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Fri Mar 21 17:14:47 2014 UTClccn-n500184590.06Edmond Halley, the man and his comet /0.520.93A voyage to the South-Sea and along the coasts of Chili and Peru, in the years 1712, 1713, and 171471400665Edmond_Halleyn 5001845953901Gallej, Ė. 1656-1742Haley, Edmúnd, 1656-1742Hallai, Edmond.Hallai, Edmond 1656-1742Hallei, EdmondHallei, Edmond 1656-1742Hallei, Edmund 1656-1742Hallei, M. (Edmond), 1656-1742Halleius, E. 1656-1742Halleius, Edmond, 1656-1742Halleius, Edmund.Halleius, Edmund 1656-1742Halleius, EdmundusHalleius, Edmundus, 1656-1742Halleus, Edmundus 1656-1742Halley.Halley, Dr. (Edmond), 1656-1742Halley, E. 1656-1742Halley, E. (Edmond), 1656-1742Halley, Edmond.Halley Edmond 1656-1742Halley, EdmundHalley, Edmund, 1656-1742Halley, Edmund, |d 1656-1742Halley, EdmundusHalley, Edmundus, 1656-1742Halley, M. (Edmond), 1656-1742Halleyo, Edmundo, 1656-1742lccn-n79066131Calder, Nigel1931-lccn-n50011883Thrower, Norman J. W.(Norman Joseph William)edtlccn-n82159500Paramore (Ship)lccn-n80086261Ronan, Colin A.lccn-n83168018Heckart, Barbara Hooperlccn-n79007443Newton, Isaac1642-1727np-wakefield, julieWakefield, Julielccn-n87119795McPike, Eugene Fairfield1870-1946edtlccn-n50026863Cook, Alan H.lccn-n84184502Kersey, John1616-1690?Halley, Edmond1656-1742Statistics‡vVitalObservationsBiographyHistoryMapsRecords and correspondenceCatalogs and collectionsHalley, Edmond,CometsSolar system--Halley's cometGreat BritainAstronomersAstronomyEnglandParamore (Ship)AlgebraVoyages and travelsScientific expeditionsGeomagnetismDiscoveries in scienceGeodetic astronomy--ObservationsEphemeridesAlmanacs, EnglishSolar eclipsesMoonPrincipia (Newton, Isaac)PhysicistsNewton, Isaac,Geometry, AnalyticMathematicsRefractionOpticsMathematics, GreekTravelRoyal Society (Great Britain)MurderAtlantic OceanPeruIndians of South AmericaEquations, Theory ofSouth AmericaJesuitsParaguayFrézier, Amédée François,Mesmer, Franz Anton,DialingKnight, Gowin,MagnetismNavigationSunHevelius, Johannes,Flamsteed, John,Pilot guidesNautical chartsAtlases, BritishGeometrySouth Orkney Islands--Falkland Islands1656174216781679168116841686168716881690169216931694169516991700170117021705170617071708170917101712171417151716171717191720172117231724172517261727172817291730173117321733173417351739174017411742174417451746174817491751175217541756175717581759176017611763176417651768176917701771177217751776177817801781178217841787178817891791179417951796180018011804181118231824182518301835183618371838184418581861187018801883189318951896189719001902190319051907190819101913191419181924192519321933193519361937193919411942194319471956195719581961196619681969197019711972197319741975197719781980198119821983198419851986198719891990199119941996199719981999200320042005200620072008201020112012142756861264BQB36.H25ocn002187763ocn007941977ocn023629743ocn022633351ocn719432595ocn257614453ocn311056052ocn258477801ocn257614441ocn257613939ocn762971277ocn494993810ocn762889082ocn494993493ocn762971262ocn762971236ocn762094926ocn762971269ocn494933434ocn494385773ocn832280014ocn835720729ocn727026331ocn494333122ocn494396947ocn494466082ocn741495110ocn494559159ocn662153451ocn767397106ocn494324058ocn257773000ocn864710072ocn079206073ocn691550642ocn460590878ocn762119397ocn181526117ocn761136734ocn256414472ocn25623790629413ocn010789189book16870.90Halley, EdmondEphemeris ad annum a nativitate Domini 1687 et ad longitudinem urbis Londinensis ex novis hypothesibus exactissime supputata et regi societati dicata25724ocn642310425file17170.76Kersey, JohnThe elements of that mathematical art commonly called algebra expounded in two books. By John Kersey. To which is added, lectures read in the School of Geometry in Oxford, Concerning the Geometrical Construction of Algebraical Equations ; And the Numerical Resolution of the same by the Compendium of Logarithms. By Dr. Edmund Halley, Savilian Professor of Geometry in the University of Oxford24710ocn012963608book16920.88Molyneux, WilliamDioptrica nova, A treatise of dioptricks in two parts : wherein the various effects and appearances of spherick glasses, both convex and concave, single and combined, in