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Fri Mar 21 17:15:07 2014 UTClccn-n500242170.00Beatrice Kabler papers,0.541.00Papers: Series IV-VI, 1927-1990 (inclusive)74024454Alan_Frank_Guttmachern 5002421759626Gu, Maiji, 1898-1974Guttmacher.Guttmacher, Alan F.Guttmacher, Alan F. 1898-グットマッハー, アラン・F顧邁冀, 1898-1974lccn-n85334731Kaiser, Irwin H.lccn-n96062797Richardson, Stephen A.lccn-n50054580Association for the Aid of Crippled Childrenlccn-no2004113856Grimm, Elaine R.(Elaine Ruth)1921-lccn-n80062919Jaffe, Frederick S.lccn-no2004109376Best, Winfieldlccn-n82243505Rovinsky, Joseph J.edtlccn-n85090221Rosenfield, Allanlccn-n2002011431Simpson, Lynn Louiselccn-n82059954Lichtman, RonnieGuttmacher, Alan F.(Alan Frank)1898-1974Popular worksBirth controlChildbirthPregnancyContraceptionContraception--PreventionPregnancy--ComplicationsChildbirth--Psychological aspectsObstetricsInfertilityAbortionSex instruction for youthReproductionSex (Biology)TwinsPuerperal septicemiaFertility, HumanPrenatal careGuttmacher, Alan F.--(Alan Frank),United StatesSex instructionPlanned Parenthood Federation of AmericaSanger, Margaret,Sex Information and Education Council of the U.SKinsey, Alfred C.--(Alfred Charles),Pincus, Gregory,Calderone, Mary Steichen,Women--Health and hygieneSocial historyReproductive healthNational Abortion Rights Action LeagueInternational Planned Parenthood FederationWomen's health servicesMasters, William HMarriage counselingBirth control--ResearchPublic healthWomen physiciansHuman reproduction--Political aspectsMarriage Council of PhiladelphiaAlan Guttmacher InstituteVogt, William,Women in medicineAmerican Association of Marriage and Family CounselorsBirth control clinicsSteichen, Edward,Abortion--Law and legislationMaternal and infant welfareRock, John,Population policyMace, D. R.--(David Robert)189819741900193319341935193719381939194019431947194919501952195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741976197919831984198519861987199119941999200320084607101235613.943RG136ocn000612856ocn002123781ocn468598077ocn317333087ocn757492589ocn845863021ocn608824394ocn835636722ocn688381454ocn429759066ocn468598077ocn441684322ocn073246192ocn460356345103020ocn000553541book19730.23Guttmacher, Alan FPregnancy, birth, and family planning; a guide for expectant parents in the 1970sPopular works+-+64334660954597ocn001222656book19630.47Guttmacher, Alan FPlanning your family; the complete guide to birth control, overcoming infertility, sterilization, with a special section on abortion3755ocn000316312book19670.76Richardson, Stephen AChildbearing : its social and psychological aspects3349ocn000003766book19690.53Guttmacher, Alan FBirth control and love; the complete guide to contraception and fertility2794ocn000776733book19670.76Guttmacher, Alan FThe case for legalized abortion now2565ocn000081459book19700.07Guttmacher, Alan FUnderstanding sex; a young person's guideDescribes the male and female reproductive organs and their functions and discusses such topics as masturbation, intercourse, venereal disease, and contraception2074ocn010430463book19650.88Rovinsky and Guttmacher's Medical, surgical, and gynecologic complications of pregnancy1802ocn003308339book19660.59The Consumers Union report on family planning; a guide to contraceptive methods and materials for use in child spacing, techniques for improving fertility, and recognized adoption procedures, prepared by the editors of Consumer reports andAlan F. Guttmacher [et al.]1625ocn001437469book19590.73Guttmacher, Alan FBabies by choice or by chance1595ocn003761539book19330.86Guttmacher, Alan FLife in the making13510ocn001411505book19570.47Guttmacher, Alan FPregnancy and birth; a book for expectant parents11020ocn014595309book19600.86Rovinsky, Joseph JMedical, surgical, and gynecologic complications of pregnancy1031ocn001041661book19620.66The Consumers Union report on family planning; a guide to contraceptive methods and materials, with a special section on infertility and what to do about it, prepared by the editors of Consumer reports and Alan F. Guttmacher933ocn000612856book19660.95Semmelweis, Ignác FülöpDie Aetiologie, der Begriff und die Prophylaxis des Kindbettfiebers8813ocn003615614book19610.81Guttmacher, Alan FThe complete book of birth controlPopular worksOorspr. titel: The complete book of birth control813ocn007908680book19610.88Guttmacher, Alan FWhy can't you have a baby?772ocn001720418book19370.88Guttmacher, Alan FInto this universe; the story of human birth582ocn010489979book19840.23Guttmacher, Alan FPregnancy, birth, and family planning : a guide for expectant parents in the 1980's404ocn008256538book19390.88Guttmacher, Alan FThe story of human birthPopular works363ocn000399229book19600.84Guttmacher, Alan FBabies by choice or by chance11ocn053353276art1999Guttmacher, AlanBiography12ocn232008230mix1.00Family Planning Oral History ProjectCollection contains tapes and transcripts of the 24 oral histories, and research materials collected by the interviewers, consisting of printed and manuscript