred, for which Fox brought this action against him; heard before Lord Kenyon, Westminster-Hall, April 30, 1792; determined for the plaintiff1243ocn083333834com17780.76Tooke, John HorneJohn Horne, plaintiff in error, and our sovereign Lord the King, defendant. Upon a judgement, in the Court of King's-Bench, on an information for several libels. The case of the plaintiff in errorTrials, litigation, etc1233ocn008983650book19340.86Funke, OttoEnglische Sprachphilosophie im spa╠łteren 18. JahrhundertHistory1163ocn065335754file17950.88Tooke, John HorneThe trial of John Horne Tooke for high treason at the Sessions House in the Old Bailey on ... the seventeenth ... the eighteenth ... the nineteenth ... the twentieth ... the twenty-first and ... the twenty-second of November 1794Trials, litigation, etc1152ocn083480911com17780.73Tooke, John HorneA letter to John Dunning, Esq. by Mr. HorneTrials, litigation, etc1153ocn065335962file17950.92Stanhope, Charles StanhopeSubstance of Earl Stanhope's speech, delivered from the chair at a meeting of citizens at the Crown and Anchor, on the 4th of February 1795, to celebrate the happy event of the late trials [i.e. of Thomas Hardy, John Horne Tooke, John Thelwall and others] for supposed high treason ... also the resolutions of the meeting and the toasts : together with an appendix by Earl Stanhope respecting the trial by jury932ocn034157942book19950.84Tooke, John HorneThe prison diary (16 May-22 November 1794) of John Horne TookeDiaries915ocn006384297book18920.84Daly, J. BowlesThe dawn of radicalismHistory+-+0783019025Fri Mar 21 15:33:32 EDT 2014batch41155