telescopes and microscopes, together with their usefulness in many concerns of humane life, are explained24217ocn065326124book17170.93Frézier, Amédée FrançoisA voyage to the South-Sea and along the coasts of Chili and Peru, in the years 1712, 1713, and 1714Maps17222ocn642287662file15720.84Halley, EdmondA synopsis of the astronomy of comets. By Edmund Halley, Savilian Professor of Geometry, at Oxford ; And Fellow of the Royal Society. Translated from the original, printed at Oxford1679ocn011365056book16860.88Halley, EdmondEphemeris ad annum a nativitate Domini, 1686 et ad longitudinem urbis Londinensis ex novis hypothesibus exactissime supputata et Regiæ Societati dicata1634ocn018283100book16790.88Halley, EdmondA plain declaration of the vulgar new heavens flatform serving not onely fore this age, but also fore the future age of 100 yearsObservations1515ocn083426266file17010.70Halley, EdmondAn advertisement, necessary to be observed in the navigation up and down the Channel of England. Communicated by a Fellow of the Royal Society13314ocn085870620file17490.73Halley, EdmondEdmundi Halleii astronomi dum viveret regii tabulæ astronomicæ. Accedunt de usu tabularum præcepta13111ocn002522195book17070.79Newton, IsaacArithmetica universalis sive de compositione et resolutione arithmetica liber. Cui accessit Halleiana æquationum radices arithmetice inveniendi methodus.13014ocn536405952file17090.73Kersey, JohnThe elements of that mathematical art, commonly called algebra1267ocn065319715file17280.93Atlas maritimus & commercialis, or, A general view of the world, so far as relates to trade and navigation describing all the coasts, ports, harbours, and noted rivers ... : to which are added sailing directions for all the known coasts and islands on the globe ... : to which are subjoin'd two large hemispheres on the plane of the equinoctialHistory12210ocn084809545file17150.76Halley, EdmondA description of the passage of the shadow of the moon, over England in the total eclipse of the sun, on the 22d. day of April 1715 in the morningMaps1199ocn084806748file17240.76Halley, EdmondA description of the passage of the shadow of the moon over Europe as it may be expected May 11th. 1724 in the evening. By Edm: Halley ast: reg1168ocn085865984file17150.76Halley, EdmondA description of the passage of the shadow of the moon over England as it was observed in the late total eclipse of the sun April 22d. 1715 manè1167ocn085866092file17050.73Halley, EdmondAstronomiæ cometicæ synopsis autore Edmundo Halleio apud Oxonienses geometriæ professore saviliano1169ocn084806739file17230.76Halley, EdmondA description of the passage of the shadow of the moon over England in the total eclipse of the sun on the 11th day of May 1724 in the evening. Togather [sic] with the passage of the shadow as it was observ'd in the last total eclipse of 1715. By Dr. E. Halley1116ocn642259399file17160.73Streete, ThomasAstronomia Carolina with exact and most easy tables and rules for the calculation of eclipses. By Tho. Street. The third edition, eorrected [sic]. To which is added a series of observations on the planets, chiefly of the moon, made near London: ... By Dr. Edmund Haley1075ocn002724600book19420.93Halley, EdmondDegrees of mortality of mankindStatistics Vital10612ocn008394910book17050.90Halley, EdmondMiscellanea curiosa Being a collection of some of the principal phænomena in nature, accounted for by the greatest philosophers of this age.Catalogs and collections18268ocn006889937book19800.23Calder, NigelThe comet is coming! : The feverish legacy of Mr. HalleyForetells the return of Halley's Comet and discusses the history, legends, and science of comets in general8155ocn000015325book19690.31Ronan, Colin AEdmond Halley: genius in eclipseHistory8131ocn010163021book19840.06Heckart, Barbara HooperEdmond Halley, the man and his cometJuvenile worksBiographyPresents the life of the seventeenth-century scientist who made predictions about the comet which bears his name and discusses many other important scientific contributions he made5333ocn060605228book20050.28Wakefield, JulieHalley's quest : a selfless genius and his troubled