material and photographs. The interviews discuss the family background, education, marriage, children and careers of the interviewees11ocn086093752mix1.00Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in AmericaSchlesinger-Rockefeller oral history project :Interviews with women documenting their roles in the fields of health service, maternal and child care, family planning, and marriage counseling. Photographs inserted. V.1: Martha May Eliot; v.2: Emily H. Mudd; v.3: Loraine L. Campbell; v.4: Florence Clothier; v.5: Louise G. Hutchins; v.6: Adaline P. Satterthwaite; v.7: Julia Tsuei; v.8: Frances H. Ferguson; v.9: Mary S. Calderone; v.10: Mrs. Alan F. Guttmacher (primarily re her husband); v.11: Elizabeth Arnold; v.12: information sheets, outlining contents of interviews, terms of use, etc12ocn232006942mix1.00Calderone, Mary SteichenCorrespondence, speeches, journal articles and reprints, proceedings of panel discussions, clippings, photos, memorabilia, biographical material, books, and audio and video cassettes comprise the collection which contains extensive material relating to Planned Parenthood and the Sex Information and Education Council, including a complete set of SIECUS Newsletters, and information regarding abortion, birth control, conception-prevention, the Catholic Church, sex education and instruction, and the sex education controversies with which Calderone was involved11ocn465473771mix0.47Planned Parenthood League of MassachusettsPlanned Parenthood League of Massachusetts recordsHistorySourcesThe PPLM records provide a unique source for the study of the establishment and development of an organization largely run by women. They document the half-century struggle to revoke the Massachusetts Comstock Laws through state initiative and referendum voting (1942-1948) campaigns for the right to disseminate information on birth control. Also of interest are letters to and from Margaret Sanger, and from General Douglas MacArthur forbidding Sanger from visiting Japan; individual files of Loraine L. Campbell, birth control crusader and President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in the 1950's; and files on such topics as maternal and infant health, abortion, African Americans and birth control, population and public policy, eugenics, marriage and sex counseling, connections and conflicts with the Catholic Church, and contraceptive research. Types of materials include organizational records, conference proceedings, financial records, publicity, photographs, scrapbooks, a large amount of correspondence, and reports12ocn232008813book1.00Mudd, Emily HartshorneSeries VI, Reference materials, consists mainly of printed pamphlets, newsletters, reports, clippings, and reprints. Mudd used some of this material as background for particular articles. Topics include divorce, marriage counseling, and sex11ocn049335577mix0.47Planned Parenthood Federation of AmericaPlanned Parenthood Federation of America recordsHistorySourcesThe records of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America date from 1918 to the present and document the work of PPFA and its predecessor organizations, national and international, in the areas of advocacy, medical research, legislative reform, public relations, as well as the work of individual administrators, staff, and affiliated organizations. The collection is a significant source of information on all aspects of the history of birth control and family planning, including women's health issues; sex education; women in poverty; international population planning and policy; and the legal, political and social aspects of contraception and abortion. The collection is divided into two portions, PPFA I and PPFA II. PPFA I includes early records, dating from 1918 to the mid 1970s. PPFA II consists of records received since 1988, dating from the 1950s to the present, so there is some overlap in the dates11ocn173692547mixGoetz, Ruth GoodmanRuth Goodman Goetz papersProminent correspondents represented in the papers include Brooks Atkinson, Frith Banbury, James M. Cain, Constance Cummings, W. C. Fields, Andre Gide, Alan F. Guttmacher, Oscar Hammerstein II, George S. Kaufman, Jerome Kern, Eli Landau, Irving Paul Lazar, Sinclair Lewis, Don Marquis, Raymond Pearl, J. B. Priestley, Elmer Rice, Billy Rose, Robert E. Sherwood, and William Wyler. A large part of the correspondence is letters exchanged between Mrs. Goetz and her daughter over a thirty year period. Also part of the collection is a typescript journal of a trip made to China in 1978; references to associations with Clifford Odets, S. J. Perelman, and David Selznick; undated costume plates; and production designs and stills from "The Heiress."11ocn145777750mixKabler, BeatriceBeatrice Kabler papersThe processed portion of this collection is summarized above, dates 1966-1982, and is described in the register. Additional accessions date ca. 1966-1967 and are described below+-+6433466095+-+6433466095Fri Mar 21 15:15:17 EDT 2014batch20888