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Fri Mar 21 17:03:31 2014 UTClccn-n500331930.33The theory of parsing, translation, and compiling/0.570.73Currents in the theory of computing /101796572Alfred_Ahon 5003319368532Acho, A. 1941-Aho, A.Aho, A. 1941-Aho, A. V.Aho, A. V. 1941-Aho, A. V. (Alfred V.)Aho, AlfredAho, Alfred 1941-Aho, Alfred V., 1941-Aho, alfred Vaino, 1941-Ахо, А. (Альфред), 1941-Ахо, Альфред В., 1941-エイホ, A. Vエイホ, アルフレッド Vlccn-n79018652Ullman, Jeffrey D.1942-lccn-n79018658Hopcroft, John E.1939-lccn-n85031546Sethi, Ravilccn-n50044563Kernighan, Brian W.lccn-n87876274Weinberger, Peter J.lccn-n79096868Blum, E. K.(Edward K.)1923-edtlccn-n80133249Book, Ronald V.viaf-54214567Cazin, Xavierviaf-193771918Le Narzul, Jean-Pierreviaf-192689774Gourhant, IvonAho, Alfred V.Compilers (Computer programs)Computer algorithmsData structures (Computer science)Computer scienceComputer programmingCompiling (Electronic computers)Parsing (Computer grammar)AWK (Computer program language)Formal languagesSequential machine theoryC (Computer program language)AlgorithmsInformation theorySoftware engineeringElectronic digital computersComputer softwareComputer input-output equipmentDatabase managementComputer programs19411961196719711972197319741975197619771978197919821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200620072008200920102011201320149687100479001.64QA76.6ocn797150712ocn824110322ocn4410632661993103ocn012285707book19850.56Aho, Alfred VCompilers, principles, techniques, and tools"This new edition of the classic "Dragon" book has been completely revised to include the most recent developments to compiling. The book provides a thorough introduction to compiler design and continues to emphasize the applicability of compiler technology to a broad range of problems in software design and development. The first hall of the book is designed for use in an undergraduate compilers course while the second half can be used in a graduate course stressing code optimization."--Jacket+-+1335566575139157ocn008626442book19820.56Aho, Alfred VData structures and algorithmsData -- Data Structures+-+2875556575114823ocn001147299book19740.56Aho, Alfred VThe design and analysis of computer algorithmsSoftware -- Programming Techniques+-+147555657580326ocn003258814book19770.63Aho, Alfred VPrinciples of compiler designIntroduction to compilers; Programming languages; Finite automata and lexical analysis; The syntatic specification of programming languages; Basic parsing techniques; Automatic construction of efficient parsers; Syntax-directed translation; More about translation; Sumbol tables; Run-time storage administration; Error detection and recovery; Introduction to code optimization; More about loop optimization; More about data-flow analysis; Code generation75022ocn000516150book19720.63Aho, Alfred VThe theory of parsing, translation, and compiling73527ocn024669768book19920.56Aho, Alfred VFoundations of computer scienceGeneral literature -- Introductory and Survey+-+293732162567013ocn016128772book19880.59Aho, Alfred VThe AWK programming languageSoftware -- Programming Languages+-+K63425657547410ocn768244605file20110.63Blum, E. KComputer science the hardware, software and heart of itComputer Science: The Hardware, Software and Heart of It focuses on the deeper aspects of the two recognized subdivisions of Computer Science, Software and Hardware. These subdivisions are shown to be closely interrelated as a result of the stored-program concept. Computer Science: The Hardware, Software and Heart of It includes certain classical theoretical computer science topics such as Unsolvability (e.g. the halting problem) and Undecidability (e.g. Godel's incompleteness theorem) that treat problems that exist under the Church-Turing thesis of computation. These problem topics explain inherent limits lying at the heart of software, and in effect define boundaries beyond which computer science professionals cannot go beyond. Newer topics such as Cloud Computing are also covered in this book. After a survey of traditional programming languages (e.g. Fortran and C++), a new kind of computer Programming for parallel/distributed computing is presented using the message-passing paradigm which is at the heart of large clusters of computers. This leads to descriptions of current hardware platforms for large-scale computing, such as clusters of as many as one thousand which are the new generation of supercomputers. This also leads to a consideration of future quantum computers and a possible escape from the Church-Turing thesis to a new computation paradigm. Computer Science: The Hardware, Software and Heart of It is designed as a professional book for practitioners and researchers working in the related fields of Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing, Computer Networking, as well as non-scientist readers. Advanced-level and undergraduate students concentrating on computer science, engineering and mathematics will also find this book useful41211ocn000588956book19730.73Aho, Alfred VCurrents in the theory of computing20812ocn076088662book19880.37Aho, Alfred VCompilerbau1666ocn028002667book19930.50Aho, Alfred VConcepts fondamentaux de l'informatique1064ocn229448689book20080.37Compiler : Prinzipien, Techniken und Werkzeuge978ocn174162216book19880.37Aho, Alfred VCompilerbau951ocn237971350book20070.63Compilateurs : principes, techniques et outils912ocn067740709book19960.35Aho, Alfred VInformatik : Datenstrukturen und konzepte der Abstraktion899ocn310805937book19720.37Aho, Alfred VThe theory of parsing, translation, and compiling7610ocn076053427book19880.37Aho, Alfred VCompilerbau462ocn034461508book19950.47Aho, Alfred VAWK langage de programmation377ocn310805948book19730.33Aho, Alfred VThe theory of parsing, translation, and compiling324ocn833667580book19880.35Aho, Alfred VCompilerbau+-+2875556575+-+2875556575Fri Mar 21 16:03:57 EDT 2014batch17956