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Thu Oct 16 17:51:14 2014 UTClccn-n500314740.00Gregory, Horace Victor0.341.00Letters to Blanche C. Matthias from Margery Latimer and Jean Toomer ; and to Henry Chester Tracy from Margery Latimer110610574Horace_Gregoryn 5003147466833Gregory, Horace 1898-Gregory, Horace b. 1898lccn-n50044141Masters, Edgar Lee1868-1950lccn-n79081720Cowley, Malcolm1898-1989lccn-n81027817Eberhart, Richard1904-2005fmolccn-n50033103Carrier, Constancelccn-n50024420Eastman, Max1883-1969lccn-n50024270Handy, W. C.(William Christopher)1873-1958lccn-n80046721Du Bois, W. E. B.(William Edward Burghardt)1868-1963lccn-n80013219Loy, Minalccn-n79026870Bishop, John Peale1892-1944lccn-n83039272Hass, RobertGregory, Horace1898-1982PoetryCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceFictionHistoryBiographyDramaEpic poetry, LatinElegiac poetry, LatinIllustrationsMythology, ClassicalAmerican poetryMetamorphosis--MythologyCatullus, Gaius ValeriusRome (Empire)Fables, LatinLove poetry, LatinEpigrams, LatinElegiac poetry, LatinEnglish poetryLowell, Amy,English literatureChildren's poetryAuthors, AmericanAmerican literatureHelen of Troy (Greek mythology)Poets, AmericanMacLeish, Archibald,Rukeyser, Muriel,Moore, Marianne,Benét, William Rose,Masters, Edgar Lee,Frost, Robert,Benét, Stephen Vincent,Cummings, E. E.--(Edward Estlin),Aiken, Conrad,Jeffers, Robinson,Warren, Robert Penn,Pound, Ezra,Teasdale, Sara,Williams, William Carlos,Crane, Stephen,Sandburg, Carl,Eliot, T. S.--(Thomas Stearns),Stevens, Wallace,Moody, William Vaughn,Miller, Joaquin,Ransom, John Crowe,Wylie, Elinor,Santayana, George,Millay, Edna St. Vincent,Lindsay, Vachel,Crane, Hart,Robinson, Edwin Arlington,Whistler, James McNeill,Lawrence, D. H.--(David Herbert),Time in literaturePlace (Philosophy) in literatureLiteraturePlace (Philosophy)189819821925192819301931193219331934193519361937193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195119531954195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719891990199319981999200020012002200520092013201421553194565811.508PA6522.M2ocn000279815ocn021352970ocn000178724ocn001291157ocn000336159ocn001200189ocn002437136ocn004425829ocn001585629ocn001838821ocn005223170ocn000376507ocn000531516ocn042789319ocn604019416ocn001869856ocn605665269ocn580510195ocn647040768ocn644991474ocn000902901ocn468619472ocn756467110ocn438677496ocn440751578ocn839977882ocn009476714ocn080657554ocn080132162ocn077776300ocn082350118ocn083505019ocn083704055ocn081822545ocn078178282ocn078004468ocn832604256ocn72507262823871ocn042290811book20000.07Stewart, RandallAmerican poetry : the twentieth centuryContains over 1500 poems by more than 200 well-known American poets, including Langston Hughes, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Robert Frost, and Wallace Stevens+-+2326658336151553ocn000279815book19300.31Anderson, SherwoodThe portable Sherwood AndersonFictionRecords and correspondenceWinesburg, Ohio is a collection of related short stories, which could be loosely defined as a novel. The stories are centered on the protagonist George Willard and the fictional inhabitants of the town of Winesburg, Ohio. The work explores the theme of loneliness and frustration in small-town America. Poor white revolves around two main characters, Hugh McVey and Clara Butterworth. It tells of how the spread of industrialism affected the agrarian towns of the Midwest. The story Hands is a portret of a man who suffered from suspicion of pedophilia140729ocn000968375book19420.37Gregory, HoraceA history of American poetry, 1900-1940Criticism, interpretation, etc108012ocn000284783book19630.37Gregory, HoraceCollected poemsThe author's selection from six previous books of poetry, from "Chelsea Rooming House", 1930, to "Medusa in Grammercy Park", 1961107816ocn000582315book19580.39Gregory, HoraceAmy Lowell; portrait of the poet in her timeHistoryBiography95319ocn001199782book19590.39Gregory, HoraceThe