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Thu Oct 16 17:56:18 2014 UTClccn-n500338170.06My name is Gabriela : the life of Gabriela Mistral = Me llamo Gabriela : la vida de Gabriela Mistral /0.520.93Poema de Chile /44311414Gabriela_Mistraln 5003381769148Alcajaga, Lucila Godoy yAlcayaga, Lucila de Maria GodoyAlcayaga, Lucila G. 1889-1957Alcayaga, Lucila GodoyAlcayaga Lucila Godoy 1889-1957Alcayaga, Lucila Godoy y.Gabriela Mistral 1889-1957Godoy Alcayaga, LucilaGodoy-Alcayaga, Lucila 1889-1957Godoy Alcayaga, Lucila de MariaGodoy Alcayaga, Lucila de María del Perpetuo SocorroGodoy, LucilaGodoy Lucila 1889-1957Godoy y Alcajaga, LucilaGodoy y Alcayaga, Lucila.Godoy y Alcayaga, Lucila 1889-1957Mistral, GabrielaMistral, GabrijelaMistral, Gabrijela 1889-1957Mīstrāl, Gābrīyilā, 1889-1957Mistrāla, Gabriēla, 1889-1957Мистраль, Габриeла 1889-1957Мистраль, Габриела, 1889-1957מיסטראל, גבריאלה 1889־1957מיסטרל, גבריאלהغابرييلا ميسترال، 1889-1956غابرييلا ميسترال، 1889-1956 مミストラル, ガブリエラlccn-n50035908Ocampo, Victoria1890-1979lccn-no98047465Dana, Dorisothtrledtlccn-n88254955Pereira, Lúcia Miguel1901-1959lccn-n98090500Marchant, Elizabeth A.1962-lccn-n2007043784Couch, Randalltrllccn-n2001094016Brown, Monica1969-lccn-n2004149566Parra, Johnlccn-n93084303Horan, Elizabeth1956-trledtlccn-n85134980Quezada, Jaime1942-auicomedtlccn-n80014956Hughes, Langston1902-1967trlMistral, Gabriela1889-1957Records and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionJuvenile worksBiographyPoetryMusical settingsConference proceedingsPictorial worksBibliographyMistral, Gabriela,Authors, ChileanOcampo, Victoria,Latin AmericaCriticismWomen criticsLatin American literatureLiterature and societyPereira, Lúcia Miguel,Chilean poetryFablesReligion in literatureReligionAuthors, ArgentinePolitical and social viewsLiteratureChileSpanish languageWomen and literatureFeminism and literatureSexFrogsCricketsTravelContestsStarsBelief and doubt in literatureSecularism in literatureSpanish poetryMothersCriticism and interpretationSongs (High voice) with orchestra--Vocal scores with pianoSong cyclesMagallanes Moure, ManuelPoetryMan-woman relationshipsFrancePolitical scienceShort stories, SpanishSpanish fictionAlegría, Ciro,Hughes, Langston,Poets, ChileanWomen poetsChilean prose literatureSpanish literatureChildren's poetry, ChileanWomen--Books and readingLove-lettersMexico1889195719001912191319141915191619171918191919211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019511952195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320143728614293449861PQ8097.G6ocn811456218ocn041869539ocn012770714ocn678914677ocn781041866ocn066910797ocn038101953ocn080853894ocn702300248ocn063555391ocn249168540ocn249168347ocn252978094ocn633897354ocn253412673ocn833099282ocn464148771ocn249168684ocn834788361ocn080037548ocn459877837ocn080070159ocn458336665ocn463682599ocn461809381ocn459473588ocn459548568ocn725228221ocn724461259ocn725275175ocn725202801ocn186843696ocn725308629ocn725216181ocn724437288ocn858254456ocn006952948ocn651440462ocn651561112ocn083800866ocn833397069ocn724125441ocn724125761ocn724125580ocn459607482ocn85222084897815ocn001593676book19570.37Mistral, GabrielaSelected poems of Gabriela Mistral+-+446378173565790ocn002905052book19220.74Mistral, GabrielaDesolacionDigte64678ocn003250950book19380.70Mistral, GabrielaTala : poemasIndhold: Nota preliminar a tala ; Muerte de mi madre ; Alucinacion ; Materias ; America ; Saudade ; La ola muerta ; Criaturas ; Recados ; Notas62654ocn001842596book19230.59Mistral, GabrielaLecturas para mujeres+-+510202552458557ocn000355817book19580.63Mistral, GabrielaPoesias completasCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+240259049332455270ocn004124630book19450.66Mistral, GabrielaTernura4844ocn002696204book19740.06Dana, DorisThe elephant and his secret : based on a fable by Gabriela MistralThe elephant carries the mountain's secret with him as he sets off to see the world, a knowledge that helps him save all the animals47811ocn000588989book19720.06Mistral, GabrielaCrickets