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Thu Oct 16 17:57:10 2014 UTClccn-n500329400.12Possession : a romance /0.270.90Melusine the serpent goddess in A.S. Byatt's Possession and in mythology /29521863A._S._Byattn 5003294068284B., A. S. 1936-Baĭet, Antonii︠a︡ S. 1936-Baieta, A. S. 1936-Byatt , A. S.Byatt, A. S. 1936-...Byatt, A. S. (Antonia Susan)Byatt Antonia 1936-....Byatt, Antonia S.Byatt , Antonia SusanByatt, Antonia Susan 1936-Byatt , Antonia Susan DrabbleByatt Antonia Susan Drabble 1936-....Drabble, Antonia Susan 1936-Drabble Byatt, Antonia SusanDrabble Byatt Antonia Susan 1936-....Duffy, Antonia Susan 1936-Байет, Антония С 1936-ביט, א. ס.בייאט, א"סבייאט, א. ס. 1936-בייט, אנטוניה סוזן 1936-バイヤット, A. Sfast-1073564Potter, Frederica (Fictitious character)lccn-n79054729Matisse, Henri1869-1954lccn-n80013587Murdoch, Irisiveivrlccn-n79045512Eliot, George1819-1880lccn-n79056144Hallam, Arthur Henry1811-1833lccn-n2001028892Alfer, Alexa1968-lccn-no97059617Leishman, Virginiaprfnrtlccn-n79006595Wordsworth, William1770-1850lccn-nr96028410Sodré, Ignêslccn-n78095462Coleridge, Samuel Taylor1772-1834Byatt, A. S.(Antonia Susan)1936-FictionDomestic fictionCriticism, interpretation, etcPsychological fictionDramaFilm adaptationsHistoryInterviewsShort storiesLove storiesEnglandByatt, A. S.--(Antonia Susan),Potter, Frederica (Fictitious character)PoetsManuscripts--Collectors and collectingLiterary historiansEngland--LondonYoung womenMarried womenFamily secretsChildren and adultsCountry homesRunaway childrenWorld War (1914-1918)England--YorkshireWomen authorsShort stories, EnglishDivorceFamily violenceTrials (Obscenity)BiographersWomenWomen in television broadcastingManners and customsWomen and literatureMan-woman relationshipsMythology, NorseArt appreciationMatisse, Henri,World War (1939-1945)Fairy talesEnd of the worldYoung menDomestic fictionBiography as a literary formPolaritySistersHistorical fictionFantasy fiction, EnglishTheaterEnglish teachersLiterature and historyEnglish fiction--Women authorsShort storiesPsychological fictionPoetryLove poetry, RomanceEnglish literatureAmerican literatureEvacuation of civilians (1939-1945 : World War)193619601964196519661967196819691970197119731974197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014533904841944823.914PR6052.Y2ocn797459530ocn441630156ocn439166572ocn470835637ocn440047345ocn840083331ocn464032234ocn780853183ocn439809008ocn697721513ocn439166572ocn440898395ocn800256540ocn470752720ocn755830824ocn797120195ocn452229231ocn804384285ocn491207904ocn862348193ocn029052835ocn691705471ocn781213542ocn691497627ocn780203164ocn887480631ocn029052651ocn781213443ocn691503788ocn691501584ocn691502448ocn691503870ocn691497654ocn880513439ocn880513438ocn832610191ocn862651940ocn461866231ocn469709952ocn822829694ocn691963153ocn416764266ocn781113548ocn781365248ocn781406807ocn723508698ocn185748045ocn8804476405031108ocn021337703book19890.12Byatt, A. SPossession : a romanceFictionLove storiesWinner of England's Booker Prize, a coast-to-coast bestseller, and the literary sensation of the year, Possession is a novel of wit and romance, at once an intellectual mystery and a triumphant love story. Revolving around a pair of young scholars researching the lives of two Victorian poets, Byatt creates a haunting counterpoint of passion and ideas+-+4540824215275432ocn299707544book20090.20Byatt, A. SThe children's book : a novelHistoryFictionWhen Olive Wellwood's oldest son discovers a runaway named Philip sketching in the basement of the new Victoria and Albert Museum--a talented working-class boy who could be a character out of one of Olive's magical tales--she takes him into the storybook world of her family and friends--a world that conceals more treachery and darkness than Philip has ever imagined and that will soon be eclipsed by far greater forces+-+0457272585244739ocn033983402book19950.21Byatt, A. SBabel TowerFictionDomestic fictionIn England, a woman marries into the landed gentry, only to find the life stifling. When she tries to renew with her old milieu, her husband objects. Drama follows drama, ending in a custody battle for their only child. A look at British society+-+0860594215201540ocn044769112book20000.21Byatt, A. SThe biographer's taleFictionPsychological fictionPhineas G. Nanson sets out to write a biography of a great biographer, only to discover that the fragmentary facts and bits of information are difficult to put together, a discovery that becomes a metaphor for his own complex life+-+8966690285196333ocn049952180book20020.21Byatt, A. SA whistling womanFictionPsychological fictionAmid the effervescence and turbulence of the 1960s, Frederica finds a career in television in London, while events in Yorkshire threaten to turn her life and the lives of the people she loves upside down+-+8980690285179229ocn053443135book20030.21Byatt, A. SLittle black book of storiesFictionShort storiesBlending elements of folk tales with the darker elements of everyday life, a collection of short fiction includes the story of two middle-aged women confronting their