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Fri Mar 21 17:07:07 2014 UTClccn-n500348640.00Mills, Edmunds and Nevins and Hill series,0.351.00Reminiscences of Frank Ernest Hill22312550n 5003486470185Hill, F. E.Hill, Frank E.Hill, Frank E. 1888-1969ヒル, フランク・Elccn-n50004624Nevins, Allan1890-1971lccn-n80085248Ford Motor Companylccn-n50028874Auslander, Joseph1897-1965edtlccn-n79055385Ford, Henry1863-1947lccn-n79027228Chaucer, Geoffrey-1400lccn-no93015699Elmendorf, Theresa West1855-1932lccn-n98113277Honoré, Paul1885-1956lccn-n2009054023Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n79027083Wilkins, Miralccn-n79099497Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.)Hill, Frank Ernest1888-1969PoetryFictionJuvenile worksCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyHistoryDramaIllustrationsHistorical fictionChristian pilgrims and pilgrimagesEngland--CanterburyTales, MedievalMiddle AgesChaucer, Geoffrey,Children's stories, EnglishStorytellingEnglandCanterbury tales (Chaucer, Geoffrey)English poetryFord Motor CompanyPoetryPoetsAmerican poetryChristian pilgrims and pilgrimages in literatureShort storiesFord, Henry,English poetry--Middle EnglishAdult educationUnited StatesWeyerhaeuser CompanyLumber tradeShakespeare, William,Dramatists, English--Early modernEngland--Stratford-upon-AvonCivilian Conservation Corps (U.S.)Dibner, BernKent, Rockwell,Radio in educationChildren's storiesVoyages and travelsVocational educationMiller's tale (Chaucer, Geoffrey)Wife of Bath's tale (Chaucer, Geoffrey)Knight's tale (Chaucer, Geoffrey)Prioress's tale (Chaucer, Geoffrey)Nun's priest's tale (Chaucer, Geoffrey)Franklin's tale (Chaucer, Geoffrey)Pardoner's tale (Chaucer, Geoffrey)Merchant's tale (Chaucer, Geoffrey)National Committee on Education by Radio (U.S.)AutomobilesAutomobiles--Social aspectsTalesGroup work in educationEnglish literatureBaseballPilgrims and pilgrimagesHistorical drama, EnglishGreat Britain1888196919141915192719281929193019311932193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461949195019511952195419551957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719691970197219741975197619781984198519911995200220042007200820092011201313085211503821.1PR1872ocn002691206ocn000581835ocn005073475ocn006739233ocn001039777ocn034269628ocn857110082ocn003911861ocn609446607ocn608801704ocn608803763ocn654133114ocn652992458ocn652210627ocn587651879ocn586098220ocn652210628ocn603593931ocn652123115ocn652123117ocn609415592ocn652992458ocn603596384ocn652210627ocn652971819ocn652755351ocn603635766ocn653276590ocn599812016ocn598711719ocn608769726ocn599812389ocn608773329ocn598711630ocn463650038ocn573173161ocn761089502ocn761089501ocn761089500ocn795165521186924ocn000390161book19510.32Nevins, AllanFord176831ocn000328543book19270.25Auslander, JosephThe winged horse; the story of the poets and their poetryCriticism, interpretation, etcAenid -- Aeschylus -- Matthew Arnold -- ballads -- William Blake -- Beowulf -- Robert Browning -- Robert Burns -- Lord Byron -- Canterbury Tales -- Geoffrey Chaucer -- Dante -- Emily Dickinson -- Divine Comedy -- Elizabethan poetry -- epic poetry -- Faery Queen -- Greek poetry -- Homer -- Horace -- The Iliad -- Ben Jonson -- John Keats -- Rudyard Kipling -- Laura -- Leaves of Grass -- Christopher marlowe -- meter -- John Milton -- William Morris -- narrative poetry -- pastoral poetry -- Francesco Petrarch -- Edgar Allan Poe -- Alexander Pope -- rhyme -- Dante Gabriel Rossetti -- satire -- William Shakespeare -- Percy Bysshe Shelley -- Shepherd's calendar -- sonnet -- Edmund Spencer -- Alfred Lord Tennyson -- tragedy -- Virgil -- Walt Whitman -- William Wordsworth -- poetry history and criticism159424ocn000352253book19270.23Auslander, JosephThe winged horse anthologyCriticism, interpretation, etcA collection of English poetry that gives a broad scope to those unfamiliar with poetry92221ocn000909339book19310.21Chaucer, GeoffreyCanterbury talesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksFictionPoetryIllustrationsDramaHistorical fictionChaucer's work, which begins at the Tabard Inn in Southwark, England, where a group of pilgrims have assembled on their way to Canterbury. Harry Bailly, the innkeeper, suggests a contest: whoever tells the best tale will win a supper when they reach Canterbury+-+876873032563720ocn000491868book19640.63Wilkins, MiraAmerican business abroad: Ford on six continentsHistory"American Business Abroad: Ford on Six Continents, by Mira Wilkins and Frank Ernest Hill, documents the first sixty years of Ford Motor Company's international expansion. Ford Motor Company introduced Americans to the first affordable car. Based on Ford's extraordinary company archives, this book traces the company's rise as a multinational enterprise. Following the export of the sixth car produced by the company, Ford opened its first plant abroad in its second year of business and quickly expanded around the world, building a business that by the mid-1920s spanned six continents. It faced wars, nationalism, numerous government restrictions, and all the perils of operating across borders. First published in 1964, this book has lasting value in reminding readers of the long and uneven path of globalization. It is a major contribution to global economic history. In addition, Ford's history offers useful lessons today for both participants in the global economy and students of international business."--Publisher's website+-+12425525665505ocn001344357book19630.39Hidy, Ralph WTimber and men; the Weyerhaeuser story5409ocn002581400book19490.32Hill, Frank ErnestTo meet Will ShakespeareBiography51210ocn014396135book19540.28Nevins, AllanFord : the times, the man, the companyPrintbegrænsninger: Der kan printes 1 side ad gangen49816ocn000974964book19300.31Chaucer, GeoffreyThe Canterbury tales; the Prologue and four tales, with the Book of the duchess and six lyricsPoetry38511ocn002209506book19420.70Holland, KennethYouth in the CCC2582ocn002124653book19420.76Hill, Frank ErnestTune in for education; eleven years of education by radio2513ocn000887206book19670.06Hill, Frank ErnestThe automobile; how it came, grew, and has changed our livesHistoryA survey of the innovations and progress made in the automobile industry since the introduction of the first "horseless carriage" seventy years ago24119ocn003746933book19570.25Nevins, AllanFord, expansion and challenge, 1915-1933HistoryBiography2336ocn001362107book19410.81Hill, Frank ErnestRadio's listening groups; the United States and Great Britain2242ocn050392214rcrd20020.18Chaucer, GeoffreyCanterbury talesPoetryPresents a reading in modern English verse of seven tales told by pilgrims on their way to Canterbury+-+51079817142085ocn001454844book19350.79Hill, Frank ErnestThe school in the camps; the educational program of the Civilian Conservation Corps1987ocn001636477book19370.84Hill, Frank ErnestListen and learn; fifteen years of adult education on the air18810ocn026741539book19620.28Nevins, AllanFord : decline and rebirth, 1933-19621872ocn001150657book19510.07Allison, BobThe kid who batted 1.000Fiction1786ocn001043376book19400.88Hill, Frank ErnestTraining for the job; vocational education for adults723ocn085802927com19630.28Nevins, AllanFord : decline and rebirth, 1933-1962231ocn001593720book19720.81Hill, Frank ErnestThe reminiscences of Frank Ernest HillBiography181ocn122344424com19630.32Nevins, AllanFord11ocn053929808mixHill, Frank ErnestFrank Ernest Hill papersHistoryThe papers, organized into four series, are comprised of research material collected and created by Frank Ernest Hill, collaborator with Allan Nevins in a three volume history of Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. Each series contains clipped articles, handwritten notes and typewritten notes. The first, Subject File series, 1950-1966 (2.4 