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Thu Oct 16 18:03:00 2014 UTClccn-n500248500.08The last nine days of the Bismarck0.210.82The voyage of the Annie Marble /82444721C._S._Forestern 5002485060254C. S. フォレスター 1899-1966Forester, C. S.Forester, C. S. 1899-1966Forester, C.S. (Cecil Scott)Forester, Cecil S.Forester , Cecil ScottForester, Cecil Scott 1899-1966Forester, Cesil ScottForester, G.S.Forester, G.S. 1899-1966Foresters, C. S. 1899-1966Forrester, C. S.Scott Forester, Cecil 1899-1966Smith , Cecil Louis TroughtonSmith, Cecil Louis Troughton 1899-1966Troughton Smith , Cecil LouisФорестер, С. С 1899-1966Форестер, С. С. (Сесил Скотт), 1899-1966סמית, ססיל לואיס טרוטוןפורסטר, ס. ס 1899-1966פורסטר, ס. ס. (ססיל סקוט), 1899-1966פורסטר, ססיל סקוט 1899-1966سي. إس. فورستر، 1899-1966فورستر، س. س.، 1899-1966スミス, セシル・スロートンフォリスター, Cフォレスター, C. Sフォレスター, セシル・スコットfast-960314Hornblower, Horatio (Fictitious character)lccn-nr2001016286Gruffudd, Ioanactlccn-no2002031064Grieve, Andrewdrtdirlccn-n88600087Lindsay, Robert1949-actlccn-nr92019436Arts and Entertainment Networklccn-n79006861Great BritainRoyal Navylccn-no95055790New Video Grouplccn-no2005050455Healy, Dorianactlccn-no97016276Meridian Broadcastinglccn-nb2002081639Benson, AndrewproForester, C. S.(Cecil Scott)1899-1966FictionNaval historyHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsSea storiesJuvenile worksBiographyTelevision programsCriticism, interpretation, etcHornblower, Horatio (Fictitious character)Great BritainNapoleonic Wars (1800-1815)World War (1914-1918)Forester, C. S.--(Cecil Scott),Africa, CentralWorld War (1939-1945)Man-woman relationshipsUnited StatesWar of 1812AfricaSea stories, EnglishWar stories, EnglishPeninsular WarWest IndiesMidshipmenGreat Britain.--Royal NavyMilitary operations, NavalSea controlHistorical fiction, EnglishArmed Forces--OfficersAdmiralsUnited States.--NavyWomen missionariesSea stories--AuthorshipMilitary campaignsSteamboatsBachelorsWarshipsSteamboats--Passenger accommodationSlavery and IslamSlave tradeKings and rulersWilderness survivalColonizationHistorical fiction--AuthorshipBismarck (Battleship)Hornblower (Television program)Novelists, EnglishSetting (Literature)Congo (Democratic Republic)Television adaptationsSea storiesFictionFilm adaptationsHistorical fictionEnglish fictionSpainMilitary operations, Naval--AmericanWar stories--Authorship189919661900192419251926192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201420158524611755321823.912PR6011.O56ocn000721690ocn609458090ocn458967253ocn831207319ocn797765827ocn780750589ocn799593453ocn871508648ocn871508649ocn800921702ocn871508640ocn420218276ocn742841325ocn871508608ocn722790783ocn720154206ocn723620769ocn876372675ocn7537142104786226ocn002571285book19350.20Forester, C. SThe African QueenFictionAdventure storiesLove storiesEnglish missionary's sister enlists aid of mechanic in blowing up German gunboat on African lake+-+35643716853652147ocn000364434book19460.20Forester, C. SLord HornblowerNaval historyFictionAdventure storiesHistorical fictionSea storiesWar storiesOnce again the indomitable Hornblower risks his career in the fight against Napoleon. Allied with him is his old love Marie. She is by no means the least of the obstacles in the way of his return to the arms of Lady Barbara+-+9894371685337977ocn000364436book19450.20Forester, C. SLieutenant HornblowerNaval historyFictionHistorical fictionSea storiesA gripping, rip-roaring tale of turmoil and triumph on the high seas+-+28154716853235133ocn010582253book19480.19Forester, C. SMr. Midshipman HornblowerNaval historyFictionHistorical fictionSea storiesAt age 17, Horatio Hornblower embarks upon the career which will eventually carry him into a dozen major campaigns during the Napoleonic wars+-+9764371685309049ocn000364603book19370.23Forester, C. SCaptain Horatio HornblowerNaval historyFictionThis trilogy contains three novels of Captain Hornblower's adventures in the British navy in the early 19th century299840ocn000364604book19450.21Forester, C. SCommodore HornblowerHistoryNaval historyFictionSea storiesHoratio Hornblower returns to sea with the rank of Commodore in command of a small squadron during the Napoleonic wars. The fate of Europe hangs on the outcome of his mission+-+3384371685281868ocn000365267book19530.19Forester, C. SHornblower and the HotspurHistoryNaval historyFictionSea storiesPreparation for war against the French, daring commando-style raids and the rigors of naval discipline tests Hornblower's ingenuity and courage to the limit+-+2195471685267836ocn000988373book19570.18Forester, C. SAdmiral Hornblower in the West IndiesHistoryNaval historyFictionSea storiesAdmiral Hornblower faces pirates, revolutionaries, and a hurricane in the chaotic aftermath of the Napoleanic Wars+-+3694371685251466ocn000364606book19550.21Forester, C. SThe good shepherdHistoryFictionSea storiesForty-eight hours in the life of Captain Krause who had just 4 ships with which to protect the 37 merchantmen in the convoy+-+K818538325228855ocn000364440book19530.19Forester, C. SHornblower