childhood fears and the tale of a man who encounters the ghost of his living wife+-+0226955596176326ocn751806600book20110.20Byatt, A. SRagnarok : the end of the godsFictionAs the bombs of the Blitz rain down on Britain, one young girl is evacuated to the countryside. She is struggling to make sense of her new wartime life. Then she is given a copy of Asgard and the Gods -- a book of ancient Norse myths -- and her inner and outer worlds are transformed+-+2744767535172640ocn012235397book19850.23Byatt, A. SStill lifeFictionDomestic fictionIn the 1950s, Stephanie Potter, now married to a clergyman, is conflicted about her domestic life and her strivings for intellectual fulfillment; her brilliant sister Frederica eagerly embarks on her academic (and sexual) education at Cambridge University; and their troubled brother Marcus painfully tries to find friendship and love+-+2003265755171430ocn031661856book19930.23Byatt, A. SThe Matisse storiesFictionThree stories, each around a particular Matisse painting. In Medusa's Ankles, a hairdresser informs a customer he is considering leaving his wife because she has allowed her ankles to get fat. The novel describes the reaction of the customer, herself conscious of her waning looks+-+K877124215165124ocn037890513book19980.23The Oxford book of English short storiesFictionA collection of less-known stories by well-known writers. In Thomas Hardy's A Mere Interlude, a bride on the eve of her wedding elopes with an old flame, while Graham Greene's The Destructors is on crime during the London Blitz+-+5387967465160128ocn035723663book19940.23Byatt, A. SThe Djinn in the nightingale's eye : five fairy storiesA collection of fairy tales for adults. The title novella is on a middle-aged Englishwoman attending a writers' conference in Turkey. She picks up an antique bottle and as she is washing it a djinn appears, offering to grant her three wishes. She asks for a younger body, then requests he make love to her+-+3355794215155331ocn040602863book19980.23Byatt, A. SElementals : stories of fire and iceFictionA collection of stories on the theme of opposites. In Cold, a princess from a cold climate risks her health to marry a prince from a hot desert, while in Christ in the House of Martha and Mary an artist opens a cook's eyes to cooking as art+-+0507500285148818ocn027066248book19920.22Byatt, A. SAngels & insects : two novellasFictionThese two fascinating novellas, like A. S. Byatt's Booker Prize-winning novel Possession, are set in the mid-nineteenth century, weaving fact and fiction, reality and romance. "Morpho Eugenia" is a lively Gothic fable of the Earthly Paradise, of the Victorian obsession with Darwinian theories of breeding and sexuality and the parallels between insect and human society - the capture and taming of nature, whether it be a young woman in a country house or a rare butterfly, gleaming in the forests of the Amazon. "The Conjugial Angel" concerns Tennyson's In Memoriam, published in 1850, mourning the death seventeen years before of his friend Arthur Henry Hallam, who was engaged to Tennyson's sister Emily. A philosophical ghost story, bizarre, comic, and moving, in which fictive mediums meet "real" characters, it explores the contemporary preoccupation with God and life after death. Resonant, magical, entirely original, this is A. S. Bryant at her best+-+8986024215146750ocn024373791book19780.23Byatt, A. SThe virgin in the gardenHistoryFictionDomestic fictionA new play, the highlight of a magnificent local festival celebrating the coronation of Elizabeth II, brings together the young playwright and a brilliant but eccentric family whose personal dramas soon eclipse the entire production+-+5473824215110925ocn024066881book19910.29Byatt, A. SPassions of the mind : selected writingsCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of essays on the works of authors from the Victorian era to the twentieth century+-+4293866525324104121ocn044469065book20000.35Byatt, A. SOn histories and stories : selected essaysCriticism, interpretation, etcThe interplay between fiction and history forms the core of Byatt's essays as she explores historical storytelling and the translation of historical fact into fiction+-+060955921598039ocn026055497book19670.24Byatt, A. SThe game : a novelFictionTwo estranged sisters are brought by a friend back into an alternate world modeled on the landscapes of Arthurian romance that they visited as little girls+-+010792421590630ocn014966125book19870.26Byatt, A. SSugar and other storiesFictionA collection of short stories that are populated by erudite paranoiacs, witches, changelings, and the ghost of a dead child. The author of Possession explores the fragile ties between generations and the elaborate memories we construct against loss, resulting in a book rich in knowledge, compassion, and wonder. "An outstanding collection. . . ".