cubic ft.) relates to the automotive industry in general, including design and styling, plants and facilities, the Detroit environment, labor and management relations, and the impact on the industry of two world wars. The second, Henry Ford File, 1950-1966 (2.0 cubic ft.), regards Henry Ford, Clara Ford, Edsel Ford, Henry Ford II, and William Clay Ford, although the bulk relates to Henry and his philanthropies, friendships, residences, antiquarian and educational interests. The third, Ford Motor Company File series, 1950-1966 (2.4 cubic ft.) includes data about the company organized around functions such as advertising, engineering, finance, labor relations, production, sales, and company activities during World War I and World War II. The material on labor relations and World War II are particularly strong. The fourth series, Administrative material series, 1950-1966 (9 cubic ft.), includes Hill correspondence from 1952 to 1966, comments on various sections of the volumes, manuscript drafts, and notes organized by chapters. Researchers should note that the Administrative material is only roughly processed11ocn054098201mixFord Motor CompanyNevins and Hill research, original documents and notes seriesHistoryArchivesThe series is comprised primarily of original documents that were selected between 1952 and 1954 from accessions held by the Ford Motor Company Archives for research use in the three volume Nevins and Hill history of the company. The majority of the documents were retained as Accession 572 and were not returned to their source locations. There are also typewritten research notes interspersed within the folders. The series is valuable for its illuminating and overarching documentation of all aspects of the life of Henry Ford and the evolution of the Ford Motor Company. The records are organized by subject; twenty topical terms are further subdivided alphabetically. Sections include the automobile industry in general; Detroit, Michigan; Henry, Edsel, Clara and the Ford family; Ford Motor Company advertising, aviation activities, branch operations, engineering, finance, legal activities, organization, administration, suppliers, plants, sales, labor relations, foreign agencies and plants; and activities during both world wars11ocn849711687book19340.21Chaucer, GeoffreyCanterbury talesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksFictionPoetryIllustrationsDramaHistorical fictionChaucer's work begins at the Tabard Inn in Southwark, England, where a group of pilgrims have assembled on their way to Canterbury. Harry Bailly, the innkeeper, suggests a contest: whoever tells the best tale will win a supper when they reach Canterbury12ocn309740687book19611.00Hill, Frank ErnestReminiscences of Frank Ernest Hill :InterviewsFamily background and boyhood in California; Stanford University and Columbia, 1913-17; editorial writer, New York GLOBE and New York SUN, literary editor SUN, 1925; editor, Longmans, Green Company, 1925-31: authors, manuscripts, New York City literary and publishing circles; THE WINGED HORSE, 1927; adult educational programs, Columbia Broadcasting System; lecturing and freelance writing, poetry and prose, WESTWARD STAR, THE CANTERBURY TALES, texts and young people's books; collaboration with Allan Nevins on biographies of Rockefeller and Ford; Radio Pioneers project for the Oral History Research Office. Comments on publishing, books, and authors, especially Allan Nevins, Don Marquis, Edwin Markham, Vachel Linsday, Carl Sandburg11ocn122332771mix0.47Hill, Frank ErnestFrank Ernest Hill papersCollection includes typescripts, with some corrections in pencil ("Geoffrey Chaucer, " WINGED HORSE ANTHOLOGY revision, FATHER WAS PRESIDENT, and unpublished poems), correspondence dating chiefly from the 1960's and pertaining to negotiations for the publication of articles and books, and miscellaneous unpublished works by Hill. Also