and frogs / Grillos y ranas / una fábula de Gabriela Mistral ; traducción y adaptación de Doris Dana ; ilustraciones de Antonio FrasconiJuvenile worksFictionThe crickets and the frogs have a musical battle to see which can sing the loudest34952ocn043284514book19410.77Mistral, GabrielaAntología poéticaCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+252159699331726ocn036599932book19680.37Mistral, GabrielaDesolación ; Ternura ; Tala ; LagarCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+65377893142763ocn000616641book19660.77Alegría, FernandoGenio y figura de Gabriela MistralBiography of Chilean poet who was the first Latin American author to win the Nobel Prize in literature26047ocn003906514book19400.84Mistral, GabrielaAntología23713ocn034078801book19500.74Mistral, GabrielaPoemas de las madres = The mothers' poemsPoetry"Beautiful bilingual edition of the prose poems that exemplify 'Mistral's sense of sisterhood with all women,' first published in Desolación in 1922 and revised by Mistral in the 1950 edition upon which these translations are based. Twelve powerful paintings by a leading Chilean artist and superb English renditions capture the multilayered imagery, cadences, and 'sense of otherness.' Eloquent introductory essay and translator's note. Highly recommended"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58+-+64700556453241988ocn000896274book19570.88Ladrón de Guevara, MatildeGabriela Mistral "rebelde magnifica."BiographyRecords and correspondence19823ocn001042394book19400.86Mistral, GabrielaAntologia Selección de la autora y prólogo Alone19148ocn489757536book19230.84Mistral, GabrielaGabriela MistralCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings17817ocn006928222book19000.82Mistral, GabrielaLagar1635ocn000912867book19700.86Conde, CarmenGabriela MistralCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyPictorial works15927ocn000347463book19670.93Mistral, GabrielaPoema de ChilePoetry"Nueva edición (la primera es de 1967) de crucial colección de la poeta. Dos personajes, una mujer y un niño indígena, recorren un Chile lleno de claves genéricas, étnicas y políticas en dirección a un origen decisivo: el sur chileno. Las voces del niño y la mujer en contrapunto subrayan la dimensión dramática de la mujer como fantasma o 'trascordada.'"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 581585ocn000916233score19600.74Floyd, CarlisleThe mystery : five songs of motherhoodMusical settings16893ocn048139406file19990.37Marchant, Elizabeth ACritical acts Latin American women and cultural criticismCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+343675863532415117ocn000157155book19570.37Mistral, GabrielaSelected poems of Gabriela Mistral+-+5363781735150410ocn615629226file20080.39Mistral, GabrielaMadwomen the Locas mujeres poems of Gabriela Mistral"A schoolteacher whose poetry catapulted her to early fame in her native Chile and an international diplomat whose boundary-defying sexuality still challenges scholars, Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957) is one of the most important and enigmatic figures in Latin American literature of the last century. The Locas mujeres poems collected here are among Mistral's most complex and compelling, exploring facets of the self in extremis - poems marked by the wound of blazing catastrophe and its aftermath of mourning." "From disquieting humor to balladlike lyricism to folkloric wisdom, these pieces enact a tragic sense of life, depicting "madwomen" who are anything but mad. Strong and intensely human, Mistral's poetic women confront impossible situations to which no sane response exists. This collection presents poems from Mistral's final published volume as well as new editions of posthumous work, featuring the first English-language appearance of many essential poems. Madwomen promises to reveal a profound poet to a new generation of Anglophone readers while reacquainting Spanish readers with a stranger, more complicated "madwoman" than most have ever known."