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Fri Mar 21 17:12:24 2014 UTClccn-n500344820.06Sam Gompers : labor's pioneer /0.530.96Address of Samuel Gompers before the Arbitration Conference, held at Chicago, Ill. Dec. 17, 1900, under the auspices of the National Civic Federation51724750Samuel_Gompersn 5003448269805Gompers, ... 1850-1924ゴンパーズ, サミュエルlccn-n79091711American Federation of Laborlccn-n82268008Kaufman, Stuart Bruceedtlccn-nr90018463Thorne, Florence Calvertlccn-nr89003147Livesay, Harold C.lccn-no98081778Robbins, Hayes1873-1941edtlccn-no00032874Mandel, Bernard1920-viaf-164443781Stearn, Gerald Emanuellccn-n79139502Taft, Philip1902-1976edtlccn-n80031790Albert, Peter J.edtlccn-no2003015072Dick, William M.Gompers, Samuel1850-1924HistoryBiographySourcesArchivesPeriodicalsUnited StatesGompers, Samuel,Labor unionsAmerican Federation of LaborLabor movementWorld War (1914-1918)Working classSocialismLabor leadersLabor unions--Officials and employeesLaborInternational relationsCanadaStrikes and lockoutsIndustrial relationsKansasLabor laws and legislationLabor unions and international relationsLabor unions--Political activityEconomicsIllinois--ChicagoPressure groupsIndustrial efficiencyStrikes and lockouts--Coal miningPovertyBiographySoviets (Councils)CommunismFactory managementIndustrial managementEmigration and immigrationDebs, Eugene V.--(Eugene Victor),Spies, August Vincent Theodore,National Socialist Party of AmericaIndustrial Workers of the WorldIndustriesEight-hour movementArbitration, IndustrialSocialist Party (U.S.)Hours of laborAFL-CIOPeople's Council of America for Democracy and PeaceTravelDissertations, AcademicAmerican Alliance for Labor and DemocracyEurope18501924188618891890189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419251926192819301932193419351939194119431946194819491950195119521954195619571959196019611962196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012003200520062007200820092010201220132014213806001133923.273HD8073.G6ocn000170393ocn795364165ocn049445209ocn753992125ocn753992418ocn753990106ocn498906738ocn662544925ocn766479993ocn767464697110949ocn000194032book19230.50Gompers, SamuelSeventy years of life and labor : an autobiographyBiography79622ocn002756927book19190.63Gompers, SamuelLabor and the common welfare66720ocn010605101book19860.56Gompers, SamuelThe Samuel Gompers papersHistoryArchivesSources+-+63126570753245316ocn001479858serial0.59The American federationistPeriodicalsIncludes separately paged "Junior union section."51916ocn001361968book19100.63Gompers, SamuelLabor in Europe and America47310ocn003064281book19200.66Gompers, SamuelLabor and the employer3079ocn001192426book19170.63Gompers, SamuelAmerican labor and the war2599ocn000246576book19140.70Hillquit, MorrisThe double edge of labor's sword2137ocn011485214book19040.70Gompers, SamuelOrganized labor Its struggles, its enemies and fool friends2115ocn060731359file19200.81Gompers, SamuelDebate between Samuel Gompers, president, American Federation of Labor, and Henry J. Allen, governor of Kansas, at Carnegie Hall, New York, May 28, 19201742ocn003561445book19200.76Gompers, SamuelDebate between Samuel Gompers and Henry J. Allen at Carnegie hall, New York, May 28, 19201708ocn002030259book19210.70Gompers, SamuelOut of their own mouths : a revelation and an indictment of sovietism1664ocn017555193book19110.59United StatesInvestigation of Taylor system of shop management hearings before the Committee on Labor of the House of Representatives, Sixty-second Congress, first session, on House Resolution 901501ocn012127783book18930.66McNeill, George EThe philosophy of the labor movement a paper read before the International Labor Congress, Chicago, Ill., September, 18931444ocn017402345book19110.53Gompers, SamuelSchemes to "distribute" immigrants13916ocn004024636book19140.93Gompers, SamuelThe American labor movement; its makeup, achievements and aspirations1133ocn000170393book19200.86American Academy of Political and Social ScienceLabor, management and production11117ocn797288221book18950.94Gompers, SamuelThe eight-hour workday its inauguration, enforcement and influences778ocn797288211book19000.96Gompers, SamuelAddress of Samuel Gompers before the Arbitration Conference, held at Chicago, Ill. Dec. 17, 1900, under the auspices of the National Civic Federation7312ocn041971240book18940.73Swinton, JohnStriking