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Thu Feb 12 22:01:15 2015 UTClccn-n500297520.29Miró /0.641.00Jacques Dupin : Lyrik, Poemes illustres, Partituren, illustrierte Bücher, Lithographien, Monographien, Aufsätze, Ausstellungskataloge : 13. April -- 6. Juni 1970110662314Jacques_Dupinn 5002975265124Dupin, JacquesDupin, Jacques-Marieデュパン, ジャックlccn-n79038450Miró, Joan1893-1983othartillhnrautcrelccn-n86836873De Julio, Maryannautlccn-n80032247Giacometti, Alberto1901-1966illartautnp-lelong mainaud, arianeLelong-Mainaud, Arianeothedyedtlccn-n81151642Auster, Paul1947-trlautlccn-nr89007097Galerie Lelong (Paris, France)lccn-n82027967Raillard, Georges1927-othiveautedtlccn-n82158640Viart, Dominiqueautedtdrtlccn-n80038173Leiris, Michel1901-1990auiautlccn-n79059269Ashbery, JohnDupin, JacquesBiographyCatalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogsMusical settingsConference proceedingsJuvenile worksBibliographyHistoryArtFranceArt criticismSpainPaintersFrench poetryFrench literatureSwitzerlandArtistsSurrealismSongs (High voice) with pianoSubject (Philosophy) in literatureHorizon in literatureItalian poetryObject (Philosophy) in literatureDupin, JacquesNoël, Bernard,Laporte, RogerMaulpoix, Jean-Michel,Michaux, Henri,Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)LiteratureArt and literatureSculpture, SwissSculpture, ModernGiacometti, Alberto,Art, ModernMiró, Joan,France--ParisIllustrated booksArt auctions1927201219381945195019511953195419551956195719581960196119621963196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201398055041261759.6ND813.M5ocn000236939ocn028676383ocn001058116ocn054890216ocn042287483ocn020571437ocn052787135ocn360205402ocn001000782ocn000505584ocn420267140ocn461736701ocn462735769ocn469581887ocn462655988ocn448857912ocn439994333ocn441858067ocn080030995ocn468487155ocn019839176ocn470189372ocn797697495ocn417721955ocn797761632ocn742281809ocn757267994ocn741263135ocn419532885ocn420550909ocn417268429ocn010692543ocn420674416ocn459342315ocn714254561ocn461655861ocn865164448ocn074786694ocn463574887ocn461792733ocn185635626ocn463732840ocn691995479ocn722398315ocn724512433ocn725327429ocn725108023ocn460169409ocn460169386ocn767482896ocn761864640ocn659247566ocn767417525ocn693928198ocn874381281ocn874397020ocn874381436ocn073675071ocn073795440ocn467622724ocn467622716ocn464994389ocn6591042399379ocn000236939book19610.33Dupin, JacquesMiróBiographyCatalogsStudy of the Spanish painter's life and work48940ocn054890216book19610.29Dupin, JacquesMiróCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"A key figure in XX-century art, Joan Miro has left us a definitive oeuvre which continues to reach an ever increasingly wide public. Ten years after his death, and on the occasion of the centenary of his birth, publication was inevitable of a major monograph on his work." "This book is a partial re-compilation of the analyses contained in the author's first far-reaching study of Joan Miro, which appeared in 1961, now considerably reworked and enriched. It takes into account not only the painter's output during the last two decades of his life, but also a great number of documents discovered after his death - projects, sketchpads, texts, correspondence - to which Jacques Dupin has had access thanks to his privileged relationship with Miro's family, and the studies by art historians and exhibition organizers published over the last twenty years." "Far from limiting his analysis to the painting of Miro, Dupin has gone much further by including the almost infinite universe of curiosities. Thus he examines the artist's experiments in such divers fields as sculpture, lithography, book illustration, ceramics, mural painting, and stage and costume design. A passionate creator in the world of the plastic arts, and an equally passionate lover of the word, of the most audacious poetical games, of objects and of the naked truth of materials, Miro also shone as an oneiric artist, in pursuit of the constellations which inspired some of his finest canvases. All of these fascinating artistic adventures are here narrated with fraternal complicity by Jacques Dupin."