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His self-imposed destiny brings tragedy to himself and his people+-+5425634696420194ocn064668011visu19560.19DeMille, Cecil BThe ten commandmentsHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe story of the life of Moses from the Pharaoh's household through his life of leading his people to freedom+-+1813620696334239ocn052034413visu20020.24Moore, MichaelBowling for ColumbineInterviewsThe United States of America is notorious for its astronomical number of people killed by firearms for a developed nation without a civil war. With his signature sense of angry humor, activist filmmaker Michael Moore sets out to explore the roots of this bloodshed299325ocn137242345visu19960.24Branagh, KennethHamletDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsIn this first-ever full-text film of William Shakespeare's work, the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet, returns home to find his father murdered and his mother remarrying the murderer. Meanwhile, war is brewing+-+49814655353242854135ocn068665274visu19670.18Schaffner, Franklin JPlanet of the apesFictionDramaScience fiction filmsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsFour American astronauts crash-land on an uncharted planet and discover it is ruled by a race of intelligent apes who use a primitive race of humans for experimentation and sport. Astronaut Taylor (Heston) soon finds himself among the hunted, his life in the hands of a benevolent chimpanzee scientist (McDowall)279171ocn045262097visu19580.22Welles, OrsonTouch of evilFictionDramaFilm adaptationsOn honeymoon with his new bride, Susan, Mexican-born police officer Mike Vargas agrees to investigate a car bombing. In so doing, he incurs the wrath of local police chief Hank Quinlan, a corrupt, bullying behemoth with a perfect arrest record. Vargas suspects that Quinlan has planted evidence to win his past convictions, and he is not about to let the suspect in the current case be railroaded. Determined to get Vargas out of his hair, Quinlan makes a deal with local crime boss Uncle Joe Grandi to frame Susan on a drug rap. Dissecting the nature of good and evil in a hallucinatory, nightmarish ambiance, this baroque south-of-the-border mystery opens with one of the most remarkably extended long takes in movie history+-+27795330063241761114ocn185041750visu19610.21Mann, AnthonyEl CidHistoryFictionDramaEleventh-century Spain is divided into Christian kingdoms and Moorish strongholds. The young Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, who has been dubbed El Cid by his followers, vows to see his country at peace, free from the invader. Showing clemency to some emirs, he faces treason charges at court. His accuser, Gomez, father of his fiancee, Chimene, dies in the resulting duel. Chimene's avowed vengeance plot fails and Rodrigo is given her hand. When King Ferdinand dies, his kingdom is divided among his three children. Sancho challenges the decision and imprisons Alfonso, who is released by El Cid. Then Sancho is assassinated by an African war-lord. Alfonso now claims that throne, too, and exiles El Cid. Chimene realizes the nobility of her husband and joins him. The years pass and El Cid becomes a revered warrior, but refuses to aid Alfonso. He lays siege to Valencia, catapulting food into its starving garrison. The Valencians kill their evil ruler and offer the crown to El Cid. He sends it to Alfonso, who rushes to his side. But El Cid has been hit by a stray arrow. Attended by Chimene, he hides the wound from his men and prepares a final bid to drive the Moors from Spain162928ocn052803018visu19730.22Fleischer, RichardSoylent greenFictionDramaFilm adaptationsCharlton Heston plays a cop in this 21st century science-fiction horror story. The setting is New York, teeming with 40 million citizens, most of whom are out of work. Environmental erosion is almost complete and voluntary death is encouraged by government-sponsored clinics. For their food, the people have grown to rely almost totally on a greenish, wafer-like substance called soylent. As Heston investigates the murder of a magnate in the dictatorial Soylent Company, he comes face to face with the hideous truth about the secret ingredient of "Soylent Green."140426ocn054032636visu19520.20DeMille, Cecil BThe greatest show on earthFictionDramaA splashy, colorful look at life under the big top+-+5854467425128226ocn048364969visu19760.18MidwayDrama"This is the way it was--the story of the battle that was the turning point of the war in the Pacific, told wherever possible with actual film shot during combat. It exemplifies the combination of planning, courage, error and pure chance by which great events are often decided."