for life labor's side of the labor question ; the right of the workingman to a fair living13962ocn003650692book19780.29Livesay, Harold CSamuel Gompers and organized labor in AmericaHistory+-+K6028863359914ocn000476364book19630.39Mandel, BernardSamuel Gompers : a biographyHistory9302ocn000637489book19730.50Kaufman, Stuart BruceSamuel Gompers and the origins of the American Federation of Labor, 1848-18968862ocn000132508book19710.33Stearn, Gerald EmanuelGompersHistoryAttempts to understand Samuel Gompers and his role in the American labor movement through his own words, his contemporaries and historians8012ocn000477406book19570.53Taft, PhilipThe A.F. of L. in the time of GompersHistory7726ocn000379200book19660.59Dick, William MLabor and socialism in America; the Gompers eraHistory6913ocn010780384book19840.32Gompers, SamuelSeventy years of life and labor : an autobiographyBiography6662ocn000233727book19680.56Grubbs, Frank LThe struggle for labor loyalty: Gompers, the A.F. of L., and the pacifists, 1917-19206655ocn000710372book19570.63Thorne, Florence CalvertSamuel Gompers, American statesman6526ocn000684560book19300.63Reed, Louis SchultzThe labor philosophy of Samuel GompersHistory60810ocn000713502book19250.50Gompers, SamuelSeventy years of life and labor : an autobiographyBiography5909ocn001293916book19740.70Babcock, Robert HGompers in Canada : a study in American continentalism before the First World WarHistory51213ocn016740809book19350.59Harvey, Rowland HillSamuel Gompers, champion of the toiling massesBiography3822ocn000342716book19670.19Weisberger, Bernard ASamuel Gompers3714ocn000827804book19740.73Larson, SimeonLabor and foreign policy; Gompers, the AFL, and the First World War, 1914-19183542ocn000128418book19710.27Chasan, WillSamuel Gompers: leader of American laborBiographyExamines the character and ideas as well as the activities of the pioneer labor leader. Describes the problems and personalities involved in the early labor movement, and reveals Gompers as a strong man who defied both conservatives and radicals3012ocn031782802book19950.79McKillen, ElizabethChicago labor and the quest for a democratic diplomacy, 1914-1924HistoryThis provocative book is the first to establish the impact of United States foreign policy during the World War I era on the development of the labor movement. Applying the methods of community study, Elizabeth McKillen reconstructs the campaign waged by a Chicago labor coalition against the foreign policy objectives of the American Federation of Labor. McKillen demonstrates that AFL leader Samuel Gompers supported the war effort because he recognized an unprecedented opportunity to secure access for labor to policymaking circles. As she documents the diplomatic activities of the AFL, McKillen chronicles its bitter struggle with the Chicago Federation of Labor, which sought different avenues to power for American workers. While exploring the conditions that stimulated activism in municipal labor councils, McKillen considers how ethnic rivalries, particularly among Irish- and Polish-Americans, helped shape attitudes concerning labor politics and foreign policy. Throughout, she also compares the British shop stewards' movement to Chicago labor's rebellion against AFL diplomatic policy. Delineating the intertwined histories of organized labor, ethnic politics, and diplomacy during a pivotal time, McKillen offers a revealing precedent for questions of labor policy in today's global economy as well2722ocn013795506book19860.73Myers, R. DavidSamuel Gompers : a selected list of references about the man and his times : compiled to mark the centenary of his selection as first president of the American Federation of LaborHistoryBibliography1931ocn000675824book19640.06Selvin, David FSam Gompers : labor's pioneerHistoryJuvenile worksBorn to a life of poverty, Sam Gompers rose to prominence as president of the American Federation of Labor. Grades 6-81391ocn123232295book20080.18McNeese, TimThe labor movement : unionizing AmericaHistoryContents: A time of change--Labor in early America--America's first labor unions--A new generation of labor--The knights of labor--The American Federation of Labor--Labor and the new century--Found the CIO--Labor's struggle continues+-+2850456425+-+6312657075324+-+6312657075324Fri Mar 21 16:05:58 EDT 2014batch36198