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Thu Oct 16 17:50:44 2014 UTClccn-n500165750.37Current trends in theoretical computer science entering the 21st century /0.650.88Developments in language theory : 5th International Conference, DLT 2001, Wien, Austria, July 16-21, 2001 : revised papers /108122679Arto_Salomaan 5001657552029Salomaa, A.Salomaa, A. 1934-Salomaa, A. (Arto)Salomaa, ArtoSalomaa, Arto K.Salomaa, Arto K. 1934-Salomaa Arto KustaaSalomaa, Arto Kustaa 1934-サローマ, Alccn-n79131464Rozenberg, Grzegorzothedtlccn-n98038502Păun, Gheorghe1950-othedtlccn-n80099911Wood, Derick1940-edtlccn-n88046755Yu, Shengedtviaf-100285059Rozenberg, Grzegorzedtlccn-n85062509Kuich, Werner1941-edtlccn-n79063848Maurer, Hermann A.1941-hnredtlccn-n2004123687Gheorghe, Marian1953-edtlccn-n86062312Calude, Cristian1952-edtlccn-n80063572Karhumäki, JuhaniSalomaa, ArtoConference proceedingsFormal languagesComputer scienceMachine theorySequential machine theoryAlgebraL systemsComputational complexityPower seriesComputable functionsProgramming languages (Electronic computers)Public key cryptographyComputers--Access controlComputer science--MathematicsMolecular computersLogic, Symbolic and mathematicalSemirings (Mathematics)Ehrenfeucht, AndrzejParsing (Computer grammar)Computer programmingLogic designComputer softwareInformation theoryArtificial intelligenceElectronic data processingCoding theoryData encryption (Computer science)Commutative ringsBiotechnologyEngineeringPhysicsTelecommunicationNumber theoryCombinatorial analysisMicrobiologySalomaa, ArtoElectronic data processing--Distributed processing193419601962196319641965196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201413710227717004QA76ocn001046830ocn873583849ocn043318888ocn804296545ocn804184515ocn804821405ocn025329629ocn025329631ocn815754709ocn815754747ocn844301288ocn249652221ocn845727012ocn797744270ocn473058724ocn441132598ocn727275104ocn760712165ocn43967445510129ocn646768968file20010.47Salomaa, AA half-century of automata theory celebration and inspirationConference proceedingsAnnotation Eleven pioneers in the field reminisce about the development of automata theory and suggest possible future directions for the field, in these seven papers from a July 2000 symposium held at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Specific topics include hazard algebras, undecidability and incompleteness results in automata theory, playing infinite games in finite time, gene assembly in ciliates, and compositions over a finite domain. This work lacks a subject index. Salomaa is affiliated with the Turku Center for Computer Science, Finland. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( trends in theoretical computer science entering the 21st centuryThe scientific developments at the end of the past millennium were dominated by the huge increase and diversity of disciplines with the common label "computer science". The theoretical foundations of such disciplines have become known as "theoretical computer science". This book highlights some key issues of theoretical computer science as they seem to us now, at the beginning of the new millennium. The text is based on columns and tutorials published in the "Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science" in the period 1995-2000. The columnists themselves selected the material they wanted for this book, and the editors had a chance to update their work. Indeed, much of the material presented here appears in a form quite different from the original. Since the presentation of most of the articles is reader-friendly and does not presuppose much knowledge of the area, the book constitutes suitable supplementary reading material for various courses in computer science+-+38299756348135ocn264741141file20040.37Current trends in theoretical computer science the challenge of the new century+-+949710763432470124ocn011089329book19850.63Salomaa, ArtoComputation and automataIn this 1985 book, Arto Salomaa gives an introduction to certain mathematical topics central to theoretical computer science+-+009758670566023ocn000666778book19730.66Salomaa, ArtoFormal languagesLanguage and grammar. Regular and context-free languages. Context sensitive and type-0 languages. Abstract families of languages. Regulated rewriting. Context-free languages revisited. Some further classes of generative devices. Solvability and unsolvability. Complexity. Guide to the literature. Subject index60124ocn035029757book19900.74Salomaa, ArtoPublic-key cryptographyCryptography, secret writing, is enjoying a scientific renaissance following the seminal discovery in 1977 of public-key cryptography and applications in computers and communications. This book gives a broad overview of public-key cryptography - its essence and advantages, various public-key cryptosystems, and protocols - as well as a comprehensive introduction to classical cryptography and cryptoanalysis. The second edition has been revised and enlarged especially in its treatment of cryptographic protocols. From a review of the first edition: "This is a comprehensive review ... there can be no doubt that this will be accepted as a standard text. At the same time, it is clearly and entertainingly written ... and can certainly stand alone." Alex M. Andrew, Kybernetes, March 1992+-+010861590832452114ocn005777125book19740.70Rozenberg, GrzegorzThe mathematical theory of L systems+-+215923535532449715ocn006816103book19800.66Salomaa, ArtoJewels of formal language theoryRepetitions. Regularity: characterizations. Regularity: challenging problems. Codes and equality sets. Decidable and undecidable. Morphic representations. Language families43817ocn000026069book19690.74Salomaa, ArtoTheory of automata39913ocn012420811book19850.74Kuich, WernerSemirings, automata, languages3909ocn060747969book20040.77Karhumäki, JuhaniTheory is forever essays dedicated to Arto Salomaa on the occasion of his 70th birthdayThis commemorative book celebrates the 70th birthday of Arto Kustaa Salomaa, one of the most influential researchers in theoretical computer science. The 