world of James McNeill WhistlerCriticism, interpretation, etc90014ocn021352970book19620.08Gregory, HoraceThe Crystal cabinet, an invitation to poetryMore than 120 poems, seldom found in anthologies, with notes to some of the selections. Represented are such poets as Catullus, Thomas Campion, Walter S. Landor, Rainer M. Rilke, Hugh MacDiarmid, and Emily Dickinson--H.W. Wilson8144ocn000351276book19660.08Gregory, HoraceThe silver swan; poems of romance and mysteryThe mystery of life and the romance of the past are celebrated in the collection of ballads, elegies, and poems81321ocn000534615book19330.53Gregory, HoraceD.H. Lawrence : pilgrim of the Apocalypse : a critical studyCriticism, interpretation, etc7357ocn000447410book19730.47Gregory, HoraceSpirit of time and placeCriticism, interpretation, etc62515ocn001062162book19580.35OvidMetamorphosesCriticism, interpretation, etcSoftwarePoetryIllustrationsDramaManuscriptsEpic poetry, LatinThe Horace Gregory translation of one the great works of classical mythology+-+884270609561111ocn001874099book19440.59Gregory, HoraceThe shield of Achilles : essays on beliefs in poetryCriticism, interpretation, etc5657ocn000326462book19670.47Gregory, HoraceDorothy Richardson; an adventure in self-discoveryCriticism, interpretation, etc54310ocn000243314book19610.59Gregory, HoraceThe dying gladiators : and other essaysCriticism, interpretation, etc5287ocn001993111book19730.39Gregory, HoraceAnother look : poemsHorace Gregory's poems ... are among the finest of our time. What gives them a distinctive quality for me is the beautiful sense of the past I find in them, that is Gregory's sense of history. His poems are not images spun from himself in single thought; in them the poet lends his voice to voices long silent. He can repeople a neighborhood, or show us the Medusa-face in Gramercy Park; and he can also walk with Emerson or listen to Goethe. In him the poetic imagination lives harmoniously with the imagination of history. This gives singular force and largeness to Gregory's work. --Leon Edel5209ocn000218068book19310.53Catullus, Gaius ValeriusThe poems of CatullusCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryElegiac poetry, LatinHorace Gregory's twentieth-century English version of Catullus' poems is a rare book of its kind in contemporary poetry. M.L. Rosenthal says of it: "By escaping the limitations of 'Anglo-classical' convention, and by employing newer techniques, Gregory did succeed in coming closer to Catullus' poetic personality than earlier translators ... in addition to his direct, lucid style, the 'irregular' forms he used enable him to cut his cloth to fit the originals' ... The present edition has a newly written introduction which contains a brief critical biography and an account of how a twentieth-century of the poems came to be written. --Grove Press [from the library of Elizabeth Ballantyne]4338ocn000902901book19610.39H. DHelen in EgyptPoetry+-+99905766354244ocn000376507book19560.56Catullus, Gaius ValeriusPoemsPoetryElegiac poetry, LatinThis collection contains all of Catullus's extant work. Ranging from the tender, moving, and passionate to the vicious and even obscene, these are poems of astonishingly modern force and content. The lively translation by Peter Whigham re-creates the dexterity, passion, and perception of the original. --Penguin Books4206ocn005223170book19580.35OvidThe metamorphoses; a complete new versionPoetryThe Metamorphoses or Transformations of Ovid was completed at Rome in the year 8 AD, which also was the year that the Emperor Augustus sent its author into retirement far away from Rome. It can be said that the Metamorphoses, written at the beginning of the Christian era, was the last long-sustained major work of a great age in Latin poetry, and it was also evidence of a peculiarly Italian genius which places it at a middle distance away from the Aeneid, since it was