--Title screens. In June of 1942, quite possibly the most important naval encounter of WWII took place in the middle of the Pacific, at Midway Island. While fictional, the film uses a great deal of documentary footage of the actual battle, featuring hundreds of ships of all sizes, from patrol boats to battleships and multiple carriers with hundreds of aircraft. US forces get wind of an imminent Japanese action and tries to sort fact from fiction, while the Japanese plan and execute their own attack plans. An epic on a grand scale that incorporates a huge cast, the film emphasizes the sheer scale of battles fought in the Pacific theater, which even when victorious, cost hundreds of lives119434ocn046804538visu19580.18Wyler, WilliamThe big countryDramaWestern filmsFilm adaptationsA sea captain trades the expanse of the oceans for the open range of the West and grows to regret his choice+-+6260937425324104021ocn019822149visu19700.19Shakespeare, WilliamWilliam Shakespeare's Julius CaesarHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsFilm adaptation of Shakespeare's play depicting the successful conspiracy to assassinate the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar98344ocn017603959visu19640.23Reed, CarolThe agony and the ecstasyBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsHistorical drama depicting Michelangelo's artistic conflicts with Pope Julius II, who commissions him to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel9576ocn041615425visu19940.18Cameron, JamesTrue liesFictionDramaSpecial agent Harry Tasker is a top spy in the ultra-secret Omega Sector--although to his wife Helen, he's just a boring computer salesman. When Harry's two lives unexpectedly collide, both he and Helen find themselves in the clutches of international terrorists, fighting to save not only their marriage, but their lives9402ocn040713250visu19980.18Bay, MichaelArmageddonDramaThe U.S. government calls upon an oil-well driller and his colorful crew to save the world by flying to an asteroid that's on a collision course for earth and setting off a nuclear bomb to divert it+-+25545430063249117ocn036241273visu19960.12Heston, Fraser CAlaskaDramaTwo teenagers challenge both nature and themselves on a death-defying mission, as they set out to rescue their father in the arctic wilderness of Alaska where his plane has crashed, rescuing an amazingly friendly polar bear cub from a poacher along the way+-+167936553532490433ocn041395081visu19960.12Alaska spirit of the wildJuvenile worksGuidebooksWitness the spirit of the wild in the thundering stampede of the caribou, beauty of the polar bear, stealthy, deadly hunt of the wolf pack and the majesty and resiliency of life itself in wild Alaska83325ocn065177848visu19690.18Post, TedBeneath the planet of the apesDramaFilm adaptationsIn this second Planet of the Apes film, apes battle human mutants who survived a nuclear blast many years before81949ocn062674703visu19720.08Svatek, PeterCall of the wildJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsDuring the Klondike gold rush, a stolen dog becomes a miner's best friend before it joins the wolf pack79621ocn153314817visu19710.19The omega manDramaFilm adaptationsWelcome to the future where biological warfare has decimated life on Earth. Los Angeles is a windswept ghost town where Robert Neville tools his convertible through sunlit streets foraging for supplies. He fends off attacks by The Family-- sinister neopeople spawned by the plague. He also becomes a man with a mission after meeting Lisa, another infected survivor, and guardian of some healthy children representing our species' hope17318ocn031968996book19950.18Heston, CharltonIn the arena : an autobiographyBiographyExamines the life of the stage and motion picture actor who portrayed Moses, El Cid, and won an Acadamy Award for Ben Hur+-+694853931514024ocn077125677com20060.35Raymond, EmilieFrom my cold, dead hands Charlton Heston and American politicsHeston has campaigned for both Democratic and Republican candidates, marched in support of black civil rights, served as the president of the Screen Actors Guild, helped shape policy for the National Endowment for the Arts, and served as president of the National Rifle Association. Disillusioned with the Democrats, Heston formally registered with the Republican Party in the 1980s, but he argued that the decision was in keeping with his longtime advocacy of individual rights. "From My Cold, Dead Hands" is far more than a biography -- it is a chronicle of the resurgence of American conservative thought and, in particular, the birth of neoconservatism. Emilie Raymond convincingly argues