24 invited papers by leading researchers in the area address a broad variety of topics in theoretical computer science and impressively reflect the breadth and the depth of Arto Salomaa's scientific work+-+784877590837213ocn039033254book19980.74Păun, GheorgheDNA computing : new computing paradigmsThis is the first text and monograph about DNA computing, a molecular approach that might revolutionize our thinking and ideas about computing. Although it is too soon to predict whether computer hardware is likely to change from silicon to carbon and from microchips to DNA molecules, the theoretical premises have already been studied extensively. The book starts with an introduction to DNA-related matters, the basics of biochemistry and language and computation theory, and progresses to the advanced mathematical theory of DNA computing. Apart from being well-known scientists, all three authors are known for their lucid writing. Many of their previous books have become classics in their field, and this book too is sure to follow their example+-+814691590836913ocn001046830book19740.77Rozenberg, GrzegorzL systems+-+32131559083608ocn728101768file20110.70Calude, CristianRainbow of computer science dedicated to Hermann Maurer on the occasion of his 70th birthdayThis book is dedicated to Hermann Maurer on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The title word Rainbow reflects the beauty and variety of the achievements of this outstanding scientist, and also the diversity and depth of current research in computer science. The high admiration that Professor Maurer enjoys in the computer science community all over the world was witnessed by the enthusiastic response received to the request to contribute to this book. The contributors are leading researchers, also representing the diversity of computer science. The research areas included in the book range from Automata, Formal Languages and Computability to various aspects of the Practice of Computer Science, as well as from Algorithmics to Learning. The book consists of a brief Preface describing the achievements of Professor Maurer, followed by twenty articles roughly grouped together according to their topics. Most of the articles are written in a style understandable to a wider audience. The book is useful to anyone interested in recent developments in computer science+-+554846791835314ocn003706786book19780.79Salomaa, ArtoAutomata-theoretic aspects of formal power series34915ocn036630070book19970.84Păun, GheorgheNew trends in formal languages : control, cooperation, and combinatoricsThis book presents a collection of refereed papers on formal language theory arranged for the occasion of the 50th birthday of Jürgen Dassow, who has made a significant contribution to the areas of regulated rewriting and grammar systems. The volume comprises 33 revised full papers organized in sections on regulated rewriting, cooperating distributed grammar systems, parallel communicating grammar systems, splicing systems, infinite words, and algebraic approaches to languages+-+999371590834713ocn037211397book19970.82Mycielski, JanStructures in logic and computer science : a selection of essays in honor of A. EhrenfeuchtThis book is dedicated to Andrzej Ehrenfeucht on the occasion of his 65th birthday. On personal invitation by the volume editors, 22 internationally well-known scientists from mathematical logics and theoretical computer science participated in this project honoring an excellent scientist with excellent papers centered around his scientific work. The 22 invited papers are presented in topical sections on model theory, games and logic, graphs and algorithms, pattern matching and learning, combinatorics of words, algebra of languages, formal language theory, and computational molecular biology+-+319781590832020ocn003280853book19770.77Salomaa, ArtoAutomata, languages and programming : fourth colloquium, University of Turku, Finland, July 18-22, 1977Conference proceedings+-+679835590829614ocn018136001book19880.84Lepistö, TimoAutomata, languages and programming : 15th International Colloquium, Tampere, Finland, July 11-15, 1988 proceedingsConference proceedingsThis volume contains the proceedings of ICALP 88, held at Tampere University of Technology, Finland, July 11-15, 1988. ICALP 88 is the 15th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming in a series of meetings sponsored by the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS). It is a broadly based conference covering all aspects of theoretical computer science including topics such as computability, automata, formal languages, analysis of algorithms, computational complexity, data types and data structures, theory of data bases and knowledge bases, semantics of programming languages, program specification, transformation and verification, foundations of logic programming, theory of logical design and layout, parallel and distributed computation, theory of concurrency, symbolic and algebraic computation, term rewriting systems, cryptography, and theory of robotics+-+133946590829112ocn049416077book20010.88Kuich, WernerDevelopments in language theory : 5th International Conference, DLT 2001, Wien, Austria, July 16-21, 2001 : revised papersConference proceedingsThis book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Developments in Language Theory, DLT 2001, held in Vienna, Austria, in July 2001. The 24 revised full papers presented together with 10 revised invited papers were carefully selected during two rounds of reviewing and revision from a total of 64 papers submitted. Among the topics covered are grammars and acceptors, efficient algorithms for languages, combinatorial and algebraic properties, decision problems, relations to complexity theory, logic, picture description and analysis, DNA computing, cryptography, and concurrency+-+980989590811ocn437106256book19990.47Special issue on cryptology is dedicated to Professor Arto Salomaa on the occasion of his 65th birthday+-+9497107634324+-+9497107634324Thu Oct 16 15:11:39 EDT 2014batch29437