and the AtroposNaval historyFictionSea storiesA series of episodes in the early life of Captain Hornblower+-+44743716852159128ocn013581331book19380.19Forester, C. SFlying coloursNaval historyFictionSea storiesA prisoner of the French after he was forced to surrender his ship, Captain Horatio Hornblower faces a trial by his captor, if he can escape, a court-martial back in England+-+14843716852102108ocn012135120book19380.19Forester, C. SShip of the lineNaval historyJuvenile worksFictionSea storiesCaptain Horatio Hornblower and the undaunted crew of the Sutherland set sail to rival the exploits of Napoleon's ships+-+6184371685189169ocn000364602book19410.23Forester, C. SThe captain from ConnecticutHistoryFictionIn the second year of the War of 1812, Captain Peabody's mission is to break the British blockade. A blizzard has cut visibility to yards. Who would expect a Yankee frigate to be in the Long Island Sound at night and under such conditions?+-+0588032236184417ocn000426244book19560.24Forester, C. SThe age of fighting sail : the story of the naval War of 1812HistoryNaval historyFictionStudy of the Naval War of 1812, its relation to the military policy of both the U.S. and Great Britain, and its strategy and tactics+-+7153674845173337ocn000364431book19480.26Forester, C. SThe sky and the forestHistoryFictionLoa was like a god in Central Africa until King Leopold's agents arrived from Europe and sacked his kingdom1703123ocn000364601book19430.23Forester, C. SThe shipFictionSea storiesBritish naval engagement in Mediterranean during the World War+-+9850756965157536ocn012132821book19370.19Forester, C. SBeat to quartersNaval historyFictionSea storiesJune 1808, somewhere west of Nicaragua - a site suitable for spectacular sea battles. The Admiralty has ordered Captain Horatio Hornblower, now in command of the thirty-six-gun HMS "Lydia", to form an alliance against the Spanish colonial government with an insane Spanish landoner; to find a water route across the Central American isthmus; and "to take, sink, burn or destroy" the fifty-gun Spanish ship of the line "Natividad" or face court-martial+-+4784371685150519ocn000894361book19500.18Forester, C. SHornblower during the crisis, and two stories: Hornblower's temptation and The last encounterNaval historyFictionHistorical fictionSea storiesWar storiesCaptain Hornblower struggles to do his part to bring glory and victory to England during the Napoleonic Wars+-+79943716851096118ocn008170938book19360.31Forester, C. SThe generalHistoryBiographyFiction+-+448803223610636ocn000396365book19590.08Forester, C. SThe last nine days of the BismarckJuvenile worksThe hunt-and-chase story of the great German battleship which attacked British shipping in the Atlantic+-+989437168516216ocn006982667book19810.33Sternlicht, SanfordC.S. ForesterCriticism, interpretation, etcDiscusses the life and works of C.S. Forester, creator of Captain Horatio Hornblower. Includes a chronology+-+9671510635134710ocn498467096visu19920.21Huston, JohnThe African QueenHistoryFictionDramaRomance filmsWar filmsFilm adaptationsAt the start of World War I, German imperial troops burn down a mission in Africa. The mission's reverend was so overtaken with disappointment that he passes away. Shortly after his well-educated, snooty sister Rose buries her brother, she must leave on the only available transport, the 'African Queen' steamboat. The boat is manned by the ill-mannered bachelor, Charlie. Together they embark on a long difficult journey, without any comfort. Rose grows determined to assist in the British war effort and presses Charlie until he finally agrees and together they steam up the Ulana encountering an enemy fort, raging rapids, bloodthirsty parasites and endlessly branching steam which always seem to lead them to what appear to be impenetrable swamps. Despite their opposing personalities, the two grow closer to each other and ultimately carry out their plan to take out a German warship8456ocn000443355book19640.26Forester, C. SLong before fortyBiographyFictionThis autobiography, an account "of Forester's obscure first thirty-one years, was found in a safe deposit box after his death in 1966, and tells the story of how he survived his early struggles."6922ocn000364537book19640.22Forester, C. SThe Hornblower companion : an atlas and personal commentary on the writing of the Hornblower sagaNaval historyCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionThe companion story of how the Hornblower Saga came to be with thirty maps illuminating all the major naval exploits of this legendary figure+-+32985020064693ocn046863662visu19990.15Forester, C. SHoratio Hornblower the new adventuresNaval historyDramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsFollowing his rapid rise through the ranks of the King's Navy, Hornblower is assigned to the HMS Renown which is sailing to the West Indies to subdue a pirate fleet. Her brutal captain is rapidly going insane forcing Hornblower to take action that threatens not only his naval