not a true and heroic epic, toward the novellas of Bandello and the lyricism of Petrarch. - Introduction3843ocn001291157book19430.47Gregory, HoraceThe triumph of life; poems of consolation for the English-speaking worldPoetry4922ocn000118012book19710.39Gregory, HoraceThe house on Jefferson Street : a cycle of memoriesThe noted poet as a child in Milwaukee, a poor writer in New York in the 20's, and on vacation in England and Ireland, including meetings with many famous literary personalities61ocn018527143book19730.29Special Horace Gregory issue22ocn021321280book19841.00Matthias, Blanche CLetters to Blanche C. Matthias from Margery Latimer and Jean Toomer ; and to Henry Chester Tracy from Margery LatimerFolders 1-11, 126 letters mostly to B.C. Matthias from M. Latimer, 2 by Donald Douglas; 12, 1 letter from Zona Gale to M. Latimer, Aug. 12, 1921; 9 letters, 1927?-1934, to Matthias from Jean Toomer; 13, 2 letters to Henry Chester Tracy from Latimer; 14, Typescript "My friendship with Margery Bodine Latimer," by B.C. Matthias, 5 p21ocn052522116mix19490.96Rosenthal, M. LChief poets of the American DepressionCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn849527635mix1.00Hicks, GranvilleGranville Hicks PapersCriticism, interpretation, etcPapers of the American author, lecturer, novelist, and literary critic. Correspondence, 1929-80, with Harriette Arnow, Newton Arvin, Van Wyck Brooks, Baker Bromell, Malcolm Cowley, Robert Cantwell, Robert Gorham Davis, Henry Christman, George Cole, James T. Farrell, Joseph Freeman, Herbert Gold, Corliss Lamont, Lucy Robbins Lang, John Lydenburg, Georgia McKinley, Fulmer Mood, Walter Ripton Morris, Wright Morris, Richard Rovere, Evelyn Scott, Lincoln Steffins, and Ella Winter, among others. Also correspondence and editorial reader's reports for Macmillan Publishing Company. Writings include articles, book manuscripts, a journal (1942-1973), lectures, as well as research notes, correspondence, and memorabilia relating to the production of Hicks' biography of John Reed. Large collection of printed material includes book reviews, clippings, and an assortment of Leftist pamphlets and periodicals from the 1930s11ocn702199233mix1.00Fromm, Gloria GGloria and Harold Fromm collection of Dorothy M. RichardsonArchivesCollection of correspondence, photographs, and other materials relating to Dorothy M. Richardson and her husband Alan Odle. Correspondence consists of letters from Richardson to others, dating from the 1930s and 1940s, and letters between Richardson biographer Gloria Fromm and others, dating from the 1960s and 1970s. Correspondents include Horace Gregory, W. R. Trotter, literary critic Leon Edel, and members of the Richardson and Wadsworth families. There are photographs of Richardson and Odle, the Richardson family, John Cowper Powys, Gisèle Freund, Percy Beaumont Wadsworth, and others, as well as examples of artwork by Odle, Adrian Allinson, and Ivy de Verley, some of which appear in Fromm's 1977 biography. Other materials include printed ephemera and manuscript notes11ocn796026577book19500.47Rosenthal, M. LHorace Gregory : the Catullus translations ... : A section of a dissertationHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn062124295rcrd2005Gregory, HoraceThe house on Jefferson Street a cycle of memories11ocn647938601book1.00Farrell, James TPapers of James Thomas FarrellReviewsThe collection contains the mss. for the essays Of men and books, 1946 (on The bulwark by Theodore Dreiser) and Horace Gregory's poetry reread, and for short stories Jeff, Sylvester MucGullick, and One of many. The latter is Farrell's revised version of a ms. by his brother John Farrell. Letters, 1931-37, to Robert Carlton Brown discuss the problems of getting Brown's books, The readies and You gotta live, reviewed, the prospects of magazines accepting their short stories, the writing of the Studs Lonigan trilogy and Gas house McGinty, and