that conservatives owe a great deal to Heston: his image of morality, individualism, and masculinity lent their movement credibility with a larger public, and he effectively campaigned for conservative candidates and causes. Meanwhile, Heston paved the way for many of today's Hollywood activists, using his popularity and image to fuel and legitimize his political activities. A balanced study of Charlton Heston and his work offscreen, "From My Cold, Dead Hands" neither glorifies nor maligns Heston but provides an engaging account of how he propelled his personal beliefs into the political mainstream of America. - Publisher+-+949626863532411415ocn004114721book19780.23Heston, CharltonThe actor's life : journals, 1956-1976BiographyDiariesA look into the working life of one of America's most celebrated actors5301ocn039202237book19980.17Heston, CharltonCharlton Heston's Hollywood : 50 years in American filmBiographyDocuments the actor's career through behind-the-scenes looks at all of his movies and anecdotes about the actors, actresses, and directors with whom he has worked+-+62084622064762ocn036911754book19870.16Heston, CharltonTo be a man : letters to my grandsonBiographyRecords and correspondenceThe famed actor passes on to his grandson his advice about how to do one's best while keeping one's promises, how to be fair, and how to be a good man+-+41669393154124ocn013582077book19860.19Munn, MichaelCharlton HestonBiographyBiography of Charlton Heston2792ocn046919375visu20000.19Twentieth Century FoxBehind The planet of the apesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCase studiesInterviewsLooks at the production and filming of the motion picture The planet of the apes and its sequels, which explored religious, social, and political issues through the relationship between apes and humans and between slaves and masters in an imaginary future world. Also looks at the spin-off television programs and merchandise. Includes interviews with stars Charlton Heston and Kim Hunter2344ocn002818018book19770.28Rovin, JeffThe films of Charlton HestonCareer of Charlton Heston2072ocn021974760book19900.27Heston, CharltonBeijing diaryDiaries1416ocn031917986visu19940.29The studio systemHistoryInterviewsUsing Paramount Pictures as a case study, this program looks at the "factory system" perfected by major film studios in 1930s Hollywood. By the 1950s a new Hollywood emerged owned by huge corporations interested primarily in profit. Charlton Heston and Harrison Ford and others discuss the conflict between industry and artistry and the challenges facing studios today1131ocn001579320book19520.25McCoy, HoraceScalpelFictionReturning home in the wake of his brother’s death, a successful man must grapple with his coal-town roots For four generations, Colonel Tom Owen’s family has been defined by the coal business. Having pulled himself out of the mines and through college, Tom is now a celebrated army surgeon who served in Europe under General Patton. But when his younger brother dies in a mine accident, he returns to their hometown of Coalville, Pennsylvania, where he confronts his grieving mother and learns the real cause of his brother’s death. Tom resents the coalmines, and his new medical practice is dedicated largely to healing miners injured in them. Despite his distinguished career, he starts to have doubts about his value—both as a surgeon, and a human being. Tom has two paths before him, and his professional and personal destinies hang in the balance. This tale of going home again is one that will resonate with readers long after the final page. This ebook features an extended biography of Horace McCoy831ocn016276831book19860.37Crowther, BruceCharlton Heston : the epic presenceBiography643ocn006045517book19740.19Williams, JohnThe films of Charlton HestonBiography291ocn003169694book19760.50Druxman, Michael BCharlton HestonBiography141ocn079474796visu20060.20Edward R. Murrow, the best of Person to PersonInterviewsFrom 1953 to 1959, Edward R. Murrow formally welcomed television viewers into the homes of the twentieth century's most well-known stars and celebrities on 'Person to Person.' Disc 2 features eleven interviews with notable America actors and actresses+-+5294772696142ocn035049375book19960.28Heston, Lydia ClarkeJack Heston, from 1067 : a family history111ocn033866563book19930.66Reinhardt, HansCharlton Heston : seine filmischen Werke101ocn043979031book19990.23Alonso Barahona, FernandoCharlton Heston : la épica del héroeBiography92ocn002566707book0.31The heritage of Richfield Township, St. HelenHistory71ocn018093874book19820.81Williams, JohnCharlton Heston, a biography+-+1813620696+-+1813620696Fri Mar 21 15:47:58 EDT 2014batch77239