career but his life as well2621ocn046875118visu20010.14Forester, C. SHoratio Hornblower the adventure continuesNaval historyDramaFilm adaptationsFollowing his rapid rise through the ranks of the King's Navy, Hornblower is assigned to the HMS Renown which is sailing to the West Indies to subdue a pirate fleet. Her brutal captain is rapidly going insane forcing Hornblower to take action that threatens not only his naval career but his life as well1911ocn049994547visu20020.18Kramer, StanleyThe pride and the passionHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsSensational film about the Spanish War of Independence (1810). After Napoleon's invasion of Spain, a group of guerillas (led by Frank Sinatra) attempt to transport what was in those days the biggest cannon in the world, across Spain to Avila, where they intend to counterattack against the French army headquartered there. But a British Navy captain (Cary Grant) is trying to locate the cannon for the British to use against Napoleon. Adding romance to the plot is Sophia Loren, who becomes the object of Grant's and Sinatra's affections651ocn644686984com20040.53Pavlovski, LindaTwentieth-Century literary criticismCriticism, interpretation, etcPresents literary criticism on the works of twentieth-century writers of all genres, nations, and cultures. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, reviews, diaries, interviews, radio and television transcripts, pamphlets, and scholarly papers+-+3154312325441ocn047194213book20000.19Saville, MartinHornblower's ships : their history & their modelsHistoryNaval historyFilm adaptationsI forbindelse med produktionen af den britiske tv-serie Hornblower blev der benyttet en række modelskibe. I denne bog beskrives de modeller, som blev brugt i tv-seriens første sæson, herunder research om de historiske sejlkrigsskibe i Napoleonstiden, som modeller blev baseret på, konstruktionen af modellerne af de fiktive skibe fra Hornblower bogserien, og hvordan modelskibene blev anvendt under optagelserne+-+7832226035324411ocn047005738visu20010.13RetributionNaval historyFictionDramaFilm adaptationsHornblower languishes in a Kingston jail for the mutiny aboard the Renown, but his course will be altered again when he is chosen to lead a strike force through mountain terrain on a mission to recapture an enemy-held fort401ocn047005642visu20010.12The mutinyNaval historyDramaFilm adaptationsFollowing his rapid rise through the ranks of the King's Navy, in 1802, Hornblower is assigned to the HMS Renown which is sailing to the West Indies to subdue a pirate fleet. Her brutal captain is rapidly going insane forcing Hornblower to take action that threatens not only his naval career but his life as well241ocn023694795rcrd0.16Yabby YouThe African queenAudio adaptationsA Canadian riverboat captain and a British spinster are in the German-controlled part of Africa when WWI begins. They decide to blow up a German ship92ocn046953619book20000.47Forester, JohnNovelist and storyteller : the life of C.S. ForesterBiography82ocn223778854visu20020.14Hornblower DutyNaval historyDramaFilm adaptationsHistorical dramaHornblower is filled with trepidation on his wedding day, but he has given his word - how could he dishonour his bride Maria and live with himself? Hornblower does indeed locate the wreck of the Grasshopper and its sole survivor, a crushed and defeated Captain Bracegirdle. Hornblower is forced to sail into dangerous waters, as the foog descends inand the snow falls, to attack the French vessels poised once more for an invasion. Maria has her own momentous news for Hornblower81ocn055708513visu19990.30HornblowerNaval historyDramaFilm adaptationsSet against the backdrop of the Napoleonic wars, the story of Horatio Hornblower, the legendary sea-faring hero, follows the raw recruit as he battles the French, evades capture, and rises through the ranks of the King's Navy82ocn022101840rcrd19810.20Forester, C. SLong before fortyBiography71ocn179005022visu20070.18Sinatra, FrankFrank Sinatra, a man and his music + Ella + JobimBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsA hotel man with no financial sense borrows money to prevent foreclosure from his older brother; a loveable bunch of gamblers are always looking for a crap game, but find salvation instead; two soldiers fight side by side but fall out over a woman they both love; a Korean war hero is brainwashed and used as a tool in a political assassination plot; Spanish guerilla fighters join a British Navy captain in order to force the French out of Avila63ocn058666943book19290.82Forester, C. SThe voyage of the Annie Marble41ocn302418748visu20040.59E.M. ForesterCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"Forester's biographer, friends, and literary critics paint a detailed portrait of this widely successful and accessible author". -- Back of container42ocn611347109file0.18C. S. Forester : (1899-1966)Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+1484371685+-+1484371685Thu Oct 16 15:08:35 EDT 2014batch101642