--BOOK JACKET+-+K50958535736813ocn001058116book19620.70Dupin, JacquesAlberto GiacomettiCatalogsExhibition catalogs3267ocn028676383book19930.47Dupin, JacquesMiróBiographyNearly 500 illustrations, 200 in full color, reproduce works from every phase of Miro's career. An illustrated chronology, an extensive bibliography, and a list of exhibitions add to the value of this superb volume, an indispensable addition to the literature on modern art16912ocn042287483book19990.87Dupin, JacquesJoan Miró : catalogue raisonné : paintingsCatalogscatalogue raisonné+-+K68573313715512ocn020571437book19890.77Dupin, JacquesMiró engraverCatalogs14112ocn000505584book19630.82Dupin, JacquesL'Embrasure. Précédé de Gravir et suivi de la Ligne de rupture et de l'Onglée13918ocn001000782book19690.80Dupin, JacquesL'Embrasure1365ocn052787135book20030.74Dupin, JacquesGiacometti : three essaysCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile works+-+780397624513410ocn002877773book19750.89Dupin, JacquesDehors : [poèmes]12314ocn013478959book19830.89Dupin, JacquesDe singes et de mouches12012ocn043096514book19990.82Dupin, JacquesLe corps clairvoyant : 1963-1982La terre et les mots, le roc et l'impatience, la bourrasque et l'affrontement, le silence et le cri tué des douleurs, la poésie de Jacques Dupin, sans compromis ni nostalgie, est une profération sans prophétie ni message. Ce recueil réunit les quatre premiers livres du poète11917ocn024163866book19900.93Dupin, JacquesRien encore, tout déjà1188ocn360205402book20090.82Dupin, JacquesJoan MiróCriticism, interpretation, etcART FORMS, TREATMENTS & SUBJECTS. Considered one of the great artist of the 20th century, Joan Mir has bequeathed us a definitive body of work whose influence has continued to grow over the years. Mir did not paint dreams but instead , through his works, provided the spectator with certain elements so that he would be the one that dreamed. He never worked under the influence of hypnosis, drugs or alcohol. Nevertheless, his artistic personality and the way he represented on canvas what inspiration dictated to him led Andr Breton to exclaim: Mir is the most surrealist of us all!!. A creative force in the plastic field who felt an equal passion for the word, for the most daring poetic plays, a lover of objects and the bare truth of materials+-+795768989311212ocn002718461book19630.87Dupin, JacquesGravir; [poèmes1116ocn009822989book19820.92Dupin, JacquesUne apparence de soupirail : poèmes1098ocn035623264book19960.85Dupin, JacquesLe grésil10810ocn014206051book19860.90Dupin, JacquesContumace : poèmes1014ocn004068668book19720.60Miró, JoanMiró as sculptor9613ocn008322700book19810.92Dupin, JacquesDe nul lieu et du Japon : poèmes8573ocn606255465file20050.47De Julio, MaryannJacques DupinCriticism, interpretation, etcArt+-+91936579543241544ocn027142040book19920.92Dupin, JacquesSelected poems+-+07054816453241374ocn026674696book19910.94De Julio, MaryannRhetorical landscapes : the poetry and art criticism of Jacques DupinCriticism, interpretation, etcArt+-+65330526451142ocn000916753book19740.90Dupin, JacquesJacques DupinBibliographyAs erotic as understated as it is violent-- subtle, as if you were writing philosophy through the body. --Mary Ann Caws773ocn010022814book19820.92Viart, DominiqueL'écriture seconde : la pratique poétique de Jacques DupinCriticism, interpretation, etc633ocn045387385book20000.96Strates, cahier Jacques DupinCriticism, interpretation, etc582ocn768126807book20110.96Dupin, JacquesOf flies and monkeys = De singes et de mouches451ocn030635273book19930.92Lloze, EvelyneApproaches de Jacques DupinCriticism, interpretation, etc151ocn104777498book20070.9204.03 : mélanges pour Jacques Dupin"A l'occasion des 80 ans de Jacques Dupin, 27 écrivains participent à des contributions poétiques et critiques, parmi lesquels P. Auster, H. Damish, Y. Bonnefoy, J. Ashberry141ocn607484919book20100.93Surya, MichelExcepté le possible : Jacques Dupin, Roger Laporte, Bernard Noël, Jean-Michel ReynardCriticism, interpretation, etc111ocn490109710book19970.96Horizons de la poesie moderneCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings91ocn457547017book20090.56Miró/Dupin : art i poesiaConference proceedings83ocn796355200book20120.74Jacques DupinCriticism, interpretation, etc72ocn027444539book19740.87Dupin, JacquesGravir; [poèmes41ocn704339852book20100.95Cohen, FrancisSingeries pour Jacques DupinCriticism, interpretation, etc42ocn032027729book19701.00Dupin, JacquesJacques Dupin : Lyrik, Poemes illustres, Partituren, illustrierte Bücher, Lithographien, Monographien, Aufsätze, Ausstellungskataloge : 13. April -- 6. Juni 1970HistoryBibliographyExhibition catalogs21ocn145960649mix19880.47Fetzer, Glenn WThe poetry of Jacques Dupin : a reader-response approachCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn702598392score19990.96Jolas, Betsy5 poèmes de Jacques Dupin : pour soprano et pianoMusical settings11ocn054953244art19861.00Auster, PaulJacques DupinCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn863631300book20130.47Christie's ParisHommage à Jacques Dupin : six œuvres exceptionnelles provenant de sa collectionCatalogs+-+K509585357+-+K509585357Fri Feb 13 10:44:46 EST 2015batch38090