ParamoreHistoryObservations+-+39404545854984ocn036696322book19970.53Cook, Alan HEdmond Halley : charting the heavens and the seasHistoryBiography+-+46855034654051ocn020995384book19900.70Thrower, NormanStanding on the shoulders of giants : a longer view of Newton and HalleyBiography+-+64301557054003ocn009155037book19810.70Halley, EdmondThe three voyages of Edmond Halley in the Paramore, 1698-17013594ocn756756466file20110.70Fried, Michael NEdmond Halley's reconstruction of the lost book of Apollonius's Conics translation and commentaryApollonius's Conics was one of the greatest works of advanced mathematics in antiquity. The work comprised eight books, four of which have come down to us in their original Greek and three in Arabic. By the time the Arabic translations were produced, the eighth book had already been lost. In 1710, Edmond Halley, then Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford, produced an edition of the Greek text of the Conics of Books I-IV, a translation into Latin from the Arabic versions of Books V-VII, and a reconstruction of Book VIII. Motivated by such questions as what role did Halley's reconstruction play in the mathematical world of the late 17th and early 18th century? and what did Halley see himself learning from engaging with mathematicians such as Apollonius?, Michael Fried's work provides the first complete English translation of Halley's reconstruction of Book VIII with supplementary notes on the text. The volume also contains an introduction discussing aspects of Apollonius's Conics, an investigation of Edmond Halley's understanding of the nature of his venture into ancient mathematics, and appendices giving brief accounts of Apollonius's approach to conic sections and his mathematical techniques. This book will be of great interest to students and researchers interested in the history of ancient Greek mathematics and mathematics in the early modern period+-+80965961963501ocn012314053book19850.06Walvoord, LindaEarth, sea, and sky : the work of Edmond HalleyJuvenile worksBiographyDescribes the life and varied scientific work of the first man to track a comet's path and accurately predict its return2992ocn071778971book20060.07Fox, Mary VirginiaScheduling the heavens : the story of Edmond HalleyHistoryJuvenile worksBiographyPresents a brief biography of late seventeenth and early eighteenth-century English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and physicist Edmond Halley that profiles his life, interest in astronomy, and works which included calculating the orbit of Halley's Comet+-+66750844062922ocn000113826book19690.81Thrower, Norman J. WThe terraqueous globe: the history of geography and cartography; papers read at a Clark Library seminar, April 27, 19682702ocn002127300book19660.73Armitage, AEdmond HalleyDalibor Paar presents a brief biographical sketch of English astronomer Edmond Halley (1656-1742). Halley discovered the the proper motion of stars and the periodicity of comets. Halley's Comet is named for the astronomer2658ocn001521624book19320.81Halley, EdmondCorrespondence and papers of Edmond HalleyBiographyRecords and correspondence1664ocn009149033book16840.90A True discovery of Mr. Edmund Halley of London, merchant who was found barbarously murthered at Temple-Farm, near Rochester in Kent1639ocn057381711book20050.33Fara, PatriciaFatal attraction : magnetic mysteries of the enlightenmentHistory+-+97811959361444ocn001687165book19370.88McPike, Eugene FairfieldHevelius, Flamsteed and Halley; three contemporary astronomers and their mutual relationsHistoryBiography1263ocn010445647book16840.93The Strange & wonderful discovery of Mr. Edmond Hally who departed from his house in Winchester Street, London, on the 5th of March 1684, and was found murthered ... on the 14th ... April, 16841092ocn642682193com17750.73A collection of voyages chiefly in the Southern Atlantick Ocean. Published from original M.S.S. by Alexander Dalrymple832ocn012967692book19850.18Baldwin, LouisEdmond Halley and his comet+-+5256337435833ocn029309898book19940.28Calder, NigelComets : speculation and discovery+-+9423271395+-+3940454585Fri Mar 21 15:21:02 EDT 2014batch44194