--BOOK JACKET+-+754680177510712ocn057208492book20050.06Brown, MonicaMy name is Gabriela : the life of Gabriela Mistral = Me llamo Gabriela : la vida de Gabriela MistralJuvenile worksBiographySumario en español: A Gabriela Mistral le encantaban las palabras, los sonidos y los cuentos. Nació en Chile y llegó a ser la primera mujer latina que ganara un Premio Nobel. Como poeta y como maestra, inspiró a niños de muchos países a expresar lo que pensaban+-+74033082358645ocn056747339file20030.56Mistral, GabrielaThis America of ours the letters of Gabriela Mistral and Victoria OcampoRecords and correspondence+-+45905274758334ocn001090470book19640.39Arce de Vázquez, MargotGabriela Mistral, the poet and her workCriticism, interpretation, etc6717ocn049260012book20020.56Mistral, GabrielaSelected prose and prose-poems+-+65170274754694ocn047996174book20020.70Fiol-Matta, LiciaA queer mother for the nation : the state and Gabriela MistralHistoryA Queer Mother for the Nation weaves a nuanced understanding of how Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957), the first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, cooperated with authority and fashioned herself as the figure of Motherhood in collaboration with the state+-+291481163546010ocn008474965book19230.84Mistral, GabrielaGabriela MistralCriticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings+-+98123110353943ocn052194507book20030.70Gabriela Mistral : the audacious travelerCriticism, interpretation, etc"Gabriela Mistral is the only Latin American woman writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. Even so, her extraordinary achievements in poetry, narrative, and political essays remain largely untold. Gabriela Mistral: The Audacious Traveler explores the complex legacy of Mistral and the ways in which her work continues to define the Americas." "Gabriela Mistral: The Audacious Traveler is the first work to explore the totality of Mistral's vision and her political writings. It addresses her leadership as a representative of Chile during the drafting of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and her work on behalf of a unified American hemisphere. Throughout, she is depicted as a courageous social activist whose writings reveal a passionate voice for freedom and justice."--Jacket+-+75875314353284ocn806039900file20120.63Taylor, Martín CGabriela Mistral's struggle with God and man a biographical and critical study of the Chilean poetBiography"This volume provides both a detailed biography of Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957) and a careful analysis of her writing. Chronicling the personal, psychological, and social currents of Mistral's life and times. Literary analysis considers the sacred and secular influences on Mistral's oevre, including Catholicism, the Hebraic tradition, Theosophy, and Buddhism"--Provided by publisher3203ocn000283335book19680.63Mistral, GabrielaPoesias completasCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+24025904933242973ocn027565029book19930.50Mistral, GabrielaA Gabriela Mistral reader+-+53627222362933ocn003847371book19750.77Taylor, Martín CSensibilidad religiosa de Gabriela Mistral2651ocn000220484book19680.82Taylor, Martín CGabriela Mistral's religious sensibility2438ocn000704210book19680.84Alegría, CiroGabriela Mistral íntimaBiographyRecords and correspondence23510ocn037456236book19910.35Teitelboim, VolodiaGabriela Mistral, pública y secreta : truenos y silencios en la vida del primer Nobel latinoamericanoBiography+-+26144555962175ocn005172172book19780.86Mistral, GabrielaCartas de amor de Gabriela MistralBiographyRecords and correspondence+-+67516861041884ocn009536364book19790.88Jiménez, Onilda ALa crítica literaria en la obra de Gabriela MistralCriticism, interpretation, etc1843ocn023668006book19900.50Mistral, GabrielaInvitación a Gabriela Mistral (1889-1989)+-+9849816314+-+6537789314+-+6537789314Thu Oct 16 16:04:34 EDT 2014batch72863