literary censorship. He refers briefly to James Henle, Ezra Pound, Kay Boyle, Floyd Stern, H.L. Mencken, and Esquire and Common sense magazines. A letter to Robert McDonough reviews The old bunch by Meyer Levin. In other letters Farrell encourages a convalescent Marshall Bean, and declines Lola L. Kovener's offer to become his secretary. There is a letter to Brown from John Farrell regarding publicity and one from Floyd Stern mentioning Farrell11ocn017416775mix1.00Latimer, MargeryLetters and manuscripts of Margery LatimerFolders 1-7, 10, 11, 11a, 12 of the Jessie Gruner archive; folders 1-11,13, 126 letters of the B.C. Matthias archive11ocn053160512art1999Gregory, Horace Victor11ocn715230399art19850.10Gregory, Horace Victor. poet, criticBiography11ocn070982453file1.00Rukeyser, MurielMuriel Rukeyser papersRecords and correspondencePart I correspondents include Kay Boyle, Isabel Cerney, Eleanor Clark, Betty Eberhart, Richard Eberhart, James Edmiston, Denise Levertov, Helen Merrell Lynd, James Marshall, Monica McCall, Carson McCullers, William Meredith, Marianne Moore, William Packard, Robert Payne, Rebecca E. Pitts, Katharine Anne Porter, Miriam M. Reik, May Sarton, Bryna Ivens Untermeyer, Louis Untermeyer, Alice Walker, Robert Penn Warren, Frances G. Wickes, Toni Willson, and Ella Winter. Part II contains many of the same correspondents listed in Part I. Additional correspondents include Berenice Abbott, Alexandra Docili, Peter Docili, Robert Edward Duncan, Sara Bard Field, Hallie Flanagan, Henry H. Fuller, Horace Gregory, Norman Holmes Pearson, Marie de L. Welchand, and Marya Zaturenska11ocn849527643mix1.00Hillyer, RobertRobert Hillyer PapersPapers of the American author, poet, educator. General, literary, and family correspondence; writings (essays, poems, poetry, reviews, speeches, manuscripts, galley proofs); memorabilia (photographs, clippings, genealogies, daguerreotypes. family Bibles, miniatures, hymnals). Notable correspondents include William Rose Benét, Millicent Todd Bingham, Ben Lucien Burman, Frederick Chamberlin, James Gould Cozzens, Max Eastman, Kimball Flaccus, Horace Gregory, Ralph Hodgson, Robert Huff, Amy Lowell, Archibald MacLeish, Marianne Moore, James B. Munn, Robert Nathan, John Neihardt, Louise Townsend Nicholl, Bliss Perry, Lizette Reese, Lennox Robinson, Paul Rosenfeld, Mark Schorer, Walter Magnes Teller, Mark Van Doren, and Edward Weeks11ocn849527540mix1.00Farrell, James TJames T. Farrell CollectionLecture notes on the poetry of Horace Gregory; manuscripts of articles; and published material by and about Farrell11ocn752198664score19590.47Goodman, JosephThree songs on poems of Horace Gregory. for [high] voice, flute, oboe, violin, viola, violoncelloMusical settingsManuscripts11ocn647927084mix19311.00Gregory, HoraceLetter of Horace Gregory, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., to Lawrence DrakeLetter, 1953 May 9, New York, to Roy Land concerning an overdue copy of a book by Violet Paget [1 l. typescript signed. 22.7 cm.]--Letter, 1953 May 20, Roy Land to Gregory about the return of the book [1 l. typescript (carbon copy) 27.8 cm.]11ocn702336026book1.00Gregory, Horace[Pamphlets, including periodical contributions, by and about Horace Gregory]11ocn467178937mix1.00Vanguard PressThe collection consists of the editorial and production archives of Vanguard Press: correspondence, manuscripts, contracts, memoranda, galley proofs, photographs, clippings, and printed materials11ocn052600414mix1.00Borrello, AlfredCriticism, interpretation, etcAutographsRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsCollection contains correspondence, manuscripts and typescripts, printed ephemera, newsclippings, and oversize items. Subject matter centers on Borrello and Gabriel Fielding and their correspondents, but includes some interesting small items. See finding aid+-+2326658336+-+2326658336Thu Oct 16 16:02:48 EDT 2014batch34951