--The Sunday Times (London)+-+627792421575419ocn444602691rcrd20090.12Byatt, A. SThe children's book [a novel]HistoryFiction"When author Olive Wellwood's oldest son discovers a runaway named Philip sketching in the basement of the new Victoria and Albert Museum she takes him into the storybook world of her family and friends. There he finds more treachery and darkness than Philip has ever imagined. But their personal struggles, their hidden desires, will soon be eclipsed by far greater forces, as the tides turn across Europe and a golden era comes to an end with the beginning of World War I"--Container+-+K70220258570932ocn000367759book19650.50Byatt, A. SDegrees of freedom; the novels of Iris MurdochHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiografi om den engelske forfatters første romaner+-+29775844553248423ocn051287510visu20020.18LaBute, NeilPossessionCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAffair between the two poets6883ocn034839728book19960.39Kelly, Kathleen CoyneA.S. ByattCriticism, interpretation, etcKathleen Coyne Kelly has written the first full-length study of Byatt's oeuvre. Kelly shows how the early novels, along with Byatt's better-known recent work, illustrate the degree to which Byatt is at home with both the conventions of realism and the challenges of postmodernism. In all of her fiction, Byatt combines a passion for intellectual analysis with rich plotting and vivid characterization; increasingly, she is being recognized as one of the great British+-+38952205353246277ocn054692863book20040.70Campbell, JaneA.S. Byatt and the heliotropic imaginationCriticism, interpretation, etcCampbell presents a comprehensive critical reading of Byatt's fiction from The shadow of the sun and The game, published in the 1960s, to A whistling woman (2002). The book begins with an overview of Byatt's writing and, drawing on her interviews and essays, sets forth the critical principles that inform the novelist's works. Following this introduction is a chronically structured account of the novels and short stories tracing Byatt's literary development. Campbell employs a critical perspective appropriate to the author's individualistic feminist stance, stressing the breadth of Byatt's intellectual concerns and her insistence on placing her female characters in a living, changing context of ideas and experience, especially in their search for creative voice+-+K4895743356037ocn710896096file20100.66Alfer, AlexaA.S. Byatt : critical storytellingCriticism, interpretation, etcThis is a study of Byatt's fictional and non-fictional work. It provides contextualising commentary and devotes an entire chapter to Byatt's role as critic and public intellectual+-+77011546256012ocn036510910book19970.26Byatt, A. SImagining characters : conversations about women writers : Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, Willa Cather, Iris Murdoch, and Toni MorrisonCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsWhether they are examining the bewildering passivity of Jane Austen's heroines, exploring Willa Cather's code of solitude, or reading Toni Morrison's Beloved as a novel about spite, Byatt and Sodre are witty, humane, funny, and profound. For anyone who loves Byatt's novels, for anyone who loves literature, Imagining Characters is indispensable, a work of criticism that returns us to the books it discusses with renewed respect and wonder+-+48022242154553ocn045963192book20010.66Essays on the fiction of A.S. Byatt : imagining the realCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+83606886854536ocn045636848book20010.70Franken, ChristienA.S. Byatt : art, authorship, creativityHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"This book considers the criticism and fiction of A. S. Byatt in the context of contemporary debates about art, authorship, creativity and gender. Tracing the highly productive ways in which Byatt's work moves in and out of Leavisite criticism, post-structuralism and feminism, Christien Franken highlights the ambivalences that are so central to Byatt's aesthetic. A. S. Byatt emerges as an author who presents us with original insights into the transcendence of art, the violence of the imagination, the complex nature of creative genius and women's access to art and authorship. The author shows how Byatt constructs fascinating portraits of creative women, based on the myths of the serpent woman Melusine and the visionary Cassandra, and Tennyson's Lady of Shalott. The metaphors of creativity which dominate Byatt's portraits of writers, such as water, light and glass, are read in the context of the work of the philosopher Luce Irigaray."--BOOK JACKET+-+83565388853462ocn054279891book20040.63Fiander, Lisa MFairy tales and the fiction of Iris Murdoch, Margaret Drabble, and A.S. ByattHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFolklore"The Grimm brothers' fairy tales have long fascinated readers with their violence and frank sexuality. Three of Britain's most important novelists, Iris Murdoch, Margaret Drabble, and A. S. Byatt, have shared this fascination. Their fiction explores the darker themes of fairy tales - bestiality, cannibalism, and incest - and finds within them reasons to be optimistic about our fractured modern world."