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New documentary research and standards for attributions, developed over the last three decades, provided the impetus for this reappraisal - only the second major exhibition of Fra Angelico's art ever held, and the first since 1955. Comprising about seventy-five paintings, drawings, and manuscript illuminations ascribed to Angelico and spanning the period from 1410 to 1455, as well as about forty works by his collaborators, this presentation includes several newly discovered paintings and a number of new proposals for reconstructions of important, dispersed altarpieces. Additionally, drawings by the master are analyzed in terms of their original function and in the context of discussion of the artist's workshop, its identifiable members, and their respective contribution to its artistic output." "In essays and related entries, the first seven sections of the catalogue follow the course of Angelico's career. The study opens with his earliest, largely undocumented, activity as a painter (in the 1410s), before he joined the Dominican order, emphasizing those works that reflect his artistic, intellectual, and spiritual milieu. In dealing with the paintings of the 1420s, many of which will be unfamiliar to the general public and are the subject of widespread disagreement among scholars regarding dating and attribution, the authors attempt to establish their chronology within the master's oeuvre."--BOOK JACKET156338ocn005729630book19660.47Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamThe portrait in the Renaissance"Here John Pope-Hennessy takes as his subject two centuries of experiment in portraiture during the Renaissance. He shows how the Renaissance cult of individuality brought with it a demand that the features of the individual be perpetuated. This concept was first manifested in the portraits that fill the great Florentine fresco cycles and led, later in the fifteenth century, to the creation of the independent portrait by such artists as Botticelli, Antonio Pollaiuolo, Giovanni Bellini, and Antonello da Messina. The author goes on to describe the process by which Titian and the great artists of the High Renaissance transformed the portrait from a record of appearance into an analysis of character.."--pub desc+-+6073656415139526ocn000155361book19500.33RaphaelRaphaelCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksBiographyCatalogsThis beautiful monograph explores the life and work of one of the mostmportant artists in the history of the West, Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio,483-1520). Its scope covers Raphael's origins, his early influences, hismportant Urbino period and subsequently the extraordinary series of frescoesnd portraits of his last phase in Rome. Over two hundred of Raphael's finestaintings and drawings are illustrated, accompanied by an accessible yetighly informative text by the distinguished Renaissance scholar Bettealvacchia. The author also explores Raphael's artistic relationships withuch Renaissance masters as Leonardo and Michelangelo, culminating in arilliant account of his masterpieces done in Rome under the patronage ofopes Julius II and Leo X105658ocn002221166book19520.39Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamItalian Gothic sculptureCatalogs+-+563383962594256ocn003740594book19630.35Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamItalian high renaissance and baroque sculpture+-+283383962588119ocn011841459book19850.35Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamCelliniBiography88128ocn000345240book19470.53Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamSienese quattrocento paintingHistory8774ocn028016075book19930.37Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamDonatello : sculptorCriticism, interpretation, etcthe Old Sacristy of San Lorenzo radiate the majesty and the vividness they possessed in the fifteenth century. The Coscia monument in the Baptistry in Florence shines with its original gilt, and the great St. Mark from Or San Michele has reassumed its lifelike character. Donatello's wooden sculptures - the Baptist in Venice and the Magdalen in Florence - are presented here freed from the overpaint which previously covered them. This book will remain the standard work on86840ocn018406632book19580.32Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamItalian Renaissance sculpture+-+473383962585418ocn000518290book19490.53Uccello, PaoloThe complete work of Paolo Uccello8179ocn006648365book19800.50Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamThe study and criticism of Italian sculpture80016ocn000307381book19680.53Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamEssays on Italian sculpture71017ocn000125499book19500.53Borsi, FrancoPaolo Uccello, complete editionCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsBiografi om den italienske maler Paolo Uccello (1397-1475), der især virkede i Firenze-området66114ocn004983205book19790.56Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamLuca della Robbia59921ocn047716379book19910.37Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamThe Piero della Francesca trailCriticism, interpretation, etc"In this classic guide to Piero della Francesca's work, John Pope-Hennessy takes the paintings and frescoes one by one, describing the stories they portray, their meticulous composition and the questions about them that remain unanswered. He explains the new ideas in the air in 1439 when the young Piero joined his first studio as well as the crucial and surprising role of fate in the commission for the church of San Francisco." "This volume brings together for the first time this essential text and Aldous Huxley's "The Best Picture," the famous essay that inspired Pope-Hennessy to seek out the works that now constitute the pilgrimage known as The Piero della Francesca Trail."--BOOK JACKET+-+38609674365568ocn013642651book19870.63Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)The Robert Lehman CollectionCatalogs+-+009595641532445714ocn001728745book19650.63Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamRenaissance bronzes from the Samuel H. Kress collection: reliefs, plaquettes, statuettes, utensils and mortarsCatalogs4169ocn027813305book19930.50Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamParadiso : the illuminations to Dante's Divine comedy by Giovanni di PaoloCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrations+-+340187550532439613ocn001856004book19640.70Victoria and Albert MuseumCatalogue of Italian sculpture in the Victoria and Albert MuseumCatalogsExhibition catalogs5953ocn021763420book19910.33Pope-Hennessy, John WyndhamLearning to lookBiographyDescribing how he educated himself and subsequently became the art-historian who changed our view of the Italian Renaissance, Sir John Pope Hennessy also takes this opportunity to deliver a broadside at present day British "philistinism" and Sir Roy Strong's tenure at the V & A783ocn013214738book19860.93Fahy, EverettJohn Pope-Hennessy : a bibliographyBibliography31ocn043181246book19950.92Christie, Manson & WoodsThe collections of the late Sir John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy C.B.E., F.B.A., F.R.S.L., F.S.A : comprising important medieval miniatures, old master drawings, oriental works of art, European furniture and decorative arts, european works of art and old master paintingsCatalogs31ocn272454221book19960.81Christie, Manson & Woods International IncThe collections of the late Sir John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy, CBE FBA FRSL FSA, comprising important medieval miniatures, old master drawings, Oriental works of art, European furniture and decorative arts, European works of art and old master paintingsCatalogs21ocn272584142book19930.90Pope-Hennessy, JohnOn Artists and Art historians : selected book reviews of John Pope-HennessyBook reviews21ocn054848232book19950.92John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy, 13-XII-1913, 31-X-1994 : missa pro defunctisMemorial services11ocn434571462mix1.00Coolidge, JohnThese papers of Fogg Art Museum directors John Coolidge and Agnes Mongan document their administration of the museum and related professional activities. Most of Coolidge's papers were created during his administration, from 1948 to 1968; most of Mongan's papers are from her tenure as acting director and then director (1968 to 1971). The papers consist primarily of correspondence, including Coolidge's correspondence with art dealers, and also include photographs, memoranda, reports, meeting minutes, blueprints, printed material, letters of recommendation, page proofs, financial documents, sketches and grant proposals11ocn122647689mixJohn Wyndham Pope-Hennessy :11ocn054231611book19951.00The collections of the late Sir John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy ... : Wednesday, 10 January 1996 at 5 pm, Christie's, New YorkCatalogs+-+0095956415324+-+0095956415324Fri Mar 21 15:50:10 EDT 2014batch40168