includes biographical material, diplomas, photographs, and illustrations. There is one folder of correspondence from Andrew Putnam Hill and his wife Florence to their son Frank, 1916-191811ocn052765782book19740.98Poole, DeWitt CReminiscences11ocn054098191mixFord Motor CompanyAdministrative files subgroupHistoryThe subgroup is comprised of four series: A. K. Mills records series, 1950-1953 (1.2 cubic ft.), Acc. 506; Henry E. Edmunds records series, 1948-1977 (26.4 cubic ft. and 1 card file), Acc. 506; Nevins and Hills records series, 1951-1962 (1.2 cubic ft.), Acc. 506; Winthrop Sears records series, 1952-1974 (1.0 cubic ft.), Acc. 89511ocn054098189mixFord Motor CompanyArchives (Ford Motor Company) recordsHistoryThe records are comprised of five subgroups: Administrative Files subgroup, 1950-1977 (27.4 cubic ft. and 1 card file), Acc. 506, 895; Internal Research subgroup, 1845-1966 (23.6 cubic ft., 1 oversize box, 6 card files, and 1 folder), Acc. 429, 572, 902, 903, 906, 978, 1000, 1189; Oral History subgroup, 1951-1960 (45.6 cubic ft., ca. 238 volumes, 1 card file, and 1 folder), Acc. 34, 65, 975; Activities subgroup, 1953-1964 (19.4 cubic ft., 15 oversize boxes, 1 oversize volume and 1 plaque) Acc. 532, 129, 1139, 899, 717; and Collected Research papers subgroup, 1951-1956 (0.8 cubic ft. and 10 folders), Acc. 168, 423, 819, 858, 866, 872, 997, 1164, 1129, 1216, 141711ocn702129430mix0.47Alden, Raymond MacdonaldRaymond Macdonald Alden papers11ocn780773487mix0.47Hill, Andrew PutnamAndrew Putnam Hill, Jr. papersThe bulk of the Andrew P. Hill, Jr. papers chronicles the training and career of a professional educator and architect over the course of sixty years, from approximately 1910-1975. Included in the collection are professional and personal correspondence, photographs, academic documents, architectural renderings, newspaper clippings, biographical and family memoirs, and a taped audiocassette interview of Andrew P. Hill, Jr. in 1972. The extent of the collection spans nearly 130 years, including materials and photographs created by Andrew P. Hill, Sr., as well as family memoirs written in the 1970s by Birdella Hill Laughlin, Andrew P. Hill, Jr.'s daughter11ocn054098197mixFord Motor CompanyMills, Edmunds and Nevins and Hill seriesHistoryArchivesThe A. K. Mills series, 1950-1953 (1.2 cubic ft.) contains records documenting Ford Motor Company 50th Anniversary planning and material specific to the formation of the Ford Motor Company Archives. The Henry Edmunds series, 1948-1977 (26.4 cubic ft. and 1 card file) includes material generated by Edwards and other Archives staff primarily when the Archives was housed in the Fair Lane Estate. There are also records generated by Edmunds and staff from the time the Archives moved to the Rotunda building in early 1957 through 1964 when the records were donated to the Edison Institute (now The Henry Ford). The Nevins and Hill series, 1951-1962 (1.2 cubic ft.) is comprised mainly of correspondence regarding the publication of the Nevins and Hill trilogy on the history of the Ford Motor Company, including a draft manuscript of the third volume01ocn122354401mixAlden, Raymond MacdonaldIncludes personal correspondence, speeches, essays, articles, lectures, notes, manuscripts, manuscript materials for some of Alden's works, and 34 pocket journals (1891-1924). Correspondents include James and Parker Hall, Cheesman A. Herrick, Frank Hill, Will David Howe, William Jaggard, Edmund James, Harry Stuart Veddar Jones, W. A. Neilson, A. G. Newcomer, S. A. Tannenbaum, Ashley H. Thorndike, and Henry Van Dyke01ocn122308524mixSullivan, A. MArchivesCorrespondence, business and literary essays, radio scripts, plays, poems, journals, and speeches. Correspondents include Padraic Colum, Robert Hillyer, Seumas O'Brien, Shaemas O'Sheel, and other literary figures+-+5107981714+-+5107981714Fri Mar 21 15:35:40 EDT 2014batch32827