--BOOK JACKET+-+58072957353112ocn049526150visu20000.24Haas, PhilipAngels and insectsHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsBarely surviving an expedition to the Amazon, working class biologist William Adamson returns home, where he is forced to accept the charity of an affluent, upper-class family. Falling deeply in love with his benefactor's captivating daughter, he sees his fondest wish come true when she agrees to become his wife. Unwittingly attracting the affections of a bright household servant, William tries to continue his scientific studies. But all of William's logic and learning can't prepare him for the discovery he is about to make about his new relations. A discovery that will peel back the facade of wealth and privilege to reveal a breeding ground of erotic decadence and illicit passion beyond any husband's darkest fears2714ocn036359868book19970.63Todd, RichardA.S. ByattCriticism, interpretation, etcThis perceptive study tests A.S. Byatt's belief that the intellectual activities of writing and reading are intimately and complexly related to each other+-+17425819252585ocn034693526book19950.63Byatt, A. SImagining characters : six conversations about women writersHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsIn this book A.S. Byatt, leading British novelist, meets Ignês Sodré, a Brazilian psychoanalyst. They discuss their different readings of six great novels by women writers+-+55501665253242297ocn061448061book20060.84Gauthier, Tim SNarrative desire and historical reparations : A.S. Byatt, Ian McEwan, Salmon RushdieHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+26902406952088ocn429024033book20090.84Steveker, LenaIdentity and cultural memory in the fiction of A.S. Byatt : knitting the net of cultureCriticism, interpretation, etc"This book provides innovative readings of the key texts of A.S. Byatt's oeuvre by analysing the negotiations of individual identity, cultural memory, and literature which inform Byatt's novels. Steveker explores the concepts of identity constructed in the novels, showing them to be deeply rooted in British literary history and cultural memory"--Provided by publisher+-+68802058751954ocn221665782book20080.74Hadley, LouisaThe fiction of A.S. ByattCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+46426058751653ocn051274781book20030.90Alban, Gillian M. EMelusine the serpent goddess in A.S. Byatt's Possession and in mythology+-+86295648251213ocn745563067book20100.63Hicks, ElizabethThe still life in the fiction of A.S. ByattCriticism, interpretation, etcThis book explores the ways in which English writer A. S. (Antonia) Byatt's visual still lifes (descriptions of real or imagined artworks) and what are termed 'verbal still lifes' (scenes such as laid tables, rooms and market stalls) are informed by her v+-+70387389963241036ocn056458042book20030.24Reynolds, MargaretA.S. Byatt : Possession: a romance, Angels & insects, A whistling womanCriticism, interpretation, etcPresents tools for performing close readings of A.S. Byatt's novels "Possession: a romance," "Angel & insects," and "A whistling woman" ; provides guidance for conducting research on the books' contexts; and includes an interview with Byatt, a glossary of literary terms, a biographical outline, and a selected bibliography+-+4677094455672ocn813540032book20130.79Boccardi, MariadeleA.S. ByattCriticism, interpretation, etcIntroduction: A.S. Byatt, a "new" British novelist? -- A resistance to biographical readings: The shadow of the sun (1964) and The game (1967) -- Chronicles of post-war England: The virgin in the garden (1978), Still life (1985), Babel tower (1996), A whistling woman (2002) -- Victorian echoes: Possession: a romance (1990), Angels and insects (1992), and The biographer's tale (2000) -- Colours, textures and narrative patterns: A.S. Byatt's short stories collections -- The inexorable movement of history: The childrem's book (2009) -- A survey of landmark interviews -- Other writings -- Critical reception583ocn077013289book20070.74Wallhead, Celia MA.S. Byatt : essays on the short fictionCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+7306664858572ocn191031555file20040.50Byatt, A. SVintage ByattFabulist, realist, critic, and winner of the Booker Prize for her now-classic novel Possession, A. S. Byatt has boundless intellectual and literary gifts and a fathomless imagination on which to nourish them. Her novels, stories, and essays allow us to see both our own and other worlds and times and, perhaps most brilliantly, the connections between them. Vintage Byatt includes a self-contained section from the bestselling Possession; selections from the Matisse Stories, Elementals, Sugar and Other Stories, and the recent Little Black Book of Stories; and essays from the collection Passions of the Mind. Vintage Readers are a perfect introduction to some of the great modern writers, presented in attractive, affordable paperback editions. From the Trade Paperback edition+-+0457272585+-+0457272585Thu Oct 16 15:26:29 EDT 2014batch60330